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Foreign. I remember those words. if it pays a . oh. God yeah. foreign. let's go. continue. oh. no. oh. and homes. okay great win let's go [ __ ]. yeah oh actually holy . I'll tell you what 30 okay a one million. dollar win tonight and I'll ride. that quad right into this setup. for 30. I'll make that deal with you. guys right here okay I'll run. this set up right over okay okay a. million dollars that . fourwheeler comes right through here. foreign. oh nice. go here Reuben answer for this. here we go come on. oh continue. holy . oh continue that's No baby. let's go go man. nice and light holy . look at that 50x or something bro holy. let's go guys we'll take it. come on Apple me oh that was a good. setup right there I could hit a lot. sand castle sand castles let's go . yeah no baby. 78 let's go baby let's go ready. you slow [ __ ].

Let's go. am I might already be here. we can go guys. 142.. attention to the previous match history. and you'll see what kind of segments I. have to run kind of segments are not. all right. dude there's that guy what the are. you guys eating under that table again. lay back relax. and. um grab some drinks grab some steaks. like not crazy times. five actually a very good start. here tonight. number one let's talk about number one. sakes. thank you I'm far away you got. the sure mic he doesn't pick me up good. luck relax dude. we're on fellas how we doing. come on come on come on let's go. nice. don't look don't look don't look it's. monsters. I want to ride that fourwheeler. through here bro. that's great oh my God. it's Max win Max win 500x above his max. win Max multiplier is five thousand X. whatever it lands on it's at least a.

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