30.04.2024 RECORD WIN $500 000 on Crazy Time slot - TOP 5 Biggest Wins

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Is no it's too it's one too fast oh sorry no no is it is it is it is it is it insane come on merry christmas 1kx that'd be 35. we always think we wouldn't say about play board because well the reasoning is we don't want anyone to feel bad about their shitty peak i thought it was the lowest uh hundred yeah please this is where you would want to stick all and get the average one what a happy ending what about candy you're welcome this is so we're looking at a potential biggest possible multiplier here actually here we go oh would you look at that there's a 175x bonus for the blue three congratulations 15 20 25 200.

200 x now or a double there we go. but this is oh look at this this is like. silver oh. okay okay okay okay okay okay okay okay. okay okay okay okay. stop there oh. right right right right right left left. left left left left left right left. right. that. the funniest game. can we get it you think hey it could hit. no it's too fast or. one more no way no way we got it. we got it we got it. we got it. let's go yellow because i like yellow. more than blue yeah i always feel yellow. let's go yellow i'm going yellow. yellow. yellow gang. we got. oh my god oh my god that's seven. thousand. i mean that's one thousand dollar seven. eggs. that's a dream right there. that's a lot. is it seven thousand. you just won 350k. you didn't wash it man no way says hello. how's that for dirty how's that for. dirty daddy. let's go guys all right.

Hey guys we have 430 dollars. okay okay. yeah that's it all right brother what. are you talking about that's it. we're 400 banks [ __ ] dollars. here. come on here we go. we're on good luck. okay. guys 200 potential here we're talking. about 100 000 if it hits 200. oh. my god one hundred thousand dollars if. it hits 200 x dollars all right get real. low get real here. hold on. i don't mean to burst your bubble here. but we have a 200 000. potential. all right 200 000 potential here on this. one guys i don't mean to burst. your bubble or anything but if this hits. 400x this is 200 000 ohm 200 x that's. 100 000. all right come on let's go. oh my god. that's scared. oh. oh my god i don't know what the. potential is. it's like literally a million this could. be on that one. guys. oh my god. another double please. oh. wow. oh my goodness guys.

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