30.04.2024 Plinko World App Review: Get Paid To Play Plinko! - Payment Proof

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Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my Plinko World  review hope you enjoy let's kick this off this is  . Plinko World on the Google Play Store blinko weld  is a Plinko application where you drop a ball from  . the ceiling and hope it hits one of the prizes  below the actual Plinko board I'm going to tap the  . push button to drop a Plinko ball now so here we  go the ball has been dropped everyone it's slowly  . falling where will it hit let's see oh there we  go just got eight free Plinko balls you'll notice  . as well that we have our tokens at the top of the  screen I currently have 792 and then we have the  . currency on the right side of the screen this part  represents real money so let's see if I can drop  . any of these 17 clinko balls to hopefully land on  a money making tile at the moment I currently only.

Have two at the bottom of the screen where I have  two flinco ball tiles as well one token tile and  . three experience tiles in total you'll notice my  leveling bar at the bottom of the screen as well  . I'm currently level five but halfway to level six  let me drop all 17 of these Plinko balls and then  . I'll show you the leveling aspect of Plinko well  so here we go just dropping all the balls at once  . here everyone let's see what we land on just got  another Plinko ball some experience and another  . Plinko ball and more experience let me continue  to drop the Plinko balls now only have six left  . here we go oh looks I got some more experience and  another Plinko ball sadly if the Plinko balls fall  . off the board they do not generate anything for  you so now at the top of the screen you can see.

I only have seven Plinko balls left let's hope  we get something now as I'm dropping the rest  . of them okay I'm a bit worried because we haven't  landed on anything good yet and I got nothing but  . experience there sadly still on zero dollars  okay so now what happens when you run out of  . Plinko ball zapping the push button again brings  up the shop menu which you can see here at the  . top of the screen you have the shop area where  you can buy Plinko balls for tokens you can see  . that I can buy five Plinko balls for 1 000 tokens  or 25 Plinko balls for 4 000 tokens pretty much  . giving us a 1 000 token discount there on the  Plinko balls underneath that you can see a prize  . area where if you complete missions AKA certain  objectives within the game you can win prizes so  . apparently I have to watch one more advertisement  to unlock this prize which I've just done now off.

Camera for you all so if you have a look it now  states that I can claim my reward let's see what  . this instant prize is going to be it's brought  up a gift box that has rewarded me with 20 Plinko  . balls so that's pretty decent I guess I would  have preferred some money though to be honest  . so now I'm sitting on 30 Plinko balls in total  and if you look towards the bottom of the screen  . you'll notice that every advertisement you watch  will generate you 10 Plinko balls now you can only  . do this five times a day funny enough so I kind  of feel like that limits you a bit but what I'm  . going to do now for you all is watch the maximum  amount of advertisements to get the maximum amount  . of free Plinko balls today and then I'll see if  I can get any money alright looking towards the  . top of the screen we have 60 Plinko balls now  now on camera I'm gonna drop the Plinko balls.

Just so we can see what kind of reward words we  can actually generate here we're actually getting  . a lot of experience but still haven't hit that  dollar tile yet which is a bit frustrating because  . I wanted to show you what happens when you hit  the dollar tile on camera so still dropping them  . here haven't really got the rewards that I wanted  just yet to show you very disappointing because  . when I first tried this out before the review  I was actually landing on the dollar tiles now  . I've just leveled up on camera here as you can see  level six it says congratulations you've leveled  . up at Rome I guess there are different stages on  the game so I've won 750 tokens and eight of the  . Plinko bulbs so now at least I can drop some more  Plinko balls here which is helpful something that.

I've noticed about Plinko World everyone and  you're about to find out the system okay am I  . gonna get anything here hang on I just want to  see if I get anything come on surely I'll land  . on one of the dollar tiles nope okay I ran out  of Plinko balls one second let's see what we get  . here just all experience pretty much that is sad  okay I'm gonna test the theory now on blinko Weld  . and this is something that I noticed you see these  tokens at the top of the screen guys you generate  . these tokens by playing games through a playtime  reward system that is right the good oldfashioned  . playtime reward system that we've seen many times  before as you can see here I can earn hundreds  . and thousands of these tokens just by playing  these games now these tokens will allow me to  . buy more Plinko balls now I realized something  about Plinko weld pretty early on I play Die.

Streams that generated me around 27 000 of the  tokens interesting enough after I played my game  . and generated tokens through that system I was  then able to earn through the Money tiles let  . me show you an example here let me install  scratch cards Pro that's offering up to 117  . 000 tokens apparently I should get 1 800 tokens  every minute that's just to start off with by the  . way obviously it increases the harder it gets  so I'll be back in a second everyone alright  . so I've got scratch cards Pro installed now  we just have to Simply wait for that time to  . generate and then we should have earned quite  a bit of tokens let's find out in a second here  . alright so we've just generated some tokens you  can see at the top of the screen we now have 12  . 000 tokens now I'm going to buy 75 Plinko balls  and there we go 75 Plinko balls with only 150.

Tokens left now I'm going to drop 75 of these  Plinko balls on camera for you all right now  . without any of the cuts okay I just want to  show you guys something can you see now how  . we're starting to generate Revenue this is not  a joke you can actually see it happening and I  . believe that this is all done by Design so I think  it's the developers clever way to reward you guys  . for playing games through Plinko weld it's very  tricky to see guys if you're not familiar with  . these type of apps but I've seen this all before  obviously since I reviewed hundreds upon hundreds  . of these apps so I've just used all of my Plinko  balls and the final one's about to finish there  . we go and I now have 40 cents so that's actually  not that bad in regards to playtime rewards I've  . only played about five minutes of a game to get  that amount now I could of course be wrong but.

It's just very very coincidental that I showed  you that I won nothing before and now I've won  . stuff after playing the games and earning tokens  I'm going to go play some more games and generate  . more tokens so I'll be back in a moment all  right I've now got 5 600 of the tokens let's  . purchase some more blinko balls I now have 30  Plinko balls and again I'm gonna drop them live  . for you all so you can start to see these balls  migrate their way to the dollar Tiles at least  . I hope so because it was very suspicious how the  three balls that I used did not generate me any  . money but then when I purchased Plinko Balls by  the tokens I was actually able to generate money  . now granted it could be a complete stretch but I  truly believe that playing those games and those  . tokens does influence the application in some  way although interesting enough after generating.

Those tokens I still actually did not generate any  money from that Plinko drop just then so it's one  . of those situations where I don't know everyone  having your earnings decided by a ball dropping  . on a board is very very temperamental to me it  could just be the Playtime rewards function is  . there to generate these tokens and developers  earn money from you guys playing these games  . which would obviously make sense but I still think  the whole token generation side of things might  . be influencing the game and I feel like once you  guys play this application for yourself you might  . have the exact same feelings that I do now I'm not  saying that the game's bad by any means for what  . it is it's actually a pretty solid concept and  I do appreciate the developers making a Plinko  . game that has the potential to actually generate  US money and today's video is based on finding out.

If that is the case so now heading over to the  rewards area I now have 41 cents available to  . redeem the minimum Redemption amount is 25 cents  I'm going to redeem 41 cents worth of currency  . and it's as simple as that everyone my balance is  now zero and looking at the transactions in your  . account settings you can see that I've already  cashed out 87 cents on this application on the  . 23rd of the first and now I have my open order  of 41 cents so did Plinko weld actually pay me  . my money well everyone within two days I'm happy  to say that Plinko weld paid me my PayPal currency  . straight to my Paypal account is it worth it  for everyone sadly no because if you don't have  . playtime rewards in your country you're going to  be severely limited to the amount of tokens that  . you can generate per day because you're based  on watching five advertisements but if you do.

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