30.04.2024 PLAYING CRAZY TIME WITH MY WIFE!!! ($10,000)

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Welcome back to another video ladies and. gentlemen we're here on steak just like. always we're going to Crazy time my. favorite game we tried slots the other. day and honestly don't think I'll ever. go back if you guys didn't watch it go. check it out a jinko starting off with a. 10x would have been beautiful let's see. what the stickiness breaks look like. today uh crazy time a is usually really. buttery let's see if they butter the. biscuits on this one today pinka is. coming around the horn here but it looks. way too buttery like I said any danger. of buttering it up and going to coin. flipper rusi any danger no it's going to. be one away two okay wow please note. that an upcoming downtime on all games. for 30 minutes on April 17th is that. today that's tomorrow okay that's. tomorrow no one worry about that that is.

Tomorrow we could we could we won't play. tomorrow then how about that uh cash. hunt 3x looks a little fast but a crazy. time butter my biscuits is coming around. the corner too fast for it glue glue. glue break no butter on the biscuits. there 10 10 it's too fast isn't it no we. got the 10 okay ladies and gentlemen we. got our first win it is a 10 now 10. needs to hit a back to back really to be. a win so yes and I am shirtless today. yes it is it is right that is correct I. am shirtless playing crazy time but it's. like it it feels like summer outside my. house right now that's why I am. shirtless so I have to haven't opened up. my pool yet but I can't wait to do so uh. crazy time coming with 2x topper not. going to come in looking for the backto. back tens there could it break for a. backto back 10 Z looks too fast too.

Buttery on the biscuits. glue I mean you're going so slow this. time just stick on the 10 guys guys it. broke the crazy time wheel broke look. look look look it's not letting me guys. it's it wow wow wow I cannot believe. that 3X Crazy time no good good to. butter my biscuits coin flip butter my. biscuits coin flip butter my biscuits. coin flip guys can you believe that do. you see how they lagged us out of the. game unreal but either way guys if you. want part of all the giveaways I do make. sure you're playing on stake use bonus. code TT Dante see it on all my videos. it's usually on my shirt but I'm not. wearing one uh you also get to be a part. of stakes different perks when you use. bonus code TT Dante and it supports me. so I would truly appreciate it with all. my life come. on I'm looking for. honestly I want a $30,000 cash balancing.

To get to $30,000 today 15x would be the. start of of that please blue okay all. right hold up maybe maybe something can. happen here ladies and gentlemen brother. Bears back at home maybe something can. happen $1,600 win put us back up to. 10,154 good desperately needed that to. get back up a little bit now we go. pretty much all in let's see if we can. hit a backto back. with the coin flip guys I'm so glad. you're here man I just honestly from the. bottom of my heart thank you for all the. love all the support Oh my days 50x on. it oh imagine the 50x on it coming in. would have been looks a little fast for. it though it's kind of slowing down. could it could it go all the way over to. 10 at least or is it going to break on. the one oh it's oh. I think it's time for a bonus game 100%. a fact I've lost. $30,000 today it's not going to show on.

Here but I did lose that much we're. already down to $5,000 left if we miss. these next three spins in a row cash. hunt for X topper could be good if it. hits it looks a little bit too fast. since butter my biscuits glue for the. butter biscuits butter biscuits. glue okay coin flip then cuz it's so. sticky now the brakes are now sticky. okay the brakes have turned from butter. my biscuits to stickiness how many times. have I said butter my biscuits Queen. flip 100 stop four and what. eight that's trash can that is trash can. that is trash and it hit the bigger. multiplier as well why couldn't have we. seen like a a 2550 or a. 100 okay just take the money all right. we're going to go all in plus a 100. bucks we won 9 00 we're betting a th000. you got to do that when coin flip comes. in maybe we could see a huge win on this.

One maybe a crazy. time yeah with a 5x oh it's too fast. it's way too fast glue glue glue break. it's way too fast it's way too fast. there's no way there's no way it's going. to break it's too fast for coin flip as. well could it go to cash Hunt No oh man. ah so many misses on this game everyone. welcome Ashley cashley to the video. everyone here she. is and maybe Toby Chinko is going to be. coming around the corner here there he. is so we have $5,000 left as show today. Ashley I filmed a slot video and in that. slot video I lost $20,000 I didn't get I. only got two slot wins that were above. the buy right so like if I bought a th I. only hit if it was bonus buy I only won. twice where it was above a th000 bucks. the win profit no like maybe. 1,100 like it was a $100 the most profit. I made today on a slot was I think.

$1,200 also the stickiness breaks are so. fake on this one today come on Toby what. do I have here what do I have come on. Toby Show show everyone how beautiful. you look look today bud you need a hair. oh he's leaving ladies and gentlemen. it's okay Ashley I don't think I think. it's safe to say that I have to stop. gambling I would not mind I think it's. safe to say that I have to stop gambling. because they're on to us they're on to. us watch this not hit coin flip no it's. in it's in so we've only hit coin. flips that's it we've only hit coin. flips and they've actually been the. bigger coin flip but it's only 15x or 8X. was the last one let's see if we could. see a 100x that would be a helpful hand. here 100x Ashley call the color blue. okay blue here lady okay that's going to. be the biggest is red blue is.

Two red. is not good I mean I don't know how a. coin works that way how it operates that. way but that's definitely not correct in. the terms of physics or the Sir Isaac. Newton he would not agree trust the. process here we're looking for a back. toback coin 10 with a what okay it. wouldn't be bad it would definitely help. out a ton we wouldn't mind no it would. help out a ton not just mind it would. help out a ton could it break for that. 10 it could it could not it could not. it's not going to break at all could it. go all the way over to cash hunt or is. it going to Randomness is it going to. butter my biscuits or is it going to. Randomness butter my. biscuits there you go Kobe it you did I. wish you would have called it a little. bit beforehand so we could put a million. dollars on the cash hunt but but you're.

Going to you called it once can you do. it again I don't know you can do it. again hey 88 is the 100 isn't it that's. 78 but that's. okay what are you thinking that's s. eight that's 78 then we got to go. 878 seven seven you tell me you tell me. it has to have a seven in it is this. seven seven no that's row six that's row. 68 that's. 68 you're going to go 68 guess what tell. me which one you want hurry up hurry up. yeah yeah 68 yeah okay to's agreeing. with 68 uhoh is that agreeance should I. cover your eyes don't cover. them okay not bad not bad I'll take the. 25 no I'll take the 25x I'll take the. 25x you will take that all right good. job good hit babe good hit now it's. going to go it's going to be a back to. back thing I call the last one okay but. this time it's going to be a crazy time. and you're going to have to go yellow if.

It's crazy time okay I'm going to put. 350 on it then. if it's if it's crazy time go crazy if. it's crazy time I will definitely go. yellow for you 100% come on crazy time. oh my gosh no it's breaking it's. breaking I would have said you're. absolutely. close. Ashley Ashley break glue glue glue it's. too fast it's too fast glue stick stop. stop stop stop stick stick stick stick. stick stick stick stick stick stick. stick stick stick stick oh my. goodness no. away Dante I would have went yellow I. promise you I would have Dante that's. wild do you want the chair no not every. hit can be a bonus game why not. well a Pachinko I told you Pachinko come. on pinkies I told you Pinko glue glue. glue glue stick break glue glue glue. stick break it's too fast break break. break break. break we hit the pinka no but I you said.

It can't be Pinko I called it yeah you. Prov me get out. Che okay we have 175 this was our. biggest bet wrong pipe okay if we could. see a 200x here the the job is done 200x. the job is done please I want the job. where the where's the 200 where's the. that's a bad one one two three four five. six seven tens I if I were you I would. just hope for 40 Seven t on the board 40. is not bad no 40 is decent I'll take 40. come on it it would help us get back up. to even please it's it's right over top. of it come on come on go go. go I just don't know if this game can be. one anymore like back in the day for. sure let's hope for crazy time I'm. thinking of 10 okay either crazy time or. 10 like do you remember back in the day. Ash this game used to actually pay fun. it but it. paid oh oh oh oh it's too fast for this. 10 I think slow down for Pachinko glue.

It's too fast is it going to be coin. flame no it's too slow it's way too slow. no butter my biscuits come on butter. them got jelly. too well Ash what can you say I lost. today $30,000 if we don't hit a that's. rough okay maybe going to be near it. maybe it's a possibility. maybe no no no no no no no no no no come. on it broke it randomed glue glue glue. glue it's too fast it's too fast it's. it's too fast no it's too fast oh my. goodness Dante is about to have a little. bit of a rage fit here why don't you try. something like pushups oh do I have to. do repeat that no what you think guys. this is this is what's left of my. headphones who thinks what what's it. this is what's left of my headphones. you guys I bought him well we bought him. like six pair of headphones since we. lived in this. house okay any danger of it going all.

The way over to Crazy time I feel like. it has a danger I feel like it has a. danger 100 bucks on it what is it glue. on crazy. Time come on I'm not feeling confident. about that one you think it's not going. to oh my coin. flip blue mhm 50x coin fliply 50x okay I. like it I like it I like it I like it I. like it I like it I like it I like it I. like. it okay I don't think it's going to be. coin flip cash hunt or 10 or. 10 how can you tell it's not gluing. though where is the breaks when we need. them okay 10 10 10 10 10 10 It's. one oh my gosh get out of here this is. awful to watch this is this is making me. you know guys the the sad part is it's. actual real money that I'm losing this. is this is no longer fun to me if it's. going to be like this there's no more. wins I've tried everything I've tried. slots I've tried roulette I've tried.

Crazy time I've tried it all give me the. crazy time 3x or you're Bann for life. it's not going to be near it go to penko. go to pachenko go to pachenko oh I just. saw it slow down there's no way. there is not a chance go to the regular. oh my gosh two more spins then we're. going to do a ,000 bonus buy cuz it's. just over I'm just T all right ladies. and gents it's just Ashley here now with. Toby my best. family time with the. what'll never turn it. down okay that actually could hit crazy. timer 10 going why is it not breaking. yet why is it not breaking yet why is it. not breaking yet that went all the way. around okay now is it going to break oh. my gosh do you guys see the fakeness of. the brakess okay come on Toby What's it. gonna. be okay Pachinko he says it's too fast. sadly but Pachinko is right there it's.

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