30.04.2024 Starburst XXXTREME Big Wins! 🚀World First🚀

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That's 103x with. guaranteed hit that's a decent looking. one. 500 come on bro. okay okay okay that's a lot of lines i. don't even. remember i only remember that the best. ones are. the bar and then sevens and then golden. and i don't know what comes. out of that no. xxx extreme anymore then. what yeah i think it's red after after a. gold level. 1500 nice nice guys. we're back best ones we're black babies. 100x came in in the front you take the. painting. the full. is still good it's better than 50 in the. back. it was the only one that wasn't that. wasn't meant to be a joke bar. bar bar bar bar bar oh red red red red. right here. okay okay it's all about the multiplier. i'm getting my tools up from this. actually. yeah it's basically the third story um. no i was very skeptical when i heard the. netherlands was making star.

Let's go let's go it's all about. multiplying. absolutely this actually gets me a bit. stressed. like a bit nervous. it really is everything multiplier don't. have it. uh it's not good uh kim megan has. covered caught from school cheer up by. giving her a nice message saying much. love her favorite but it's bad. that's big that's big oh my god. that is big bars all the way. is it two thousand four hundred no there. must be more lines. more. this is like it takes your money slow. and then boom if you're lucky. maths love you too oh. 150 that's the max. that's going to be good that's going to. be better in all the fudging fruits. i don't know which one has the best pay. line so if all uh. three have a three pay lines nice this. is gonna be a. why did you remove the sound because we. played the song. yeah yeah yeah if you bash starbursts 10.

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