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Trophies big trophy zap again I mean wow. look at this holy before we jump. into today's video make sure to use. promo code Woods bets when signing up on. stake this will allow you to receive a. 200% deposit bonus on your first deposit. as well as a permanent 5% rakeback. you'll also gain access to a ton of. other perks such as huge cash giveaways. and other exclusive prizes now without. wasting any more time let's jump right. into today's video what is up and what. is going on everybody welcome back today. we are in Gates of Olympus 1,000 going. to try to run up to balance we have. 3.5k in the balance honestly I I just. have a feeling we're going to start on a. 1K buy this could absolutely rinse this. could rinse but I just had a feeling you. got to trust your gut sometimes you feel. me can we get we can't that 6X off the.

Start would have been nice good looking. boards but not much is happening three. dead spins I might be eating cans of. beans this month fellas an 8X not bad. can we get some blues somehow. Reds definitely opportunity for blue now. it's just not going to do it that is. okay got to adjust the seat here a. little bit get cozy get comfy Blues are. in we need a bigger zap we need a fat. zap nice he's zapping a 5x we'll take it. that is not bad to start 227 with a 13x. on the board eight spins. left with six spins retries are so rare. on this one greens are in I mean blues. if we're if it's weird yeah it's not. weird enough not weird enough that's all. right four spins left half money back. can we get some I mean all it takes is. one tumble but the 15x it definitely can. happen we just need a good symbol and a. zap I feel like it's a lot to ask for to.

Be honest but Blues are in maybe like a. 10x something crazy nope 3x yellows or. greens okay purples or greens we can. take. it and and that's the way she goes $600. only $400. down okay let's just stick to Big buys. honestly actually let's get weird real. quick let's get weird bro let's do like. I don't know let's do this just quick. just real quick 20 nothing serious look. how quick that is I actually can't. even see what's going on but I know I. can see my balance going absolutely down. and it's the way of the road again two. off six spins left can we get anything. weird one off spinning in. okay that was uh absolutely horrendous. we have. 2.7k in the balance let's rip a 700 put. us flat at 2K we just we need something. crazy we need something. crazy tumble off the start is always a. good sign greens with a little zap a NX.

Can we get yellows too and another zap. God. damn I think he uh he Yellow Block. blocked me there 14x off the start first. spin fellas this could be something if. 5x oh wow that's good yellows I thought. yellows would be in two off. yellows nice come on man 19x on the. board with 12 spins left I mean the. multi is there can we get a zap he's. zapping wow a 3X trophy somehow trophies. big trophy zap again big zap I'll take a. crazy out element power I mean wow look. at this holy can I somehow get an. hourglass I thought that was an. hourglass bro I was about to actually. start like. tripping okay 1.8k from that buy 28x. with nine spins left this is insane this. could actually be uh this could be crazy. fellas can we get rings somehow Rings. oneof. Rings that's the way she goes I mean 227. 31x with seven spins left a re don't do.

It to me don't do it to me he did it he. did it it's all good it's all good I. mean 31x on the board definitely can. capitalize a lot. more we can make so much more here we. just need to hit hit here please he's. zapping lovely one off top symbol too. that would have been crazy 5 54 fellas. 3K from a $700 buy this is exactly what. we like to see but. if we got a re man hourglasses zap. there's no way right please please $75. tumble oh my God that would have been. crazy that would have actually been. crazy 3K from a $700 buy this is what we. love to see 2K I'm not even I I can't. hesitate if you hesitate you overthink. it you just you just can't do that at. least I'm not going to do it right now. off the start we have a 3X that goes. absolutely nowhere. come on let's get the let's get the. multis. going I don't want I don't want the hype.

To die down from last round let's keep. it going let's keep it popping give me. another. zap a 2x on the. board okay I mean a bigger zap would be. crazy maybe like a can he drop one more. three six s oneof Reds to keep that. tumbling $46 win 7X with 10 spins left a. 4X I don't even he didn't even animate. that he's he's a little zap happy that's. a little scary these are dead spins. these are dead spins probably a dead one. here to. 8X. purples no what is that 2 46 what is. that is that 824 I can't count right. now 15x we definitely need something to. happen to get bailed. out not looking good yellows are in I. mean greens if we're lucky I didn't not. even see Reds can I get a zap to save. one off. hourglass okay I tried to do something. crazy with the profit you got to be. weird sometime you know what I mean. let's rip a 1K we got 3.6k let's let's.

Be weird let's rip a. 1.8. 1.8k I just choked on a scatter fellas. literally choked on a. scatter all right let's uh see what we. can have happen here 12 spins left. come. on hourglasses would have been nice to. keep that tumbling 2x on the board we're. going to need something more element. power 4X okay can we get trophies one. trophy nice somehow we got one trophy. I'll take. it was that put us all right an. 8X 8X is on the board with 10 spins left. that's not terrible 25x no oh my God we. were oneoff rings. too we were oneoff. Rings not looking. good honestly not looking good trying to. do big buys make this session a little. fun with the potential of something. crazy. happening but it seems like we only had. that one crazy byy 3x can we get like. purples maybe we got purples one ring. one ring power it can happen one ring oh.

My God that's disgusting look at that. board bro one ring two hourglasses I. mean 1.2k we'll take. that hourglasses in a zap or trophy. sorry one spin left after this one off. trophies too damn C I mean pretty much. we lost about four bucks there so we. have to do it we have to try to have. something crazy happen all in. 3.6k am I going to be okay if we lose. this I I I don't know but feel my power. a 2X connects I think that's. it only thing we could have had happen. there was ask for another zap to get the. multi up not looking good at all oh my. God he actually might rinse me here I. have to click I have to try to switch it. up this is looking dog top. symbol top. symbol yeah it's it's asking for too. much what do we got 2 4 six I mean could. have happened with 3.6 we definitely we. we need some crazy tumble and some crazy.

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