30.04.2024 Phone Auto Clicker / Finger Tap for Game Apps, Casino Slot Apps on iPhones & Android Phones

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Here's a quick review on this Auto. clicker basically it's like a finger tap. uh you can use it for your iPhones or. your Android phones. you can use it on games on casito apps. you can see I'm using a casino app here. just really just a quick example here. you can see instead of me having to keep. pressing this over here. I can just use this and basically it's. like a finger tap. okay. pop that on there oops. yeah let me show you again so I got it. down here. that little button right there so. instead of manual clicking I just pop. you have to like adjust this to get that. like right there. so I can kind of just put that on right. there. and the slowest click is one per second. so the slowest it can go like this one. two three four the fastest it says 59. clicks per second so like that but. anyway I think I have it on like the.

Slowest but this is a like a casino app. here. and it doesn't matter even if I turn it. over right here and you can do it right. here as well. you can see that it stops and now I can. just pop that on here. and it's automatically going to keep. going okay so basically it comes out of. this box here and this is what the. gadget the main thing here looks like. okay so out of the box. let me go ahead and unplug this so you. get this here you get two of these here. and you get some extra um like little. adhesive stickers. so when you first get it you can see. that one of those adhesive stickers are. already on here okay after sometimes it. gets hot and it like melts away a little. bit then you have to peel it off and put. a new one okay anyway you just grab it. like this and you want to slide this in. like this. slide it down.

Oops sorry actually you want to go this. way here this way okay it's going to go. this way and make sure the lip is out. like a little tiny bit right there okay. and now we can go ahead and clip on this. okay now the cool thing is you can do. one now if you're only doing one and. this is fully charged it'll keep on. clicking for like five or six hours and. this is fully charged okay if this runs. out of juice. you do have another USB C Port here and. they give you a charging cable you can. actually go ahead and plug that in and. then plug this into a wall outlet or a A. multiport or USB charger or something. like that and even this is dead once you. plug that in this will start working. right away okay now if you have a charge. on here already another cool thing is. because it comes with two of these so. you can actually plug.

Two of these in there and let me get. another game on. okay so I have a game here Cod uh mobile. but you can see I have to shoot here. right you can see I have to. now I can grab the other one here now. this one is still going and we can play. another one here. make sure that this is out so I see that. little finger right there. I'm just going to go and put it and you. can move this around too okay I have. like a thick case on this this iPhone. here. so let me just put it like that. okay so so you can see how it's shooting. that's probably like the slowest okay. let me increase it let me press on the. plus sign. let me just skip. pressing this here. oops. I think it's on the fastest now so it. should be like continuous here. okay let's. okay usually. I don't think this is charged all the. way but this is charged all the way and.

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