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All right guys welcome back to the. channel man we're here on 1xb guys I. hope you guys are having an amazing day. on this weekend man it's February early. February Valentine's Day month your boy. is back had that strike but hey let's. get over that let's get back to the. Daily uploads we got $11,000 in the. balance right now on 1X bet we're going. to try to run this up to as much money. as we can long as we don't run out I. think that is the goal right yeah that's. the goal let's do that on 1X bet let me. show you guys the site real quick they. have sports betting live betting live. games live casino regular Casino they. got their own original 1et game they. have Esports you can bet on Bingo you. can bet on a whole bunch of things you. got virtual Sports so I'm imagining you. can bet on like horse beding and stuff.

On the virtual sport so yeah uh this. site pretty much has everything uh we. have a lot of different bonuses to give. out we're going to be giving out some. free money to those that sign up under. code key gambles code is right here. wait right here you see it right there. yep yep yep big and proud make sure you. guys use that code when you sign up man. it supports the channel more than you. think it definitely does we going to get. right into it uh I think we should pop. it off with some gates versus Olympus. 1,000 Gates I said Gates versus. olymp what am I talking about here Trad. volume is not too bad I think 30 is a. good spot all right let's give him some. $3 spins uh nah $6 spins till we get. down to 900 let's see what happens see. if we get in see if we get us one early. all right and We're Off to the Races on.

1X bet baby come. on you just don't want to do it huh okay. about three he. two there it is you just got to mess. around with the bsides you know maybe we. get a you know we got a $200 bonus here. so let's let's see what happens. here come on Zeus $2 bet size take us. there make YouTube for us right now come. on just drop it in there th000. X I'm back what is he doing $5 tumble oh. $10 tumble with a. 3X okay it's not too. shabby we got 66 bucks from Zeus I mean. I think we give him 10 good spin well we. we get the Buy in okay well. okay see you buddy Blues no blues that. was a lot of all right guys $200 Buy on. 1X bet Gates of Olympus 1000 make sure. you guys use code key gambles when you. sign up on 1X bet baby come on let's get. into it 12 spins in a dream okay this. looks like a decent. board we needed Rings right.

Here 2x scam never. mind come on Zeus I know it's in there. two greens one green one. purple yellows purple no. purple and he would have hit right there. that's crazy Reds. one. red NX six spin 20 bucks we pay. 200 now we're just hoping for a hit save. us here cuz what is. this they save this okay hold. on it saved us for. nothing all good we run it back we. running back guys no worries we run it. back or do we double down no we run it. back and leave cuz if we at 500 we got. to. go that's to get up out of there but now. let's run it back come on all right Zeus. we need you to do what you. do. we like it come. on 5x. start I had to be quiet cuz I didn't. know what it was going to. do okay we got Greens. in 2X make it a. 7x 10 spins with a 7x what are you. cooking up. here okay what a beautiful yellow. connect there half the money back seven.

Spins and a. dream 16x this is looking decent like we. can do something here you know finally. we just needed to connect up come. on. just put it out there man 50. 100 500 don't do that you go dry. really guys I think it's only right it. is only. right. a. 140 and get on. about our day. here 140 bucks to Zeus what we. got drop a. scatter that would have been. nice we start off with a. 10x hey. 12x. a lot of Blues we need Rings one ring. one one. ring okay we got. Greens Greens we need two. yellows we got. cups no yellows 19x for spins what is. going to happen or is it going to go dry. normally like it normally does it's. going to go. dry. wait. wait yeah oh wait wait wait come on do. it yeah all. right you know. I swear just cuz I can't leave on a bad. note like. that it's the gamble in. me all right come on we need our money.

Back right here get us up there 6X to. start not a bad start we need better. tumbles though come. on nice 4X is in with the. greens. okay he We Got the Blues in can we get. purples. yellows 10 x with 10 spins and a. dream yellows nice. nice 23 bucks 10x right now man don't. need more than. that come on. somehow oh boy come on Zeus oh ring. where's the ring we need a ring we need. greens we need Rings we got. them yes sir that's not bad right there. we like that yeah we love that how bucks. right there come on it's overdue. baby still yet to make our money back. wow what a. game what a game and now I'm stuck on. Gates versus Olympus Gates of. Olympus we've been getting 2x bomb this. whole time come on just drop. it something else man we tied of the. 2x's come. on purples. Blues yellow. green it is a 2X script right now bro.

What's going on. here all right so here's the goal here. we're going to do a Buy on sweet Bonanza. for $100 and we're going to do a the. wild gang buy for $200 the super bonus. and let's just hope for the best and. call this a video you know we're going. to do sweet bananza first I did not mean. to click that but I clicked it so sweet. save us. 100x come. on sweet what are you. doing yep Blues no multi. damn oh man yeah my account's . Bro Look at that $4 back from sweet. bananza what the is this game $4. back from a $100 buy bro what the . all right come on you're going to do way. better than that. right. boots oh my God that was at least a. wreck you know what I'm saying we we end. the balance with $53 uh Gamble. responsibly. always I didn't get 100x this whole day. but gamble responsibly guys cuz I didn't. get a good win at all there it can.

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