30.04.2024 Olympus Link™ Video Slots Product Demo

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Hi there i'm phil o'toole the director. of core video here at igt and i'm here. to show you our latest linked. progressive jackpot game called olympus. link it has two different uh base game. themes we've got the vibrant blue look. here with king of olympus and we've got. the vibrant looking red game with queen. of olympus. what's really nice about this game is. it's available on two different hardware. platforms we have it available here on. the peak slant 49 curved cabinet we also. have it available on the peak slant 32. uh dual screen cabinet and you can link. the jackpots across both hardware. platforms and that's really nice and. gives you a lot of configurability on. your on your floor. uh we have four levels of jackpot the. top level here has a reset value of ten. thousand dollars and it's linked across. the bank.

The second level uh is available as a. standalone jackpot and the two bottom. levels are fixed pots uh we have full. player selectable multidenom. in this case we have it set up with the. four uh genomes at penny two cent five. cent and ten cent but we also have the. option to have those higher dollar and. two two dollar denoms available as well. if your players like to bet up like that. to give you again more configurability. all right so let's take a look at what. the game looks like itself we have. here a fairly traditional um. holden spin where you need six of the. prize values in order to trigger the. hold and spin bonus play off uh what's. really nice about this game though is in. order to encourage your players to bet. up and for those players who like to bet. up whenever you bet at a 2x multiplier. or higher.

An extra multiplier symbol becomes available in the holden spin bonus and so that multiplier will move around and whenever a prize value lands inside it including one of the jackpot prizes it can be multiplied by that amount and that adds extra excitement extra volatility to that uh to that holden spin uh bonus and it makes it a little bit unique as well so let's spin a few times to see what it looks like and then i'll show you what the holden spin playoff looks like as well as the free games bonus now we're going to take a look at the holden spin itself and here you can see where the random multiplier has landed it's a 2x multiplier in this case and whatever price i land inside that 2x multiplier space will obviously be multiplied by 2.

If the player is lucky enough to fill in. all 15 of the spaces with the credit. prize then they'll win the top level. award. if the player lands three or more bonus. triggering symbols in this game they'll. enter the free games play off and the. free games is really exciting i'll show. you what it looks like. so it's an interactive pick bonus style. where the player can choose the symbol. that's going to land in the middle here. we have one jumbo symbol. obviously the player is hoping to land. the major symbol. or even trigger the fret the uh holden. spin bonus by triggering. the coin value prize. all right so that's olympus link with. king of olympus and queen of olympus. that you've seen here it has the holden. spin bonus with the additional. multiplier for players that bet up the. full player selectable multi dnom.

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