30.04.2024 *NEW* SAFEST Dice Strategy For Profit - Stake

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Oh oh my god oh it's the new greatest. strut the new greatest strp on state. stick around to the end of the video. because I pushed this strp to the limits. and see how I stayed in profit the. entire time subscribe and let's get into. the video what's some money ma welome. back to another video today I'm on Stak. $50 in the balance got the glasses on. cuz I'm feeling extra nerdy we're going. nerdy today with the strats right. getting a lot of requests for strategies. haven't done them in a while so we're. going to go with one right. 33% win chance here we go okay go over. to the auto tab here and we're going to. start the bet on. 0.01 number of bets leave that on zero. on loss increased by. 133% okay so there we go so every loss. and then on win it resets right so get. our stats up here and every about 50 to. 75 bets just see because we know I like.

To do that St loss we're going to put it. at $35 starting with with $51 and let's. have a look all right here we. go at that for a graph that is a. fantastic graph and I'm not going to lie. boys I made this Strat up probably 10. seconds ago uh but I also have a load of. strats in my Discord join up the Discord. it be Happ already for uh for stress so. going to go here change the fairness two. times cuz I just like to do that every. now and then uh and we'll go another. another 70 50. 75 we going to push this though as you. can see this strategy that works but we. are going to push it there we go get a. tur to 29 Cent. Amer so it gets a hit it doesn't really. go past that see no big dips you love to. see it $6 profit so what I'm going to do. now is I'm going to up it all right. that's the strategy use it but we're.

Going to push it we're going to start it. on a. 0.02 um and we'll see if we can get some. big hits like. this we're going to stop it there now. we're going to change the fish just to. be safe and there you go you love to see. $1 up in. profit making a video I'm going to push. this as far as I can all right we're. going to stick it on 33% own it with. $100 going to start it on $1 just before. we get into the video if you're new to. stay click up the top right make an. account and use promo code adrenaline. for a 200% deposit bonus that's not. doubling your money that's tripling your. money along with additional benefits too. if you've already signed up in the first. 24 hours you can go up to the top right. go to settings offers and then input the. code there in the first 24 hours to. activate the bonus with that being said.

Appreciate it let's get into the video. and let's just see what happens okay it. is a bit bit of a risky strap we're. doing here now oh my God $4 up I don't. believe it $14 up do we keep going $24. up oh my God oh my God a big dip coming. out oh but a massive hit a massive hit a. massive hit a massive hit. $118 up in a few seconds did we get a. massive DP yes we did but that doesn't. matter that's okay oh my goodness oh my. goodness oh now change the fairness boom. all right here we go let's drop it down. to 50 Cent Now 50 Cent see if we can. keep this I should just take this but. for the sake of the video I'm just going. to push it I should just take it okay. there we go we're. back. $163 all right I'm I'm volting 100 I'm. volting 1006 63 in that here on out so. let's just see how far we can push it it. might go to zero boys we might get oh oh.

Oh oh oh it's huge it's huge it's huge. it's huge it's huge it's massive it's. massive it's massive it's massive. 287 I actually don't believe it I'm. bolting another 100 boys is it the new. greatest Strat I think it might be seven. can we hit 300 even if we don't I don't. mind cuz I'm in profit big. time oh my. God oh my God 383 I am the greatest St. person on YouTube I am the greatest Boys. on B in another if it's not broken don't. fix it if we can hit 500 I no well I'm. probably just going to stop the video. soon anyway. oh my God oh my God 500 we're 500 in. profit we're 500 in profit we're 500 in. profit we're 500 in profit we're 500 in. profit vault in another 100 even the. video at that going to push it I'm got. to push it one last time starting at. $1 oh my God. oh my God $1,000 waged $800 profit VA. 300 what this is the greatest Strat on.

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