30.04.2024 Playing the Aviator game on Hollywoodbets

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How's the Panthers welcome to best. sports betting and today I'm going to be. checking out the new Aviator game over. on Hollywood bits but before I do that. what I thought I would do is jump into a. very good how to play video which is. posted up on the Hollywood bit site just. pop into the a bit again and hit the. Subscribe button and what I'm going to. do is I'm just going to play this so you. guys can get a better idea of how this. game works I think they've describe it. very well in this video so there's no. real need for me to to explain it. Aviator is a game of new generation. make a bet or even two at same time and. wait for the round to start. look after the lucky plane your win is. BET multiplied by a coefficient of Lucky. plane. cash out before plane flies away and. money is yours. that's it guys very very simple game.

Very easy and what I'm gonna do now is. I'm just gonna quickly run for got on. our screen we've got some of the other. Panthers oh they've got their beds there. we've got the actual betting section. over here in the middle and then on the. right hand side we've got a chat we can. see there are. 367 punches online. what I am going to quickly do is I am. going to pop this sound and the music. off. and then we are going to jump into some. gameplay so let me close that chat over. there I'm not too interested in this so. look at that one that's quite a big one. so basically what you want to do is you. want to cash out when you think is the. best time to cash out it depends how. greedy you are I mean look at this plane. going if you bet 10 Rand you'd be. getting 10 times you're better ready if. you'd hang on kind of like Bitcoin.

Trading that sort of thing a very cool. game I've seen games like this in the. past uh for actually many years ago and. I'm surprised it's taken so long to get. one in South Africa but hey it's here. and look at this monster run this one is. going on Wow we this is 52 times your. bet so you can get two bits down you can. get a bit down then maybe you're going. to cash out a bit earlier and you can. get a bit down that maybe you want to. hold on to for a bit longer. I'm gonna put a oh I didn't get in in. time I'm going to put two bits down I'm. going to put a bit down that I think. I'll cash out early and then I'm going. to get a bit on let's put 100 on and. then I'll put 10 Rand on a bit that I. think I might try to hold on to. see if we can get to like 20 30 times. maybe catch that out. all right fuelway 3.76. sorry 3.67 not 3.76 so here we go here's.

Our round we've got some bits on I'll. pop on the the audio in the next one. but let's give this one A bash. okay uh when do I want to cash out I. think 1.5 is a good time to cash out I'm. going to hold this one for a bit and I'm. going to hit that one there I'm going to. hit win both of those bits because I. cashed out in time cash out of 1.8. look at this one keep this one's still. going going wow. oh 0.84 let me just pop the sound volume. down. just so that you guys can uh let's get. those same bits on 10 Rand and 100 Rand. cash out this one early and see if we. can haul into this one for a bit longer. get some profit we've got my bets on the. side there I like to cash out about 1.5. I think that's like a good good time to. cash out. we go I'm not going to get too greedy. are we going to get over even oh 1.83 so.

I didn't manage to cash out there. I think what I'm going to do is I'm. going to bid like 300 here and maybe. like. maybe 20 bucks there. and I'm gonna cash up this one at about. 1.5 again if it gets there. obviously there are a few times where it. doesn't get too far you can see those. there and you do have to be very quick. here. so 1.5 there we go cash out here I'll. take that 1.7 there as well just in time. fantastic fantastic two nice wins there. I'm gonna bet the same same amount. all right. see if we can pick up another another. nice win here. I mean 1.5 is very low but these games. are through there we go 1.2 and it's. gone so I'm gonna up my stake a little. bit there on both of these because that. can happen you can get a sneaky 1.2 or. 1.4 that pops in there and just there. was a 1.06 over there so you know don't.

Think these are always going to go over. 1.5 for example I just I just think. that's a good kind of area to cash out. if you're really Brave you can hang on I. think there's going to be some cool. videos of guys hanging on to some insane. bits on this. 1.5 again I'm taking it over here I'll. take two even money yeah oh just got in. on time and then even money one. let's bet the same again. but yeah otherwise I think this is a. great game I mean it's fun it's. something different it's not something. that we've already had in South Africa. before I think it's going to be pretty. popular with Panthers. um maybe like someone trying to make. some quick bucks you can pop in a Rand. or something like that and and hope it. really takes off at 1.5 I'm waiting for. again let's push this one a little. further. and that one I will take it around two.

Yeah I'll take both of those so this. one's carrying on going nicely I should. have kept that that other bit going. uh wow it's already gone to three four. incredible so you could pick if I adapt. that 400 round on I would have a very. nice return if I'd cashed out but hey. you got to Take the Money and Run. I've got a feeling this next one's going. to be a little low to be honest. I just have that feeling so I'm going. for that 1.5 again. oh yeah I called it 1.28 I had a feeling. that one was gonna be one of those. sneaky ones but yeah guys this is. Aviator over on Hollywood bets it's a. fun game I I think betting starts from. as little as five grand let me just. quickly go on one Rand okay we can. actually bet one Rand. will that go through did I get that in. on time I don't think so. no stage time does but yeah it's it's a.

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