30.04.2024 Renault turbo failure 1.9dci F9Q

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Come with me on this absolutely glorious. Friday the 13th H um we've got Reynold. Scenic 1.9 f9q in for a bit of a turbo. wine which I'll show you now now this. customer is complaining of a little bit. of oil consumption and if you're just. here now you'll hear like a little bit. of woo that sort of. noise well that is the actual turbo. that's failing uh let's get involved. because we will be uh removing the sub. frame on this vehicle and we need to. remove the lower steering coupling what. we're going to be doing is getting the. seat bels putting it through the. steering wheel and making sure that that. steering wheel is nice and locked now a. lot of people say yeah you can pull the. key out yes you can absolutely but. sometimes you might need to just start. that vehicle with the sub frame. disconnected and you're not going to.

Damage that clock spring now we got the. vehicle half raised uh before we take it. fully raised we're just going to remove. the antiroll B links and the tracker. end both sides and everything now is. underneath once you got the vehicle. fully raised now uh this subframe is. probably one of the easiest subframes to. take off four bolts either side and. we've got a engine link here uh engine. stabilizer link at the back of the. engine simple to get off look how much. room room we've got up there now to get. the turbo off once we got that sub frame. out of the way now we need to just drop. the uh Center section off the cat uh. we're just going to pull it to one side. a little bit of a rature strap if you. haven't got any of these probably one of. the handiest tools you can ever have. like working when you're working on a.

Two P you pull uh HBS all sorts out the. way about 3 quid from B&M something like. that. right let's move round to this cat now. couple of 13 Ms hold in the bracket on. either side and we can get up the flange. and get them off going to have to give. it a bit of a clean Ro because it do. look a little bit crispy now we've got. the cat out the way we've taken the. intake pipe of the turbo and also the. compress side going out of the turbo uh. remove the oil feed pipe which is 210 on. the bottom of the turbo no the oil. return pipe sorry and then the oil feed. pipe which goes up the back and I'm. hoping that we can pull this off to get. over the table if not a little little. bit of a fiddle to get a 13 mil at the. top here but no drama let's get a start. with a little bit of magic now that. turbine is off and as you can see the.

Extensive damage that is caused to the. impellers um you know that whining that. you get when you're ring like aoo what. it is is them little fins because. they're not smooth and all broken up it. can't cut through the air so it's. causing like a turbulent sort of noise. that's what it is anyway um but as you. can see we've got the brand new turbine. here which is ready to go on which. looking just out a little bit better now. before we put the turo back onto the. vehicle uh play close close attention to. the oil feed and return Pipes make sure. they're nice and clean and the flanges. where you got your gasket make sure. there's no old gasket stuck to it and. what we're going to do leave the bung in. the bottom of the Turbo get your little. oil can they do Supply you a little. syringe but I've got a little oil can to.

Hand and we're just going to Prime this. cartridge up. now so it'll give it his best chance. when you first start it up right let's. get this back on the vehicle and there. we go that is one turbo now all back in. place and everything's talk to spec uh. what I like to do uh when I've fitted. them get your breake and clutch cleaner. and just give the turbo a bit of a clean. down cuz when you start up you're not. getting that oily burning smell off it. as you can see I've washed everything. else down now with a bit of Brak and. clutch and it is nice and spotless all. we got to do now is put the cat on I to. B you doing this and the subr then we. can drop it down also we're going to be. giving it an oil and filter change as. well now you have it that's sub now is. all back on uh while I go for my lunch. I'm just going to let the oil drain out.

Into my lovely little reciprocal then. when I come back and I'm feeling a. little bit more have a fat Friday we're. going to get a new Sun plug in it fresh. oil and filter some fresh oil in it give. it a good start Rooney and that is the. vehicle now all put back together with a. fresh oil filter and a new Su plug uh we. put the correct amount of oil in it what. I'm going to do now is unplug the fuel. pump and also the fuel rail pressure. sensor and that should not allow the. vehicle to start let's go on the KE out. we're just going to build that fuel uh. fuel pressure oil pressure now we've got. everything plugged in we're going to get. our bar out and we're going to give the. car a big start Rooney now remember me. at the beginning of the video where I. said uh start the car up with a steering. column disconnected because I'm on a.

Twoposter ramp I can't open my door to. connect it so good job I did. really right let's get on the. button there now running what we're. going to be doing now is sending it up. in the air and checking all for oil. leaks underneath now the vehicle back up. in the air we're just giv a good check. room you now and from what I can see. we're. absolutely going dry let's get it off. the around now and take it for a bit of. a test drive and there you have it we. are now out in the car and it is driving. absolutely perfect now for the first. sort of mile or so when you put your. foot down this car had a lot of black. smoke out the back now that is almost as. if you got a boost pip because the turbo. hasn't been uh boosting it's you know. it's all clogged up so give it a good. few. thrings and that will well as you can. see now the car is driving perfectly.

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