30.04.2024 Plinko Master App Cash Out SCAM! - Earn Cash Money & Rewards Paypal App Casino 2020 Review Youtube

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Ladies and gentlemen my name is vince. guys today we are playing the biggest. scam app. known to mankind plinko master. everyone if you don't know plinko master. is an app that promises real life. rewards. paypal money big prizes for playing this. little tiny app where you drop a whole. bunch of pin balls. into pipes okay now. do you i've just got a question. legitimately here do you really think. that you're gonna get hundreds of. dollars for dropping little pin balls. into pipes guys seriously this. app all right i i don't want to call an. app. it's just a piece of garbage like plinko. master is the biggest joke. going around town okay now my channel. has been dedicated for last month. the hunting down these scam apps. to save you guys the viewers time. money whatever time money you could be. earning real life money instead of.

Playing these joke apps okay. you're just gonna remember that guys. what you're seeing on the screen now. is my recorded footage from my mobile. phone. because plinko master is that bad it. actually won't load up on my emulator. bluestacks. so i was forced to actually download a. free. phone recording software to record uh. plinko master so please drop a like guys. for the effort i went through. to show you this trash scam of an app. now you want to know why it's a scam. right guys listen to me. the app will never ever give you enough. money to cash out. and let's just say you managed to hack. the app let's say you cheat the app. and you manage to get the the. recommended uh cash out. which is i think a hundred dollars 100. in the plinco master currency okay uh. which takes. literally months months and months and. months to try and grind that up.

Okay now you'll never get a response. from the developer you'll never get the. cash out. like you'll never get anything i'm gonna. be showing you reviews. from real life people not the fivestar. bought reviews from bots from. god knows where in the middle of the and. and. like what's it called antarctica or in. the middle of the jungle in africa. who knows where this guy has bought. these five star reviews from. okay these are legitimate reviews of. what. real people experience on plinko master. and all it is is just an ad farm for the. developer. what an ad farm is it means you the. viewer. who sits there and waits 10 minutes for. one little pinball. or whatever it is okay or you can watch. an ad. for 30 pin balls so what are you going. to do everyone are you going to sit. there and watch. the worst app in the world for 10.

Minutes or 5 minutes whatever that is. or you're gonna watch an ad for 30. pinballs to get that in a minute do you. know what i mean. do you see how the the developer has. like this is. strategically but programmed just to. earn developer money. you as a player are the the. like the big i guess just the big full. he the developer sees people as fools. uh i am 100 confident. on camera right now i wouldn't be doing. this if i wasn't confident okay this app. is a joke it's a scam and it needs to be. removed from the play store. hyper plinko lucky plinko. any sort of plinko games anything with. plinko. in it needs to be nuked it needs to be. wiped off the play store okay. now i know what you're saying how's it a. scam if you don't give real life money. well what else are you giving you fool. for the people that say that.

You're giving your time you're being. scammed out of your time which is the. most important currency. in the world okay you only got one shot. at your time. do you really want to sit there watching. balls drop from the sky into pipes. come on dude grow up a bit don't give me. that comment. oh you don't give money so it's not a. scam are you an are you a muppet. and i know this that's like 0.01. of the comments that i get okay the rest. of you guys are understanding how bad. these apps are. and how much they're trying to scam you. but for the muppets that think that. just because you don't give real life. money it's not a scam well yeah you're. still getting scammed out of your time. you're getting misled it's called false. advertising. which plinko master all the plinko games. are masters in themselves whoever makes.

The ads for these. apps are very smart because they say oh. don't play these other scam. apps try my app which is not a scam and. in reality it's all the same developer. he's calling his other app scams it's. priceless. legitimately it's the biggest scam going. around. in the world right now on the play store. i kid you not guys it the rabbit hole. doesn't does not end there are infinite. amounts of these scam apps out there. okay. so my video today is to show you guys. legitimate reviews of clinco master. and why it's a terrible terrible app. this ain't no poor. paid for video like you see on youtube. where some blokes just gonna sit there. and play through the app or some chicks. playing through the app. oh this looks pretty good it's not good. the. the plinko series is a scam it needs to. be removed. okay that's it that's all i wanted to.

Make sure you understood in this video. all right. now i i did go through for you guys out. there i did go through and watch a. couple of these ads. on this terrible app and i regretted it. as well straight away okay these people. don't care. this is what i mean there's no. professional uh i guess. there's just no professional skill in. what goes into these apps it's just. carbon copy and paste all the ads look. the same the apps look the same it's all. the same and i swear to god there's just. a bunch of these. little developers that are sitting in a. corner somewhere in a jungle. and they're just making these trash. softwares i'm telling you now guys these. apps are being made in a jungle. somewhere. mark my words okay that's an explanation. how they keep getting away with this. how do they keep getting away with it.

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