30.04.2024 Our BIGGEST WIN ever on Plinko 😲€175 BET😲

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Party. oh oh wait no way. come on no he never hits a lot. they're only building this High because. this chat. we did 10 spins because the chat got so. many likes it was a good burger song. I'm gonna drop down to 50.. we are already at level we're already up. at three at 4K 4K already also Kim Kim. I'm I'm speechless it's. and we haven't even hit the real printer. yet once we hit Dr Jacob well now now we. uh now we're up to four we're already. two levels ahead now yeah. another ten already at 8K before level. two. and we almost we almost reached level. three no we almost reached level four on. the first one. Jesus. oh I dropped off no Heroes here people. you're low too early. that was a bad round that was a really. bad one. ah surely we're excited. bounce around you're a ball hero Ball. come on. some five axis. I think we need to get things yeah now.

We do one by one here 100 Balls you. should reach level five. I'm surround come on. balls. we need a lot of bones in them. that was five at least. you know five is at five 500.. oh this is gonna be so close 50k though. already yeah it's. so sick. awesome. lick all my hits. he goes we will reach the next level. that is 16 balls per draw 160 balls. oh no Heroes. oh that's interesting so you already. know if you get 160 volts minimum point. one each it's 16 times your bill then. you're guaranteed at least 1.6. if you get all minerals yeah yeah pretty. sick. we don't hope for 0.1 oh yeah yeah. 16 per dollar. oh you're bouncing like that's that's. good bounces yeah that was a really good. bounces can we reach the next one that's. 32 balls per draw. oh. you bounce now. oh. oh oh. another five yeah. foreign. I was like oh that's going in.

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