30.04.2024 PLAY PLINKO FOR REAL MONEY - FROM $100 TO $1000

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This is going to be the video where we. get a 1 000 cash out I have one hundred. dollars in my balance we're doing the. challenge where I attempt to go from 100. to 1000 playing only Plinko today let's. get into it man it wouldn't be right if. I didn't try this challenge playing. Plinko you guys have seen multiple. videos of me trying to get to a thousand. dollars from just 100 and we're doing it. today on stake playing only Plinko let's. see if we can do it now it would be very. easy if I could just Spam one dollar. balls and hit a 1000x that would be the. easiest way to get from 100 to 1000 but. I don't think it's gonna happen so we're. gonna switch it up a little bit however. we are starting out with high risk 16. rows and we're just gonna see where we. can go with this we're going to switch. it up do some bigger bets soon I'm.

Hoping to get into a little bit of. profit First Once I'm able to get into. some profit we're gonna do some big bets. oh that's actually a great start 9x. we'll take it we'll take it so yeah. hopefully you guys are gonna enjoy this. one it's gonna be a long video man just. get yourselves comfortable get. yourselves ready hopefully we are able. to get to that 1000 mark. oh man here we go come on come on stay. come on. give me some big Maltese nice and. already on you know a 130 would be. really nice you know if we can get that. we're gonna be doing some massive bull. drops as of right now we're down to 96. so I'm gonna need a few big multis right. here give me a full give me a nine give. me a 26. we can't just be losing all day. today we've got to get some wins too. that's how this thing works right right. right guys hopefully you guys like the.

Last thing called video I managed to. somehow get that massive 76x win and I'm. not gonna lie I thought that video would. be the one where we get the 1000 cash. out but unfortunately it didn't happen. as we end up losing a bit towards the. end but as you can see right now we have. 90 I'm Gonna Keep Smiling these one. dollar balls and hopefully we're able to. hit something here oh hello oh man it. started going off to the side but it. came right back down the middle we just. need one nine one twenty six get us back. in this we can't just be bleeding money. like this we're down to 83 at this point. all it takes guys is just one just one. keep spamming these is one dollar Bulls. hello oh man we need at least some twos. some four some nines. we're just losing as of right now but. all it takes is ledger one 1000x and.

That's it the challenge is over that's a. 26 we're back so what we started with. beautiful what take it okay let's switch. it up all right here's what we do we go. in with three dollars and we can set the. rows to 12. there's. 170x multiplier on this don't tease me. like that okay listen if we get that. 170x let's just say we're gonna be. getting very close to our goal all right. so the sounds are back on for some. reason I started out playing without the. sounds steak yes oh give me an eight at. least bro these are three dollar Bulls. okay these are pretty big pretty big. balls okay all it takes is one of these. to connect even the 24 would be massive. for us at this point as of right now it. doesn't look like we can get anything. come on man steak just just do it for. the one time we're trying to get up to 1.

000. we're gonna slow this down here in a sec. since we're not able to get any connects. but maybe we'll get lucky maybe we'll. get an eight maybe it's 24. we're down. to 62 as of right now stay bring this. back for me man come on give me a chance. here we're down almost 50. come on come. on we're trying to get to a thousand yes. yes keep going 2x bro at least at 24. if. you're trying to tease me like that at. least to 24. let's change this to two. for a sec here since we're just running. through a lot of money and we need to. get some multis otherwise it's gonna be. very hard to get back up there all we. need is a 24 and we're back eight we'll. take it we'll get another eight. another eight oh. all right steak time to do something. here. click this a few more times. come on yes yeah oh I just needed an a. right there let's change this to 10 rows.

So there's gonna be 76 multi on here. let's do a couple of five dollar balls. oh ten let's go thought we hit the 76. for a sec sorry for interrupting. hopefully you guys are enjoying the. video if you want to check out steak. click the guy in the top right go to. settings go to offers and then if you. use the code quick timing in the welcome. offer box within the first 24 hours you. guys will get access to the VIP system. you'll get money back on every single. bet you place with that being said let's. get back to the video but a 10 is. absolutely beautiful we'll definitely. take that. and there's a five dollar ball is pretty. big pretty big over here. 85 in the balance come on five dollar. balls each click all we need is one ah. 3x was right there steak come on three. nice and give me another three no we're. down to 84. 80 in the balance 3x come on.

Give me a 10 here give me a 10 that's 25. if we can hit that right we're gonna. switch this up 87 we're gonna drop a. seven dollar bull we're gonna change the. rows to nine so it's gonna be a 43x in. here here we go. one. one. point two okay changes to two dollars. and it's zero then we go four. come on okay and then we drop eight. come on oh two was right there even a. seven would be huge. we're gonna set the rows to Fourteen and. we're gonna do two dollar balls there's. a 420 multiplier on this. stay home or Matt give me something here. yes yeah oh bro we needed that 18.. we needed that 18 right now we're at. sixty dollars as of right now. we just need one big hit. we gotta get over come on 5x we'll take. it. gonna get over that 100 Mark since we're. back down again. the goal was to try and make some profit. early on.

However it's quite difficult it seems come on can we get above can we get above 56 would be big yeah oh two fives come on 56 at least this one no yet 1.9 let's keep spamming it keep spamming it hopes to get lucky one's sake oh start school off to the side we're at 42 dollars in the balance these are two dollar Bulls online 5X 38 in the balance come on stake 1.9 1.9 yes no down the middle yes yes point three drop two at once we're at 42 I'm gonna drop another two at once 1.9 and 1.9 okay oh right back down the middle steady give me a chance man no big multis today no big Maltese man can't get anything to work for us but that can turn around so quickly you guys saw my previous video it has 76.

Just need one big hit we're down to. Fifteen dollars. come on we're 16 now okay we get down to. ten oh. but we had potential there to hit. something. down to twelve dollars. come on this one point three you must be. joking bro here's what we do. we change the rows to ten. we're gonna drop three dollar Bulls okay. here we go here's the first one one. three eggs two. three. one one. okay one more final one. we're 8 18.. eight rows nine rows. 8.80 all in this is it this doesn't pay. it's gonna be an rip let's do it dropped. please row 177.. 2x all in 353. oh man that's so unfortunate guys we got. so unlucky today we lost 100 we couldn't. get above the 100 Mark at any point. throughout this video but we tried this. challenge next time I try this we're. gonna just do big bads probably ten. dollar plus every time and hope to get.

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