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I've been loving these little Victory. laps to some very popular games we used. to feature on the channel pretty often. look at that last one we got into. $10,500 bonus and it didn't even hit. anything let's start things off with. some spins today and then we'll get into. the Bonus Buys the video yesterday just. went insane like Gates of Olympus went. nuclear I haven't had a session like. that damn. $2700 tumble I haven't had a session. like that in quite some time so it felt. wonderful wow I just just realized I. don't even have double chance to win. fature on it felt wonderful to get that. out of my system you know well get that. into my system I guess welcome into. today's video we're starting with. $115,000 it's already up tremendously. and this month is going a little it's. here and there it's you know we got some.

Profit got some. loss but I'm excited I'm excited man I. feel wow we just had 666 come down I. feel like we got to cancel playing sweep. andanza after that I don't know it's a. little scary isn't it. the was that man 9375 is up. next 100 I'm going to just raise my bat. a little bit here and there this could. be three scatters knew it I'm. going to raise my bat here and there. we're going to see if we can tumble into. a splendiferous. bonus and if we can't it's okay guys. because guess what we'll just buy one. we'll buy a bonus we don't have to sit. around waiting for for one just purchase. a. bonus. $150 16875 I'm going to go all the way. up to $250 here and if we can't spin in. at 250 I'm just going to I'm going to. spin 187 one more. time we can't spin in at 250 I'm just. going to buy into I'm going to spin 230.

Again we got that amazing hit right when. the video started and it is proceeded to. just die out on us 28750 there's no 2. $50 spin I guess we only have 287 50s. this is a good tumble give me grapes. bananas could get in Greens were close. to getting in there too that was a good. tumble though I'm going to do a couple. more if we spin into a bonus of this. size I will be so. excited I'm going to do three. more. one two. three. three. three. three. one. two. 3. three. three okay I just lost lost a bunch of. money let's do some Bonus Buys God damn. it dude I thought we were going to spin. into something there let's start things. off with a $3,200 bonus buy I'm feeling. Invincible after yesterday's video if. you missed that one make sure you go. check it out also I forgot to say again. in case you miss yesterday's video. YouTube for literally no reason at all.

Has been turning off my comments it's. been happening to a ton of different. gambling YouTubers so if you're. wondering why they're off it's not me. I'm trying to keep turning them on but. YouTube keeps turning them off so. maybe it'll be fixed by the time this. video goes live maybe not probably not. but I hope it is wow that wasn't too bad. 10x there oh 11x actually I didn't even. see that thought it was. 334 this was looking like it was going. to be a good one and then it just died. out two spins left though last. spin that was a little rough I'm going. to run it back on 3200 I feel like that. wasn't the best they have to show I'm. going to run it back back again I miss. playing sweet bananza man I'm doing. something big for anyone that. supports your boy okay I am giving away. $5,000 in the form of a weekly wager.

Race for anyone that plays under code. fencer g on gamdom not only do you get. activated for the $5,000 by using my. code players will also get a daily. surprise as well as instant daily weekly. and monthly rank back on all of their. bets and I'm not done there make sure. you guys go in the description and join. my Discord the link is always in there. because you can stay up to date with all. the leaderboard statistics but. additionally I'm going to be giving away. free spins in there tips all kinds of. bonuses you name it I'm going to be. doing it to give back to you guys so to. get activated for all this make sure you. go over to the rewards tab once you. register on game click activate now and. enter code fencer GG I forgot on top of. all that you also get 15% rateb back for. the first seven days by activating thank.

You guys so much for watching and enjoy. the rest of the video home is some of. the most fun videos I've ever produced I. got to I got to start featuring this. more. 56x I might not have to feature this. anymore ever again just missing a 56x. like. that. grapes. okay I don't know this is this is just a. little rough it's a little rough out. here oh this could save it wow we got. cocked with the two. I thought melons were going to hit and. then I thought it was going to open the. board up for blues that would have been. such a good hit that still wasn't. bad. no last. spin not bad 1,00 there let's run it. back. again not. bad I don't know I feel like I feel like. it's got something coming our way. maybe. not lot of dead spins here that was such. a good board to dead spin as. well can you please make it to where I. do not have to redeposit in this video I.

Would love for that to happen let's not. redeposit let's not let's not I would. like to not redeposit. here. please okay it's looking like they. really want us to redeposit oh they want. it so bad. $264 they would love a redeposit they. would love a cheeky redeposit out of us. I'm going to try 3,200 again we're 6. minutes into this. video and it's looking like it's going. to be a 7 minute. one that's a good hit 12x there I. thought it was going to be better than. that you're telling me apples are only. $32 it's kind of. sus oh my greens are in aren't they holy. we got some really good multis out here. here oh I think it's dead though wow. even more bombs another 12x dropped in. that got us so much money we're on our. way back. now that's what I need I need some. performances like that consistently get. us get us in there get us back.

Home get us back home. please nice good tumble let's get apples. in okay that's fine I didn't want them. last spin here that's beenin here it's. kind of crazy how sketch is just spread. across the world like a virus if you. don't know who sketch is you're going to. know in the next couple weeks he's uh. man he's just going crazy viral and it's. just I the brain rot has affected me too. the way he talks is so funny he's such a. funny guy I listened to his uh podcast. that he did with. Theon and uh really humble guy humble. guy honestly yeah listen to The Bradley. Martin one too I'm a sketch fan okay I. got to admit it I got to admit it I'm a. sketch fan he's he's uh deserves all the. success he's getting man and yeah I know. he's like playing a character but it's. still still funny as hell to watch you. know there's a lot of people like upset.

Saying like he's like faking he has like. a mental disability I don't think it's. that though I don't think it's that I I. think he's got like takes and stuff and. he just kind of you know hams it up a. little bit he's he's not walking around. saying you know he's got any problems. saying the opposite stop hating on kid. man out here glazing. him. 1876 let's do another 3200 something. that is uh I don't know something I feel. like you got to do now as someone that. makes videos well at least I I kind of I. kind of do this myself I I don't know. whether it's intentionally or I just. like I don't know it's like infected my. brain now I feel like anytime I talk. about something. opinionated I have to speak out loud the. the advocacy like the the opposite of my. own opinion just just to represent those. ideas out there just in case there's.

Someone that's feeling a little bit off. you know that's a good hit we're not in. profit yet stop The Sensational we're. not in profit yet it's like about I talk. about oh I love blue Gatorade I'm like. but red gatorade's not bad I I don't. want anyone to feel hurt by what I. say however if you like beans you're. disgusting dude beans are gross. and I will not represent you okay I. won't represent. you beans are gross the texture is. disgusting who sees beans and they're. like damn I want those there's one. answer and it's anyone that lives in the. UK that is the answer that they're. trying to have some beans they're trying. to have some toast trying to have some. jacket potatoes some blood. sausages some bumba cloths. dude oh man come on this is a great. board holy give me nice I need. plums I need plums you could have done a.

Little bit better you know I I spoke in. yesterday's video in throughout this. entire time how I had a friend from the. UK staying with me the amount of. trolling that is. done of him to my people. me to the. UK it's just it's it's another level. it's another level man it's not for the. uh not for the thin skin you got to get. got to be thick to take it. pause. pause I'm a little disappointed that. didn't pay more I thought we had a. chance but beans with toast man like I I. see the vision diping the dipping the. toast in the in the like Bean water you. know I see it you I'd like dip dipping. toast in runny eggs you know it's kind. of similar but beans man come on. come on treat yourself to something a. little a little better I have some hash. browns have some pancakes have some py. some. waffles literally anything other than.

Biked. beans I want baked beans [ __ ]. toast. blood. sausages sausage give me some . sausage. lad I damn this is a it's not going to. give us multi sa it God give me more. bombs. cool what the Blues bombs you have. got to be we hit it Hearts we hit hearts. and it gave us a Sixx I never hit hearts. and you give us a 6X that was a good hit. though. greens it was a good hit it was a good. hit got to be grateful got to be. grateful all praise to the most high. even though I don't think he with. gambling it's okay I don't with you. bro you I'm playing I'm playing see. you got to play devil's advocate here. guys I'm playing I'm playing I don't. want to I didn't mean it most high I'm. sorry I'm sorry I'm kidding. you I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm kidding. let's try. 3600 one of the things that we are doing. this is dude God if you understand this.

You might have to delete yourself okay. I'm going to break this down this is. dude this this tier of brain. rot so if you if you're from the UK you. probably well really anyone anywhere if. you watch darts before Pro darts there's. this guy named Russ Bray and he was the. announcer that retired goes. 180 we we spent like the entire vacation. impersonating him in the we were. saying in his voice. dude cuz he just has like this deep. raspy voice go ahead pop that. that's how he talks I'm not I'm. not exaggerating we were just saying all. kinds of foul oh my God this is is a. great nice this is a great voice. Bo why did I say boy I don't even know. what I was trying to say there. boys I think I was trying to say bonus I. don't I had it stuck in my head that I. was all of a sudden rust. bra he he he talks so weird just look up.

A video even if you don't watch Pro. darts do yourself a favor and go listen. to him announcing someone scoring 100 0. 180 he he goes crazy dude he goes crazy. with it this is a really good but oh my. God give me a. Reacher. no you. require a full scatter. retrigger you require a Max win so he. announces what they require I have this. little app that counts my Dart throws. you require 50. six he doesn't sound quite that I'm. exaggerating a little bit but he sounds. hilarious go look up videos of. him I would love for him to to hop on a. video for Hey Russ BR if you're watching. this video man big fan I may have said. some foul things impersonating you but. I'm a big fan dude big fan you know you. got some free time you're retirement hop. on a video with your boy we could do. some gambling you know we could we could.

You know I don't know what would. you like to gamble on bro what does Russ. Bray gamble. on. 5,000 I feel like I'm going to up the. bed a little bit. more hello why was that not letting me. click hold on this could be a Max win it. just was not letting me click that. there's something going on here was not. letting me click it they didn't want me. to. win $4,000. buy there's something oh that was a very. decent board oh that was a very decent. board too oh that was a very up. Bo. what is going on were they trying to. save my. balance I think they were trying to save. us save. us oh God guys this is looking a little. rough that's a. 36x this is looking a little little. rough little rough I'm missing a lot of. money. here oh if they gave us pinks there that. would have really help helped us out. that's a decent hit too we got half of.

It back last spin do. something not bad we got 8,000 I'm going. to try 4,500 I feel like we should call. it a day after this one I think I'm. going to lose all the money if I. don't tell you what though we might we. require an all in that might be the. move we might need to all in here you. require a maximum win. I feel like I could pull it off mooving. in the UK I think I could integrate into. the culture pretty. well I think I'm that dude dude. I I could I already have up te I. periodontal disease I'm I'm halfway. there dude I don't mean to call you guys. out I'm sorry I'm sorry I is it bad to. call I have up T2 is it bad to. say that damn what I thought we had pigs. that's a great hit though it's a great. hit we're we're on the way there that. we're on the way there we're already in. profit wait we're not oh my God I.

Thought this was. 561 okay we're in profit now can I get a. little more little more on the side I. need. pinks I need pinks I need to Max win. that's really good though that's a great. hit are we above. 10K oh we are we are shout out Drake for. one of the best memes ever I need to Max. win let's try 46 I didn't even know. there was 4600 live bonus by let's try. 4600 man let's go for it I need to Max. win he's got to be one of the most viral. humans in existence Drake it's like. everything he does becomes a meem you. know whether he's talking. to Millie Bobby. Brown or he's making a goofy d Dan or. saying I need to Max win it goes viral. dude he's whipping out his meat man he's. he's going crazy out here he's going. crazy damn dude that could have been so. good. 876 oh I want to dude I want to all in. so bad what would you guys do if I did.

That would you guys leave a like thank. you thank you so much for that like. thank you thank you I'm done after this. though. okay I promise you I'm done I would. never do anything like this ever unless. it pays and then I'm doing it again okay. this was a mistake go ahead and leave a. dislike this could get somewhere this. could get somewhere oh this could get oh. it could get. somewhere it could get somewhere we are. in profit we have five spins left please. please do not make me regret this we're. already in profit I want a little bit. more give me up to. 15 two off hearts two off oh you oh oh. that's foul that's a $700 tumble if we. hit Hearts there all we needed was. two. blues oh. my last spin. I'll take it man I'll take it we're up. over 10 I really want all and I'm not. going to I'm not going to we're going to.

Take our 10 I'm going to throw in. another five we're going to roll it into. the next video guys thank you so much. for coming out to today's video and. leaving a like I really appreciate that. you guys did that I was really. thoughtful of you I'm going to do a $120. spin please join the Discord YouTube's. been disabling my comments I still want. to be able to interact with you guys. something I really pride myself on is. replying to every single comment that. needs reply to hting them liking them I. read every single comment on the video. so it sucks to not be able to see that. so join the Discord let me know what you. guys think about today's video let me. know what you guys think about me join. the Discord FL me or tell me I'm. handsome either way I want you in my. Discord we do giveaways in there we hang. out follow my live stream over at.

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