30.04.2024 *NEW* Plinko Slot! MAX BET Into TWO BIG WINS?

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We have to leave soon we're at 400 likes. 500 likes we do Max bit but we're not. gonna reach it so we might as well end. the stream oh. let's go uh 10 spins 10 spins. nine. um. it makes way too much already lower. oh that's a good start. oh you're teasing us. that's a really good sword should we say. this for tomorrow maybe yeah we'll save. it for tomorrow 750 likes to continue. what happened there where one can tell. your American oh you can hold it you. don't need to click you can hold it. really. we're already at 2K. what are we not on level two yet yes we. are yeah yeah we are we're soon on level. four. or level three. oh that's good they bounce good. oh [ __ ] yeah [ __ ] me. no I don't do that don't it's already. 30X. well yeah 175 but it's 100 denomination. and make it look at ah. oh. you actually got time. okay if it lands there yeah but I have.

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