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What's up guys we're on Sugar Rush we're. starting with an $8,000 Buy in the video. we bought 50k I don't like this intro. already and it still has to be used. because toaster clicked the buy button. nice why didn't you like it I thought. you were doing good CU I should have. said how much is in the balance before I. said we're doing an 8K but this is our. first video back in like four or five. days so Skip's. fresh yeah I feel like it's usually. about four or five days between. recording sessions yeah sometimes three. you never you never know. sometimes even longer when we have to. plan ahead for trips depends on the week. pretty much. yeah moving this mic out of the way so I. can see the balance greens trigar Rush. is already looking somewhat dead right. now on this first buy yeah but we'll. just get the dead buys out of the way.

And then hopefully have good ones later. today wow that was wow yeah almost Beans. really just fit perfectly there. yeah you know before we hopped on this. call I was feeling very tired like carb. coma laying on the couch could barely. keep my eyes open wow and now I feel. great oh I'd feel great if a retrigger. dropped. in come it it can yeah it's not going to. yeah no way okay come on it's not going. to no it's not what do you want to do a. 16 16 okay I was going to say 12 but. I'll do 16 just a little double up from. the start we can always go back down to. a 12 true true but you can't always go. up cuz we might not have balance for it. so we might as well go up right now not. a point I like that you're furthering or. further agreeing or something with my. opinion I think that'd be um I don't. know what the word would be for it never.

Mind yeah we don't know no we don't oh. my God I don't want to talk about. anything but Sugar Rush and. Sugar Rush isn't even doing what it. supposed to be. doing nice uh now suckers. llies no wow no definitely. not I returned Josh's watch today so. that way you can get a new one nice oh. they're giving a brand new one they're. not going to fix the old one yeah he. said that like they look cuz like that's. what I pitched I was like you guys. aren't going to fix it or anything and. he goes no I was just going to go see if. our store has a new one that I could. just give you I was like all right cool. that's nice yeah they're nice people I. mean they've been nice to. me we're getting we just lost 24K. 312 from uh 16k that's we should. probably just go for 12 realistically. yeah let's do it that was we're so bad I.

Know I feel like we're showing no. emotion but we're we've been like this. for the last like . four or five videos yeah this is just. something we've expected to like we knew. we kind of knew this was going to happen. eventually just the yeah the downhill. yeah I hate sitting in it though I want. to get out of it I know me too I don't. want to like CU I feel bad making a. video where it's just lose lose lose. like but what what are we going to do. you know right we can't just choose to. win you know I wish yeah I mean if we. want to wait out this dry streak. we could just go play go fish with each. other at like a IRL camera and a table. or something do you think. um sorry to interrupt you but do you. think that we could get out of this by. just gambling a lot more which sounds. bad to say but like eventually it has to.

Turn around right is that not how it. works yeah but I wonder how much we'd. have to throw down like they're not. going to just say you know 500k away. from a big win again like I'm sure we'd. lose oh wow this is really not not hug. yeah yeah continue my point after the 6K. nice please please please beans okay. almost a profit by. now yeah there's a little 10K hit we're. still down quite a bit I get your point. though I hear what you're saying. 100% can we get a retrigger with this. crazy nice board be sweet if we could. yeah oh nice that's still 4K yeah yeah. saw those drop in I was like. nice all right so further your point. what else do you have to say about it uh. I was just going to say so like we're. gambling lower amounts right now but if. we were to just hit that so we're going. to lose a certain amount until we start.

Winning again again I think you know. maybe not maybe it's just completely. random but with that thought process we. would just be able to get to that amount. quicker by gambling more you know I hear. you I wonder if there's anything that. confirms that's the way it works or not. I feel like maybe it might just be a. random clock that decides to reset when. it wants to yeah probably it's probably. not like predetermined or. anything I don't know if we'll ever know. I don't know. either another 8K man I'm starting to. get anxious with it though I just turned. it down a little bit cuz I felt like it. wasn't going to pay twice in a. row this could be good I think it yeah I. think it was a smart move to turn it. down I don't know if it was. look it's a lot gone yeah but it's two. spins right now get a last spin save you.

Know could happen on what these twos. yeah yeah I don't know I can't believe. it's actually this low right now like. that it's paying back this much yeah 10K. is cool with me I'm down 10 or 10 or 12. yeah. like wouldn't you think like say for. that last 8K wouldn't you have expected. or like preferred like 2 or 3K from a. tent yeah you think what the am I. saying I got to fix this cam too. I started noticing this as I was. talking it was like pointing down at me. I Ed it to a 12 but I did it like with. the buy Box open that's the first time. I've ever like changed it that way never. done that before changing around the. seed yeah if this video keeps going this. way I'm going to have to start taking a. sip of my drink cuz I made a cocktail. before this knowing this session yeah. cuz I have to repair sometimes now that.

These sessions get so bad what' you make. uh it was a watermelon sarak with club. soda nice and then I threw some. raspberries in it just because I wanted. to feel feminine today nice just kidding. not ever feeling. feminine but there is raspberries in It. Go J there's raspberries in. it this is another another one of those. buys it looks like unless. unless. I really hope it surprises us here with. that last spin just insane be. nice don't mind these little. hits all right here we go big lollies. come on or. hearts or nothing. yeah you know Jay you can pick the next. bount but I wanted to say that even. though slots disappoint me sometimes you. never disappoint Jay thanks thanks you. don't disappoint either this 20K won't. disappoint either right I hope not and. you watching this won't disappoint cuz. you'll drop a like right now maybe 2K.

Likes if we can get 2K likes just drop a. like right now and if you haven't foruse. fork okay all. right perss oh my God I thought there. were going to be more perss down below. too it's still early that's the thing. it's kind of. early in the video no no no in this. bonus buy I know . bro please please just one more on top. oh no got separated by the. hearts. okay Jay if this doesn't make you want. to Degen so hard. oh it's bad it's it's worse than we. thought it makes me want to say here. take 100K right now I honestly I'm the. same way but we can't do it just can't. you want to redeposit though yes we're. back from the redeposit we have 23k in. the balance now just going to go for a. 14 and hope for the best I guess please. pay we need. it okay llies somehow no I was hoping. Hearts were going to hit there start.

Building the multis. up nice. Reds y. beans I'm going to call out everything I. don't even. care I didn't even see those maybe. Hearts no I just wish that the video. wouldn't go like this I mean I guess I. don't know it's just obviously I wish. that but it's just annoying yeah it is. it's more than. annoying oh uh uh uh uh beans up. top this is crazy we've had like one. profitable buy out of like six mhm. crazy well that was kind of okay it. was that was kind of all right too. Stars okay maybe. something oh give us a. retri still 10K from the from the one. hit though yes I agree the retrigger. would have been beautiful like we only. lost 4K there which is pretty good yeah. should we just put this 20K in yeah and. then probably just just do this 20K and. then whatever happens happens four. scatters already off to a good start.

Please continue this way come on bring. our balance right back. yes Stars keep coming in no. oh there they are beans are hitting. maybe purple somehow I don't see it. anymore never mind Reds oh no they did. not line up the way I thought they were. going. to okay sugar rush not enough multis no. it's a lot of red bears but they're just. so blocked. off beans to oh my God beans didn't even. hit yep nice they did nice hearts and. then retri suckers retri something just. give this bonus by life I just want I'm. sick of the baits. yeah. purples purples coming. in. um something crazy has to happen on this. last spin. yeah oh oh SA okay okay we got Sav. yeah there's another 5K nice this is so. stupid though like I think we should. just put in this 30 I know we're already. down and you think we should I was. going to say we just take it really I.

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