30.04.2024 Square Meters (How To Measure)

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This video is a quick tutorial on how to. measure the size of a simple room for. estimates. so the first thing we're going to want. to do is measure out the shape of our. room. for the benefit of this tutorial we're. going to use a standard rectangular. shaped room but if you need to learn how. to measure other. less standard sizes or shapes there'll. be other videos available. if we take this area here to represent. the shape and size of our room. all we're going to do is measure this. side the length and this side the width. before we multiply these together we're. going to want to make sure everything is. in the right units. it's most accurate to measure in. millimeters but the mass is a little. more complex if we start multiplying. millimeters together. so here's a quick conversion key if. you've measured in millimeters all you.

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