30.04.2024 MrBeast Ad Scam Exposed...

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There is a massive YouTube advertising. scam going around that involves Mr Beast. and it has fooled thousands of people. let me show you the scam goes by many. names and I've seen the scam a lot of. times out of all the times I saw it I. managed to screenshot it two times as. you guys can see one of them is named. Beast prize and the other one is named. Beast keep but they're all the same. thing if you click on the ad it will say. that this is an exclusive invitation for. one thousand dollars and that everyone. that visits their website can claim one. thousand dollars but if you actually. click on their site it will ask you for. your personal information I actually. feel quite bad for Mr Beast people know. Mr Beast is well known for giving away. tons of money and other free stuff and. people are just using his name to scam.

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