30.04.2024 STEP UP YOUR GAME! - Sugar Rush (Ep.1)

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Afternoon we are gonna play some sugar. rush today it's my first episode it's. really excited to meet all you guys it's. so this is no months there we go like. sugar rush I have to do this before it's. so much fun you know hey rush your. recipe way has been burned the music. done. Chikara Speedway has been a part of game. Central Station for many years now and. players cannot I don't care let's play. alone again. hold on it's my jam don't stop the music. yeah what whoa whoa I left before I. don't like you I can't say I'm sorry. okay let's get minty. let's do sweet ride look let's go to the. music oh okay. howling in heels sweaty. let's go. love them in. pasul you guys go all not you brown. child. oh sorry yes. but then I mean it skittish but that's. not that's not that's just. I'm a klutz not to you but my name is. minty some wool sprinkles forgot about.

Sprinkles or sprinkles in the first. place only sweetie here anymore. ha ha ha what's the hit food where is. everybody. lollipops. and we'll be on epic. No oh sweet room is really now settled. is that a real Blake enough that. everything was making me sound like a. Japanese soda. oh yeah be all of you turn turn turn. those banners drive what's uh. oh my gosh Oh Cheers. Oh what sweetheart I apologize that my. face is not in the corner of the screen. I'm laughing maybe no time oh yeah sugar. sugar rush thank you I don't want to be. in third let's go go minty step up your. game step up your game. this isn't stepping name. we've done this bad before when. so curse sleep sleep you can be the best. you mean totally start try on the. reporting screen and you suck. Nasr oh I don't like Hugh crumbly Anna. dude I'm out whatever whenever I play.

She always gets last place snow wanna. some of your games no on YouTube Anna. alright two more races alright crumbling. ads on what kind of a names from Buena I. don'ts candy come on. sounds weird old plays vanellope why. can't it clean Penelope he's awesome. that's doesn't blood. stick evil Hill I did not just say that. was discussed. turn child Wow good nope no I regret. jinx it man. who are you oh my god oh my god are you. kidding me Nogales no Juana nobody likes. you give it an afro what happened. Gloria I think real live here awesome. Galway person what's left. working out a song but your ears would. probably bleed all eyes would you get. person what. go girl go off to the music uhhuh wait. all right it's not what's all your. writing your own stick blood that's. Grossmont Hey. Pasi what the heck happened. I'm sucking so bad right now oh my god.

Knows that noise. it's that me that was funny okay. I don't want snot I want something like. auto or sugar rush the animal I don't. know I might be in last place but you. know I'm not really sure we're gonna. snow wanna be not you not bad that was. awful I'm sorry I'm sorry. thank you you came. while I'm being really reasoning. Oh slight mariokart we're like in first. place and then you're like bow across. the finish line and then like the people. in front like no screw your here's a. blue shell then you get like fifth place. okay last lap last lap it's all. crumbling up sweating right now don't. get excited. let's go minty. of course it has everybody in the. beginning it's one pass you guys. thank you for this snot rag and I have. something better than my face that. always only. thing. those are peppers Wow those are.

Different. well they step gum on top of each other. oh my god sugar rush it up oh Jesus man. no no no what. no oh my turning into no like animal mom. what they don't get is like you know. we're good Ralph. he's like he lives in a game and he. league lives in a garbage place and you. probably have a bad forget he's like. schooler and stuff and then it becomes. like this world like sweets and stuff it. like everything in May a candy. but everybody's like super skinny it's. like that doesn't make any sense should. be the other way around like and to be. like the bulky one cast first place. thank you okay some like shouldn't be. the other way around that like ralph. lives in the candy land those kids like. would move a dump it so like super. skinny its school the wrists of. vegetables in the game come on man. my first place right oh my god.

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