30.04.2024 Plinko Time App Paypal SCAM - Earn Real Cash Money & Rewards Paypal App Casino 2020 Review Youtube

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Ladies and gentlemen it is plinko time. get ready everyone look at this. it is without a doubt one of the biggest. scam maps going around. if not a direct copy of plinko masters. plinko time. promises real life money everyone to. play their app okay. so real life rewards up to a thousand. dollars apparently you can actually win. of real life money that is right your. finances apparently will go through the. roof. while playing plinko time this is. without a doubt. the biggest joke scam i think i've seen. everyone okay. like i can't believe plinco apps. are still allowed to be on the. marketplace they. literally need like google needs. to put out some sort of algorithm where. if you have. plinko in the title of your app it just. gets deleted straight away. look at this this is a direct copy of. all the other plinktoy games we've seen.

Out there guys. this is literally plinko masters by the. way now this is an exact copy of plinko. masters with another name. i'm so angry i'm so mad dude. like i can't get over it i just i don't. agree with this being on the play store. this is the biggest scam bro. like google wake up seriously dude i'll. show you guys something right now you. ready. i want to show you something this will. prove to you all out there. that this is an exact copy of plinko. masters. are you ready a hundred dollar cash out. minimum you ready watch this. i want six dollars paypal money right. now by the way. there we go i need 94 more coins to cash. out a hundred dollars of paypal money. now you tell me right now that this is. an exact clone of plinko master. and apparently if i collect 25 fruit. i'll get a thousand dollars which we. know is an absolute joke.

We know that's a joke but the real. kicker here everyone. for plinko time is not the paypal. scam it's the amazon gift card scam are. you ready for this. now for me to cash out an amazon gift. card it doesn't even tell me how much. right. i need 50 million. coins or tokens dude. 50 million everyone uh unless i'm. counting that wrong. i'm pretty sure that says 50 million it. closes out too fast before i can count. it properly. one two three four five six seven eight. you do. no i can't i can't handle this i can't. handle. this app anymore i can't handle plinko. apps guys i'm so angry. i'm so mad that plinko time. even exists look there's even a slot. machine at the top of the screen here. here's the casino element will i get 777. well i get the jackpot. oh whoa dollar booster. what a joke it's just a way for me to. spend all my little plinko.

Uh pinballs here so now i'm so close to. having to watch an ad by the way. it takes what 10 minutes to get one. pinball. that is so pathetic. plinko time i hope you get deleted off. the app store. today i hope that someone from google. somehow. sees this video and deletes your. pathetic. fake money making app developer a few of. watching this if you're watching my. video developer you should be ashamed. dude. to try and scam people out of. advertising money like just for add. money get a life. seriously bro what a muppet i just i'm. so devastated this exists guys. oh wow um obviously i'll be showing the. reviews on this video as i'm. playing the app so you guys know i'm not. joking i'm. this is what i love okay i love the fact. that i get to show you guys. real life people's reviews not just. like you know madeup bought ones.

Fivestar. bought reviews from that the developer. pays someone in. a jungle in africa or china or australia. who knows. this developer pays people okay let me. just watch this video ad. i'm so mad i'm so mad. look at this most money making apps are. only give users a few cents. some users can't withdraw actually. listen to this this is this everyone. it's all broken english of course. everything's just broken english i mean. no one cares no one cares anymore these. money making apps are all a scam. no the developers don't care anymore. they're blatantly showing you spam. scam apps okay look at this farm and. family. farm and family solitaire yeah yeah dude. that's what i wanna. that's what i wanna try out a solitaire. app i reckon i'm gonna try and. play this app eventually on my channel. because i believe this is probably.

Another huge scam. we'll get there eventually don't you. worry but i should i just thought i had. to show you all. plinko time everyone just. yuck now i've got another 30 of the. tokens here with a little. i guess uh pinballs so we're almost up. to seven dollars in real life currency. apparently everyone so we're going to be. rich. very soon according to polinko time. aka plinko master. i just i i'm heartbroken these apps. exist i really. am um i've had some comments as well. i've said in previous comments everyone. or video sorry i've had some comments. for people like you know why you're. upset it's not like you're actually. spending real life money. to try the apps out well the problem is. everyone. they developers are actually building. their apps on false advertising. you wouldn't play this garbage if you. didn't think you were going to win real.

Life money on it would you. who the who in their right mind would. sit here and play an app like this if. they didn't think they want to win real. life money. like that's the problem here that's why. i'm so frustrated okay. it's just devastating how these apps can. exist and apparently i have two fruit. out of 25 right now. which is interesting uh i obviously. you're never gonna win a thousand. dollars from fruit guys just an fyi okay. that's the big plinko scam now i have to. watch another ad here as well anyway. look at this spin to win a reward hyper. plinko as if hyper plinko is still going. dude i'm so tempted just to get on hyper. plinko and just cause. trouble legit i've caused that app so. much trouble with my videos seriously. i'm thinking about doing another one hey. i love the fact that i'm calling out.

Hyperlink for what it is being a huge. scam. it's just so frustrating it just i don't. know i want to hear you guys opinions in. the comments what do you think about. these apps all the plinko apps to me are. the biggest scams going around. like there's no ifs or buts about it. they're just a joke it's just a. joke dude yeah this is it. this is the whole app it's literally. plinko masters. there's no winning paypal money in this. everyone there's no winning real life. prizes you're not gonna up your finances. all you're going to do is waste your. precious time. guys my channel is dedicated to saving. you guys your time okay. so please share my channel to your. friends i am pretty much. the scam hunter at this point i'm. literally hunting down scams okay. i that's my job i just want to get rid. of these scam maps off the marketplace i.

Need to bring awareness that these. things exist. and that they're not real okay now if an. app. developer contacts me and proves to me. that his app is not a scam then i will. not cover that app on my channel. but until then and until i start seeing. positive reviews on his app or her app i. will continually. make videos on it until it's taken down. or people stop playing it okay. so uh okay look at this. i don't understand i just wanted to. continue playing but now it's just. showing me another out of solitaire. win win cash fast on a solitaire app. dude they're really hammering out the. advertisements this app legit. i've got to get on it i've got to get on. this app dude and see what it's all. about legit man. i'm just so mad oh yeah seven thousand. dollars you won from an app yeah ten. thousand dollars you won from an app.

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