30.04.2024 My BIGGEST BETS On DRAGON TOWER (Stake)

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If there's one steak original we have a. LoveHate relationship with it is Dragon. Tower we're taking the most I've ever. taken to Dragon Tower which is. 3,26 going to try and make the most I've. ever made which is 3.5k if we turn this. into seven that is challenge complete so. I'm going to turn this down a bit and. we're going to start out with 100 on. easy risk no that was not how this was. supposed to go let's lock this in again. right I'm going to go over okay I okay. I've got a new plan we're going to stack. two at a time and then then we can jump. rows 210 I'm going to take it out so. we're down 90 on the video I'm going to. keep an eye on this uh throughout the. video so the first goal is to get to. $4,000 I will then try something on dice. real quick that's three okay let's go. over here I'm going to see if we can get.

A quick. two it seems like every time we switch. rows at does that let's go here okay. quick two bro just one off one two one. two that's 210 so if we take this out I. will be still down on the video I'm. going to go for one more nice 330 yeah. we'll definitely take that at some point. we are going to change this and we're. going to we're going to give this a try. on hard mode Let's go up one more time. nice I'll take that out quick one 30. putting us back in profit for the first. time temporarily nice okay close that. out and the next one is in we need to. get this to 4,000 before we can try this. dice strategy two two and one here I'm. going to go for the third one nice 313. we're going to take that out how much. are we looking at right now. 3,574 yeah that's a good start slow and. steady one thing I oh one thing I have.

Found with this steak original you can't. rush it you definitely can't oh oh. that's not good all right let's go for. two jump over here go for another two. 210 I'm going to go for one more and I'm. going to push it here I think this will. be 400 if we get it nice 451 we're. getting close to the top I'm going to. take it can't be greedy got to be. patient 3 8 25 let's go back in there's. a real chance we get to 4 grand uh I'm. going to go over here that's 132 if I. get the next one 4 K is official right. let's lock this in yeah that's done nice. 4K really good start really really good. start we didn't go down much we went. down 300 at the beginning all right cool. 829 we're certainly not done our goal is. to get to Seven Grand however we're done. with dragon tower for now because we are. moving on to. 25% dice yeah 25% dice you'd be.

Surprised at how well this has worked. out for me in the past obviously it is. risky so please be aware of that if you. decide to try it thankfully we've got. 800 profit to burn so yeah that's a good. start 148 profit let's go for it again. the back to back is in man guys what. this actually might be a very successful. video on Dragon Tower and dice we shall. soon find out few loss is coming in nice. that makes up for it um let's see if we. can take this to 4.8. and then we are going back to Dragon. Tower we're losing a few quite a few in. fact there's one that does help let's. see if we can get that a few times in a. row oh bro oh no the losses are coming. in we are below 4K now 62.85 18 87 is in. that's good 90 is in let's get one more. nearly 57 78 is in. 75.5 how lucky is that come on bro few. more give me to 4.8 I'm leaving I'm.

Going to Dragon Tower I'm going to do. hard mode if we can get to. 4.8 obviously I'm not going to push my. luck here at 4.3k 82 is in. 4.5k we literally need two wins that's. one one more and this is a done deal oh. all right. 278 91 is good one more right here and. I'm out it just doesn't want to give us. the last one I might take that as a hint. and uh I don't know I might leave let's. see 72 is not a good sign at all you. don't want to see that 24 89 is good 69. is not good don't want to see that oh. bro right no I think we leave and we're. going back down again oh these are awful. 74 no this is definitely a sign to get. out 96 is in unless we get three over. the next 10 bets I am out we'll give it. a few more cuz I'm still up on the video. that's ultimately what matters 82 64. it's so back and forth we're getting 74.

71 which obviously doesn't pay out we. need over 75 to come this is awful man. no this is so bad right now this is so. bad right now oh my goodness what are. you doing give me one there's one guys I. need like 10 in a row right now just to. get back that's a good start three in a. row is a really good start we're still. not back though for 4K is the break even. Point here on dice 4.4 yeah no no this. is this is an absolute disaster 99 81. wait wait I'm trying to give it a second. chance it's it's kind of doing something. 82 77 95 93 guys if you're enjoying the. video and you want to check out stake. and get access to the VIP rewards click. on the guy in the top right go over to. settings go to offers and then in the. top box if you guys use the code quick. timing within the first 24 hours you. guys will get access to the VIP system.

You get money back on every single bet. you place and if it wasn't for you guys. I would not be able to do these videos. with that means said let's get back to. it four in a row I'm one of four grand. again. 74 don't don't it's going to do it again. it's it's it's already doing it there's. one there's two I I need three four and. five yeah no I don't know bro this I. can't figure this out until it gives me. a bit of false hope and then takes a. little bag what yeah now 3K is the. bottom line there's one give it another. try 3K is the absolute bottom line okay. we've got two bets there's another one. keeping us in the game for now there's. another one 70 there's another one hold. on this might be the comeback here one. is in going to need more 4.6. 76 all right that's it bottom Lin's in. one more for good luck one more for good.

Luck all right yeah no that's absolutely. it okay disaster it was going well. initially I'm going to leave I'm now. going to go to hard I'm going to do $100. and I'm going to see if we can get this. a few times this might be the downfall. of the video here I'm going to stack two. yeah all right we'll try that a few. times two just doesn't want to give it. this is $100 per bet it just doesn't. want to give it it doesn't want to give. it at all finally 292 now I would. normally go for another two but since we. are down down one grand I might just. take this no we're down so much I need. to get this nice that's good 684 I. really I really want to push this a bit. further and get the next one but I'm. going to take this out we're down a lot. y good thing I didn't we'll give that. another. try yeah that's good I'm going to take.

It out quickly good thing I did 3.1. we're back to what we started with let's. go. here nope try this one that's good. beautiful. 684. yes man. 1.5k I'm taking it I'm taking it we're. back we're back 4.5 oh what a recovery. what was that bro where did that come. from Dragon Tower hard mode what right. we're leaving for now we are going back. to me we started on easy let's go medium. we'll give medium a quick try with 100. let's go for two good then we can jump. over to the left side that's 231 Prof. and uh oh I should have probably taking. it all right we'll try it again try it. again oh man one off again try it. again one two one two it just it we. can't get the second one we can't let's. try it again two okay one two and then. one one two one two bro it literally. won't give it to me. one one two one two that's $400 like uh.

That's good right but but we just lost a. grand doing this I need to go for a bit. more here of course yeah yeah yeah of. course it's there right n this is unreal. this is medium this feels like hard mode. one. two what's going on here one two one. right we're going to zigzag that's what. we're doing we're going to zigzag if you. actually give it to me what no. what oh my this is this is unreal. yo yo. what that's 644 I'm down to 2 Grand bro. can't take this a maybe I should though. maybe I should that's a lot of money. yeah yeah of course man yeah I probably. should have taken ah I'm tilted as hell. right let's try and zigzag 400 s yeah. one grand should I go for the top if we. if we hit the top I make my money back. in fact i' be at six grand where does. this put us this puts me back to three. which is good this is hard I'm going to.

I'm going to take it let's see yeah good. thing I took it because I would have. clicked this one and then I would have. gone up again so glad I took it three. grand right you know what guys hard mode. has worked the best I am going back for. a moment let's go let's see if we can do. this again one two try it again one two. that's. 292 doesn't want to give it doesn't want. to give it try it again doesn't want to. give it doesn't want to get come on give. me something here oh no please be kind. to me doesn't want to do it we've just. just give him back a grand in a few. seconds yo yo please man oh that's it. that's it no that's absolutely it right. we'll do random tile I clearly can't. that's 600 no that could have been so. good that could have been a. grand oh again. no man that was my all in that would. have been.

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