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All right what's up guys welcome back to. steak as you guys can see we're gonna be. playing bigger Bass Bonanza a brand new. slot that's been released by I believe. pugmatic uh we got 12K in our battles to. play with again this is right off the. back of us filming the previous video. which was Das X boot we did the max buy. um yeah let's just do it let's get into. it. I think we should do a hundred dollar. spins you know I think we should 108. that's fine I don't know why it's a. weird number like that but I love the. music of the new bigger Bass Bonanza a. little bit more upbeat I don't know if. you guys can hear that but it's pretty. cool dude I'm a fan there's a new 4000x. fish which we're gonna hit this video I. can just tell you that right off the bat. let's do some spins. we are down to half our balance already.

We haven't hit anything specific yet. never mind right on cue this is a 10 000. bonus hit this is pretty significant if. we get the four thousand X fish that's. that's a lot of money dude it's a lot of. money it's over half a million no it's. no it's just under half a million I'm. I'm bad at math dude. no oh two. oh that's a good collect as well. wow. wait do I double down both of those. hold on. is that six thousand dollars. okay. I don't even care if we don't get to the. next section this is this is a. great start 6500. another collect I'll take it dude yeah. Brian looking swab in that photo. man. he's just loving life he's literally. living his best life and he's giving me. money for it it's great it's a winwin. okay. come on bro one more nice we're into the. next stage let's go okay come on surely. not right surely not I'm not gonna get.

What 14 dead spins so this should be I'm. hoping at least five figures. come on give me a hit with a top symbol. with a little yacht. that's a good collect as well that's 10K. that's 10K and we still got another two. spins bro this this is looking pretty. good this is looking very good and we've. got a Brian for the next round too which. is even better nice little head start. yeah yeah. 10 spins after this on a times two. multiplier wow we've already won 11k so. no matter what guys I think I'm cashing. this out this might be a very short. video I'm sorry but uh I did not expect. to hit the bonus this quickly so. it worked out for the best. times two yeah yeah thousand dollars yup. two thousand dollars never mind. come on one more Brian and eight spins. please get me to the next stage and I'll. love you forever. Papa bless.

Okay. I just want to hear that noise if Ryan. just dropping on me and. come on Brian come on Brian. whoa. 13k though I'll take it. I am not thirsty that would have been a. great click wow. uh okay. 2.6 k. wow wow wow hey can I get another Brian. please give me another Head Start why. not. okay that's fine bro this is on times. this is on times three oh my oh my. God I could literally get 10 dead spins. here but I don't care I'm already happy. with the money I've won so. everything else is oh wow wow that's a. big old fish hey drop that 4K fish hey. drop that 4K fish the 4000x. imagine I actually got paid for it. I actually kind of wanted to. come on five spin's gone no Brian's one. Brian just one Brian there we go. that's two small fish but that's fine. just for that I think I'm pretty sure. it's the smallest fish you can get to.

What we got three spins yeah yeah come. on. nice man. it's gonna be pretty much 18K rounded up. and I could get to the next stage I. actually could that's times 10 that's. wild if that happens. bro. that's so much money. this is 25k very much what the . oh please give me one more Brian please. I beg I [ __ ] beg. we're actually got it oh. my God oh my God bro this is . huge. this is huge. my biggest ever win before this has been. 93 000 and honestly on a times 10. granted we could get another 10 dead. spins but like bro any hit here is a lot. of money. oh my God that's all fish isn't it. that's 50 Grand. oh my . oh my God I'm in love I'm in . love Brian I could kiss you I really. could. oh my God this is 70s this is my second. ever biggest win I've still got eight. spins what the . oh my god dude. Hey listen. bro bro that's so much money.

Every time it's 15 grand. this actually could be at my alltime. high this actually could do it. I just made 92 000 what the . I'm I'm very close to a thousand eggs. I'm actually very close to a thousand. eggs. oh my God that have been . glorious that would have been 50k there. hey Brian one more for the boys. I'm so close to being my biggest win. ever this is pretty much bang on it. though. oh dude I'll take you 92. 000. wow wow. wow. bigger Bass Bonanza just throw. in the big floppy uh you know what let's. just let's just do a couple more spins. we got the balance to suffice for this. if we get another bonus I'll lose my. I really will I'm gonna see these. 25 spins out and then I'm gonna dip what. a cash out for this video I I. can't think right now my mind is is like. scrambled eggs uh what the . hey go on for the boys one more one more.

One more bonus why not why not magic. imagine take me over 100k go on go on go. on I actually might go down to a 90k. cash out honestly. you know because I want a new biggest. cash out ever I'm pretty sure this is. gonna be my biggest ever Cash Out 94 000. is insane 27 and a half ethereum oh my. God boys listen because that was such a. big win on this video there's gonna be a. big old giveaway on this video so make. sure to check out my Twitter that's. where it's going to be hosted if you. guys want to get involved uh yeah wow. what a video I'm gonna send this to my. vote our vote was looking our vote was. at 90k so we're literally just off of. this video alone we are doubling our. vault which is insane I'm one. happy bunny I mean I don't know how much. we'll be giving away but it'll be a fat. giveaway so make sure you check it out.

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