30.04.2024 R500 Challenge Episode 4 - Aviator Time

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500 challenge part four we up to two and. a half grand now i'm gonna get stuck in. with a little bit of aviator it doesn't. seem like a terrible time to join. our balance is about two and a half. grand we started with 500 we've been. doing pretty well i don't see too many. pinks here i see lots of rotten ones. what i don't like about aviators you see. how slow. how slow this is moving. i don't know if this is a change that. they made so i'm just trying to get the. screen to a nice size there we go i'm. not sure about the changes that they've. made to this game but. because we're playing ab to be hoping. for a big pink win but i am going to. have to play somewhat conservatively. because. this is a challenge. oh i don't want to do that i don't want. to do that i want to do 20 uh. i wanted to do 25 rand each. so a really bad.

Streak over here. followed by a nice 28 25 x i think if we. get to. like 3k. maybe more we'll probably call the video. there uh but we'll see what happens. uh and then lots of purples. a couple of actually not too many a. couple of people some more low blue ones. so pretty pretty good time to join. around here in my opinion should be in. for some. some some purples i think i'll cash this. one out. look how slow this is. at. if it gets to purple i'll catch the. first one out on on a low purple. and then i'll catch the second one out. on a slightly high i mean. on a low pink and we'll catch that one. on a slightly higher pink if it gets. there but man this slow gameplay is just. not not good. uh so far it's not really working out. for us either top of the day there was a. two thousand four hundred times. multiplier today wow.

What time was that. does it say what time no. because my oh here's the biggest. multiplier okay. that was this morning. another dad one. so. right let's keep pressing keep pressing. it's got to be a nice. pink pink for us here somewhere. yo. look at this oaks win here. it's biggest win of the day. multiplier sorry just taking a look. through there but not too much cracking. off uh yeah we've had a couple dud. rounds. we need that pink we're now down 250. bucks. so this one has to go to pink i wish i. could set auto cash out while it's. running can i. no. i can't. but there's a hundred and two hundred we. could cash out i'm going to leave it to. run hopefully we can get to ten. okay it looks like we might have a pink. one on the cards i just hate how slow. this is going. it really is not enjoyable to play with. it this slow.

And i don't know if it's on my side i. noticed this on my phone as well so i'm. going to take this one i should be. taking this one now to be honest. i'm going to let it get to 300 we'll. take that and that'll give us our nice. little. balance back and we'll let this one run. can you get to 500 bucks can you get to. 500 bucks. he can. can he get to 600 bucks. yes you can can he get to 700. i'm taking the cash out at 700 i'm. taking that 29 times our balance is now. up to 3 200 i'm interested to see where. this one's gonna fly on to i think it. could be a big one. but i'm happy with that uh nice win so. we actually managed to make some money. on the aviator there we go i would have. made over a thousand bucks on that if. i'd had hull on. but yeah hearts going avad always gets. the heart going this is up to now 70. times i knew there was that pink coming.

It's a pity i cashed out too early but. there we go 85 times i mean i picked up. a pretty reasonable win on that one i'm. happy with that. and you've got to take your aviator. winnings and you've got to run so we are. now up to 3. 293 rand on our 500 grand challenge. we've got a profit of. 2793 rand in just four videos so i'm. pretty happy with how things are gone. i'm not sure where i should call it. um. four thousand rand maybe i don't know i. don't wanna i don't wanna get too greedy. uh so i think this is probably gonna be. the. last episode of the season uh i'll see. if i will push my luck a little further. maybe go for that four thousand. four thousand mark i mean we need. another 700 bucks to get there would be. a nice target to set but it's also good. to take your money your winnings and run. so guys thanks for tuning in to episode.

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