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We're doing a massive bonus buy session. massive do all in bro yep 4600. 4600 I will go to zero trying to win 50k. right. here I'll actually go to zero look at. this Jesus bro what is going on bro when. I'm going to pay 20K my God bro I've. already won 1K from that one of going to. pay 20K I need the 20K bro I'm not. stopping till I get 50 thanks give me m. give me a m give me some grapes give me. some grapes okay big that's fat bro I'll. take it 2,500 let's go we still got. spins I'm going to 50K or to. zero 50k or oh my God 100 it's over it's. over bro 100 extras dropped bananas. grapes grapes grapes peaches peaches. peaches peaches big MTI I bro was that. 100 and a 50x on the same thing nah it's. like a five and then something maybe. like a three I don't know grapes okay. one six. okay I'm doing doing massive buys bro.

This whole video we're making money yes. profit. profit okay it's all good it's all good. bro we didn't get absolutely rined we're. going back yep I don't stop we're going. right back. in 4,600 buys it's just needs to be huge. bro we need we need something big rrig. off the start watermelons bored bro. I mean maybe P but pink and greens and. bananas Tri. oh this kind of scary. boys okay this is not looking good at. all this is ABS this looks like no. I don't even care about that that is not. good that's not good. 69. wow okay we got Rin we got Rin we're. going in we're going in again telling. you bro one's going to pay 20K I'm going. to zero or we're going to 50 I need. something huge bro I need something. huge blues oh my God bro b nice give me. a multi give me a. multi oh my God 100 x bro apples. two grand two grand two grand two our.

Graves pinks pinks pinks PS PS good. boards give me pinks. bro aing that's not terrible bro it's. still not. terrible okay let's go what do we got. one big hit one big hit give me another. big hit bro. okay okay give me a multi God no bro. there a good board banana if bananas hit. bro apples and pinks okay we're. profiting this is everything bananas. peaches grapes okay grapes grapes grapes. grapes grapes big. MTI bro 10x that's like 1.1k again I. need something big. bro we still we still have a couple. spins we still have. grapes multi give me watermel okay give. me multi give me a big multi big multi. big multi big multi I need a big multi. oh my God bro it's not doing it. bananas okay peaches peaches peaches. greens and a multi greens and a multi. bro give me a. multi bro imagine a fat multi on that. 11k bro that's so.

Big that would have been crazy bro you. trick my God that have been nuts okay. hey boys that's good that's good that's. good we run it we run it right back I'm. telling you $4,600 buys bro we're making. money we're making money [ __ ]. paid bro you got like a 50 or 100x man I. got a $500 tumble and I just needed a. fat multi bro oh my God I thought this. was going to be a rrig rrig a. bro I just we need the tum I mean hit. Hearts one time on a4600 buy that sh was. crazy oh my God this doesn't look good. tumble boys this doesn't look. good no it's a it's dead SA come on save. us save us save us sa us oh my God give. me a retre give me a retre. bananas okay wow okay so it just took. the money back I got we're going in we. we just keep going in. 4600 right we need something. big I'm going to zero or to. 50. uhoh don't die peaches or pinks maybe oh.

Oneof peaches bro 92 bucks bro okay but. B. bro wow this isn't looking good there's. a 15x that just went away and. that's this is not looking good boys bro. not another minimum graes I think it's a. minimum. bro it's looking that way I'm not going. to lie I. mean yeah it's not tumbling it's just. not yeah 15 that's that okay we run it. back run it back 46 100 oh boys we need. we need to. win we were just at. 19k okay Banas bananas give me Blues. Blues Blues okay give me a multi give me. a multi give me a multi a multi a big. multi big multi big multi big multi big. multi where's the multis bro is. depressing for that yeah literally it's. actually depressing I mean it's still. fire but it could have been so much. bigger bro a big bomb yeah it did we. need big bombs like 25x right there. would have paid so much that.

Would that would have been the. save what grapes May. grapes give me a multi bro give me pinks. pinks pinks pinks pink pink multi give. me a multi give me okay that's good. that's good that's good it could have. been better bro that's really good ah. let's go baby okay my God it could have. it still could have been bigger everyone. knows that Blues Blu 10x multi graes. okay watermelons watermelons and Banas. waterm retri and a ret and a retri retre. retre nice oh my God oh my God Boys Boys. Boys Boys this could be . massive let's go yeah bro this is. bananas what oh my God Seven. bro what do we got what do we got. nothing don't don't die don't die don't. hearts hearts oh and pink and pinks oh. my God it's dead six and six it's dead. bro uh I think it may it was six hearts. for sure I think God bro I was crazy. teas the retri twice back to back six or.

Seven P I don't know bro dude if those. both Head Woods like you know even. understand it would have been like $800. tumble been crazy bro what do we got you. just drop a 100 x bro. peaches peaches nope dead dead. ass. bro like I can just feel something. huge coming bro bananas watermelons okay. give me I don't even know no. okay bananas Blues maybe or grapes. grapes I need a big multi give me a big. multi give me give me a big multi. pink it could have been so much better. bro it could have been so much. better minimum right there okay. watermelons back actually smells. like garbage hearts hearts hearts hearts. hearts hearts oh my God drops apples and. teases a bro drops the othered bananas. maybe C grapes if I'm lucky oh my. God. bro you guys see the potential money. back you guys see the potential. course no damn okay we run it right back.

4600 bro I either want it to take no I. don't want it to take my money I want to. win big that's what I want yeah I know. we need to run it up we need to run it. up this looks like like a a dead spin. this looks dead okay okay bananas gra. bananas that had so much potential bro. that had so much potential dead. ass the tumbles. bro okay. nothing let's go this doesn't look good. bro yeah this doesn't look this. watermelons okay give me give me. something big apples give me something. big bro give me a big multi okay I got. multis and R trick and rri this is big. oh my God look at look at pinks though. is like 5K 6K Bro Look at pinks and. grapes though oh my God I two off pinks. oneof grapes and a retrig just all the. rrgs do nothing bro okay never mind. never mind watermelons hey give me some. watermelons give me some something else.

Okay okay take. that. okay come on one more big hit I need. something big bro. blose okay what do we got dead nothing. dead dead man boys we're 9 Minutes. in do we do more than we call Bro. straight up I just I I can keep going. forever bro it's like it's like you're. just staying in like even bro yeah I. just need something big peaches maybe. peaches peaches Peach bananas reach look. at the reach R what is going on bro you. have four is going to double the multi. 10 that should be 20 yeah a 20x oh my. God bro oh my God give me another rri. again bro imagine like 100x on that . bro it oh my God bro that' be. insane okay what do we got bananas give. me bananas and watermelons banana okay. watermelons or greens watermelons or. greens okay this this is actually good. this is good this no no bro that had so. much potential how did watermelon not.

Drop what do we got do oh my God pinks. bro pinks let's go bananas. okay oh my God bro just such good. symbols just. dropped I want to see hearts hit man oh. bananas give me. bananas on sweet Baner is the rarest bro. of every. game. 50x grapes grapes grapes okay peaches. maybe banana peaches peaches peaches. peaches it didn't drop one peach it did. not drop one peach grapes watermelons. okay watermelons are in blues Blues. Blues. okay bro all these boards have so much. potential man I. like oh my God give me grapes. grapes yeah that needed to Tumble oh. that needed to Tumble bad. bro it's crazy. bro ah do we do one more we call it call. it it's crazy bro one one more one more. okay let's see what we got last one last. one I'm going to rush Spence I'm going. to rush it let's get in X don't okay. don't rush okay don't rush it don't rush.

It no no no we're just going to let it. chill. okay another decent board okay. watermelons okay uh. yeah not looking good grapes bananas. watermelons Banas waterm bananas peaches. drop a bunch of I don't know oh. my God bro drop a bunch of I. don't know. 1300 okay peaches peaches peaches. peaches apples apples apples keep keep. going keep it going keep it going keep. it going this huge what is that what is. that what is that like. 5K ah. AK let's go let's go let's. go oh my God grapes grapes grapes okay. give me a big multi give me a big multi. give a big multi give me apples apples. apples give me apples apples apples. apples apples peaches peaches why am I. saying peaches bro we need a fat. multi yeah bro oh my God all right let's. get to 20K on this. grapes rri rri water balance give me a. rri rri too give me a rri give me a rri.

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