30.04.2024 Starburst XXXEXTREME

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Boys. right hello everyone it's a dark. dark dark. sunday night. um. i can't even see my webcam i presume i'm. here somewhere um. i don't know i could be here who knows. but. it showed it earlier i don't really care. anymore. we're. doing one thing in particular i took 20. quid in purely just to play some. starburst extreme. i've not played it in ages i'm not. playing ladies guys. it's a guilty pleasure of mine. and we're having some. yes because we're going extremes. now. doing the one spin at 20 quid 19 quid. i just don't know i just don't know i. don't want to do it. let's go with two quick spins one. guaranteed starburst burst spin right. yeah. i'm always i always have this . dilemma always got it. always got it i always have this issue. let's go let's go confirm. right. here we go. ow. oh it's there. [ __ ] spots. let's go again.

Is that that's a better spot how many. times two this time. 20 feet. we've got some blues. no i'm not having this. i'm not having this i've i've got to go. for the two other we go big or go home. go big or go home nine. nine fifty spin here let's go. oh this could be spicy. land something good. we don't have enough to carry on all. right we're gonna we're gonna go down. we're gonna go down guys. starburst extreme this is what this is. what happens playing this it. can never go really well. right time to. will there you know quit at the moment. that was a win that was a win we'll take. that let's go again. no win on the start. no win on the second approach oh. it's my own fault for playing this i. know it is. there's nobody else's but my own fault. i cut out myself though. this is the i'm gonna say this is the. worst outing i've had on it.

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