30.04.2024 My Biggest PROFIT On PLINKO EVER... (INSANE)

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Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to. another video as you can see we got 2. 150 in the balances all raw. nonsponsored funded by yours truly and. look at what the look how nice that. looks honestly welcome back to another. video here on steak if you guys want to. sign up and get instant access to 10. rake back which is free money right back. into your wallet to do whatever with. click register here in the top right. click this code right here and enter. code caslick by doing that you get. instant access to that rake back and it. helps me out which means so much but. other than that scroll down to the. comment section and click the pinned. comment that will get you signed up. right under my code if you don't want to. do all this work and stuff blah blah but. yeah on to the video we are back here. today to be playing some plinko one a.

Very questionable game mode in my. opinion okay you know i haven't had the. best luck in the past on it but uh. hopefully that can all change i plan on. doing some pretty you know some pretty. ridiculous bets you know for me at least. okay you see these like big youtubers. and stuff twitch streamers doing like. thousand dollar plinko balls okay i. can't promise that this video but guys. if we could somehow hit 150 likes on. this video that would be insane i'd be. so much appreciative but uh okay i think. we started off big and because it's. gonna pop off right away uh should we do. yo let's do a couple 50s let's just. start it off oh dude this is stupid i. have no clue how loud this is going to. oh that's loud that's loud imagine oh. okay hold up this needs to be turned. down that is way too loud ouch dude. imagine.

Oh dude wait i clicked that more than. oh what. yo. i swear to god i clicked that more than. once my. bets all right this is tripping yo it's. tripping. wait a second oh why are they so slow. we hit a 9x on 50. wait what do we start. with. oh wait we're up 5 guys we're up 500. right now yo we should end the video. there i wasn't even paying attention. dude what how do we just bit that. um hello. yo steak is trippin hold up okay i've. happened to fix the problem i think okay. i think we're good let's give it a quick. test. okay it's just a bit slow today okay i. think. yeah okay we're good okay we're good all. right we need to get back to the oh my. god we hit a 9x again on one dollar. um we need to get back to business okay. we're in profit right now so we spam it. up like this right. we spam it on uh the 16. okay. and then uh we get rid of all the l's.

Like we just got l's like that and then. we go and do 50 50. oh my god this is so. stupid. oh no no no no no we need to hit. something good here we nee we're gonna. lose all our profit oh oh my god joe i. swear to god i saw that ball going. straight left i thought. i thought that was a game changer. honestly 2x okay we take that we take. that 2x we take that we're not doing too. bad here go oh oh. forex we take that go go go okay yo. we're up still we're up yo this is good. okay we need to keep track of this fifty. dollars let's do a little auto action. okay. let's just uh. okay we gotta make this like. twenty dollars right infinity can i just. start this. literally it's just gonna keep going. right okay. you know the noise okay yeah yeah yeah. yeah yeah yeah dude. if i see that thousand action i would. literally i don't know what i would do i.

Would crap myself. yo okay this is taking all our money. autobit's a scam yo whoa whoa whoa whoa. auto bet be. straight okay forex. maybe taxing. all our profit. okay well there goes our profit guys. from that 50.9. oh. what are the chances again i think. pretty low. there's a way you could see it we hit a. 9x. yo why is this so addicting i could i. could literally i could stare at this. screen all day. all right i i want to do something. stupid i want to make it go faster i i. need this to go faster i just want to go. ham like oh wait no no no i didn't mean. to auto manual manual manual give me. back to manual. i just wanna. it needs to go faster yo plinko used to. be fast i don't know what happened here. guys yo i hope everyone's having a good. day by the way. okay we're seeing a thousand x here. we're seeing a thousand x here i'm just.

Gonna. i'm just gonna oh i thought that was it. i'm just gonna keep clicking. we need to get higher than a 9x at least. 20 sets. 26x. okay we kind of just got taxed on that i. think we raised the bed up a little bit. after that one. nope. why are the balls so slow man who. is like. i mean i need a contact support or. something be like why why are the balls. going so slow guys. okay there we go this is what i'm. talking about the 4x hit we like that. okay we need more than. 9x oh my god so close. oh 4x again yes back to back four x's we. take that. okay we're climbing see dude it likes. the bigger bets i'm telling you guys. 9x nice dude that dropped down fast. oh wow guys we're climbing okay okay. okay uh we're gonna do a couple more on. that and then we're gonna half it and. then go ham because. yup i knew i knew the bad ones were.

Coming that's why we slow it down here. we slow our roll down. we hit a thousand x. and we are happy man we're happy dude. okay this is actually my best plinko. video i am determined to walk away in. this video with profit. okay. okay that's fine we're lowered the bet. here let's. slower it again there's no way i'm. switching off high risk in 16 rows i'm. just telling you like if i hit the this. multi look point zero zero fifteen. you know this kind of sad to look at. honestly because then it's just. like my chances of getting a girlfriend. are higher than that to be honest let's. think about it here nine net 4x i mean. come on we need to see a 26er we need to. see a 26er here simple as that. hopefully you guys can't hear my mouse. too loud that'd be annoying. yo shout out to the guy on my instagram. dms that told me to make a plinko video.

Okay this one is for you man i was like. inspired honestly. okay hold up why is it. when we do bigger bets it pays. i don't know i might be tripping okay. and why is it when i do bigger bets it. takes forever to load. oh no i'm tripping yo i'm tripping. oh man there's our profit oh god. there we go we take that 4x. yo do i do a hundred oh. that was so close to a 26. yo let's do a. hundred dollars oh my god what am i. doing oh my god if i did a thousand i. would have cried honestly. it's my biggest plinko bed honestly one. of the biggest oh don't do me like that. go oh my god. oh my god what am i doing. no no no no no no. right okay i'm done i'm done you will. not catch me doing that. come on hurry up hurry up hurry up and. load hurry up and load hurry up and load. come on. okay okay i need to think here we need. to reevaluate our strategy i think we.

Need to lower it down a little bit oh oh. oh. bro how does it do that how does it how. does it go so far right and then. make an epic recovery like that. okay dude we're still sitting with like. profit so. i'm happy this just needs to start. betting faster and never no you will. never catch me do an auto bet. 4x okay we're not doing bad here we're. not doing bad we're getting some bad. ones out of the way here. 2x. okay we're losing 4x. we're gonna have to do a we're gonna. have to do a bet raise here we're gonna. have to do a bet raise and make it back. we're gonna have to do a bat raise. please don't flop please don't flop. we need a 9x we need 9x we need to see a. 9x right here plinko. come on get rid of oh no oh. 26 baby that's what i'm talking about. that is what i'm talking about man. that is the best oh my god.

Oh my god i'm so happy dude thank god i. raised the bet right there. because if i hit that on like a 10 bro i. would have cried man oh my god i'm hyped. man that was like. my biggest connection on plink how much. was that hold up wait for this one okay. uh my bets. oh my god 1300 we take that baby. okay i'm not going under three i'm not. going under three dude. i say we just run the auto back because. it's a scam but we run it up. let's do like a hundred. let's see what happens here. oh oh oh oh my god another 26x brother. yo oh my god it's popping off right now. man let's double this up bro. we're good we're doubling this we're. doubling this come on keep going. wait is it doubled yeah it is. come on do something crazy come on. oh. oh oh oh oh oh 2x hey questionable. questionable huh. yo we hit 226 x's this is like my.

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