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Today we decided we don't want to have a. tournament or anything special like that. so we just on the Bandit with $60,000. you want to do like a somewhat decent. Siz bonus SP maybe like a 10 yeah I. would I would even say 12 but 10 is. perfect to start we'll do a 10 and then. we'll go from. there can you hear my legs getting. slapped yeah I thought you were I. thought you were just. clapping. yeah you know what's coming up for us. but it might have already passed uh no. it definitely didn't pass for the videos. Mother's Day oh that's in like May isn't. it yeah the 12th H I'll have to send my. mom a text yeah isn't Father's Day like. a month after I think so June. yeah that was not a good. rainbow not at. all wow what a start bro glad we didn't. do the 12 yeah saved to 2K we could do I. don't know 12 now I'm down I don't.

Really even know what to do right now. neither coming out of that last sesh we. kind of got dogged on so it's going to. be a little weird starting here. yep and it's a hacksaw so it doesn't. have to pay well I mean pragmatics don't. have to pay either you know it just it. feels like they do though it seems it it. does seem that we get a little bit. luckier on the the pragmatics but yeah I. don't. know it just feels like the hack house. can go really really bad bad if they. want mhm. mhm that's good we got a pretty good. board and we're still guaranteed a. rainbow. so yeah this is going to be this will. probably be profit if we get some decent. coins. rainbow. okay. nice where the is this rainbow. there it. is lot of pots okay um oh it's was going. to do that first that's fine. flx all right yeah give us a two clovers.

Next to the there was one ah no pots. though it could have been another round. I think we'll be profit though I don't. think we'll be profit for the video but. I think it's a profit by close yeah very. very very very close oh another rainbow. W save okay do the same thing again no. pots no pot wow no gold coins. either yeah for sure profit now yeah. yep. yep all right cool thanks for waking up. raccoon yeah should we give him a little. more now that he paid yeah I like that. idea 18's kind of a big click up do you. think you would have any interest in. like learning how to fly a plane or no I. think that'd be pretty cool yeah I don't. know how often I would do it cuz I don't. like have a plane or anything like that. but right I feel like it might be a good. skill to know if like you know I I don't. know maybe the world's ending and you.

You get somehow acquire a plane you have. to fly somewhere yeah that that was a. thought that came to my head when you. said like yo it' be a good skill to have. I was only bringing it up because I. think it'd be cool for like a you know. 55year-old man who's kind of just. chilling out in life and wants to get. his pilot license and go flying yeah. yeah that' be that'd be a lot of fun. yeah just like a small one person plane. or even a two person plane or a three. person plane for all my. that was really bad 10 yeah it. was I would definitely lower to this 10. now the balance is cut in half yeah. exactly you know would be cool if like. the people watching this could choose. the bonus buy amount you know that would. and we just kind of sat and watched it. yeah but like if each person was. watching was able to choose what we do.

With the balance and then we would just. like react how what you know with what's. happening yep that would be cool yeah I. feel that's be a video idea if we could. ever make it happen cuz it's like well. you have to click on the YouTube video. and then choose the buy from the start. and like it's just yeah we could set it. up in our Discord but you know how that. goes. yeah oh this is another not good B we've. already had two rainbows. so I don't know if another one's going. to show up don't know if it'll be. fortunate. enough that was. muted we actually might see a rainbow. now maybe we need a better setup though. like this is. trash okay it's building yeah slightly. okay ah no pot no Clover. mhm. wow so many rainbows on this one this. has got to be like what four or five. four I. think could be five a pot I don't know.

Got a pot and a. clover okay this bonus F might be saved. we only need 5,000 more oh please be. like four that's. two nice we're safe are but I'm not like. super hype because we're still negative. yeah the balance doesn't look good at. all right I would do an 18 okay is that. dumb right now after we just got the. profit I was even okay for a 25 so oh. sweet yep what does this guy know about. rainbows hopefully enough to give us a. few but not before we have a good setup. it's getting kind of late oh man yeah. such a shitty setup for the rainbow like. come on dude and now we're not like. guaranteed any other ones so I don't. know why the big buys are going like. I don't know. either. wow it's all spaced apart and everything. yeah this is not great so far this is. actually I'm really not happy with the. you know how the video's going.

Oh yeah I like that beer trap yeah is he. going to drop another rainbow though. like I don't know right here ah what a. loser we're getting ripped yeah what do. we what do we do you want to do some. spins yeah we can do some spins on like. the these ones the rainbow feature spins. yeah definitely not 5Ks though we only. have 30k to play with it's going to be. gone in 10 minutes I yeah I'm trying to. think of what we can do here this might. be okay all the Jacks are going to hit. too and then oh okay we actually kind of. have a full board here. one gold yeah I don't even know if it's. going to pay back should we stay on La. Bandit o uh I would be okay to leave as. well I don't mind these spins for the. moment though yeah we can keep them but. maybe just leave after the spins. yeah probably like turn this up on. turbo I don't think that's profit oh it.

Is wow it's two profits in a row yeah. sweet. uh bread no I thought so too this one's. a not profit for sure yeah yeah all. right one more no profit we leave yeah. works for. me this might be it yep yeah we're out. of here would have been cool if Le. Bandit was doing more today but yeah. let's get out here we decided to. redeposit $220,000 and take our balance. to sweep ananza we're going to be going. for a huge Allin 50k buy so before we do. this make sure you guys drop a like and. let's are you ready to get into this yes. all right this might have been a bad. idea but so people have been commenting. you know where's the sweep ananza and. here it is oh man there it is oh. man okay please watermelon watermelon. yeah I I thought I saw it too yeah all. right good start. though if it does that on half of the. spins we'll break even yeah but we're.

Already down half of the spins we're. only at. 11 no way no way come on come on thanks. sweet. what is happening wow it couldn't have. gone any. worse no it's already dead oh my . thought we were going to get more than. 12K back wow that's Allin challenge now. that's crazy I really thought it was. going to pay at least like you know. 20 wow yeah. wow all right come on sweet please rock. my socks Rock toer socks. yeah okay watermelon please nice maybe a. where was that last bonus spy don't. know it's pretty sad it is it's a really. tough video I'm trying to we're trying. to you know hang on here but the slot's. not paying and it being a regular. session video it's tough pink watermelon. come on somehow no okay it might put us. into. profit yep no no not yet. how many times you have to all in to get. back to 100K hopefully just one more.

Profit now yeah hopefully we can maybe. do a 20 that'd be kind of you know. something yeah come on Multi this multi. this nice multis yeah should be a 20K. now I'm to hel I didn't even. think about it I just said it. that is okay wow this is a good for. greens and plums oh they're in they're. in okay nice dude pinks. too is this is this no it's not huge is. it it's 34 that's kind of a comeback I. would all in this yeah continue been. through war in this video yeah it's. we're fighting for profit real. hard 35 wow before we do this 36k by if. you guys haven't sign for count stake. when you do make sure you use code fork. and let see this 36k by please turn it. into 80 yes if it's 80 I think we could. take it yeah I would at that point. yeah would like to rrig. there oh come on no no action. no what green one green dude you're so.

Stupid sweet it's so. hard was such that was such a bait the. 50 and then that. screen. Blues it looked like it was going to go. it looked like it was going to happen. yep I didn't want to say it. though pinks and blues and bananas and. grapes yep I'm seeing it. too we're out of here you don't. want to do one more might as well dude. might as well cuz I've already seen zero. three times it feels like yeah I I would. love if we could have a comeback you. know but that's obviously probably not. going to happen this is a good example. for the reality of gambling you know we. win but we also lose like this yeah. after this video I'm at the point of un. or of banning sweet Bonanza yeah cuz we. haven't played it forever and then it. you know came back and it's like. this we used to have like 13 symbol. tumbles and with like 25 X's but.

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