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What's going on guys tacter today we are. back with another video we are back on. red door. rette we are going to be starting off by. using my strategy on Red Door roulette. if you guys don't know what Red Door. roulette is it's. roulette but if you hit one of the. numbers one of the keys that it gives. you it will take you into the crazy time. round so we have we're using my strategy. where I have to go right here and I have. to go on first through 12. so that I can make a little bit of. profit if it hits our numbers but I have. $12 on each single number that we are. betting on so if it hits one of the $12. bets and it has one of the keys on our. numbers we will be going into the red. door round the crazy time round starting. off doing $500 bets like I said $1250. $12.50 on each of the games if it hits a. 100x that is a $1,200 win and whatever.

We hit by the regular roulette round so. let's do this all right let's use my. strategy we've had great luck with this. in the in the past by playing on Extreme. lightning Roulette by playing on. Lightning roulette but on Red Door. roulette we have not had a ton of luck. on it but it it has potential so let's. see if we can get some luck here man we. have a lot of keys on this round as well. if we just hit one of my numbers it's. like a 50% chance to go into the round. we hit a. 30 and that is backto-back losses that. is not good we're on like half the board. I mean look at what we're betting on. right. now and we're on like half the board and. we've lost twice in a row that is not. good this is a strategy that I came up. with I I don't think I've ever seen. anyone else use it for lightning. roulette for Red Door roulette for any.

Of the roulettes online I've never seen. anyone try this I it might be terrible I. know I'm doing such a big number here oh. my God there's top slots. a 3X and a 3X unfortunately I'm not on. those I've never hit a top slot number. on Red Door rette it would be so sick if. we could we do hit our first win which. is a five it gives us $1,000 for hitting. a five $500 profit unfortunately it was. not a good round it was not a key number. you know what I am going to go ahead and. double it because we just made profit on. on that last round so if we get into a. red roulette round right now we will. have $25 on it that's not good that is. the amount of keys that it will be get. be uh giving for this round we have four. chances a 29 a 23 wait we have a top. slot hold on 2x on four I believe a 2x. on a. four that's a nine we're on nine we're.

Going to get some profit $250 profit. unfortunately yet again not a red door. round okay come on give me some more. keys this round let's see like a red. number eight okay it's a yellow number. I'll take it I would have liked that 12. a little bit better give me a lot that's. three four we only have four numbers we. have not got into a round yet that sucks. we do have two top slots two of our. number give me a three a three 10x give. me a. three. 23 we're on 23 I thought it was the 5x. bro if we would have just hit a 26 there. or a 3x that would have been such a good. win it probably would have been one of. my biggest wins ever I don't want to say. biggest wins ever but it would have been. so good if you guys don't know if you. watch crazy time the 5x on the 26 the. 10x on the three that's like hitting a. 10x top slot on a crazy time and it.

Honestly it might be even better. considering the multipliers on Red Door. roulette are a bit higher than regular. crazy time 10 numbers this round 10 keys. and we're on a lot of them we are on a. lot of them baby we have a five we have. oh 31 as a top slot we're not on. 31 give me one of my numbers please we. have made it back to 5,000 so we've won. three in a row that has been great can. we win four in a. row. zero I jinxed it okay we have a 3X on a. 10 oh my God give me a 10 give me my. first top slot please for this video at. least with these big bets what just. happened what just happened my internet. just went out what what just happened. dude wait I swear that was about to hit. a four they got a 19 and went into the. red door roulette. round no freaking way we missed the. round because my internet went out and.

We also missed the number cuz we weren't. on it and now it hits a five we're. screwed I'm going to lose all my money. and I I'm doing the same bets because I. oh my God we got back to 5K and we have. pissed it away now we need a two we it. was only a 40x so we didn't miss. anything too crazy still would have been. a very good win for. us and it hits a five I mean that's. going to be good that's going to give us. a thou if you don't if you don't know. using this strategy the two the five the. eight and 11 pays the most it's a full. double. up I mean that's good I just you need a. you need a key on it you need to go into. the crazy round unfortunately we have. not hit one yet come on let me hit one. give me a big one a seven okay Seven's. good I'll take gold any time of the day. only three numbers though we're on what.

Is that an eight we're on eight we're on. 26 we're on 32 8 26. 32 we need the eight 21. ohning number 21 dude we're doing big. bats and uh it is not going well for us. come on man we got to go on a streak. eight okay give me give me it on the. second row give me a lot on the second. row nope we have five numbers we have. five numbers we have a one we have a 10. we have a a. 14 come. on give me a 10 give me the 10 11 we're. not we're on 11 it's a good one it'll. give us the money we just lost but that. is not a freaking game show when is it. going to hit like a 12 or 14 key round. that is the one we need I need to get a. hit right here give me 11 give me a 12 a. six that's so bad we are getting. destroyed we got three okay three. keys give me a top slot on one it's a. top slot on 31 it's a 20 on dude I swear. to God if it hits a 31 that would be.

Insane but I'm not on. it five we hit a five again that's good. that's we're back to where we started on. the video but we still have yet to hit a. a crazy time round a red door round we. have hit my numbers two times in a row. 11 and five I doubled the bet this is my. biggest bet ever on Red Door roulette if. it hits one of the middle numbers it. will double our win oh my god of course. of course it'll double it we'll have a. 4K win but I I I was really hoping for a. big round here this is not good oh my. God they're both have top slots four. four or 10 four or 10 four or 10 32. we're on it yet again it's not a. number oh do I keep the same bet we're. finally in profit we're on a streak of. hitting we've hit three in a row we have. huge bets on it right now I just need a. bunch of keys man for people that are on.

Code tact and are in my Discord I am now. giving away. $20,000 each month in prizes thanks for. watching and I hope you enjoy the video. this is the streak that I need bro this. is the streak that we need to be on just. these need to turn into rounds going. into the red door eight okay eight is. good give me a bunch of keys on the. second round though yes that's two. that's okay we got five we got 10 11 12. right here 10 11 12 six okay 11 and six. have top slots 11 and six please 11 and. six 11 and six 11 and six go back go. back. 19 God that's such a big. loss oh my God 11 and six a four and a. 5x with a $50 bet that would have been. so good we got to calm down we got to. calm down we can't be doing a $2,000 bet. I'm going to do a. 7 740 and what's going on with my. internet this has been such a stressful. video man and now my internet's messing.

Up so I can't even see this round we. only have three numbers with key rounds. that can get us into the bonus and it. hits a 16 and the no there go dude both. times my internet has messed up it has. sent them into a bonus round luckily for. us it was only a 30X so we've missed a. 40 we've missed a. 30 we need to hit bad I was doing huge. bets on the numbers man we had a $22,000. total bet. how I was about to say how have we not. seen a large number of keys we finally. get a large number of keys that's 15. look at all all of our numbers have one. if we hit a number and win at this point. and we're not in that's insane three of. them have top slots two A's just give me. a hit give me one hit on my number 15. Keys zero it hit. no there's no freaking way dude we have. seen three crazy time rounds none of. them have been the numbers that I'm on a.

40x a 30X and whatever this hits we have. missed out on luckily so far they have. been low. multipliers 50 40 30. 50 this needs to hit when I'm on it this. next one has got to be big we got to get. a win let's do this bro come on boom. we're doing a th000 again here we. go $1,000 total bet we have $1,000. inside the balance we need a hit now. more than ever can it it's already went. back to back can it go back to back to. back but with our number this time I. mean the odds of it. hitting a number that we're not on twice. is nuts we should be on one of these I'm. on half the. board come on bro one key there two key. keys there we have three keys this is so. unlucky give me a top slot on one just. just if we hit it it doesn't do it we. need a two a three or a. 29 2 3 29 2 3. 29 a five how many times I'm I'm glad we.

Hit the five cuz we just made 500 bucks. wait no we made 1,000. bucks how many times are we going to hit. a five and it not give us a freaking. game show I started with. $55,000 and we have been doing $1,000. bets like that is ridiculous and somehow. we're still in it I thankfully. thankfully we're still in it we. shouldn't be still in it nine okay nine. come on maybe that's our lucky number we. haven't seen nine. yet we're on a lot of these bro we are. on seven of these numbers seven. please hit a eight and 11 those are it. 22 okay I'm all in I need a hit bad I. need a hit bad hit me a two a five and. eight or 11 will get $4,000 I will go. back down to a. th000 oh my God this is so. stupid Please show me 15 numbers the. last time we saw 15 numbers it sent us. into the. round 12 that's good that's a red on an. Allin that's what we want to see 12.

Numbers we're we're on a lot of them bro. we're on a lot of them these are huge 2. eight and 11 are huge eight has a top. give me an eight give me an eight please. an eight would be so much money an. eight an. eight an eight. 21 come on bro I just redeposited bro. 3750 on the on the. numbers this is this is degeneracy man. this is so stupid I haven't got into one. round we've seen three. rounds come on bro give just give me one. round let me see it let me get in there. we're on a lot of these we're on how. many five numbers right. now 23 we're on 23 right but it it. doesn't have a doesn't have a key come. on come on give me a hit give me a hit. nine nine. come on okay we got one here we got two. three. four four I'm telling you right now. these numbers right here would be insane. wait we got a one as well a one has a 4X.

I I haven't hit one yet I told you guys. this this would be nuts a great start. one go back no seven seven we're on. seven is that a SE no it's not a. seven come on bro we had so many chances. there man so many there was so many low. numbers that could have hit and it hits. a freaking. seven I am going to be able to up the. BET though all all the times on this. redeposit if we profit I'm upping the. BET until we get into a game show I'm. going to start it with a $1,000 bet. every time we hit I will up the bet we. have a 17 40 BET right now look at all. the dude we have six keys if it hits one. of ours we deserve to be in give me an. eight or two an eight or a two is huge. an eight or a two is huge eight two. right there both black. numbers go back 26 we're on it we made. money oh my God this is going to be such.

A big bet I said I was going to up it if. we hit if I made money and I did make. money we have a $2,100 bet this is my. biggest bet I've done in this game yet. again second time this video we have hit. two times in a row come on bro this. could be so insane if we get in that's. all we need six come. on I have. I we got three three. numbers give me a top slot top slot on. it give me a 14 14's a 4X 14 14 right. here come. on it shouldn't be this hard no it hits. a nine we're on nine we won again we. made. $600 dude I cannot do that big of a bet. I said I would bro oh my God just dude. dude you've got to get me in around here. I I have went from doing a $1,000 bet to. upping the BET every time we've made. money all the way to half of our balance. right now we have $68 on the. numbers if it hits a two five eight or. an 11 we win.

$6,000 once again third time in a row 10. come on we had a 12 just like this a. second ago we need one oh my God a two. five and an eight is so much money 2. five or eight 2 five or8 23 23 258. 23. 32 we're on it we won again. but where is the game show no this is. degeneracy we are either going to lose. this $1,000 bet this is how we started. we going to lose this $1,000 bet or we. are going to hit a game show and win so. much money please hit. me this isn't just my biggest bet on. roulette I think this is my biggest bet. on any game I've ever done I don't think. I've ever done a bigger bet than this. you can argue for slot there's so many. multis please 32 again back to back. 32s am I on. that I'm on 30 what is going on how is. it not hit one. of I can't do. this this was all from a $1,000. bet if I lose this I have to just end.

The video what is what is going on look. at the size bets we're doing cafe or. restaurant look at this I'm to get my. food this is nuts this is nuts this is. nuts please please six we. lost if it hits a two F if it if it hits. a five here bro a please a five oh my. God a five I'm I'm getting delusional. bro I'm stopping if this hits I'm done I. don't care I I'm not I'm not doing this. bet again I can't be that stupid I can't. be that. stupid and 11 oh my. god oh my god dude how am I win imagine. this was regular roulette. bro okay well now it's a little. different now I'm not I'm not doing a. $8,000 bet I'm not doing that I will go. down to that this is all from a $11,000. starting bet we have not hit a game show. look at the bets we're doing look. at I'm sweating bro I'm sweating I'm. sweating I'm. sweating. three.

Three we have a single number that's. ours oh my God 25811 25811 that's four. grand. 2581. 2581 2 five 5 11 11 back to back. 11s what the hell is going on dude no. bro bro I I understand this is a lot of. money and this is insane what we're. doing right now but dude if this was on. regular. roulette 126 time times what that'. betimes 35 3500 11 it would have been. like triple I don't know bro I have a 5. thou this is my starting balance on this. video at this point we're we're we're in. profit four dude just give me some keys. this video is crazy this video is crazy. give me a 10 if please give me a 10 just. show me a game show. a. 10 a. 10 no. no right beside a 32 right beside a. 26 and. we what the. hell what the hell okay I am down to try. that one more time if it hits we will up. the BET to the profit if we lose I'm.

Done I'm breaking even we were up to. $166,000 bro. how have we not hit a around I will just. have to record this another day I Red. Door roulette is just not the move for. me I I don't know how we have not got. into a round I I seriously. don't and 11 again oh my God I said I. would do it I said I would. go I have to double the bet I will go. until it hits or until we. lose that is it we have hit three 11s in. a row somehow somehow they they haven't. had a key on the 11 one. time I need to look back and no they. definitely didn't have a key on the 11. when there was a zero eight the the. highest number we've got in a while give. me some. keys we only have two keys we need a two. or a 26 26 right beside the green oh my. God there's so many top slots that we're. not on two or 26 two or 26 two or. 26 19 we lost oh my God God.

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