30.04.2024 RAINING 1,000 BALLS on MAX BET BONUS! (Pine of Plinko 2)

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Ladies and gentlemen homies and mates. welcome to the juicy YouTube channel. we're playing ped Plinko 2 today and if. you're wondering what is that well. imagine Plinko took a line of cocaine. this game is crazy the animation style. is beautiful kind of reminds me of that. Royal potato slot I love it man I love. it I feel cozy I feel all warm so we're. going to go for an $1,840 bonus buy. let's take note of our starting balance. okay important we don't lose too much. here today 1,840 here we go so these are. how many balls we get and we're going to. go and respin try to get even more balls. respin. respin. respin there we go I'll take it so once. you get a certain amount of balls I. can't gamble for more balls I just got. to go balls to the. wall here we go baby so we're in this. beautiful magic Plinko ball Factory and.

We need to be hitting these bompers so. it kind of reminds me of like the. pinball machines cuz look you need to. act like you need to hit these juicers. okay so I don't know if there's a. strategy but I definitely think dropping. too many balls at the start maybe is not. good like let's try too many balls here. we go or that's just three yeah we got. less pinkage versus if we just double. drop look at that look at all that. pinkage come on we're just trying to get. maximum pinkage here with our balls so I. think just oh it could also just be. predetermined and I'm talking up a storm. of dog here but as you progress. levels too I believe you get more balls. so that's the awesome part. and I'm pretty sure this is just yeah. these are just multis up here so we want. to get obviously to the 250X. multi but down here we also we're trying.

To win some cash we already at 2.3k wait. I wasn't even paying attention to the. cash we earned what the hell we're in. profit a good. amount come on juicy bro that I. literally got two plinks there that's it. that's. crazy but yeah you can definitely see. how this game can get insane there we. there we go we hit the 5x come on I. think we're going to get to the next. level believe it or not cuz we should. get more balls no my. tripping 10 balls or how many yeah that. sound effect. bro also oh that's right as you get to. the further levels okay maybe these. aren't. multipliers but they kind of are they're. multipliers in the sense per click we're. getting two balls now which gives us. more pinkage more plink. ability wow this game is Just whole so. wholesome kind of reminds me of like a. toy factory I don't. know okay so now we're going to get four.

Balls for the next one this is longest. bonus by the way ever I think we just go. balls to the walls on this next one and. test it you know we got to try it out. it's a. theory yeah. yeah damn damn damn we're making some B. yo oh okay wait we got these things. now that just juice the balls up to the. Moon. yo Juice It Up Again get us some extra. pinkage okay drop the rest man that was. sick dude dude I love it when it's just. pure Mayhem and the balls are flying. everywhere balls falling everywhere oh. man imagine a THX. dude there's no way my eyes can track. these they're moving so frantically so. I'm just like hoping yep the sound. effects. Boom come on okay watch this last ball. somehow no I was going to say make it to. a th now each click look eight balls. yeah oh my God this game is. crazy we're pretty lucky to have this on.

Our first bonus cuz I played this game a. little bit and I did not have this. reciprocation this is this is nice if. pinball machines gave you Max dopamine. and made you rich that's that's what. we're playing right now come on now we. have to get to level 16 bro please do it. for me do it for the fans bro do it for. the band we're definitely going to make. it we're definitely making it let's go. man this is. sick wow relax gaming they really. dropped some of the most fun games dude. now we have 16 balls per click oh my God. Pine of. Plinko dude I just got this new cannabis. Trin and it tastes just like a really. fresh pine plant dude kind of it's like. I'm smoking Christmas tree pack you know. oh 10 oh 10 would have been nice but. we're still making so much freaking. money right now I just don't want it to. end dude look at all these.

Balls oh oh no bro that ball was flying. over there bro we have to slowo that. editor hook up the clutch editing cuz. that went so far bro oh my. God I need to stop fanboying I feel like. I'm annoying but like holy dude I'm. geeked on 10 dude this is. insane okay we spent $3,000 for this. bonus so for it to be paying this much. is so so insane we're not going to get. to 32 though I just don't think it's. possible come on go crazy we dropped all. the. balls nice That's it. man. wow wow it's like a Plinko Christmas. Wonderland Ultra win God like exquisitly. chill Master of the vibe this game was. sick look at this guy tapping his little. fingers like how about another bonus buy. how about try your luck again bucko he's. ready to absolutely Checkmate my ass but. oh this is the max let's blow off some. steam dude welcome to the juicy slots.

Channel relax gaming always has somewhat. lower Maxes like snake Arena used to be. $3,000 Max maybe that's why it's called. relax gaming pragmatic that's where you. go if you want to lose your mind. $200,000 bonus bu pragmatic here relax. 4600 come on now we got no spins. whatsoever we're going to oh my God wait. so we can respin all of these listen. we're going to respin this until we. can't go under 130k you feel me come on. oh that's a oh that's so expensive come. on oh hell. no oh hell no come on now oh hell no. come on now what the are we doing. how do they get these prices what the. this ain't. Costco oh my God I just got ripped a new. we went under 130,000 and we. barely got any balls do I respin the six. no we respin the four come on on I just. I can't I I okay yeah yeah yeah I just. got kicked in the balls like five times.

Bro all those respins were comically. ineffective boys we're down bad holy. how do we start so good and just. fall that fast that that's like a juicy. Deluxe there that was the juicy patent. pending maneuver leave it up to me to. just it up oh my. God okay at least we got a 10 there but. dude this is literally a $115,000 bonus. cuz of those respins. okay don't let this buy deceive. you I like the strategy of dropping less. balls at the start and just trying to. have them go crazy but oh bro I'm. cringing already I'm. foreshadowing we're about to not make it. past level one and lose 15,000 on this. shitty game. yeah wow we have one ball left this. is no why why why why why why why why. what have I done what have I done. Christmas is ruined oh no bro I took a. sip of my coffee back to the drawing. board going for the max bet there is.

Probably not smart let's go for $40 spin. it's the second highest bet size dude. operation oh. 45 wait can I gamble for more spins. surely no what the did we just hit. I don't know what the max amount of. spins you can get is 83 balls imagine. any human with 83 balls dude imagine. your reproduction capabilities okay you. think Elon musk has a lot of kids dude. just wait I'm an 83 balls specimen 83. balls let's drop them bro I was so happy. when my balls finally dropped man I was. sick of getting randomly smoked in an. Xbox Live Lobby I'm like what's up guys. and everyone's just like oh what the. hell who is this squeaker bro and I'm. just like well me then like sorry. my balls want to stay in the air they. don't want to go to the ground but we. just this could be Max win 256 balls per. click we could do that it's weird though.

Because I just thought of this right. hear me out hear me out most games have. dead spins but this game a dead spin. would literally just be a ball falling. like that ball right. there but he just so happened to fall in. a $450 hole so this slot is just unlike. any other. slot relax gaming somehow made the most. entertaining form of a Plinko game ever. you know glinko don't even come close to. comparing to this slot you know what I. mean the only thing is though yes we do. have 60 balls but but as we level up to. level two we're still single dropping. balls right now so we're still really. inefficient but just the amount of balls. dude I I I just can't wrap my head. around what does 83 balls look. like how we feeling about oh 100 oh. brother. brother it's. okay I feel like two balls out a time is. really meta but surely it's.

Predetermined and I'm just wasting time. right I just two balls out of time until. one ball slips past and you double drop. bro it's meta trust bro this this is the. strategy whoa look at that ball go we. got like three licks on. one wow okay this is a strategy bro two. balls dropped at a time but as a ball. pieces out then you double drop you know. what I mean. so like one ball gone double. drop one ball gone double drop it's Meta. Meta this is meta but I ain't Zucker. bird sorry that was a terrible terrible. attempt to be a. rapper sorry boys I'm trying to cook. right now okay after getting absolutely. scammed out of 15,000 on that previous. game you know I kind of lost my mind a. little bit there I'm trying to get my. best out of 83 balls in one spin if we. can get all the way to 8X on our first. set of balls that'll be Monumental I'm.

Just going to stay with my. strategy even though I I don't know how. effective it is I just uh that's all. believe it's super. effective okay so how does this work. we're going to go to level two do we we. just get 10 balls yeah yeah okay I like. this wow that ball literally didn't even. touch. anything okay I'm just going to start. going crazy man I'm losing. it wow the 2x balls are kind of failing. me. bro there we go now we leveled up drop. the rest we're already had a 4.4k win so. that's cash back because remember 100x. boys that is so lit oh man I'm sorry for. using the word lit but like there's no. better descriptor it falling right in. that 100x hole so seamlessly bro it's 40. Grand if we get the 1000x. $40,000 each click four balls fall and. we're trying to get 10x there we go. we're trying to unlock 16 16 balls per.

Click because dude we're doing. phenomenal right. now I'm assuming the XP progression gets. harder as you go through the through the. motions come on. now we've been recording for for 13. minutes okay eight balls per click this. come on I really need to get to 16 balls. dude I just need to experience that once. I will be the master of the. balls remember when all those YouTubers. used to do those big ball pit you know. those big ball pit videos filling my. whole house with balls dude n no no no n. this is meta filling my entire gambling. board with balls coins everywhere dopam. me maxed out. bro oh my god dude a pinball. machine this is insane dude please level. 16 give me there we're so close we're. going to make it it's guaranteed at this. point literally yes. boys yes our final click then every. click after this 16 balls per click.

Which just this level is 160 balls which. is damn near double the balls we started. with let me enjoy my copy this best. purchase ever was getting a mug that. keeps my coffee at whatever desired. temperature I want dude it's just a mug. keeps it at 140° honestly the reason why. it's so goated is I drink way too much. caffeine so having it burning freaking. hot my body can't just chug it like a. crackhead it's big brain as man I. outsmarted my own. dumbass oh. dopamine I love it it sucks when they. all go in the decimal holes but once. it's once it's going in the double. triple digits. oh double triple digits bro I had to. adjust what I was saying cuz I saw it. going in the 100x hole that was sick hey. just give me the 20K boss 20K boss we're. not going to get to 34 I know it we're. going to be close but we're not going to.

Make it final drop here we go and ah. what a round dude I'm hyped. Godlike win Oh my Jesus 18.7k now we're. in profit over six grand dude you have. scatter boost this gives you double the. chance to enter Plinko so I'm going to. try this and try to get a Max bet here. I'm just going to see how long it takes. for me to gamble for that it's 100 per. spin so we just need to get three of. those little things we're starting at. $144,800 and I think it's important man. we got to try out the base game I know. some people are like boring dude just. buy the bonuses dude now we got. to see if that double chance is the move. maybe with double chance we spin in. higher ball counts that would be insane. so that's the goal how much money do we. got to gamble in order to get that 4.4k. bonus we haven't hit anything on the. base game by the way all dead spins so.

Far wow we've Fallen $1,600 from our. start oh we were so close our first base. game hit though nice all right negative. 2,000 now I'm seeing some high ball. counts there we go didn't take too long. actually cost us about. $2,200 I don't necessarily understand. okay it's cheaper to roll the higher. numbers I see let's do that let's roll. the higher number. okay. okay. okay. brother I'm just going to collect the 15. balls I don't give a at this point. we got to see we got to see editor how. much is this bonus by the way how much. have we totally invested with the. respins and everything all right let's. try a new strategy let's just let those. balls. fall oh it's going to be a big loss. here okay. what the how are we going to lose. connection and get it back immediately. that that scares. me all right so we got actually a pretty.

Affordable bonus there we spun in but. then H the respins can really just tear. you up a new come on let's just. respin us into another bonus though make. up for it 36 Jesus High spins bro oh my. God nothing like that that was so. surreal 80 spins oh my God that was. surreal all right all right I'm done. spinning it's actually a really buling. base game I wouldn't recommend it but. I'm glad we did it you know I'm glad we. tested it out for you we're going to go. for another 3680 bonus buy oh bro. so low. respin I'm just going to respin the same. one until I get a number that I actually. fancy like come on bro. onreal there we. go come on there we go come on come on. we'll go to 125,000 I really want to Max. this out come. on oh yes 77 balls ju see videos get a. little bit crazier as they progress so. just keep that in mind I'm very blessed.

To be a sponsored gamd Creator as well. as have the craziest fans. dude our Affiliates have been going. absolute Bonkers. man our monthly earnings have just been. way up up ever since we released the. leaderboard so you guys have been. absolutely loving that $50,000 wager. competition I mean what's not to love. about free. money plus just the sheer amount of. support bro in 4 months 3 months we're. almost at 30,000 subscribers dude we. could be at 100K in one year dude that. would just be an absolute dream come. true speaking of dream come true we got. a lot of balls left and we already have. level four unlocked level eight unlocked. while you're on level one balls I feel. like that's a pretty good rule of thumb. what do you guys think like if we get to. level eight with level one balls that's. a. w yeah I honestly boys I know I was.

Talking up a storm about oh this is meta. clicking the balls like this sucking the. dick like that I'm kidding. bro I swear I I think that stint of. Aiden Ross even just like just the that. one era of just being gay for Content I. swear it ruined me dude I got to shut. the hell up that it's just it's just. cringe bro I say it and I cringe bro but. I I don't think there's a strategy to. this level two balls kind of failing us. honestly like big time failing us we. haven't made any money off of the level. two balls and barely getting any XP oh. man our level two balls went dead safe. to say that on to level four 40 balls. let the balls. Falls cuz the balls move so frantically. it doesn't really look like the velocity. of like them hitting each other really. affects anything right also some balls. literally just fall straight down which.

Makes me believe oh 100x yes dude it's. so hype getting that ball in the 100x I. just need thousand bro thousand before. this video's over I'm not. satiated okay then we're on to 8X so. we're definitely going to get to 16 by. the looks of it. but sadly I don't think we're going to. get to 32 which would just be so. beautiful. bro come on Big. Balls. yes I just love when there's a bunch of. balls and a bunch of gold coins flying. everywhere I love one where smack and. the Penington getting crazy crazy XP. just going haywire in this little Center. in the core in the heart of the Plinko. board come on 100 x going into this next. level would be nice okay okay boys hey. if you made it this far let's shoot for. 1500 likes I'm still processing the. juicy rating okay we don't give out no. Loosey Goosey ratings we get it down to.

The. decimal oh 100 yes okay that definitely. just uh moved up the rating a little bit. I'm not going to lie full transparency. the rating has gone up. dude oh man oh man my hype level my. faith my love for this game is. definitely Rising as we just go ape . on level 16 go. crazy. yes dopamine we halfway through man this. could be insane do you get more XP. landing and higher value slots question. mark or is it purely just hitting. this come on we're definitely going to. get past 20K here but I don't think. we're going to get to 32 balls. sadly it's like we're just barely just. barely going to miss it but we did pass. the 20K win we almost go crazy here wait. go crazy wait no it's not enough. boys wow hey let's go for 2,000 likes on. today's video I know it's crazy you guys. always kill it get us over 1,000 likes.

But 2,000 how much do we love Pine of. Plinko too we get 2,000 we'll run back. another video on here but that video. we're only going to do 100 ball bonuses. like maxed out ball bonuses 2,000 likes. here we go imagine oh 31 off the. rip damn okay dude I kind of want to. just go ape here but we can't go. under 130,000 deal oh and also if you're. not subscribed bro join the family. fastest growing face cam list Casino. Channel thank you boys let's see how. fast we can get these upgraded. honestly sooner the better of course. oh dude oh dude it's so. expensive. oh broy give me the big number. no stop going backwards or the same okay. we're going to 130,000 there we . go now we can gamble this what holy. wait I'm going for the max I'm. going to 125,000 if we have to boys. who else is doing it like this I've lost. my mind I've been dropped on my head 69.

Yes so worth it dude holy you know. what to do boys 69 balls let's go maxed. out bonus tier dude I had to do that I. had to okay I don't want to leave any. Stones unturned for the best content. possible all. right I'm trying to do that Mr Beast. YouTube strategy where we reinvest all. of our profits so our Affiliates our. sponsored rate you know what I you. mean oh my God that what the what. was that. pathing like I could be cashing out so. much more money and gambling like a. wussy but honestly I sleep better at. night knowing the money that I earn goes. directly back into these crazy ass fully. raw balance videos no refills none of. this fugazy ass dude that way. every day I record I'm so stoked to be. here and it just creates for the best. energy it's makes the most. sense. I've been in the gambling scene for.

Seven years a lot of people have done. Play credit videos years and years ago I. did it because I didn't have money to. gamble like this so now that we've built. up this fan. base built up this authenticity this is. the move dude there's no other way no. better way full transparency and a . ton of. fun that's the way we roll oh also we. give away a lot of cash too with our. leaderboards bet learn more. over there go oh man so dude 100 X's. will pay 5 grand th000 X's will pay 50k. we're really kind of getting trolled. here though like our balls aren't really. doing what they're supposed to do you. know our our level one balls dude I was. hoping we could get to level eight we're. definitely not going to get to level. eight it's straight up impossible so I'm. actually more so hoping now we can just. get. 1,000x you feel me there we go.

Boys yeah I hope you guys got some fun. stuff planned in the future by the way. if you're feeling like if you're feeling. down the repetition of life is kicking. your dick you know it's kicking you a. new one bro playing something fun dude I. have a dinner on the 13th I don't. usually go to dinners I have to drive. you know an hour away to have some new. fresh fun restaurants that are actually. worth dining in but yeah I'm going to go. hang out with my. friend also meet like an investment guy. so can get my money working for me you. know finally taking care of that . because honestly bro I realized this. like I realized I got a small knack for. business it's not like I'm this Fortune. 500 pumping juicer you know but I got a. pretty good you know frame of thinking. when it comes to business but when it. comes to investing and and taxes and all.

That which is a part of business my. brain just goes straight dead I hate. doing it but I still do it I just do the. bare minimum you know you know I'm like. always a little bit late to to the punch. but I get it done and I think that's. just a mail trade in general we're on. level four we haven't made for. money yet but we did get the Rebo. boosters back here the the the. slingshots wow like look how bad that. first spin was bro we're getting no. juice come on. juicer that is a male trait though just. delaying things and pushing it off to. the end also a Wei trait I mean there's. literally a whole song I was going to. clean my room until I got. high the funny thing about weed though. is if you can force that inner to. shut up like it can create so many more. fun layers of Vibes like the reason why. I was so drawn to weed in the first.

Place was I was sick of having the same. Consciousness that that was annoying you. know I'd be down on myself or I'd be. like bro life's boring bro what like I. don't I don't want to play the same game. again I don't want to do this but when. you smoke it's a whole different. perspective to the the same ass like to. the same ass reality you know um so for. a while it helped me record but then it. actually just made it really hard to. record because I couldn't even speak you. know so I don't really record stoned. anymore I just do it to wind down and um. I use caffeine and all that other stuff. to just get me super hyped and in the. zone right we all have our little thing. that gets us in the zone I know some. YouTubers love smoking that dank dank I. always thought a stoner gambling. YouTuber would be an ultimate VI like.

Imagine fulcrum playing this dude I. would watch the I would watch the . out of it you know so a little business. opportunity for you boys uh a little. Stoner smoke chest type YouTuber oo. thought we got the. 100x could do really good in the. gambling scene so if that's you you. think you got the face for it you know. just little idea. bro a lot of people think you need to. start with a crazy amount of money to do. YouTube but I say this all the time. there's always something you can be. doing to have a v video go viral the. easiest example I can give you Mr Beast. dead broke had nothing to offer in terms. of content what did he do he literally. said Logan Paul like 100,000 times. 24hour stream right yeah it sucks it's. a lot of work but like. dude that's that's literally as good as. spending like a 100,000 on a video but.

It's free what are you trading you're. just trading your time but you know. maybe at that time your time's not very. valuable so it I'll invest it you. know you're investing your time and to. the Future Prospect of your YouTube. channel and dude he hit the . jackpot he's huge man so like that could. be you uh same thing for me like the. game oh wait wait a the gambling Market. is a little more saturated right now. there's a lot of creators you really. have to you know like what you're doing. and and offer some sort of entertainment. value we're doing really good by the way. 16x right now we're crushing we're. totally crushing right now. mainly in terms of XP because we're. almost halfway through our XP bar not. really winning much but we have seven. clicks left of 16 balls so that's. huge but yeah I'm looking forward to.

That dude even just having something. planned I'm always telling my girlfriend. like should we go on a trip should we go. here having something planned bro it. just makes those days that kind of suck. not that sucky because you can think oh. man we're we're going to go to Turks and. Koo soon here or even like we're going. to go downtown for for the weekend you. know and that if you don't do it all the. time that'll be fun and fresh as hell so. like. boys playing something fun for your. family for your. friends we're going to get to our 32 for. the very first time I think it's all the. positive energy it honestly Drew us over. the line you feel. me just having a good old fun. conversation and not losing our mind. over dollars over doll. hairs just catching a quick. Vibe balls going crazy coin shooting. everywhere blast blast balls flying.

Blast the 320 balls coming right up oh. my. Lord Pine of Plinko 2 ladies and. gentlemen my final rating for this game. it's a fun fresh slot I'm giving it a. solid8 out of 10 okay I haven't even won. yet just purely basing it off of the fun. Factor the dopamine Factor wait that. first 32x click was monstrous wait can. we get to 64 that would be so crazy. imagine we get to 64 when we only had 69. spins bro that would go to show you the. power of 69 people always laughing at it. bringing attention to it that. number oh no bro each click is just too. much dop I. mean okay we've slowed down quite a bit. ladies and gentlemen meaning we're not. really getting much. XP or much. money it'll be very close to 64 but. probably not going to reach it sadly. nice nice keep keep hitting them oh wow. we're getting a lot of 10xs though this.

Is a lot of dopamine go crazy go crazy. go crazy oh we're not going to make it. boys final click 320 balls. later so much fun so much fun PR. that's the max you can do bro we're. actually officially printing dude. congratulations you witnessed it turn on. that double chance let me see if I can. smash come on smash that bonus 35. minutes later oh oh oh this would. be so insane. please no yo. no no bro the masturbers holy Dam. me's screaming dude that's so insane I. want to be a man of what I preach bro. once you get some profit take that . and run that's exactly what we're doing. but first got to max out all of our. spins bro you know. me nice let's go double digit everywhere. baby oh that's all we can do whatever I. guess it's kind of weird how they allow. certain more spins sometimes not um I. really don't know I'm just going to try.

Spam dropping cuz we've done you know. nice slow methodical interesting Pace. but today or right here. I just want to see if it changes. much okay so. there nothing. crazy we didn't have a ton of balls but. we did have quite a. bit we got leveled up we leveled up. we're making no money. whatsoever okay wait I'm honestly having. a lot more fun just dropping super fast. it's like instant freaking D no dude the. stupid ass ball fall man fall already. wait what happens if we have turboman on. I haven't done this yet let's. see holy oh my God oh my God oh my. God okay time for 80. balls come on God RNG God RNG God RNG. God. RNG oh we're not going to make it no all. right definitely an8 out of 10 slot I'm. going to go for another Max B bonus buy. boom but before we do that I'm going to. claim these crazy rake backs instant.

Claimed weekly claimed and monthly Bros. o literally it's got eight grand unlock. the Royale millionaire rake back tier. over at Gams rewards special offers all. new users for the first 6 hours can. claim the juiciest promo code. juicy and you're set for a week man with. the power of the maximum rake back here. maybe you can beat Pine of Plinko 2 like. we did today we we're best in this . kind of not exactly just yet remember. subtract ract 8K from our final profits. let's start with the lowest spins first. wow 1,400 lost probably going to be. another. yep me. dude Jesus man so bad so bad dude I. don't want to talk about it so yeah. anything past seven you can't respin. anymore so maybe I should have. respawned the higher number. first I think that's what we should have. done dude but you never know man we. could get a th000 a and just save the.

Whole entire day. bro wow there goes all of my profit yay. yay let's go boys that's Su here we go. we're trying that one more time second. Max bet here I'm just going to keep. spinning the different ones I I don't. think this is probably the best idea but. I'm going to try to. anyways okay yeah spinning the different. ones is getting me shafted I'm just. getting. nothing oh my God. boys this is Fox. no dude sometimes it can just be so. brutal oh my. God oh my God. boys. I'm just I I've lost it I've lost my. mind boys there's no more thoughts in my. head I'm just Spam clicking balls as my. balance Falls dude I claimed that rake. back and I felt like I had a bunch of. money and now I just blew it oh my God. use me as an example. boys this is entertainment after all I. really don't gamble like this much off. camera maybe here and there to figure.

Out today's video but like. bro we are making it pretty far though. that's the good news but we have to make. back like over 10 grand I don't know if. it's possible. boys okay wait we actually made it to. level holy that's pretty impressive. boys not bad wait were. still I'm pretty baffled dude there you. go you can't really ride off any amount. of spins bro I've had 82 spins that have. gotten me equally as far as 40. spins 45 minute session on this. beautiful 8 out of 10 slot THX will turn. it even higher what oh my god dude wait. can we make it all the way. no. wow okay I mean ultimately that's still. pretty juicy I can't even complain dude. we're still in profit now like I feel. like I can't give up up I feel like the. video isn't as good as it can be yet we. haven't gotten to the maximum levels but. like I'm gambling for 45 minutes juicy.

Come on got some more videos to record. every video can't be the absolute best. 10 out of 10 on the platform can it yes. it can. juicy don't listen to that inner . bro you're about to spin a 90 here 99%. of gamblers quit before they get a. juicer Max win 45 spin never lose for. the win come. on juicy. get those High. spines oh my god dude sometimes it's. just impossible getting a double digit. is impossible. sometimes oh. man 20 there we go holy it takes so. long 45 balls block to the max man. where are my 82 balls at okay this is. going to be the fastest bonus we started. at 44 minutes let's see how fast we can. go. I'm only looking at the bottom now now. I'm just staring and looking for the. 100x to just get. activated nice pretty pretty decent. start halfway to 8X we like. that 10x on the way out beautiful 20. balls here we.

Go that was pretty bad for 20 balls I'm. not going to lie that was pretty bad. pretty. bad. let's go man I just want to get. the I just want to get past 64 bro that. would just be a dream come. true lots of balls here easy Smokey jery. way past the level we needed holy cow. okay dude that's the best I I honestly. got to give this slot a nine out of 10. bro there's no feeling like chopping 80. balls in 1 second and just getting that. dopamine Max. reaction oh my God oh my God 160 balls. now we're at 320 we also hit 10x there. 320 balls incoming oh my God you guys. ready for this you guys ready for. this no lag or nothing bro this is the. best Plinko ever. made yeah couldn't get to 64 but still. another massive printing delicious win. bro this game is so lit this game is the. best ever 160. Grand oh my God I did not mean to claim.

This bonus I up big. time. okay that can happen too that's what. happens if you don't have enough balls. dude we're showing you every possible. look you can get on a bonus from this. game bro 36 spins is delicious I'm going. to try to upgrade the 5x here dude I see. huge numbers man if we can somehow get. anywhere near those numbers like 64 holy. like stop the cap bro give me that. 64 the numbers get really cheap to spin. but you know it doesn't really matter. because you can respin the same number. over and over 17 not bad we're probably. going to probably spin a double digit. number pretty fast here usually once you. get the other numbers like the final. number comes way faster I. feel okay maybe not. okay give me my most amount of balls. dude dude oh okay I know you guys love. the longer videos too so I'm always so.

Conflicted I never want to stop hanging. out and I also want to get the craziest. possible moment you know obviously we. can't get a Max one probably right I'm. not going to be here all day but even. getting to 64x would be huge or 128 that. would be a massive win dude I want to. show you guys something that you can't. normally see on another Channel you know. and if you guys are going to do YouTube. you should always be shriving to do the. same right like I said that Mr Beast. type thing you can't see someone else. saying Logan call 100,000 times you. can't have Mr. Beast oh my God this is the worst part. about the game though this makes me want. to knock it to a five when it's just. getting pushed up one ball dude I'm. trying to fly through this thing and one. ball is just . blocking also guys I need your rating.

Down below though if you've Ed it this. far in the video you clearly enjoy this. slot you've been enjoying the video I. need to know out of 10 man give me the. best rating you can get even if you. haven't played it I just want to know. what are your what are your thoughts of. a slot that has Plinko heavily baked. into it wait we have to pass this level. though easy smoked. it level 16 can we smoke it 160. balls oh we didn't make. it not. enough. we spun on 12x that's juicy love to see. it now we just keep resp spinning boys. you know the. Vibes it can be a little frustrating. when you're trying to get the highest. spins and they cap it they somehow cap. it I don't fully know how exactly it's. capped yet but they do cap it and then. it makes it pretty annoying sometimes. having to do bonuses like 40 spin. bonuses after doing 80.

Ones but that's just slots I feel like. every bonus can't be the perfect bonus. that you want right that's what makes it. fun you you get those new looks. so anyways boys I gave him my best shot. 50 minutes of playing this. game our best round we definitely. dropped over 1,000 balls I was just. trying to get to 128x man this just. sounds so right. but we're taking our profit today over. 10 grand we made which is absolutely. beautiful Pine of Plinko too baby solid. 9 out of 10 check it out over on I got three juicy videos on screen so. many videos cuz we post every single day. never miss out on an upload join the. family wow what a fun day what a fun day. hopefully you guys enjoyed it as much as. me it's been your homie juicy have a. great day great night whatever it may be. I'll see you guys tomorrow. peace.

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