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What's up everyone and welcome back to. another video today's one is going to be. short and sweet cuz I was cooking a. little bit today on Twitter as a lot of. you may have seen guys we've got half a. million dollars in the balance I'm going. to be going for some big boy Bonus Buys. here on Gates of Olympus 1000 the max. bet is 60k I'm just going to be slamming. some of these see how the video goes a. lot of You' been asking Z I really miss. the OG pragmatic Z I miss pragmatic Z I. miss pragmatic Z please bring back. pragmatic Z pragmatics pragmatic here it. is it's not going to be the longest. video guys as I said it's going up. really late which I'm sorry about but. we're going to be live on Kick right. after you see this video it's just uh. yeah I I don't know I'm not having a. really good day healthwise to be honest.

And I did need to address something on. Twitter some allegations as always no. matter how much I do it doesn't mean. anything but. yeah anyway here we go. guys zap it please. please please please please please. please please no wello that's an insane. tumble for a $600 spin but apparently it. doesn't want to do. anything okay yellows greens yellows. greens yellows greens Green's in yellows. in doesn't even matter because we don't. have one multiplier what the man. okay greens would be good. no okay I don't. exactly this is just. C this is just. uh this is just Shameless guys I really. don't like this game to be honest after. getting the max win I like like I love. it obviously because of that but I don't. like playing it anymore because it never. really hits anything so I don't know. actually if I'm going to continue the.

Rest the video on this game I may go for. a little bit of a game switch if you. guys don't mind after the next buy. depending on what this does cuz as you. can see this is backto back bonuses. where we are 10 spins in and somehow we. have not managed to get one multiplier. yet that's the first batch of multis. just getting a phone call need to. silence that all right come on man. please can you do something good for us. purples are in here another zap might. make it good that is one of Max purples. still decentish money but I mean it's. the last spin so it's another bonus. buy Max bet on. this size would be $9 million that would. be incredible but yeah as you guys know. been having an absolutely insane run. lately on stream so I don't exactly. expect to see myself with. with. oh another big win anytime soon but I'll.

Take it if it wants to show up for us. I'll definitely take it like I've got no. objection. okay. okay this is looking better but I don't. like that it's not double zapping cuz I. feel like when it double zaps it's going. to be really really good okay Power all. right Rings Blues ringss Blues Rings. maybe Rings would be good rings and. yellows see the thing is if we cleared. rings and yellows there that would have. been really really really good but. apparently it decided not to be it was. like nah not today mate all. right. okay Greens Greens. yellows purples no. El this game stinks. man it is what it is guys I can't help. but say anything else besides this game. sucks cuz it does it really really. does please can you give us oh no M. drings please Rings Rings crowns would. be the dream but no we actually needed. the retrigger there that is really.

Really really really like. incredible levels of I'm going to. do one more bike cuz I mean it's due. right it is due and then I'm going to go. to the Wild game and someone's going to. be like Z really the Wild game we're. back at the wild is this is this where. we stand Z where we keep going back to. Wild gang eventually yes it is bro I. love the game and I'm getting a Max wi. this year and I'm not stopping until I. get a Max win good zap again that's. always a good sign this is going to be a. good bonus doesn't matter that it's 2x. 2x guys it really doesn't it matters the. the the overall multi matters Nothing. Else Matters Blues chales Blues Blues. chales all right yellows please. okay yellows. maybe. yellows bro this this this is this is. trolling this is actually hard trolling. right now this is trolling so hard right.

Now this is giga. trolling like mate. uh. okay all. right it's happening guys and I know. you're going to be like Z like I said z. z z guys just enjoy all right we're 6. minutes in this could be a 10 minutes. special video if that happens it happens. all right but smash the like if you've. enjoyed so far you probably haven't cuz. we're playing Gates of Olympus 1,000 and. there's nothing at all to enjoy about. that game please don't give us top. symbol I hate that that's probably how. hit man oh no I hate the script I hate. the script so much unless it decides to. pop the off then I love the script. guys if it decides to pop the off. you I love the script may maybe may it. will keep giving us top symbol and give. us a retri imagine actually need a hitch. here we have money to do one more buy. but it's. not okay not.

Exactly thought that was going to retrig. not going to lie. okay it's horrible it is horrible guys. but it's not the worst as we know this. game when you do these big big boy Bonus. Buys can mostly pay like a. little 10K 15K 20K guarantee so that's. much much better but I will be going for. more of a bonus like more of a bigger. win because that's obviously what we're. looking for but I don't know if this. game will do it for us okay now give us. more 2 X's and 4. X's I really like that cuz it's given us. a win with a decent multi already. unless this is our guaranteed win this. could be really good please give us the. rrig all in one spin don't not hit. anything here nice give us a 2X 2x 4X. we'll have will be chilling if that. happens is this really going to pay us. 13k. bro it really is. okay all right guys I'm honestly very.

Sorry if this is an 8 minute video but. we posting daily videos on the gambling. boys channel daily stream highlights. daily great content and yeah like o. overall I hope that it's. uh it turns around because I don't I'm. not proud of videos like this but at the. same time I'm not going to redeposit cuz. I've got a big stream to do soon and. yeah I've already lost 500k so I'm not. exactly trying. to like deposit more okay that's break. even for sure nice we can do another big. bonus buy hopefully we get another 31k. win so we can do a Max bet one. please give us one more little win in. these last three spins okay one more win. in these last couple spins just one more. win in these lot okay this is revolvers. would be really good no that's probably. 30k right it is nice okay we can do a. Max bet bonus by now guys which is.

Really really really good obviously. that's what we want to. see I don't know where this video is. going to take us guys you didn't know. I'm down $2 million the past month on. YouTube that's why I've been whining a. little bit and obviously that is the. reality of gambling especially at my. Stakes even with the max win on fire in. the whole two still down 2 mil so yeah. if you see me winning and you're like. this guy's always winning yeah we've had. an insanely hot run on stream lately but. most of the time you'll see over the. next few months I'm going to get. absolutely shredded I I I know it's. going to come but just letting you know. this could be ridiculous if that was ni. that was probably like $400 billion. bro how do you start so strong and then. do nothing this is ridiculous we need. queens or revolvers or whiskey all right.

We back down to. $74,000 to see the thing is guys I would. continue buying bonuses here but at the. same time my goal is to actually just go. for a little bit of a 60k roulette o. hold on hold on hold on hold on I. actually have a feeling how we can cook. you all right is this locked no it's not. $80,000 bonus buy Max bet bonus Buy. normal bonus though that. definitely that definitely the the. normal like bonus sucks more but it's an. option like if this pays good I've had a. $3 million win on this before it would. be. nice come on man. please with two Wilds off a retri it. would be a 48x retrig to almost break. even which is already good this is. probably break even if this hits okay. hit to Trigg here please no all right. guys I'm going to go and. send and all in on roulette on green so. if we hit this it's. $837,000 I don't know if it will let us.

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