30.04.2024 Playing the Aviator game in Virtual Reality (Meta Quest 3)

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How punters welcome back to BSB Za and. you know I have to do this I've got to. try out the Aviator in virtual reality. it's the last time I'm going to be. checking out any games in VR for the. time being at least if you guys are the. type that gets nauseous seasick motion. sickness that kind of thing you probably. don't want to watch this one but I am. going to be keeping my head as still as. possible during this session so yeah. I've got the strapped onto my head my. big noggin over here let's load up The. Aviator and yeah see how we do. okay so I am logged into the Hollywood B. site let's go over to Aviator I'm going. to try and keep my head as still as. possible for this because I know it is. really jarring to have stuff move around. oh wow this is uh this is a little bit. crazy I think we can close the chat over.

There let's try get some bets on this is. a little bit difficult to do. with ah is this not. working can I get that bet on yes I can. okay this better not be a big one there. was a 47 times why didn't I do this a. little bit earlier but wow guys this is. uh this is pretty. incredible it's it's a monster Aviator. screen you guys can see my computer and. all of that down there okay so my beds. did get on let's try to get this a. little bit. bigger wow it's like playing Aviator on. an iMac screen I think that's the the. best description let's cash out that one. bit does that work yes you can cash out. everything seems to be be working. fine this one seems to be flying on. quite nicely let's have a quick look at. the. history it's not showing a lot of. history that's quite interesting why is. that o look at this Daddy go.

On come on it's in it's inter pink and. it flies away we'll get a couple more. bets on I'm not really playing for. anything I'm not trying to chase down. any big wins or anything just trying to. see what the overall experience is like. and I've for got to say it is pretty. awesome I hope you guys are not getting. too sick I'm really trying to keep my. head as still as possible I want to move. this bar down at the bottom out the way. but I can't do that so let's B that one. up let's put uh 20 round on that. one got these two controllers in my hand. that I'm using to control. everything let's look up a little bit. there we. go this is really insane I must I'm. quite enjoying this I really am quite. enjoying this this. is something very very different I I. could definitely get used to playing AV. Aviator like. this especially when I keep my head.

Still I will do some movement but I'll. warn you guys before I do that I think I. can actually bring this in a little bit. closer to me can I yes look at that it's. even bigger. now the problem is you're going to get a. heart attack with that thing goes flying. up really really high and you've got. this big multiplier right in front of. your eyes like tempting you to cash out. the whole time I'm also just I'm going. to have to move my head when the screen. here I can just roll myself back a. little bit there we. go but yeah started with a th000 round. we're not really keeping track today. we're just getting a couple rounds. in can I type in the chat here can I. reply a little keyboard pops up here. hi oh wow it actually works Co is let's. take that cash out over. there and close that chat because that. chat is full of scammers I actually.

Posted a video a couple days back saying. that you guys must full for any of those. Aviator robot kind of scams if this one. gets the pink up we'll cash it up we'll. see how far it. goes do I want a 20 times maybe on this. one am I going to be I've got to be. greedy I've got to be greedy of course. ra Rob's got to be greedy you know how I. am ah of course man sure too much greedy. they should have cashed out when it got. to pink like I said but wow guys let me. let me look around here slowly for you. guys just look at this got all the bits. this guy's betting 15,000 round over. here and you guys can see my desk down. here and you can see the size of my my. other. screen it's a 2 a 24 in screen down over. there so this is this like going to the. movies and sitting in the front row or. actually taking like a chair to the.

Movies and sitting even closer to the. front row that's what this feels like. the problem is I don't want to move my. head and that is why I don't think I can. play this all that. long just because of how it's kind of. set. out and yes I know my account details. are showing people are going to point. that out to me like yeah good luck. trying to get anything out of my account. and never leave any money in. there let's move in a little bit. closer get a full screen kind of vibe. going. here I know it kind of looks all the. same to you you guys watching this at. home. but wow this is just. incredible hopefully we can catch. another c a cash out before I end this. one. off the problem is when you're so close. you can't see the recent multipliers. which really doesn't matter all that. much during game. playay but if you're someone like me.

That likes to look at the round history. then it it might be a. problem try and get this thing I think I. can make this even bigger. actually ah I wanted to take that cash. out honestly that was one of those times. where you want to press it I'm going to. try and make this a little bit bigger oh. know what have I done I made it smaller. no I don't want a chat I want a bigger. that's how that's how big I can make it. yo there we go it goes up to my ceiling. basically. a little take that cash. out look at that plane fly. away get my BS. on so hoping this this video is not as. jarring as my last one playing uh hot. hot. fruit and it's so Crystal Clear it's. really. clear it's just the I kind of scroll. there there you go I can scroll back. sorry about that. if I look up I can see the numbers over. there look at that beautiful ah I didn't.

Get that other beton sis oh well that. hopefully this one's not going to be a. big pink one okay cool and we'll play. one more round after that and yeah I. think this is a really awesome. experience uh I'm I'm pretty happy I did. this I don't think this is how I'm going. to be playing av8 in the future and I'm. not going to be doing too many VR videos. in the future as well I just thought it. would be a pretty funky thing to check. out you know kind of combining casino. games that be all love with a little bit. of technology I think what might be. interesting to check out is like. something like crazy time one of those. live evolution games I'm not sure how. well that would work though let's take. that cash out over there 86. round and these two little circles are. my pointers we into pink over. here I'm going to hit this ah I was.

Going to let it go to 20 times what's. our balance looking like hey not too bad. we've only lost what 200 round not too. shabby let's do one more round and then. that's where I'm going to pull. it up it up it guyses where it stops. where it crashes nobody. knows and there we go but there we go. guys that's been me playing The Aviator. game in VR what an experience this is. it's Crystal Clear unfortunately I can't. get the sound to record so I'm going to. have to obviously overlay some music. onto this but I can hear the sound in my. headsets while actually coming through. the head the kind of VR set I can hear. crystal clear as well beautiful music. everything about this is awesome except. for the fact that you probably get sick. after after a while but yeah guys hope. you enjoyed the video let me know what. you thought in the comments below and.

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