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Ladies and gentlemen. it is my pleasure to showcase you the. highest. x win potential game in the world. and also of 2021 we are looking today at. starburst extreme. with the 200 000 times your bed size. maximum wind yes that is 50 000. more than san quentin. uhhuh and it's starburst well here you. have it. nothing has changed you might think well. a few things has changed. let's see here this is on a one euro bet. in demo version. full line of bars paste 50x and so on so. fourth. the starburst trademark while simple. appears unreal two three and four what. is it boys. but this time around they can award. random multipliers from 2x. ranging all the way up to 150. times the stake and that can happen on. all three reels. imagine random feature yes we know that. already. extreme spins is something we shall be. looking into very shortly so no need to.

Read out the novel here. winning lines is nine a little bit has. changed. in this case because it's only from left. to right it is not. both ways that it has been in the old. one all right. let's spin it shall we remember 200. 000 times your bet is the max win and. we're spinning starburst. 9 line like back in 2000 and what 13 14. maybe. nostalgia is upon us and big wins. probably not but it theoretically can. happen. you can stop spin of course if you are. impeasioned. and you can press extreme spins if you. buy. on a one demo bet one guaranteed. starburst. per spin it is 10 euros slash 10x. and if you want two reels guaranteed it. is 95x. i want two reels so what you do here is. now you. activate the spins here and every time. you spin from now on. it costs 95 euros instead of one euro so. be very wary. when you are to play this game let's see.

How it goes. two stars immediately and there you have. the reveal multiplier 8x. on any connection this spin we get half. money back. beautiful you can of course land three. as well. is it rare yes will it happen in this. review. doubtful could get lucky this one you. see we got. a lot of money back actually another two. here and. a third for connection maybe all right. we cannot but we are getting. some yeah you see it pays pretty god. damn well on a one euro stake. of course this is ideal to land them on. the second and third reel because we are. only connecting from left to right. when you've been playing starburst a lot. this is kind of a. how can you put it it's tough to wrap. your mind around it actually that you're. not connecting you're always looking for. double connections if you get lucky like. right now. you would assume the purple would.

Connect as well but it ain't. win 8 euros so basically what you can do. here is you can blast away your balances. in the search for three reels with 150x. on each and bars. on the side i doubt it's one in a. thousand spins that it is to a cure. it's here again now you've seen quite a. few of these pins and. we're getting pretty low multipliers. like. 3 and 2x they don't multiply each other. by the way as you may have noticed. they only add to each other. and i thought at first that they would. have to multiply each other because the. max win is so insanely high on a game. that is so. simple yet of course legendary to most. people. all the buses had at least 10 free spins. from a deposit bonus before. maybe even five free spin randomly. because we got lucky from the casino. another two eggs here well we pretty. much seen what this game is doing to us.

But of course. i would like to see a higher multiplier. and three stars that is kind of why i'm. still spinning and i haven't stopped. this review yet because you're probably. already bored you're thinking this can't. happen this is scam this is not. happening. it most likely is not happening to most. of us including myself. but theoretically it can happen that end. is not out to try and scam us here but. when i first saw the 200. 000 x max win i thought it was 200 000. coins. and not x because that would probably. make sense on a certain bet size and. whatnot. but it actually is that that's why this. game with these spins and this. extreme degenerateness like i'm not even. sure where to start about it is probably. going to be a. hell of a banger once it is to be. released and we do get 25 x here on one. of the reels and we are probably gonna.

Dead spin can we dead spin it. no we actually connect with the blue and. there's a full line that is playing. next to nothing well 81x but we're. pairing 95x. it's a 10x multi you can of course stop. spin again if you are. impatient it looks beautiful right. landing. two stars every single spin that's like. the dream when you're playing starburst. one right. that never happened and when it happened. you didn't connect with anything maybe. the blues or the purples if you were. like extremely lucky. this time around we were actually. connecting with anything and everything. and as i say that we are having a first. dead spin and a second that spins there. we actually lost the entire. 95 x purchase. i would still like to see a. very big multiplier and also three reels. so let's. hit it off shall we let's give it a few. more because why not.

It is darber's after all everyone's. personal favorite. everyone's like yeah personal favorite. free spin game as mentioned getting 10. free spins every now and then. and never landing three reels it is very. difficult even when you are. when you're forcing the game to put down. two reels in the beginning or in the. beginning. and as i say that we're getting three. in one spin next spin i mean sure 9x is. but. and the symbols are . but there you have it imagine that 150x. times three. and you would have been smiling all the. way to netting's bank. because you robbed them you legally. robbed them. that's with an o not within you for the. record. in case you like to drop knitting. employees anyway go for it. that's another 5x okay well i guess. we've we've pretty much seen everything. now that we. want to see except for the 200.

000 times your bet and you can see here. the multiplier. is really very rarely. going past 5x and when it does. it is tough to connect the biggest one. i've had while. simulating this game if you will has. been i believe. 50x and that was. that ended up being a pretty good win i. do believe of course from a full spin as. this one. but other than that i have not seen. anything bigger i do have i've had. quite a few 3x and 2x's if you don't. believe me and there you have them again. what do you know all right let's stop it. for now last pin here coming up. i mean it's so addictive to just press. it and get i need one more. just one minute yeah it is it is. you get so happy seeing all these pride. colors and. the nostalgia right anyway this is a. world first. look at extreme starburst or starburst. extreme by netend. 200 000 times your bet is the max win.

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