30.04.2024 Spinning MAX SPIN $1,000 on BIGGER BASS BONANZA!

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Okay ladies and gentlemen we are back. for episode number three of the max spin. series we're gonna be playing some. bigger bass fernandez today i believe. i've only ever done one video ever on. big bass but under the original i've. never played bigger bass fernanda on. youtube before i play on twitch quite. quite often so yeah uh this was from my. bonus on yesterday as you can see didn't. go so so well that doesn't matter i. believe the increments aren't going to. make this. ninety 998. we're gonna round that up all right on. the formula it's gonna say one thousand. if you're disappointed then i don't know. what to tell you so hopping straight in. we're gonna go for 50 spins and yeah you. guys know the deal by now if you don't. uh the last two videos go back and watch. those i'm doing a bit of a series where. i spin the max bet for 50 spins pray.

That we're getting a bonus if not then. we end up buying the bonus um. for however much you know i want to at. the end um. you can't buy the bonus on this game so. this could be an interesting video i. just i've just never done a bigger bass. video so i thought uh. this could be a good start um i see a. lot of people actually uh doing bigger. bass videos so i'm getting good views so. oh yes yes oh my god four four four. wow we've literally done. ten spins right i believe ten spins. okay well. this is gonna be okay no we're not. drinking anything this could be . insane wow. wow wow come on good starts good starts. these fishes the small fish is 10k that. is no okay the small fish is 5k. um. that's unbelievable that's so good we're. profit on this video already. 17 000 already wow. the the max fish here is going to be 4.

Million i believe for the golden fish i. wonder if we'll see this video this is a. really good start i might actually do. some uh. more spins after this if we uh get a. really good win here. if not probably just take the profit. bigger bass does tend to pay you know 40. to. 40 to 60 x uh very very often so. oh my god two in one hello. that's disgusting this game i don't know. if they've changed something but um big. bass and bigger bass if if you don't get. into the second section you um we only. did nine spins there you always get like. a 50x that was 20x um i'm gonna let. these spins go out i think oh my god. please. oh. man i don't know i thought this game is. uh somewhat. one of the easiest pragmatic games to uh. to spin in actually um. probably because you never really get. over. you know like uh i don't know like a.

200x is crazy on this game it's kind of. like tomah madness where um the. potential is definitely there for good. wins 4000 x but it's just not going to. happen. you get like a lot of 100 x's on this. game which i would not be complaining. with whatsoever. coming into the last five spins we've. not. had any base game wins whatsoever which. is really really um. wow this well. imagine getting the bonus and not. profiting on a video what the i. quite literally said 40k minimum and. we've. oh please i literally need this. no. wow literally not a single win. disgusting okay. um. how's. i don't know the lines in this game i. would presume this this this this would. be a line or maybe even this it's. so annoying uh okay maybe five more. i really want to get in this. bonus oh. please please please please make it. worth it. oh you're taking the piss.

Yeah i'll leave it here if it doesn't. get me in. man okay guys so uh [ __ ] that's oh. it's so annoying we put in just on the. 70 thousand and how have i gotten a. bonus in 10 spins and not ended this. video in profit it's so stupid. the best thing i could take away from at. least we got in a bonus yesterday's. video we didn't get in whatsoever at. least we got one today but it wasn't. good [ __ ] man yeah this 25 000. i'm not going to cash this out i'm going. to put this towards my uh bonus on. twitch tonight which we need to go and. get the bonuses for now actually i'm. running a little bit late on that i'll. be live in around two to three hours uh. oh that's not gonna make any sense uh. around 11 p.m. midnight gmt i'll be live on twitch at. forward slash rcgfx good to. see uh some new faces there yeah i i'm.

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