30.04.2024 Playing Gates of Olympus on Betway

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How's the Panthers welcome back to bsp. great news betway now offer the. pragmatic play games that everyone knows. and loves from Hollywood bet Spinners. okay they've got games like Gates of. Olympus I see bigger Bass Bonanza there. all of your favorites are there Big Bass. Splash I'm sure they've also got games. like sweet Bonanza those kind of things. but today I'm gonna be playing a little. bit of gates of Olympus so let's get. straight into it. all right gonna be buying some free. spins today 300 bucks a pop can I buy. two or three of them see how we do. haven't played this on betway you. usually play it on Hollywood bets uh one. thing I do want to point out is that the. difference between this on hollywoodbets. and betway is just the betting. increments really so on hollywoodbets oh. that's a nice one all I think.

On Hollywood bets you can bet at like 60. cents 80 cents one Rand one round twenty. oh my look at that our glasses come over. our glasses yes baby come on green green. Green. gold. lightning blue and lightning. blue and lightning red and lightning. Reddit lightning just lightning please. oh I was getting all excited there could. have been a big one but yeah so the. increments that you get on this one on. Bedwell like one round two round three. round four round that don't do that like. one round Twenty One Rand for q1 around. 60.. um but it is better than somewhere like. super bets who started three reps so. that's a positive thing but so far not. looking too bad we might actually make a. money back on this one we've got seven. spins left really should have picked up. a bigger win on that other tumble there. just needed a little bit more lightning.

And I would have paid quite nicely. purple gold. now you've got to make a nice one for us. here make a home for yourself. right you're showing me a lot of symbols. but you're not really giving me much. not making money oh we might just we. might just come on Green. gold. there's a lot of gold all right I get. the gold okay up to 10 times now one's. been left. we might just break even on this. two cups chalices yes okay red. red red and crowns. crowns three crowns with two crowns we. need One Crown we need. this is the crown baby rings come on. rings oh we're still gonna make. something off that one at least still. gonna make something of that one I will. take that 679 round on that tumble win. and for a total win of 965 Rand man I I. can't I can't uh look at that one that's. a very nice profit over on Gates of. Olympus uh it's literally first time.

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