30.04.2024 SUPER HIGH STAKES ($200/400) With Doug Polk! Airball! Trick Time! Taras!

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A Mahal live stream broadcasting from. beautiful Austin Texas and we've got a. good one today Slick Rick along with. skull Mike 200 400 skull what's going on. the boys are playing some high stakes. poker Doug pul Terrace Nick airball. action Dan from Canada joining us for. the first time on stream trick time I. hit my one of my favorites Charlie hook. and of course we have viper so let's get. it started expecting some big pots and a. lot of table. talk let's let's see what. happens you make it it's all good right. yeah yeah it's a push after the game we. can go play like last how do you look at. mine if I won money was a win was great. I it so right now those pink chips are. $5,000 orange chips are. $25,000 yellow chips are 1,000 my op. 100 Ace King vers Ace Queen hand number. one Rick and he's all in Viper all in.

Hand number one oh my goodness like. 38 hold. on from 2500 to 50K in how much is50. exact or M is 400 no like 45 or. something I was just praying that I. don't have Go's got the hooks action D. big slick didn't even see that three bet. my goodness. three bet four P Jam the I guess SC take. tus advice and know what to. do I mean would they screens suited I. would what was your name I stacked ter. for 12K. know call me Viper Viper Viper okay I. didn't come up with that I guess I'm. just going to fold lays down the Ace. King doesn't know anything about Viper. could be dominated but the Ace King in. good shape against Ace Queen what does. goofy do with the Jacks I guess I'm good. he's going to lay it down too it feels. like this is hand number one first hand. this is. well of course I'm going to do it but. lays it down and the ace Queen gets the.

Ace King and the Jacks to full just like. that that's what that's what I was. thinking that's amazing you came here to. KN it up today huh okay oh. man so we'll go around the. table all right oh I also the tallest. dealer in the country is in the box safy. is our Game. host time it's SE one yeah one time. ter ass is in seat Goofy's in seat three. studying pul bought in for 200,000 in. seat four Viper the man who just went. all in in seat five terrison seat six. Nick airball in seat 7 and action Dan. from. Canada is quite insignificant but there. is a difference there is for sure ter do. you always go once cuz I remember last. let's go let's go. Nick I don't care I always I don't care. whatever you guys I like the good ones. how much is it and I think the viewers. like and the thing is it actually. doesn't matter that much I mean slightly.

Better for the for you if you go once. but I mean just it's you know we studied. it where I I live in the. wills well I studied it last night. man I ran a bunch of Nick airball and. Caris next to each other we may not be. saying much today skull it actually. doesn't matter. that's basic what I'm. tryck usually people like to dip their. toes in a little bit. more. game I can I I told everyone I said I. only got. one I like to. move see. Terrace with top pair here six it's. going to raise to. 6,000 I'm the. best I mean that's what uh Tony would. say I'm just I'm just trying to like. Channel my T. oh on your bike. huh yeah he always runs it once too you. know yeah well there you go but the. thing is it actually matters a lot less. than you think running it once or twice. no it's got to matter a lot bro I don't. know what you're talking about uh it.

Matters a lot less than you how can it. matter what less it has to matter just. telling you like you'd think that it but. if you run it once then you either win. or lose I'm saying going to just chop so. I'm just saying the variance of your. bank roll will not significantly. increase oh are you are you worried. about like going broke bik is that what. we're doing on the analys absolutely not. thank thankfully not no thankfully not. the risk of ruining your fund. high he was going down the risk of Ruin. route then I wasn't sure so much risk of. ruining fun yeah. yeah three players to this flop Viper. with the hits a boat on the Flop. starting off hot Viper slightly like a. lot less than you think it's not by half. which reduces your variance running. twice okay or like multiple times quick. call uh running it multiple times.

Reduces your variance slightly but the. fun gets reduced by a lot by half yeah. essentially essentially so variant. reduced by L slowing down at least half. yeah so then like why would you ever run. it doesn't add up yeah yeah all right. I'm once for like like if you want to. have it a little bu there from Viper. like he doesn't like it but he loves it. your bank will not Flats here. to the river we go there's the ace for. hook think he just got there he has some. Showdown. now INF no one really. car snap Jam from Viper 2x my point is. that the fun will suffer a lot more than. the bank roll let me put it that. way do a. video was this the same seat that Mo was. in yesterday that was just scorching. hot I believe so and Hook's goingon to. lay it down. you good. F Viper shows the table good flop yeah I. was dead would have liked to seen Viper.

Just send that into the muck these. players know nothing about what happens. when they flop a boat he's an. amateur. 16500 in the live chat and growing we're. going to be streaming for a long time. folks me people win or lose a lot of. money tonight I'm hoping I win. personally me too yeah I'm just hoping I. have fun oh so you're going to Once yeah. I I I story as on. once no I'm just kidding uh I'm trying. to maintain my bank. rooll so me do the math 32 okay 4200 32. 42. 4200 ter going to raise here with ace10. off. suit. 4,200 all. right is that like a smoking weed. reference here Terrace or what yeah. there go absolutely not. absolutely it's nothing to do with. weed look's getting involved. early oh next pop let's do a tip pop. okay. hook it's top pair. here oh yeah see I figured it out dy I. got there how's that work so it'll be um.

400 to the dealer starting on this going. that way 2 so like this is he. seven and if this is like a king then it. goes to this. C so you just don't want to. five H makes the call here with top pair. in pretty good position here terce. looking for some help going to need an. Ace. Check can I get I Coke in some tissues. please thank. you check. Che I. check and Hook's going to take down his. first hand Hook's played on our stream a. couple times before. beautiful there's no way there's no way. you're folding right no you'll see it on. TV you could have gone all in and run it. twice though no I'm not it's not going. to help at least it would have reduced. your variance a little bit I don't I'm. not trying to reduce the variance oh at. all it'll reduce the fun for sure yeah. the variance is actually so if anything. we want to increase the variance Ser I'm.

Not even joking I love you ter like variance makes the game fun as long as you're doing it responsibly Nick who's the English guy in that game and I play with him a lot the game had no variance it's him and Chris oh Simon Simon one of the best bus I ever saw was that day you against Simon and you bued him with eight High I remember that remember oh he trips right or something yeah yeah yeah s with big slick here I was over here next to Freddy the boy is like King 9 I was trying to tell my a king 9 looks like he's going to three bet to 16,000 Doug yet to get involved through five hands yeah little cheaper appreciate everybody joining us we had a good one L yesterday my who plays that game said he's the most dangerous guy in that game and tomorrow we'll be back with some tournament poker around 8:30 p.m.

Tomorrow okay our 500k. guarantee in my experience they were. just. Nets airball wants the party tonight. Rick yeah you told me you told me to tag. along how is. it how do you say no when you you got a. big day. tomorrow faball wins heaps I don't think. there's roads. to many many drinks in my. future trick time getting. involved trick times played on our. stream once. before such these are such nice three. bets to 9400 with King. Jack ain't be you do a Starbucks or. something no I think they did so I don't. I meant to say like how can we get can. you. get action Dan from the Toronto area 94. GNA make this call yeah he had a late. night last night too traveled in this. morning so hopefully he can keep his. energy up and his mind right makes the. call heads. up is this the fault yep okay 10 would. be an AC. top pair for.

Dan bud we're trying to increase the we. only ran it once yeah we we ran the Flop. once you. lost wait wait come out do you want to. go again we can run it one more time if. you if someone else gets a you pck to. they 64 64 trick time with one of the. best stairs in the game the simulation. like on that yeah it's reduces fun. this. go Dan says let's play for all of it and. that's gonna end the handrick time not. calling off his stack with King. High uh let's you know let's focus on. the here action Dan living up to his. name folks we're six hands in we're. going to be here a long time settle back. grab a snack oh thank you there you go. cuz it's going to be a fun. one mhm. can't believe we never got to that 3K. like total yesterday even with the. incentive middle nameid name of you. taking shots of barbecue sauce I was.

Ready Captain I mean is that your last. name my last name last dude oh my God. name one of your sons. Captain if you knew he was going to be. an absolute stud it's okay. but if he's a failure that's just the. worst. yeah like guar he's like he's like the. the QB for the high school football team. he like Le you a state championship. who's your QB Captain Hook like oh . we are fues that would be like like like. Terror deep into their heart you know. you got to have some like pure bread. like amazing like you can't be a. scrub. captain that song boy. Nam boy named. five memberships we got over 300 members. now thank you for becoming members so. his dad went to prison so he named his. kid Sue because he knew he had to be. tough and he wasn't going to be there to. help him. right country s. Sue I see yeah cuz K kids are mean man.

Am I the only person at this table that. knows the Johnny C song boy nam I heard. that song before okay like I lost my. mind that's the lyrics there b i I don't. know any song. but I I really don't know much music my. fatherin-law listens to music all all. the old school stuff all the time so. everything Viper comes along with his. pocket. fives the hand that could have last. night Mo had those pocket fives on a. King 55 flop anyway had he called not. gonna give would have won about 200,000. last more last. night. 4,000 yeah. time action Dan now with the open Ender. no they're still here couple. overs GNA make this call no income tax. Nashville zero yeah put when uh my wife. I start leave gets there on the river. with the queen I remember I wrote you a. little yeah not little I went remember. Viper's going to continue to tell a.

Story here only been Houston once since. about half pot that's not going to get. through Austin was. right I I actually like Dallas a lot. more than I thought I was going to but I. got Austin I was just like this is so. Austin's a lot like n i yeah I see that. because you got some hills and stuff. imagine Dan contemplating a Rays here I. don't think foldings an option if you. call there on the turn connect with the. queen for this price so flatting or. raising and he makes the. call two pair no good for Viper send the. money over to the 18 seat nice catch. Lodge Card Club folks located in Austin. Texas the main room is packed for the. LCS Lodge championship series event. number one $400. buying 500k. guarantee still another flight today a. turbo flight later tonight and a turbo. tomorrow morning as we take a look at.

The leaderboard Dan up 341 yesterday ni. where you from I played the 510. ran the hottest ever ran in my entire. life but I I used I used all my run hot. up at the at the 510 game you can't. extend it you don't think the extend I. mean I don't know how it. works it that's everyone told me I. flopped like 10 sets and I stacked like. every person the table I was on like 30. something thousand it's a 3K cap oh wow. you're R good blood bath and then I ran. one big Bluff and the guy was like oh. fine and folded and I'm like 7. like so great that you just made quads. over I mean it was insane I i' I've like. I've actually never seen anything like. it my entire life playing. poker so obviously H the lowest stes. game I ever play trust me I trust me I. understand how it works. right hook with the suited connectors. here and.

Goofy fing too looks like he is going to. three bet to 14,000 with his Ace Queen. Suited. an action Dan for the second hand in a. row out of play it one time but that's. king queen tough. Affair Charlie's like you Dad you. left me. alone I just wish more. red and black anyway. no he getting right into. it you don't ever go to Vegas during the. summer right to play anything I haven't. been no but this summer I'm going to. play the 250 oh the 250 oh nice isan's. going to play that oh. yeah but I have said the last couple. years I was going out play the 250 or. whatever but then I never went yeah I. get home cuz we go we don't spend much. time in Jersey well I'm from Philly. obviously but my wife away from Jersey. we have a house there we don't spend. much time there so it's the only chance. kids are out of school we there I don't.

I don't like leave you know and I get to. Vegas by like day three I'm like I got. the out of here well the tough. thing with tournaments is it's hard to. schedule all your all your stuff because. you don't really know how it's going to. shake out you know yeah I. call whereas like with the cash game you. like okay I'll play this day I'll play. that day I'll fly out but when a. tournament you're like hope I'm there a. while 500 more hope I'm canceling some. flights yeah I don't really like that. that much. are you going I'm probably gonna play. the main probably but I haven't off or. not I might play I might play 25k heads. off I might fly there for that too. Queens for both Doug and Goofy and teror. say all the Queens are used F yes I'm. not complaining Goofy with two pair. though I was complaining I just I backed.

Out why you back out it's got so much. going on if I'm G to go out to Vegas and. dude you should definitely play that. instead of oh I know I know I know I. know I maybe cuz then you can do one day. you're an out team and it's going to be. way softer yeah and you get to go to La. rather than go to Las Vegas yeah I. mean but you know do whatever makes you. happy. but you plan only playing the main. race I haven't played the main in. probably six years or something it's. just so special to play the man what's. the what sorry what's the uh last year I. got 600 without 10K best in the world. buddy 600th. best okay you crazy animals you even. play that you play any tournaments at. all so I played like four main event. last year I left an hour earli oh my God. I ran into you and he's like talking. about how he's going to pun his chips.

Off and I'm like as he walks away I'm. like that guy's dead yeah so on. day one last year I had like a decent. stack at like 11:00 p.m. I got texted. the cash came I was waiting for it. starting so I got the up and left. the floor is like you can't do that I'm. like I'm out I played till like 11:00. a.m. and restart was at 2: I showed at. like 5:00 p.m. or something like that. was a show I played another win. tournament I got there a day early to my. trip for Vegas like a Cash Festival and. uh I got there day early and there was a. chance we' play Terrace in big trouble. so I go to the win where my buddy's. playing this tournament I jump in it's. like 3K or I don't know something small. just so I can get massage and chill and. then like after 2 hours I have all the. chips on the table I get a text game. starting so I get up and leave like 6.

Hours later I get another text you made. the. money that's great then you just never. went back I I would have got my money. later like couple months later or two I. was like oh yeah I'm about to win let me. get that 5K I'm in a tournament and I. see Nick airball at my table I'm like. thank you you know the best thing ever. so this the main event when I played I. get to my table and you know who's. sitting right across from me Santos oh. and we were waiting to play catch that. night he actually ran some stuff I think. yeah he's like he like tries hard the. say like if he's going to try hard it's. you know yeah it's competitive I just. don't know if I can play he wanted did. you ever talk to him I played that the. T oh my. goodness all in from. Terrace yeah this is turning his Queen. 100% into a. bluff applying max pressure to here two.

Pair can he pick this one. off terce has goofy covered so it would. be for every single one of those chips. in front of. him as we take a look at the. play the thought process and a man in. the blender with the best hand makes the. call it's $150,000 pot I think. probably I told do one day super two. days got do higher. blinds our game our game we actually did. like so that was like like basically 2K. 4K we played the last season on high. stakes poker and then coming up in the. month we're playing again the same game. 2K 500k men and like there were like. billion dollar pots of left right cuz. like the blinds are such that like the. money goes in it's onek 2K you can notot. put like you can't be scared with 500k. you have to be will to put the money in. right so like there were a ton of big. pots and like big bets and stuff whereas.

I felt like when we played last year. like everyone was like oh we're. like thousand it down my. terce great play you're too fuing I had. something pretty. good see on TV. yeah you can see it right outside the. door I guess like in like 30 minutes so. I've got to ask you last time I've got. to ask Chad what do you think the. largest pot of the day remember 77,000. is the leader in the clubhouse when. Alex's turn trips beat Doug's Bluff it. was a really really good show couple. months ago what is the number going to. be will we break the record today oh 78. Rick Stakes basically skull Mike says. we're breaking the record today 2 10 or. something like stupid 512 5 get six or. something at the end I think it was only. five maybe was six it was a long ass. session. maybe that was crazy our good friend DQ. in chat how you doing.

DQ saw DQ on a poker table recently he's. back I just think the blind's going to. be significantly bigger last year I. thought having like going into it I. thought like it would be fun to play. super deep with everyone and then I then. like obviously practice like everyone. just plays super tight whereas I think. if the blinds are like 2,000 5,000 or. something like then it would be like. really fun to watch I agree yeah but. also like it's just like Carnage like. people are going to have to need like. bring like 3 million to play you know. and like that's also I thought I brought. 3 million because I thought it was going. to be like that I understand but you're. like like you're one of the few Out of. Towners who came prepared with their own. chips literally every other out of. towerer I did chips for so like it's.

Like I can't prepare 3 million for 15. people to do that you know what I mean. like a million for 15 people is a. headache as it is I just didn't. want to like get sacked and be like all. right. everyone Tri time and hook and. hook with the straight flush draw last. night we saw our first ever royal flush. on stream goofy hit that jacket diamonds. on the. turn good turn. remember hook wants to see if he can hit. the straight flush don't know why I like. turn you just want to see see what's. going on you know. great shot of the studio last year was. really really good under the likes for. viewership I think yeah it's the all all. time biggest stream I mean not. necessarily like in terms of like. numbers I just me like as a viewer. that's the kind of game you want to. watch that's it was there was. everything there was drama there was.

Like massive pots huge Bluffs big spots. yeah there was like bickering must. players there was like. like was incredible there was just so. much good TV. there paralus showed up trying to. collect money from Tom sits down the. first hand he gets queens versus Kings. and loses 500,000 or queen yeah whatever. and loses like 600,000 and he's just. Ste. Tom Tom's up like 2 million Ando shows. to collect like. 200k and he either three bets or four. bets and gets re raised and he goes is. this real life he in his rack he's he. with Queen he said that and I'm like I. feel like I feel like I could tell what. was going on just done that and then Rob. checks back the FL and he bet he raised. him and he's just. like Rob Rob smashed that game yeah Rob. won a ton his the were humongous he had. like 2 young was it 2.5 in chips or.

Something yeah was crazy I think that's. the biggest tack I've ever seen I only. think ever seen it over 2 and a half. million and I'm sure some of you sick. I've seen some pretty big I've seen. some big Stacks 2 and a half million for. this guy is the biggest stack I've ever. seen the thing with Rob that day was he. didn't like I didn't even feel like he. won like a huge pot or a couple H it. just felt like he won every pot he. played like he just kept winning and had. all the chips oh so he kept winning. teris hits his six here I never played a. huge pot with Rob but he head up against. like six times in a row for some reason. my crispest memory of that game is the. last hand where you bluffed off Tok to. hands he calls you you're like you win. and every everyone's like game's over. and Doug's like GG and just like that's.

How. yeah the very last day he blow like. 300,000 and the show's over I'm like all. right let's go and it was off stream too. like they the game continued off stream. he BLS it off and as soon as the H ends. everyone. quits yeah yeah yeah and then . Ryan comes over he's like this is a. great game Nick Nick D you guys want to. do an interview we're like no we just. lost a million he called the winners. interview let's get the winners over. here it's like off a million dollars. let's get the winners. guys that was fun to be a part of though. thank you Ryan opport thank for the. opportunity to play You King on the. river gives action Dan the check mark. here he'll come again yeah yeah I've. always liked Ryan a lot I've know Ryan. since I was like 18 oh really oh cuz. he's from Philly too right yeah yeah how. many people are from Philly Jesus I.

Think we played together once and we. were like check I might have been 17 in. an underground Philly game yeah. wow that's crazy. I I had you all the way luck the LSG. Hank uh a Jack is the greatest of all. time greatest of all time that was a. sick hand man you can't. callman one four times one at four times. I would have called I'd have called one. out of zero times no his just his. reaction cuz I grew up playing with uh. similar players where you from it's just. so pure it's just so pure at Toronto. okay yeah yeah K it up and like thre it. was like so good for it was just so good. for poker it was. just I have a clip that just. like oh it's amazing I wish I had on the. first flip I had picked the right ace. and then it would have been down to the. second one so would have been sick that. would have been that would have been.

Fun 2,900 people watching the card right. yeah but then they were like don't do. that like just like whatever I was like. okay the staff like freaking out like. normally if the staff's freaking out. you're doing something wrong yeah like. no no no don't do this we don't want the. California doj exactly dog. got de fired because of a flip oh my God. I feel bad about oh this is at rivers or. something right you told me about. this house you didn't get them fir. that's yeah JY yeah yeah that was. unfortunate I didn't realize that in. some places you can't nobody knows do. whatever you want and so I did a 10 card. stud flip and streamed it to YouTube. which apparently is illegal in. Pennsylvania oh W has to be an approved. game and they don't have drunk 10 card. sub flips on there not there and the. proof was it's streamed live on YouTube.

So they like put my video in like the. court like here it is they evidence it's. like Doug. poer about that one is I remember you uh. you the guy bought out of the flip. won someone did the math on that. negotiation by the way and it was insane. we actually negotiated the right price. down to almost the right dollar that's. sick like I said I'll let you buy out. for 28 he's like or 28.8 and he's like. oh 28 even I was like 28.4 and then we. like all right and then they're like is. it still up on your YouTube by the way I. think so yeah and it was like the. correct number was like 28. you offer. the first number I think so oh so I can. see you like just automatically having a. good base for that yeah I mean I do. roughly like yeah I know he needs some. I've got some [ __ ] yeah actually. Dan with the only heart in his hand on.

All what's up that guy still play yeah. he does yeah I play with him a lot Goofy. with top pair. I thought he was like a philia lawyer no. he's a Chicago real estate guy Chicago. real estate yeah something so the other. day sorry man you have one last guy from. Philly there's a lot of Philly people in. the poker World though me and Coffman. are like in a in a big app game and like. a small game super small just to . around so I get like I was kind of out. of my mind on some stuff and I was like. let's play some small po there's the. flush fraction. D I get stuck 100K I couldn't see. straight obviously I'm stuck 100K in. this. how small was the small game 510 it. usually play 36 but that day I was like. we got to play 510 like six Max poo I. want to gamble so I was like I. literally couldn't see straight like I. don't remember like any of.

100 L gu the guy who like like host the. game of runs or whatever I was out to. dinner with him and he's like watching. me play while while I'm playing in the. thing and he's like afterwards the next. day he told me like the hands like he. was like oh the Flop came Jack Jack 6. and you had like a63 deuce and you you. your opponent bet you raised he jammed. 10K and you called on Jack Jack 6 with a. six and he had to jacking P so I was. just giving it away right anyway so I. lose 100K I wake up the next day and I'm. like no one hold on can we just can we. just for a second no one was like let me. check in on Nick in a game someone just. like here we go again. 84 I had a lot of texts from people in. the game saying you need to quit but I. didn't care oh okay okay I was out of my. mind anyways so then the next day I wake.

Up and I look at the thing and I'm like. I lost I couldn't really I thought. it was a dream maybe like you know. whatever I like I thought it was a dream. I checked the app I'm like I lost. 100 like I look at the results Kaufman's. still playing he's down. 80 my God I jump back in win back 50 and. Kaufman just ends up getting shredded. and being the big loser he played like. three days straight A 510 oh keep in. mind this guy's like infinite rich like. it doesn't matter but he just loves it. he just got there got he's a very good. dude he's the best I like that guy he's. very Lely the guy straight yeah yeah he. Hing super Lely top top for Action. Dan who's gotten a good welcome for his. first ever time here to gamble with our. lodge Card. Club here's like another we were at to. dinner and uh in Vegas and he realizes.

He forgot his. watch and he's like distraught so he. gets up leaves the table and comes back. 30 minutes with a brand new Rolex we. were like what he he didn't go get the. watch he left it at in Chicago like he. just got in he got in like left put his. stuff in the room came down to dinner. and he's like oh my God I don't have a. watch here and we're like it's okay. Kaufman you're here for a day and he's. like I'll be right back it's G for like. 30 minutes comes like with a brand new. watch how else would you tell the time. 100% there's no no options at that point. also think about Vegas the the jewelry. store is really low. markup that's healthy it's healthy. markup like most things in Vegas yeah in. hindsight that makes sense goofy in. trouble here. goofy now with a better two pair than he. had it's a shame there's no reward for.

Three pair no Dam with the check mark. Kings and. threes that'd be nice though you know. mix it up every now and then oh I got. three pair you got two pair sorry ship. it not the case. clubs get there straight gets there. board. pair but he's. reaching looks like he's reaching for. about. 18,000 little over half siiz pot bet. goofy doing some inventory and for the. first time today a quiet table we're. going to listen to a lot of table talk. today makes the. call a big pot here action. Dan there was like probably 20 second. moment where you were shelfing your. chips and the way you were chewing your. gum was like. synchronized do you work on that no I. was yeah sleep. deprived it was like every. shovel that's crazy I didn't see that I. just saw hook smirking I that's why I. was laughing like I I know laugh either. I just thought it was.

Funny now that you mention it I probably. was doing it that's your Ace King top. pair top kicker yeah. hell can I can I get um yellow. sure you go sorry I'm not much. thanks once again we'll be streaming a. long time today there and then we'll. come back tomorrow. evening after the dinner break of our. 500k. guarantee tournament the first event of. the LCS our Flagship. event probably around. 8:30 somewhere around that time. tomorrow and we'll go all the way into. the we hours of the morning to Crown a. champion Doug has not played many hands. had a chance to play many hands today. he's going to try this one with the. suited. diaper and not a bad flop picks up a. couple hearts and a board pair action. Dan also hits a. deuce Doug is going to raise to 3400 and. Doug's going to take it down. w a good flop it's about as much as you.

Can hope for I saw like holy I was. like wow we did it I'm the best sweater. we did we did the hard. part want to thank our two great. moderators as always Yoda and VW Bug the. 25k heads up or whatever prob it's just. too much back and forth and like my day. that I play is like either the day. before the day of or and it might go. late and I don't want to I'm just not. going to deal with it fa. enough it's too. close I love the 25k heads up my. favorite event I think I might play. it we draw each other what what a weird. world I'm in I'm in La playing on Nick. and show up because they're in cash. games somewhere. else we drew each other and then we were. playing games or else yeah just blind. out the whole whoever gets the button. wins that's the issue even the 25k if I. get like if I win like the first match. and I'm in the second one and someone.

Text me for a game I'm out no no of. course I'm out I just want to play. against that old guy that was just. smoking everybody oh John John Smith. whatever something Smith right is it. John Smith I think it might have. been that's just such a generic name. yeah it sounds like you're just like. picking up you know how like it says for. example John Smith I think was John. Smith though Susie Smith that wasn't. that an online name for a little. while think it was. sussy that was um that was. um that. turrets or someone. else terce is going to race here we're. getting so old that I'm starting to I. know man about with Just Jack high and. gutshot. hopes Viper with a pair way out in front. here running the river only. once Max. one Viper got that all important ace of. hearts in his hand Reunion game like. yeah old old school.

Yeah terce is goingon to go for. it so already made one incredible. play got three waves the White Flag. thought he was gearing up for a heavy. Bluff good check back ter that was good. terrible oh I was going to shove it coin. Scoggin is now a member we appreciate. that like I said close to 300. members what do you get to be a member. when you're a member you get a I. actually think Lodge badge and access to. a bunch of custom emojis and you support. the channel That was a bad check and. look for more. coming soon maybe some content just for. our members. yeah okay I'll try to do better next. time thank you we have standard ter yeah. like I'm not up to the standard of Lodge. fker. like not up to the standard. of you. know you need to play at least this good. to be able to call if that was true we. wouldn't have a. show if that was true it' just be me and.

Doug heads up oh. yeah oh my God oh my. Lord best in the. world. okay ten of Spades flipped over yeah. okay there's trips for. hook Terrace's chips have perfectly. become a Terrace I'm telling you like. you just wait you just wait the big. chips are working there way no no no no. there I you. know I don't know I you know what I. don't know what that. means I'm working on it I know that's. what I just said I said they're working. their way I'm saying they're going to. work their way to the front Okay like. I'm working on that skill of moving the. big chips I got tough skill Nick. you always get a shout out it is there. some people shout out to Nick the Greek. let's do a little roll call let us know. where you're watching from all over the. world there's. 3300 people watching from all over the. world let us know where you're tuning in.

From try to give you a shout. out in between tabl. talk took time a little quiet today. suited Broadway cards raises to two. 2000p probably 6' n yeah Clayton's real. tall we we we had like a lodge. basketball team our Center yeah nice. unfortunately the rest of the team not. very good but the Clayton was dunking on. people it was. great like get to Clayton Theon kept. taking threes I'm like. dude everyone here no more. threes coach your threes were decent but. the dunks were were a lot better you. didn't miss any dunks how many how many. nights a week is a league we we we did a. year ago or whatever it was like once HS. ready to sign up you're going to drive. down. no you two on the team I think we got. all we'll restart this restart the team. like we can. win I'm I want to start playing again. I'm just scared I'll get injured my feet.

Are bad anyway action Dan and trick time. are taking it way too heads up trick. time with top pair way out. front doing this man this is like a fun. action. D even when I was playing in college. like go to LA Fitness and every be like. guys are just like thinking you're. playing like think they're playing for. the NBA chill the [ __ ] out there. was this one game this like kid must. have been like 19 was like talking. insane and just like I'm going to. you up stuff and I'm like bro like. let's wait till you're old enough to. drink. then we can resume this bro let's go get. a beer talk oh wait like like let's just. let's trick time G to take that one down. and let's go over some get your. undergrad first kazak stand's in the. House. Nashville P Tong County Taiwan Israel. Spain little demoralizing Ireland Denver.

Colorado Round Rock. Budapest flower M Texas Bloomington. Indiana the. Sweden Germany how old are you big. International presence today Hong Kong. monreal want to be clear no one. qualifies Croatia thank you all for. tuning in and one one guy's coming from. the UK for his birthday next week Ty. Hawkins come see me Ty when you get here. ask for Slick Rick I'll give you a. present right. Doug's been quiet. early the game just. gets hasn't had much to work with but. he's coming along with the 107 suited so. clogged in the pain and then you can't. shoot you know just toast basically yeah. you need a you need a good point guard. too to be able to get penetration and. Depends guys playing mostly manner own. in the league other teams playing there. was a little bit of everything mainly. man though Lodge basketball team won.

Zero. games for Doug while he's talking about. that what prevents Clayton from doing. stuff and then the rest of the guys or. whatever think we went 0 and. 12 Doug probably the least athletic. player on the entire team nine. my eight. down it's a really good workout though. running back amazing I would track it. with like one of those. trackers at the top 71k early distance. you travel like oh you ran 8 miles today. he's doing well his first ever trip to. LOD Card Club things can change quickly. though like doing it but you could just. look at like the NBA guys with they come. into the season muscle wise and then how. they like skinny fat by the end of. season unless they're lifting throughout. there you can tell the guys that lift. throughout the season you tell the guys. that are resting more and you know doing.

A little bit more uh taking a couple. games off Jerry thanks for the $199. Super Chat appreciate watching that. Series right yeah I just think it's a. great series by the way. um I just think that with him beat it's. just he's trying he's you know he's he's. banged up and he um. he's like Bell's py or something right. yeah heard they couldn't blink on one. side or. whatever he's clearly out of shape. though yeah I mean Queens for airball. and trick time to stay stay in there. wants to play with the 75. suited if he was healthy I mean I don't. think four bets to 16.2 danger but. Knicks are also missing Randle it's kind. of like I mean I'll I mean they might. better without Bronson is insane does. aabal want a five bet Jam he does and. this hand is. over crazy that his dad was a. beastro you go inv stra be. ready yeah that's the thing like his dad.

Played for John Cheney at Temple which. is like a legendary coach who you know. a lot for the inner city of Philadelphia. and auto you see that's cool but you see. so many guys that like their parents. were athletes so obviously you have the. genetic side but then even a lot of the. guys where like Brunson is not good for. genetics like you know sure's like got. an athletic family or whatever but he's. he's a SM guy right yeah and he's notely. not. super but I guess like what it really I. think paches people is like the work. ethic like this is what's GNA if you. want to be a pro This Is What It Takes. and the little hacks that people don't. know that you know is just mindset stuff. or you know different drills that are a. waste of time that aren't a waste of. time like being intentional when you are. doing the drills right never into play.

KN how to. learn good job really. Noti you know I mean like someone has a. 1K they won't to see it we. talking about the chip size oh yeah top. pair here for hook too big yeah but it's. Viper who's going to fire out with his. Ace Jack suited us we're used to like. passing these SI there's some qu value. of Chip around so we don't care for it. being so big but like so we actually. when we ordered these we wanted there's. a size that's in between these two is. what we wanted and we and we actually. just want a little bit too big so in the. future one day we'll get the middle size. yeah but at least it's Unique you know. they're like for sure I did see some. funny comments like time to watch poker. at the lodge where they play with. saucers trick time gets there saucers. they're coasters. with his third seven on the.

River what I mean each ship represents. so much money that should be big the. bigger the chip the more money be wor. big like the 25k should be like. yeah over. jams all in for. 246 putting hook to the test doesn't. have a diamond in his hand so beating. busted Diamond draw. straight available larger King possible. and a player behind so he lays it down. Viper quickly. folds it was PR funny you guys ever play. home games you have to write your own. ship uh I have a better exp dude we had. a game here were you in this you one of. you guys had to be where I don't think I. was in where we had 100K rubber ducky no. I wasn't here for that that's awesome. though so I'll tell you this is a really. good story 5K Staples sounds pretty cool. last year. at or paper clip no like Staples like. literally we just take a staple and we'd.

Fold a staple staple with and oh that. I'm not on board with that that you. could lose it a comp of Staples the. story D last year I'm never having a 25k. stable so 2023 Super Bowl me and a bunch. of guys go out to Vegas to play poker. your Super Bowl weekend and we're. playing a table one and we're playing. like a stupid game it was 1,000 2,000. 4,000 with a 4,000 anti PLO but a 50k. cap so it's open cap right so you're. just you know we're. ging game starts it's very juice uh like. it's juicing because like guys are. straddling to 20K and 30k and folding. for 50 which is like insane okay we run. out of chips how much is it but like we. can't stop the big boss in the game is. Chinese guy he's like it's fine tells me. he like tell the FL to get me paper or. like potit gets Postits every time he. calls a bet he just writes the amount.

Signs his name puts it in so it's like. 15,000 ,000 puts it in now someone caps. it behind him he pulls it back and he. writes 50,000 call at the end of the. game everyone had like their Postit. notes we got in line we handed him our. Postit notes he sent us crypto and we. went on our way oh my godines Chinese. poker is the best this is at AR at table. one here's the best thing Hanks walks. into the game can it's me and all these. Chinese guys can I play of course Hanks. you can play instantly suck 700,000. instantly okay and we're super happy. we're like we got chip liquidity thank. you H right like we're super happy cuz. we have ch we don't care like we have. Chip he finally wins his first like pot. it's like a heads up 50k P against the. boss 50k wres on sck Note puts in the. pot and passes it to Hanks Hanks just.

Lost 700k finally won a PA he got a. sticky note for the win he looked at me. like is this real . life yeah you know it's a good game. sticky notes I got some Postit notes. back here if they need some man a game. you really don't want to be in people. using Staples and post. like credit game or whatever the rule is. each game breaks when someone loses a. million fun but what if that person. wants to win their money back no no. that's everyone agrees if you if you get. stuck a million and you're on credit you. know you're done the game's over how is. that your first. concern Aces and nines yeah that's what. I'm think with the check mark action Dan. G to continue to stack chips as long as. he stays in. here eight people first p is 100k flip. whoever wins it leaves everyone else. stuck 100 oh that's genius oh my God it.

Kind of sucks have to leave but yeah. that's genius and action Dan continues. Jerry thank you again for the Super Chat. yeah Mariano and Rampage both have. played on our stream many times Mariana. was just here on Tuesday for our Meetup. game yeah I could I I'd be okay with it. shout out to both those guys you. wouldn't do it this is a great game. can't have too many players we only have. eight slots 700k or 800k or whatever you. can they'll be. back ter okay wow you guys unbelievable. unbelievable exactly it's all about the. fun yeah it's all about the fun if. we we got a good game today we got. people that would not choose to win 800k. they would rather play their hands of. course I have more. Edge I'm I'm not going to lie I 800k I. could win like 2 million if I will see. you guys when I see you guys I'm out oh.

Sorry that's what they should do for the. million dollar game this year everyone. has to flip for like 100k to start 200k. to start that would be good actually. someone's up a million immediately dude. I would want to FaceTime in and just. flip that' be juice you're going to. FaceTime I just would want to do the. flip I can win like 1.6 million and get. the not even be in the casino trick. time with big slick you could also lose. whatever. yeah remember this guy named Eric Burger. he runs PL games yeah I used he played. back when Doug and I played online he. was so I play with him like a lot Todd. was his name online okay so I play with. him a lot like he runs these like really. fun P basketball yeah exactly he play. basketball time for betting the Ace King. he just got banned from his local casino. Goofy's all in with the ace to straddle.

All in for 20,000 we're going to have a. flip for goofy stack put 20,000 Al you. know for the guy and they ran it B him. they're like you can't have a player not. be here and be. allce I'm a onetime. I think they should running it one time. goofy in good shapes and some Aces. already. dead there's the king for trick. time know Goofy on the verge of getting. stacked here looking for an eightball. Corner Pocket does not come I think I'll. be right back and Goofy says he will be. right back trick time takes that one. down he with the casino rules like when. I was in Pennsylvania and that I got. they got that fine and everything like. I'm not thinking I'm breaking the law or. like breaking the rules or causing. people problems action Dan up 80,000. Viper. airball goofy down 80,000 throwing the. party oh yeah like 100k finding the.

Casino get fire I'm like I didn't I. wasn't I wish someone had been like well. I wish someone had been like you can't. do this but I think because like well we. could probably phone Perkins in FaceTime. Perkins and do a flip at the end of this. too he did talking about I'm do. it is that is that. um when he gambled and what was the it. was a stud flip oh with. Jeremy yeah we get that's the one really. nice thing about poker here it's like. it's a private place you can do what you. want it's not it's not like approved. game list and it's a. club what are these DJ talking about. FaceTiming Birkins just for a 200k flip. at the end of the stream live poker. Insanity cuz he was right cuz when he. was living down in Florida they went. from like 500 C cash games at the Hard. Rock stuff and. into he was also like one of the first.

Guys to start running like private games. and like trying to build like higher. stes games and stuff yeah should have. raised more. okay Terrace top two. pair he's a good dude yeah. yeah it's pretty crazy like uh he's one. of the few people in poker met who no. one ever says a bad thing about like. literally no one ever says a bad thing. about yeah they just like the first. thing I said about him was you know yeah. he's just like he's just very upfront. like as a game Runner like I feel like a. lot of people usually will like dislike. you or whatever for whatever reason you. know can't get seats or whatever but. he's just. so like he's just straight up like he's. not going to Honey dick you or . you he's just like sorry man like you. don't have a seed or you do have a seed. and yeah that's it like yeah and like uh.

People who are like dicks but action. like he doesn't care he's like the game. has to be fun like you're just not going. to get to play if you're not fun for the. game and stuff and like like he's really. focused on making the game like a good. yeah yeah yeah I couldn't say enough. good. stuff hence why I go lose like a million. dollars every month in his. game not hustler no no no it's that big. game in California where's it where's he. run his game it was he was and I know. Vegas this summer he had so he does it. he goes to Arya once a month he'll be at. Vegas all summer ARA and then he also. runs it once a month in in Miami or. whatever it is local casino. true like last summer we played all. summer are in the back of the ARA bakar. out like high limit area like they have. the salons back there we just they set.

Us you play P too mostly so you played. with you know Kirk. Ste oh I yeah I know him I met him last. summer yeah yeah maybe I I don't know. you play with him he owns M he's a. Canadian guy oh yeah I know this guy. okay yeah Kirk yeah I don't know steel. but yeah Kirk yeah he's a good guy. there's a couple guys who play PLO are. insane wait but he say's a good guy but. he plays PL. dude it's juice trick time in the. blender here familiar with the game and. he's going to go ahead a couple days and. make this call I saw D was playing in. that game too Terrace is going to take. that one. down wow and OD to. Doyle. Brunson I. love is is he come back he said he said. if if someone does drop out can we keep. it seven handed is that possible or no. you want to keep it you want to I mean. we can ask the table you want short.

Handed yeah if we could just yeah keep. it sanded whenever person drops then we. add some for that's fine unless you like. have obligation to let other people no. that's. fine Seven's better for the action. anyways and space for him and I yeah for. real we've been need touch I invite hook. out and he's like can we get less like. as few handed as possible I'm like. really targeting me. here like like me me like get rid of. everyone else like all right we can do. like no one's ever done it like just do. like a threehanded stream or forehanded. stream that would be fun you get the. right people ready to play had to the. right lineup yeah yeah I would for sure. do that. but like that would be fun like six. hours of just like shorthanded battling. would be really fun like that's the kind. of Poker that's middle pair for trick.

Time heads up no dude 300 would be. pretty heads up no you got heads up for. that long wouldn't be that great Hook's. going to make a bet here with his pocket. pair forehanded is. fun I mean it's not a big difference. between threehanded and heads up though. it is one extra I feel it's a big. difference but it's only one extra. player like I don't know it feels like a. big deal how many times are they running. it though. that's what I think it actually doesn't. matter well it matters a little bit I. think it might it barely matters barely. matters barely Were You There When me. and double M made that bet you were. there right I was there I was so J trick. time is going to raise here and try to. take this pot right. now with his middle pair me and Doug. playing and he's gonna make it happen. we're playing with this guy he's a head.

Manager super sharp guy and at. the end of the at the end of the game. like after the stream he makes some. comment about how running it twice. changes the the equity no I'm like it. doesn't he's like it does I'm like okay. let's bet he's like yeah let's bet 5K we. had to spend like 2 hours convincing him. he still didn't believe it so I paid. some guy to like run like a 10 million. hand simulation that showed like after. like it took like 2 hours to run it or. three hours the next day I sent it to. him and it showed like to the 18th. decimal it was the same okay fine it. doesn't change theity I'm like how are. you this smart I haven't seen him in a. while right he's been busy on a new. startup that he's like um a part of it. sounds like he's probably not that smart. be. honest he has like a new startup that's.

He thinks it's going to be really big or. whatever that he invested in so he's. like really hands on with that right now. okay got you like. it's. really hold on ter terce for someone. that's for someone that's really smart. seriously one hand until the button. plays All In All In Here Viper with the. l. when I'm shorthanded did this on hand. number one the only move I have when I'm. short stack. like long are we playing just look on. the clock to me to me just look there's. no like there's no set end it's going. to. yeah the staff has prepared for what may. occur here. that is true we are prepared when. airball is in town everyone knows we. might be working some extra hours for a. long stream. today it's. nice little trip out every once yeah we. enjoy having you is that. AO two. big slick for airball three bets to. 10K and action Dan's going to quickly.

Fold his Ace 10 off. suit airball said yesterday that he's. planning to come to the. lodge pretty much on a monthly basis to. play in some big games. here we could have run it twice so. you're run it once he's run once I'm run. I'm run once run twice I'm do whatever. you guys want that's what I am too. whatever I everyone but trick and. briefly it matters a lot less than you. think I don't think it matters it's fine. I don't care it matters a lot less than. you think and it's going to be a lot. more fun for the viewer I'm happy to run. it once and it like barely even matters. happy to run it once for any you want to. make what people okay good closing in on. 4,000 viewers we had over 4,000 last. night expecting more today then I. started to play a few pots and people. wear his big pots and I felt I just felt. bad making people run at once as the.

Owner yeah for if you're a player you. can do whatever it's a little different. I'm like no we're going once it's like. nice. T don't don't feel great like that . that guy thought it's tough SP terce. raises to 3,000 Nick airball beats him. into the pot with his. snowmen with the call yeah I just moved. down there like six weeks ago so you. just fresh down there oh where were you. before in Dallas okay gotcha I knew you. were one big Texas city but yeah I. didn't know which. one you play a Champions a lot. right they're running a a pretty big. tournament yeah two million guarante. yeah I really really want to play this. CH action Dan with Jack seven suited. gets a little frisky here three betting. it to. 18,000 Hearts here would be a disaster. as Nick airball puts it all. in. $150,000 pot so far I feel like I'm an.

Idiot I should have just folded. it I was hoping that you'd call and. we'll see the. Flop but I just lost 18K for no. reason I had a big hand that was. dope I'm I'm my worst card was better. than that one for 15 nice play nice play. thank I thought You' just call and Ian I. wanted to see a fought for. 3,000 or any spot proba I should have. just called I guess I don't know. it's it's weird should at di new. pole each 1,000 likes determine. time you play ni 200 you start with 200. 100 yeah um yeah yeah I've Play We. primarily Play No Limit now but I prefer. No Limit but just like all the games. lately have just been poo especially. like in LA everyone wants to play PO for. the big games. so no limit is better I think like if. you're just going to play like a bad. like an average game or whatever PO is. probably more fun for me personally but.

If it's a good game I'd always rather I. agree we play No Limit five card in the. Dominican I think nothing beats like a. good deep stock No Limit game where. there's like good action and stuff like. it's just it's just really fun. yeah but if you just like want to gamble. your face off like you can't do that no. limit like can't just well you can you. just die though you will die po like you. can at least like last like 12 hours you. know no limit in order for No Limit to. be super fun though everyone has to be. deep there can't be any short yeah. that's the thing it's like yeah bang. bang bang bang oh no bang. bang well you're not really you talking. to me we're early we're early it's like. I'm saying you're not no one's deep. early in any even the private games. never start first all. right all. right. okay these Houston guys right I'm the.

Yeah no no Houston Houston crime. I'm not going to get in hand I'm just. going to shove it and call to day and. see what happens hook three bets with. his Ace Queen here have all in airball. comes along very true with some Broadway. cards last time we played it'sit a 10. right in the window for. airball yeah was and I had that one kid. I bued him with five high the fan the. Asian guy had 3 five off oh yeah yeah. yeah and he went bananas he D top 100. grand after. that you know everything can always be. going well a few outs here the wheels. can start coming off and before you know. it you're heading the. rail thank you. Brady the four of diamonds gives the. check mark to. airball. Queen and Nick airball will take down. another one Brady with the 999 Super. Chat really appreciate that Brady. the amount of times everything's been.

Going good and then someone shows me a. bluff and the wheels come off . incalculable in. calculable but when you showed the again. even back to like being deep Wheels. coming off when everyone's super deep. isn't it's not as yeah it's not a. nightmare yeah cuz you can just you make. one hand wheels coming off when there's. a lot of you got to just. yeah I haven't really see any coolers. yet yeah when you're deep you can play. some hands and like do some and. it's fun I don't want to be on the end. of it oh they're coming oh yeah I know. don't worry someone will get. cooled Paris get S for coolers oh I said. we haven't seen any yet like please. don't let it happen to. me over a million chips are on the table. right now folks just yeah it's like top. top just getting started here today I'm. trying to figure out what a core in this.

Game is before you get. involved I think it means different. things different people exactly a good. story this is straight here D this is. recently actually we're playing PLO and. two guys are all in for like 250,000. like total the pot not a huge pop but. it's you know it's 250,000 and like. they're all on the turn and one guy just. has a high and the other guy just has a. better ace high and like they both have. like shitty flush DRS or whatever and as. this is happening like they table their. hands a high vers a High all in qu. million do pot Damar walks in he goes. are you guys playing or like Po he's. like that game's so gay and he's. like no everyone's just a knit. and then he walks way as you guys are. all for 125,000 for. H I was like goofy is back with. chips looks like. 50k what's doing these days he been.

Playing a lot of Poker from my life oh. really I played with him a good amount. lately oh damn in Vegas he's playing got. I know he turn he said that he turned. like that business he had or whatever. like they were doing like uh yeah they. were doing like weed and stuff now. they're just focused on like Vapes and. the nicotine everything that's like he. was saying that like the regulatory . on the weed is insane like insane I'm. sure man which makes sense regulatory. in a lot of Industries can be yeah. gambling is probably the same. I'm sure it's a headache and. this is probably like one of the least. regulated places right like you can have. a card room yeah and there's different. headaches but yeah as always. goofy back just in time to look at big. slick. suited come back Jeff welcome. back have like I get a sugarfree Red.

Bull thank. you Dan's going to give him some action. also with some suited connectors clubs. would be spicy yeah do me in for my Big. B please and of course there's no clubs. but a six good enough for Action Dan. who's running pure 33 hands into the. show. today really gross flop. here for goofy but he's going to see bet. I imagine he's going to shut it down. once he gets called here on the Flop. from Dan with no further assistance on. the three of diamonds turn card time to. wave the white flag and. think about another hand yeah Goofy's. finished gets better for. Dan something like third pot. maybe goes even smaller micro 1500 10th. 10% pot size B targeting exactly a hand. like Ace King Ace Queen Ace Jack and. gets paid. so goofy for that price not going to lay. it down pays him off. thank you for that $10 Super Chat Andrew.

There was like Bill related to gambling. that was like going to be passed soon or. something or maybe like last year we had. a to clarify the terms for poker or the. terms for the gambling provision of the. great games every time can't wait to. play at Doug pul thank you Brady meaning. what meaning it did not pass I see Hugh. bner Eric Dominguez in chat Nick the. Greek thank you all for tuning in jonic. right now it's basically every city and. county can kind of decide this is like. it's still like a gray area basically. yeah I mean yeah that's a fair way to. put it basically localities can decide. okay basically Austin's chill your chill. kind of thing yeah more or less it's. usually more at the county level but. yeah basically. yeah I guess having card rooms like this. would be good for the counties right. yeah I mean couple hundred jobs and.

Revenue yeah like a lot of people people. fly in for like the. that seems like good I don't know but. the think like like think about like. this high stakes game like you've had a. bunch of people fly in from out of state. which is probably brought them like a. city revenue from you know whatever for. sure it's definitely good unless you. think that it's. unethical I think I mean I think trip. fraction T and he's just killing this. game early all the money from the last. year you won here not here but generally. speaking what does that mean you come. here you win money you leave like. where's my money you have it all and you. have more money you owe L money think. about Sean buddy you oh sorry you. definitely want her to I want yeah yeah. isan's just. destroyed even yesterday did you see the. hand yesterday with him and JC uh I saw.

The Sean he's my he's like a good buddy. of mine he's just he's like a just like. a grinder like really good like a good. Pro gives action whatever but nice guy. me and him are just really good friends. yeah and he comes with me every trip and. he's just destroyed every time he's. played yesterday he just has Ace 10 of. hearts and JC has King six of hearts and. three hearts no problem and Brad had a. set as well yeah this one had two pair. yeah oh yeah he goofy had two pair yeah. just like no problem D that flop that's. wow everyone just hit everything yeah. save me money how did everyone just not. get all in on the flers I don't. understand yeah you were drawing to a. queen only yeah it was set versus gutter. second up flush straw versus top and. bottom versus Pear and not flush straw. well what happened was the first version.

That bet everyone's called everyone just. called 4K yeah but if one person anyone. mov. every all it all it all it. okay I mean this there the fives Kings. thing is crazy yesterday you you heard. about that right F K open call JC. squeezes like I think goofy calls and mo. folds fives and the fall comes King 55. JC at Kings they would have played a. 200k pot oh my God all in here trick. time with the Jack. 10 and it wasn't like a lot like Mo was. peeling like Mo was in there like it. wasn't like he was like playing Super. Tire 40K rip Dan has him covered and he. has an. ace I think the our biggest clip ever. we've had in the show I think it was. Kings versus fives or sixes and it was. like King. 66 51 or something it would have. happened for. 200 some good do you see what happened. like like the second to last hand of the.

Night I put like the, 1600 on or 800 on. or something JC opens the button someone. calls I make it 15,000 with Jack five. suited you guys play on stream last. night yeah I make 15,000 with Jack five. suited you makes the call wow. 1078 goes to Dan trick time pulls the. trigger at the wrong time for like or he. raing like 38,000 an action Dan now up. over. 100,000 well over 100,000 I was like can. I just rip it on his face here I went. wild like I tank like comeing about what. I want to do iide fold rabbit Hunter I. would have incinerated his. Aces that would have been the best. moment I ever shove he snaps I once hope. that you learned your lesson to not fold. Jack five Su under any condition I. have't I usually don't I've cracked AC. action Dan now up. 133,000 Nick airball 57,000 Viper 13,000. everyone else in the red goofy currently.

Throwing the party down $88,900 ni hand. down thanks trick time down 60 Grand all. the chips was kind of. predictable action Dan in every pot and. just like making. Towers someone's got to win every pot I. mean when you play when you play a lot. of you're going to get get some. chances. 2000 right. so a couple six figure pots. already 35 hands in. I don't understand what terorist is on. on some of these conversations like they. run it twice vers one thing what was. that he makes a small difference and. then finally we talk about running. simulations on I'm like what simulations. I feel like you know what I feel like I. feel like he's at home like just like. putting Ace King in one hand and queens. in another and running it out now for. Action you know what know what he's. doing that that's what he's doing he's. running live simulations He's dealing.

Out the cards and then running two. boards or one board what is he doing. what is he honestly doing what is he. even talking about I don't know he's the. F he's spal best he's so serious about. it too it's like terce I have no idea. what you're talking about he's the. best and oh by the way action Dan wins. another one folks if you want to play on. The Lodge live stream we got a plenty of. spots available this summer skull how do. they do it yeah seats open late May June. and July all different. Stakes always enjoy speaking to high. limit players low limit players doesn't. matter hit me up on the socials skik. poker where you can find me or email me. directly usually answer my messages. Monday or Tuesday cheex this guy oh n OB. just gets laid out and then they just go. the play continues I'm like that was a. foul we're not going to oh was that the.

One where and then oh no that was game. two and uh and beid pushed Bronson right. yeah I for I forget that I watch game. two but in game three and should have. gone ejected a guy jumped and he grabbed. his legs you see that no I didn't I. didn't yeah he should have got a flr too. but they were like inject. be if someone that's when he was on the. ground you mean the legs when he tried. to jump they got screwed in game to. though there were so many fouls at the. end of the game that they let clearly. what happened was they were trying to. make up for the other mistakes yeah so. like we're not going to give this guy a. flagrant to eject because then the Ser. is over he's going to go down to three. like you can't do that he was like. trying to tackle the guy he wasn't just. like grabbing he was like literally. trying to it was.

It it's a 300 lb guy by the way it's. Mitchell Robinson not like it's like. Brunson. right make sure we get the something in. there how how how delayed are we 30ish. so something like that so don't go into. a 30 minute tank this guy so I'm doing. commentary and I get like oh man Nick. Nick's in the thaten in the tank we're. playing 500 I'm stuck like 250,000 going. into the hand I'm facing like 125k. riverb and I don't know what to do I. went to a 20minute yeah so I'm in the. back and then all of a sudden oh he. might catch with alive cuz he's like 20. minutes in the tank and so I had to come. in here and be like um you're going to. have to make a decision before we get. live CU we can't have like everyone in. there yelling and your hands off. like oh s sorry Sor that still is like. the craziest I ever played by.

That was a crazy hand just cuz I see. youx water boy mixing poker you know. what we got going on in the background. and I thought Stash's money was just. laying me a price like that was the. tough part I was like he over bet but. then in reality he bet like half pot. that was weird third pot because like. Dash just putting 125k dead in my. head okay let's settle into some. poker 250 and four ways to a flop here. the tallest deal in the country gives us. three Queen High board Doug hits you I. feel like when you move up in Stakes. like a queen and so does Viper course. you got you got to put in the time yeah. yeah you got to learn the hard. way who was I talking to about that. recently I was talking to someone about. that recently I can't remember who where. they were like there someone trying who. they're like starting to play higher.

Stakes or ever and we how it's like it's. brutal like like when you first 200. whatever like you know you lose 100K. like that really hurts you know. but yeah I'm like it's just like part of. high stes is like you're going to lose. like big real life numbers hand it just. is what it. is out kicked biggest hand I ever. seen shot. me barely I I quit now I beat dog. mission accomplished yeah if you find. yourself like even like nice man thanks. 5 10 sessions in and you're still not. adjusted that you just probably like. yeah you're still thinking about the. money and stuff you're dead y like. people who are like focused on the money. are just always drawing debt in the. games you can't. win cuz it's such a large amount of. money that's it's going to affect your. thoughts like you're thinking like . it's 200,000 high is just funny like.

That it's told people that are like. really successful and total degenerates. who are just like oh whatever about in. front of me it's just chips. bro like uh kind of true I mean true. kind of. not big slick for. Viper gonna make this call airball. raises the 2500 with some suited. Broadway. cards and there's Viper again gave him. the Trap just ripping 70 gave him the. Trap show right in it's dead he's done. that a couple times already through 38. hands once with Ace King once with Ace. Queen he had Jack I I actually had him. suited. Jack as a cooler finally the coolers. rolling in you got the cooler buddy. queen queen Jack. Jack getting word from production that. there might be a little hiccup on this. hand so let's get through it together. chat. 4350 people watching already nobody lose. their minds it's on. you there he is Let's Do It Let's Do It.

Terrace is gonna look down at ace1 and. sit down. I'm get him. buddy I got a. hand got a raising. serious I'm not I'm not. joking fing you raised obviously you're. not a b hand right you're like I rais. him 1 thousand I'm not joking like well. yeah it's not a. joke it goes bet from him Tesla raises. he three bets Tesla shoves are you. serious and imagine he's like no okay. well fine you can take it back that. would have been the best of Tes like I'm. getting and there's like take it. back hook makes the call with we we. believe it's a pair of fives here fans. are listening don't keep it in suspense. half the stream will get off if you're. not. talking check check goes check check to. the river will go. pair of five with the check mark. Terrace goes check. check and terce has 108 so he doesn't. have Ace 10 so yeah Terrace takes it.

Down Terrace had a little bit of a. misread in his. box I'm pretty happy with the results I. guess and that was the little hiccup. not ace1 eight1 a lot worse your yeah. let's. shaddle shle shadle's on no talks of a. Nick game yet I imagine that's around. the corner favorite time last time every. time Doug would tell terce it's your. straddle terce would look at his hand. and then be like oh okay water right. okay thank you and yeah this is mine. okay those are all yours yeah. looks like Terrace has ordered two. Coronas two at a time. baby I don't what do the kids call that. right double fisted exact double fisting. I don't. identif uh no technically not anymore no. you're in American C uh I am a a PR like. like permanent resident so you're alien. no legal not anymore you're legal alien. a legal alien no I'm not a I'm not an.

Alien you're I used to be one but not. not anymore all right okay if you have a. green card you're not an alien but I. used to be one for a long time hook with. the wheel drop you still are no and. action. Dan with the Broadway draw terce you're. a alien. bro you are a alien uh I don't. think. Nick says that I used to be one I used. someone that would know yeah I trust me. I I know how to identify my own. race you know how to identify aliens. yeah that's what I do try to find other. aliens to play poker. with I travel around for the alien Kings. they're out of this. world oh man. everyone watching like this is a serious. poker game they're playing big and me. and Doug are making a h with the wheel. and we'll take that one down anybody. want to play that I feel like it's been. a while we played one it's like $100 we.

Haven't actually played one at all why. don't we play one I don't think everyone. wants to play this really if you run it. twice Terrace I'll think about. it okay I'll I'll run it twice during. the I how saying that sentence think he. knows what where he's going with it he's. just starting to say words and he's. figuring it. out the rest of the words are going to. continue know where we're going are you. sure. 100% St right yeah yeah so no Nick game. for a little while okay so nobody wants. to play the nid game let's just we'll. save it for later okay let's save it for. later I don't I'm pretty sure everybody. in the chat wants to play in the N game. oh you're you're you're rallying up the. chat against yeah yeah does chat want to. see Nick. game hold the chat that come down here. and antie. up I'll do it on behalf of the.

Chat remember the stream terce wanted to. play a five $10,000 M Tax and we. negotiate the bounty's like it's 5K and. I'm like not doing 5K and be like 2K 2K. and then and then I'll be like how about. 10K I'm like that's not the direction. that I was saying no to. all in here from trick time with Ace. Queen looks like our members with the. NIT Emoji want to see it Kobe Armenian. Mike Nick the Greek. Yoni all right well uh this is good he's. F an alien I know how to communicate. with. aliens oh. Moran Mindy you probably don't know it's. great stared Robin Williams it's called. Moran Mindy it's great shows Robin. Williams breakout role where he became. famous so it's a TV series from like the. 80s early. 80s you know this show what was Mor and. Mindy oh my God it's freaking great is. Robin Williams Mak. movies see Viper's my age I I know what.

He's talking about no one else at the. table has a clue. what what you're such guys are. making it. up yep he's going to walk right. now what's going. on no seriously was I was like tell. Santa. Claus like I I know like what no but. there was this movie uh janji right you. know that. a. book AC is here for airball trick time. with the Sev funny but seriously. Williams up to these days like cuz I. haven't seen him around like I haven't. seen he's dead. Terrace Robin Williams passed away. that's why you haven't seen him. around Nick airball with aces trick time. with. sevens. $13,800 pot on hand number 4. two one. time I don't know I feel trick time. already been stacked once needs to hit. this. seven one card one time seven from. Heaven does not come an airball will. stack trick. time you were so. Williams dude dougas just had a.

Heart attack that was so. funny when I wasid house I was like you. know go YouTube and see let's see if we. caught Doug laughing here in the slowmo. you might be able to look right into his. soul when he pulls his eyes back playing. with a the ace10 with pre with 89 years. ago action Dan oh yeah yeah on the up. 122,000 airball now up 106,000. the only other. winner down 100 Grand I literally never. watch them back ENT at all about like we. played that million dollar game it was. one of the craziest games to be in I. don't think I watched a single hand back. maybe except for the big pot like the. two pots you play like the one pot you. play with Tom there was a couple like. ones too like I'm sure you watched back. the aces the one where Wesley tried to. BL Tom yeah that's saying like that one. and then the one with you and like Tom.

Like those are the two hands I watched. back Han one I didn't watch that one. back the one where he threw the chips. and stood up I just I experienced it it. was so awesome I I don't like Miss I. don't want to see it again it was. amazing want to yeah I was sitting right. next to him he jumps upams. the that was. great okay you know who's the opposite. of. you you watch every stream you plan oned. no not anymore I used to but not anymore. okay now he just does Sims the night. before and the run it twice. thing it's. good I I used to watch the streams but. now it's like I mean it's just weird. like I I play so much on streams but I. think streams aren't that like. interesting of content but I think like. the I really like the polg go like stuff. where they cut it down cuz I think like. then you just get to see like fun.

Moments and that's it like they cut down. like a six hour or seven eight hour. session to like two hours and you like. enjoy the best moments you know you. don't get to see a lot of the. nothingness although I also like when I. was like getting into poker or whatever. in in uh College like I wanted to watch. every second of the streams like. I didn't care about the nothing hand I. just wanted to like see every little. thing like I mean that's why maybe there. should be like two versions like you. want to watch the whole thing uh Finance. we have a Clips channel are you still. Banker no I'm not not anymore I was for. like you work at so I worked at three. different banks but the most recent one. I worked at was it's called Cal Capital. it's a boutique in uh Boutique Bank in. Long Beach and what we did was for. Aerospace and defense company so.

Basically like we. sold pretty good business I'm invested. in I was trying to. tr my moneyat okay nice yeah we did like. a lot of Stu public. tr50 right. now but the the analy thing is going to. five so I'm like all right get 71 cents. see what happens you got get it right. the only ever watch I play on poker go. when they edit it because then it's like. easy to. watch yeah I don't think YouTube videos. has Clips where it tells you like it. would be like little yeah five minute. Clips you can I can watch those yeah no. no but like long ones but like at the. bottom of the bar where you drag it oh. yeah it's like time stamps yeah time way. better we do that here yeah like if I. ever really care about seeing what. someone had in hand I can just you just. go find the time stamp basically way. better I don't think I almost ever.

Watched hands I played but once in a. while I wanted to like to play hand like. I'm not even in I. just I agree with. that only one is a wild one. though there were like that guy Mo have. you played with him mo mo he's like some. old guy with like a mustache Mo Money. yeah yeah local Legend he destroyed me. yesterday okay like every no I'm looking. every hand he like he just owned my face. did you know he's he was an Olympic. wrestler really yeah he was telling me. like we were eating barbecue other he. was saying like he used to play at like. the sand something casino with Gus. Hansen and he was like telling me like. all he like huh oh no not Pennsylvania. right they're just no I don't I have no. idea where it was he just it was Sans. play G hands he tell me all these crazy. stories but he D me every hands and so I.

Went I went back yesterday and I looked. at all like they were like 5K I just had. to go check to see how bad he was. beating my brains in just just. everything he did was perfect yeah and. then then he like mix in the bluff and. you're like fine yeah yeah yeah that's. the thing and then like randomly he just. like like it once is a bluff and I'm. just like okay full he just shows me. nothing so. frustrating that was this game yeah we. were playing small yesterday like 50 Mo. Money super morio had a great day. $85,000 yesterday mean played it played. bigger gaining some respect he's my. favorite player the blinds matter way. less than the players dug with the. ladies like when I played with Tesla. once put a 500K pot at 2550 yeah that's. sick I think that's 2550. noral Nick the Greek says who's feeling. goofy seat once he gets stacked again.

Yeah 25 was the straddles on there is a. list of players who want to get in on. this game today but the players were. talking about going sanded perhap so. I'll leave it up to them I think the. players would prefer that. I'll provide it Prett deep you know. Hustler usually or like relative to. those Stakes but still you don't get to. play like that yeah that size relative. to the game is . insane yeah for. sure another club there Doug does have. the Queen of Clubs to go along with his. pair steel wheel. draw there's the set for. Doug. Overkill nobody flips the switch harder. than Doug always chatty than involved in. a hand now silent looking for Value gets. snapped I didn't even know Viper had a. hand he called Snap called you Viper. snaps it off with. his nines. Duck's been pretty. quiet Dan knows his fives here are no.

Good but he's thinking about making a. play oh my. goodness there are Straits and flushes. out there but Doug's not folding top set. also has a club in his hand so perhaps. thinking about either re raising or just. flatting the 20. and he looks to oh could be could be. folding the set sends it in does. wow sends it in and Viper's going to pay. him off with the nine and Doug's going. to see the bad news just the five a nine. and Viper backs himself into the pot. with the pair of. knes oh my God I made it a massive you. guys going to Rack me up I I I don't. think you guys are not going to believe. what I folded oh my God give I. I'm oh my God I can't believe what I. just folded if you you call I had way. better than if you call I fold I had to. look him up you folded. straight I had top set you had set I had. top set you had N I had top I Queens the.

Only thing that could made that better. is that he said hair that's the only. thing that could have made that better. Doug wow being hard on himself God you. just oh I am the worst oh my I put I put. him on Ace of clubs and I thought he. missed the club wow you gave Viper the. only way to win only way. you. analysis do you're juice. buddy every not one of you had. a straight not one of you had a. flush it was just two pieces of. going to war and I'm just in the. middle there upet oh my God what the. hell Viper backed into that pot I. thought I thought he was full of . but but I I I figured you had something. pretty good all of a sudden Viper now up. close to 60 I thought no way Doug was. folding. that he seen action Dan just run over. this table like yeah. clearly. 15 Viper are you getting your chip. stacking techniques from Terrace yes see.

I sit next to him it helps me yeah. you that was so awesome he he PS and my. just snaps it. off. hey pair of nines I mean no Queen no top. set no flush no straight pair of. nines all right here's a pot good luck. boys thanks hook with the Gretzky hand. here. terison action Dan with some Broadway. cards and there's the queen again just. to rub it into Doug he's just staring at. that look at him staring at that Queen. just shaking his head still shaking his. head can't believe. it I'm not sure I'm going to just close. I got rail last time for it and I'm like. last time I sign myself up for that last. time you sold what 30 or you had 30% of. yourself I had 25% of myself like. 25 you still lost 400. okay yeah you didn't lose money. yeah people were saying heads up. now terce in big trouble here action. Dan's going to win himself another big.

One like one comment like oh that's cool. he actually said what he had it was lost. but I got so many insults for that I was. just like all right well I guess I'm. just not going to people don't I mean a. lot of the people sold who played a lot. yeah yeah it's reasonable it's just it's. just there's it's a reverse free roll to. say I sold but I know I'm saying I never. sell I sold 25% just million. it's a million dollar B take a little. bit like off the top it felt nice to. sell 25% after I lost a million and I. got 20 Gay back I I should try this more. often it's a big. game it's a big. game all in from. Terrace quick. call biggest pot of the day you in. it's Ry dead it's. over I think uh yeah okay. just twice simulation 100 times 100. times the simulations ter is going to. have to reload another big pot going. Dan's.

Way Dan may move here and these past two. hands just serious this is a great off. the rails let's say on the second board. the five Club comes you get your money. back. $214,000 pot so either when you punt it. off or you full top set really yeah your. friends at the club club right going to. have this type of reaction airball. almost falls out of his chair right. about the was a of Spades take a look at. the leaderboard Dan up 24 was two in the. same just quiet letting everybody else. talk look he's got a little. blanket he's getting. comfortable what's weird too is when I. saw the Flop I didn't even notice cuz. the way your mind looks at the board I'm. like oh it's Ace queen queen with a. flush draw yeah but the flush draw is. the two queens so oh wait so they both. came on the board is what it was on the. Flop.

Yeah it'd be pretty funny if like the. Queen of Clubs came on the board you had. it in your hand you just run a huge. Bluff and at the end you just T it it's. like it's a Miss. deal just like the troll everyone. yeah I guess that would be so . funny as long as you're going to show. either way oh yeah yeah you have but. then people might think if you get. caught bluffing they might think you. weren't yeah that's the problem with. that well he so he's he that up. they might think you're angling you know. you put there a random 20 40 4650 yeah. you're good that's good sweet all right. all well this is action Dan's first time. ever at our lodge Card Club and it won't. be his last that I can guarantee. you the man from. Toronto is killing the game right. now up almost a quarter million. dollars he's a water for Dan yeah.

Thanks this is my water right yeah. that's. yours ter just has two full Coronas over. here well they're not well actually they. are turn lightly man I might full to I'm. not drinking fast. enough Doug still no one gives himself a. hard time like. Doug if Doug's not up peaps by the end. of this session that hand's going to. bother him for a couple days first time. yeah look giving Doug some action and. not willing to fold yet with his two. overs. only one of them. live has some Spades too people here are. very kind now he's got a 10 cooking for. him it is true. people Canadians are R for their money. go check check rather. quickly the ace high is. good check hey check and Hook's not. going to make a move on. Doug Hook was telling us pream that he. and Doug have been playing for close to. 20 years that they've been. playing against each other H may want to.

Take advantage of the old Doug pulk. heads up challenge that we had going on. a few months ago at some point who knows. they were just suck 20K withes. sh well I mean it was apparently a great. Bluff i f a top set but then. unfortunately for you Viper was on the. exact right level of this guy is full of. I get one one out of 10 right so that. one made up for the other 10. yeah great. read Doug made a great read too that. that hand should make the high oh you. think it will terce I hope I hope it. will oh my goodness you like that hand. yeah it's funny too cuz like whenever I. get owned in a hand I'm always like you. know really to the St cuz we post the. like really play it up like like idiot. gets owned it's like me like why like in. the image or. whatever the worst play of all time. question mark question. mark.

Yeah yeah good for good for business. both players with 97 suited headed to a. chop here who wants it more it feels bad. like my sisterin-law will text me and. be like oh I saw this YouTube video of. you that was posted yesterday it's like. it's like a picture of me like looking. so sad there like blood everywhere it's. like Nick airball torch is 100,000 again. like so if you ever if you ever see a. video and the title is roasting you it's. actually a sign of endearment that we. just think you can handle it we almost. never do it we almost never do that the. other day I go to dinner with youan and. of ours and the guy's like he has his. like YouTube open he's like oh the laun. just posted a new video Nick airball. epic punts 2 and a half hours it was 2. and 1/2 hour video I thought it was 2. and A2 minutes I was like oh one bad.

Hand it's 2 and 1/2 hours epic punts I. was. like we love you Nick having a nice. timeing Nick epic. you know we love you Nick. airball like what the. he's like let's watch when we get. home if you don't really know someone. very well you're never going to make a. title that's mean you you don't want you. don't want to insult them I if it's. someone you know is going to be cool. just go to time smiling he's got a few. puns today should we do with air I'm. like full gas he's a candidate for a new. video full gas all. pedal there was actually one I saw and I. was like is this too mean and then and. then our social media guy he's like it's. the same thing Hustler did and they. showed me like the same title and I was. like okay it's good but it was really. mean I forget what it is. now that's nice too cuz we can just look.

And see what they do he's on their show. so much I'm sure that he's talked about. with them some point or he hasn't I. guess. 22 trick time looking to. get some of that money back he's down. heaps. early can I one looking for a seven from. Heaven good picks up a few more outs. s and Viper's gonna win himself another. pot me the open. Ender Diamond Ace I was. like the worst part about that hand to. me is like how confident you were that. he was full of cuz like I was like. okay this could be a ham not totally. sure I haven't play with with you much. and then this could be a hand I'm just. going to get out it and then you're just. like lol this guy like 20K and. he's like five nine I'm like what are. you guys doing. I last I post them how long we you going. be talking about this. H when does Doug Let It Go another orbit.

Another. orbit yeah CU airballs going to come. back in the room and they'll he'll. probably chai dug a little bit give him. the business. something like I was out there taking a. break and I saw the hand I rewatched it. how could you fold the set not asn't. over your head as you might. think this is a straddle right yeah yeah. don't want to play. that action Dan with 95 suited going to. raise here to 5800 starting to feel it. Terrace with some Broadway. cards he's going to make this call and. we will see a. flop terce just got stacked by action. Dan wants some of his money. back you ever play at bagio game is the. one I played with him at before it runs. every day Monday through Friday from 10:. till like. 5 it's in Bobby's room it's I've heard. of 100. 200 yeah. no I'm wor that's a good game I just. haven't you think they let people in.

Bobby's room in full top set I'm. probably there four times a year action. Dan has ter Terrace's number right now. oh got and he's gonna need to color up. he's building a city over there with his. chips nice blanket comfy he's comfy legs. cross it's five card looks like he needs. a. cappuccino High only. limit sure five card high so five card. pillow yep High only No Limit Oh So Five. Card NL it's crazy as but the. problem with that game is people will. just Jam when they have the like what. makes PL great is that you just can't. shake people you know it's a Nutty game. they're. coming you just got to make sure you. have some stuff to to Duke it out. Aces for. terce and the suited Ace du both of. these guys are. tilted three bets to. 11,000 and back to Doug I started with. like about a 100 and then I lost some so.

Started a different hand with 100 well. like a little while ago okay I'm not too. concerned with what you had before well. but thank you it's good it's good to. have that in the okay. thanks Doug makes this call in big. trouble like a few ago never I've never. heard someone say that before play with. each other. six and Doug is going to come. along looking for a. heart check mark for. Terrace it's interesting I believe Nick. airball who's away from the table had we. had at least a king in his hand didn't. see the second card yeah and he would. have been in there more than likely if. he saw a flop. that's why you can't leave the table. rake sometimes you got to Doug making a. move there's no way. terce is folding but I've said that once. already today and been wrong. contemplating raising or calling right. with the bullets here ra folding not an.

Option looks like he's in some pain. look at your bluffing. here it's a good. read I don't have a great hand. but can beat some. Bluffs you can pretty much beat all the. Bluffs gu yes. yeah pocket. Asis you must be balanced here I. guess okay makes the. call and it's going to take down a. 61,000 tfold man dollar pot. oh I almost lost by the well I guess I. don't. know it was it was close it was cl I. don't. know I can beat all the Bluffs I'm like. really I mean it was close against that. particular. BL a. do good afternoon everybody how's it. going we're going to wave good bye to. the tallest deal in the country say. hello to Final Table Kev while we're. doing that let's hear from our stream. sponsor up swing poker what's up guys. dog pure with a quick message for you if. you're a beginner or intermediate player. who wants to get better at poker quickly.

Get my post flop Playbook over on. upswingpoker dcom the postf Flop. Playbook is my 2hour crash course on how. to play a solid balanced strategy that. wins in low stakes poker games the. strategy I teach in the course is also. Al a great onramp to more advanced. strategies so you'll be well prepared to. move on to more Cutting Edge stuff once. you finish it the post flop Playbook is. suitable for all beginner and. intermediate players and as a lodge. viewer you can get it for just $1 let's. go with the coupon code Lodge one go. over to UPS synp add the post. flop Playbook to your cart and use. coupon code Lodge one to get my playbook. for a buck. well there's an eight airball got a tip. he's not even here seven he's a seven he. still has a tip regardless that's what. he's saying yeah yeah so he's. tipping we be.

Good. eight winner winner uh 400 for the. dealer trick time check two check hits. his Ace hook hits his King goofy looking. for a. five Terrace come on man can't just let. one go sorry man just let one. go I knew it's probably negative how am. iing there I know it's probably like not. the best call in the world but but I'm. like there's a chance that I'll catch a. bluff there so if I Bluff you and and. you look at you're like if there's a. chance then you're going to call. well depends on the situation okay I see. I. see I thought that you were traumatized. from that earlier situation that it was. a little of it yeah and then maybe like. you're the way not my fault you're like. thinking is you might be like okay I I. want to redeem myself like kind of you. know that's what I was just thinking. okay I'm like okay and I mean it's close.

So might as well might as well might. let's find out let's find out what. happens what are you going to do it's. only. money yeah and there's not much you can. do with money these days by the way are. we going into this. bit. Yeah 27 like it's you can do a lot less. than 27 you. said the other day airball called 150k. quote. dust what you've been hanging out with. terce a lot lately. dust right buddy well I I was I wasn't. talking about 150 I was talking about. 100 trick time looks like he's got the. check mark here with his Aces that's my. point hook with the $27,000 bet trick. time already down heaps some amount of. money then you realize that money like. you can do a lot less with money than. you would have. imagined you know yeah a lot of people. probably don't realize it you'd think. that 100K would be enough to play pokero.

But it's not even true anymore. anymore Stone Cold dust go play two. three 27,000 two3 go play two3 play two. sming like someone that knows how small. sakes Works let's go play a two three. game you you sound like when you say. that you know that um just let them eat. cake just go play two. three it's like that French French like. is it Mary Antonette yeah the one who. lost her head apparently. good. shot I got down to my last 100 that's. what I'll be doing trick time has the. ace not much of a kicker there a big. game you're not getting unstuck at two. three yeah yeah you go fire the last. 100 hook putting the pressure on him it. is crazy how many people there are in. high stakes who. like trick time makes the call. and it's going to win a $70,000. pot do what like on case money or like. have way like have 400k. playing do I need a post or did I post.

My blinds IED. your like half of their nth essentially. like half of their net worth is on the. table oh yeah 4,800 plus watching right. now we appreciate each and every one of. you we're going to be back tomorrow with. some tournament poker you like. tournament poker 40 Grand a year some of. the most action players are like sub. million probably we're going to be. streaming day two of this tournament. after the dinner break sometime around. 8:30 p.m.. tomorrow the 500k guarantee skull Mike. is scheduled to appear in day two will. he be on the feature table who. knows better question is will he be hung. over well that's going to be a given I. don't know about that I don't know if go. out with these. Maniacs although a night out with. airball up. 100K that would be a fun night sounds. pretty nothing good will come of that.

Hopefully I'm not. arrested can buy a bunch of houses we're. just getting more and more relatable to. the common. man I will say this like when I was a. kid. like I really you don't only have a. concept of how much it costs to like be. an adult. right but it seems like it's reasonable. like it's not not that expensive like. there's all these adults out. there they have families like they put. their kids in school like it's not that. expensive to be adult then you become an. adult and you're like holy it's so. expensive like I'm like how can you. anyone afford to have kids dud I don't. understand I I lit don't understand my. wife like let's have kids I'm like we. Stone Cold can't afford it she's like. you can easily AFF but it feels like. that. like I only been married four years um. I've been married same go from high.

School I'm like D I feel like mean like. 100 million per kid like they're so. expensive like it's insane you. can do it for less than 100 million okay. they are expensive but you know what I. mean like paying for my own I'm. like oh there's like property taxes. there's like Insurance like there's. car insurance home insurance. health insurance dental insurance I'm. like what the like there's a. million different things there's the. flush deal with their for Viper is. the Jack of clubs hits I I don't know. how the river I literally not showing up. yet there's that jacket clubs eily okay. like look how much money you have in. front of you like this is enough money I. have to put this money towards the kid. that I can't but you can put all this. money this is like your kid like up to. like so where's my poker money then well.

I mean I'm sure you have a lot more kids. where's my poker. money just like it's either no but you. know what I mean like it seems like but. I mean this this is not money for your. kid until the kid is 24 this is like. this is literally like the kid's born. and I lost this money already like you. talking about break it to you be. actually lost way more than that exactly. ter what are you talking about listen to. that by the time if you had a kid right. now by the time they are ready to go to. college their undergrad would cost. $4,000 for their undergrad you say but. that's like what that's like one man. like hand me against Tesla that's like. 600k hand like there you go that's like. one undergrad beautiful you know what. I'm saying these these kids you know. what I'm saying come. on come on you you've bluffed way more.

Than that you you you you pulled out. that crazy bluff if you were on on so. all expenses through the first 18 years. and then you're going to send to college. I mean there's no way that whole package. is under a million Oh I thought like 5. million there's no way no not 5 million. that's way too much oh really well it. depends on like what you're doing but. that's way too much I I don't know I. really don't know I'm not kidding not. costing you 5 million a kid that's. that's just to funny probably like one. to 2 million how much do you think your. kids are going to cost you till they're. 18 or they're. out of college I think dogs 24 a million. one to two million over a million now. yeah yeah way over one to two million. maybe one and a half I mean the tuition. alone is going to for me is going to be. yeah you saying yeah I was looking at.

Some of that I said. 59 um you should. 52940 like 35 the rest was like so like. if you put in like. you know 18 20 a year by the time that. they're ready to go College if the. market grows at a normal rate they'll. have enough for tuition yeah and then. that way it's like reasonable per year. and then you get all the gains for free. yep and then it just has to be used for. education and if one of the kids doesn't. use it you can change the it can be for. their kids or it can be for the money is. never gone it just if it's not used for. education then Ta on it yeah you pay a. fees so you you just never withdraw it Y. and then like if they don't go to school. they don't want action Dan starting to. heat up again hits his Ace. you can put in but it's like the. gift 3 something like. that life's too . expensive but it's just nice because I.

Know like I I talk at the math and I'm. like if I put this in every year then my. son by time he's ready to go to college. then if the market grows at at an. average rate then he said you know and. it's not just like he are 500k check to. go to college you know Mak sense but. yeah it's going to be it's going to be. ridiculous but Doug I think that college. is way under uh overrated for sure. you're you didn't go to college and. you're doing amazing but I'm saying like. there's something you have to go to. college for he didn't go to college you. didn't go to college IO go Toge yeah. well there you go like all the like. reasonably successful people they never. go to college dude that's not true. there's plenty of people that go to. college still like if you want to be a. doctor you be like just don't go to. college but the thing is it's such a bad.

Deal to be a doctor true it's so hor. it's like the worst thing you can do. would you be disappointed if your kid. was a doctor yes there's like some guy. some guy who's working for minimum wage. likeor wor thing ever so proud if my. your do you have any idea how how. reaching for a ton of chips here it's a. 35k. pot and he's going to fire a about a pot. size actually a little less than that. 23,000 into 35 thought it was 33,000. do you hear that the average doctor. makes 160 yeah making all the right. decisions is. St nothing easy today for trick time. already. buried get to that point when you're. making saying that's very little right. that's what we're. saying or are we saying that's a lot. little it's like it's like roughly what. I have in front of doctors are rich are. you kidding me no if you're like a. specialist I mean and practic.

3 me if you're surgeon that works for a. hospital I mean you're probably making a. half a million dollars a year what. surgery on all the surge. iist I'm actually I'm going to need a. brain surgeon after this like a. radiologist like a radiologist I mean. after what's almost after eight years of. school four years ofy whatever it is. that you're res School lots of money. like and then finally when you're maybe. like 50 years old there's the call from. trick. time trick time is having a tough tough. day right now dead essentially because. like because you were working 80 hours a. week for for like 10 years and you know. who's not having a tough day Dan come on. you don't there are things it there are. things you need to go to college for I. need a year like this Dan let me get. some can I get some yeah that's like.

That's like a regular let me just get. like a bunch of they have to go. through resident just make change for. dog yeah thanks there was there was a. story that I read some some dog was in. residency and and it's not really funny. but the story was the story was that he. was so exhausted they're making him work. like 100 hours a week and he has to tell. some family that their family member. pass away oh we didn't do the tiop. we did okay we did oh that's right. there's the vpip say Terrace is telling. a story action down at 51% Nick. airball is it Nick airball or Nick. airball. airb. now's I think he's just enjoying the. conversation today more than the. C he's like I'm so delirious I'm not. getting enough sleep for months I'm like. essentially like on drugs all the time. and I'm making like 80k a year I'm I'm.

Like in residency and then I had to tell. them that your family member passed away. and then when he starts talking to them. he can't he starts laughing like crazy. he can't control. himself. um. 7,000 good one one month salary ter it's. so good well yeah there ex ex that's. exactly my point like look the life of a. poker player is a million times better. than any doctor just the worst thing um. you're right everyone out there you have. two options option one go to college and. be a doctor that's f d are there other. After High School you become a poker. player that's the dream that's. not the point no no no do not be a. doctor there are other a lot easier. profession would you finance like you. went into Finance look how rich you are. you're doing great if you went into if. you became a doctor you think you'd be.

Playing here my parents would be. prouder who cares that much I can tell. you for sure true parents like God I. mean okay if you want to satisfy your. parents then be a doctor if you want to. satisfy yourself then do not be a doctor. I think it's very clear that I'm focused. on selfsatisfaction. I wonder if there are any people who are. like watching this who are trying to be. a doctor I wonder what they I'm sure. there. are and they're dropping out right now. to to go play po full time they're. going Doug with the check mark let's see. what happens here. it goes check check both players. show this is so delusional it's. like it's it's it's insane it's. insane now if they were a lawyer though. I would have some problems with that. proba yeah maybe less yeah maybe. less I think like Tech is. great all so the the crypto guy thinks.

Tech is a good good oh well for sure. like uh 800 name one more industry. 800 uh I mean that's all that really. matters really like tech tech is pretty. much going to take over everything yes. yes so like one day when Phil was older. he's going to say Dad I'm going to be an. English major and you're going to look. him in the eye and say I have no. son I I'm going to tell him you can do. anything you want because by the time. when you're grown up and is going to be. doing everything you're going to be a. great dad they'll be like robots and and. and AI will be doing everything yeah AI. will be doing everything yeah seriously. be living in in like Utopia essentially. there's a loose call check that and and. then you can do anything you want at. that. point I have Miracle flop Kevin Miracle. flop then I'll stack everyone six ways.

To this one that wasn't it. check. check and top top for goofy who's. been pretty quiet. today got stacked earlier and came. back only the only career could come up. with his Tech that was it that the only. one that's like us I mean that's teris. you should see what I do you be blown. away I think that uh maybe something. where you work. like like physical work like I think. that's going to what last yeah plumbers. electricians yeah yeah yeah exactly. plumbers electricians they're going to. last for a while I think if your main. job is sitting behind a. computer that's going away in the next. five years regardless of what hard. disagree hard disagree like if you're. like a financial guy and you're in the. computer whatever you're doing on the. computer AI will be doing it in five. years. will play some poker for me well we're.

Actually this is a physical game so this. is fine so this is going to last this. isn't going to I'm not people will still. play poker in 50 years but will people. be doing some analysis on Excel in 50. years I don't know I don't think. so he just. Chuckles all right let's see what's. right so basically what terce is saying. is if you are a doctor like a CO. you know like Quant a. programmer you are a dead. drawing dead but leave school but if you. drop out of school and play poker you. have a chance or or a plumber or a. plumber or yeah or a plumber or. construction worker yes construction. these are the jobs ter well you will. last 30 years let's. say I mean I think promise. you though I think if you were like like. uh. $5,000 I think if you're a poker player. at least he you can last I wouldn't. surpr 50 years at least like I mean.

People will be playing poker in 50 years. even if AI is much better like that's. definitely true and also chess like if. if or like any kind of. absolutely people love. is is like chess is always so ridiculous. stupid it's just a memorization game for. like so much of it to be good true okay. sure it is memorization I I love chess. but it I mean like when they talk about. it it's like oh I knew this line to the. 17th move and in this variation happen. like I like chess 2 I just think it's. fun to like play but then it's like if. you ever actually want to like progress. you just have to memorize like you. just have to memorize in as many. openings as you can as far as you can. and that's that's it you think goofy. like whenever you watch like the chest. or trick time give a about right. now what the like i' say what's.

Going on with whatever still the same. idea you mean like it's just goofy was. stacked go get more chips like even. though computers are like way better. than humans now at chess humans still. enjoy watching other humans play chess. yeah and it's going to be true in 50. years you know like I mean it's it's a. fact or you don't agree Doug no I do. agree I I think it look you're something. I think chess is a much worse career. than being a doctor because think about. like think about like the H 100th best. chest. so little hundred best doctor is making. like a million a. year Milli let someone can pay $160,000. a year just to watch 4 40 50 hours a. week of Chess would you do it what am. I'm getting paid 160,000 a year no that. sounds like H me personally or. in general you personally I'm not doing. it how many hours okay what if they what.

If they paid you 1 million a year would. you do it I do yeah do watch 50 hours of. Chess yeah I love chess it' be 50 hours. a fulltime F job on you I get to watch. something I enjoy full time and get paid. a millionaire I would do it and it's 50. hours like gu do it's not like it's. like yeah and it's like not like active. you're sitting there. watching hell yeah I'll post I'll do it. at the. lodge post up in the back watching CHS. every day yeah I mean I I would enjoy. kind of I don't know if I one to watch. it that much but hell yeah I would do. that that sounds like a horrible way to. spend time. like chess me andan have spent so many. hours lately just like discussing like. how to spend time like that's just like. my bigest stress right now meta you. spend a lot of time discussing how to. spend time it's true I swear to God I.

Just don't know what to do so much time. nothing to do with I thought you play. poker every day I do but like it's not. the best thing to do every day wow he is. growing up evolving right maybe this. year I'll play like 300 sessions. live you play any golf I play golf. airball said yesterday had 367 poker. sessions last. year yeah that's a that's a problem. let's golfing than a day I'm like. there's no chance we have to go late. they're like okay we'll go at 9:00 I'm. like what are you talking about 9:00. a.m. I just went to. sleep you want me to pull an all nighter. and play golf with you like. might I think you would start playing. again might as well do it's kind of like. part of the night I'm tired you enjoy. this now too well I enjoy like business. building right like so it's it's not. about the PO anymore really it's like.

Part of building the. business but one thing that people that. don't have kids don't realize is like. once you have kids it's like your. schedule yeah your schedule is a routine. they're getting up at this time you're. getting up at this time everyone's awake. by getting out one one kid yeah little. one right yeah yeah that's good. yeah so cute like twoish oh one. one so cute going to waste time on. this yeah I was going I was going to. he rarely says he says d da a lot but. it's just like he says. D this morning he saw me ran at me for. a let's see if we caught airball with. about six different facial expressions. here in. slowmo calc who eyebrows try to. smile. Euphoria you. know we am am I put I've been doing. posting let's post let's go yeah so put. him in but then again like I I'm less I. don't know him as well as I don't know.

You just call it you're in charge I mean. he posted you but I think we just posted. everyone's posting just post 5K in the. live chat thank you for tuning in. Saturday high stakes poker skull Mike. and Slick Rick a big game so and the. rest of the crew here enjoying the. action and the table talk we're just. going to sit back folks today so if you. need a piss piss after your button. or you can try and go under the gun but. it's a little risky or you just don't. care or you don't. care. cares why oh my God be that. guy. m000 I'll post down just to play no I. grew up like fine f Saga you. I'll tell you a really funny story about. posting so we're playing in a private. game at a house it's like a sixhanded. game it's PLO we're playing like 2,000. 4,000 4,000 okay and you know usually. like in that spot you it's never post.

Right like you get up you miss blinds. well for some reason the rule was that. it was post and so everyone knew it so. like you know you put your butt and you. run to the bathroom to pee cuz no one. wants to pay 8,000 or 10,000 to pee. Charles doesn't realize it so he gets up. he goes makes a phone call makes a piss. right under the guns he misses his small. his big and his butt he comes back and. he says oh okay how much do I owe raay. we tell like you posted Char's like. $10,000 to pee he lost his it. was the funniest. well just say yes it is it is. $10,000 that's the rules of the game. game Austin here I mean there yeah I. think I think I can. okay yeah there there're. s that's. 4000 are you enjoying having kid yeah. that's. great that's the best thing. ever kofy welcome to the table bro n six. and four. okay where's that accent from Nashville.

Nashville. okay Viper getting to know goofy harder. when you had more hooks out of there no. longer chasing the. paint they don't they don't everything. going dance way today a poker player's. dream especially in the big game yeah it. just seemed harder to take care of a. little baby you know and then then the. more experience you get I guess it just. makes it easier you just get broken down. and eventually you're just like as long. as they. live you had a kid recently too yeah. yeah thank you do you have you have any. kids not yet you don't have any kids I. have like 100,000 kids in La I feed them. all I swear to God I have more kids than. any human. alive need this to life Chang. yeah man when you see a kid come up to. you and hug you and love you oh it's the. best they run at you with their arms. open yeah there's nothing like it's just.

The. best so. cute once again with the. tanks air Ball's going to give him some. action he's been rather quiet lately. king9 suited diamonds no assist. here picks up 10 all the 10 it's going. to be hard to get eight months or really. whatever yeah cuz they just can't do. anything can't do nothing yeah it's not. that yeah I mean now it's getting yeah. see you're in the same boat yeah now. it's getting more fun his son was born. two weeks after like roughly very close. yeah boys are funest. man yeah it's it's getting more and more. fun. like how old so I I try to look up stuff. online about like when stuff supposed to. happen but it's all like it's. all like I know know a huge range like. oh this happens between 12 and 24 months. and you're like obviously but like. what's average you know it there there. was I looked it up like when is the.

First war supposed to happen they say. between 5 months and. 36 like. what that's like ridiculous 36 months. it's like three years old and like when. did Phil first start walking he's well. he's kind of walking right now like like. roughly around right now okay I mean. like the most white you can take like a. one step or two like does your son run. around oh he runs yeah okay see there. you go Otis Otis okay he has like a not. white person name I just laughing all. the kids are like Phil and sounds like. some middleaged white dude he named it. after helth. really uh well I I guess so I don't. know I think we have to get hel me. through the game you named your first. come on dude that might have been a. slight. exaggeration or maybe not just like yeah. just yeah that's great is Phil saying. saying words he. talking Phil some middle son obviously.

Obviously is speak there's no babies. named Phil bro that's not a baby name. sure it is why not can be. so is Phil hel you speaking or is my. Phil your Phil oh okay all right okay. good I mean I think they're both kind of. they're both kind of speak but the older. the Phil helth is speaking a lot better. like your kids what age did you see them. like do stuff normally like what was. normal well when they third is doing. more stuff more advanced in the rest. because learns off the other two so. River my youngest River he's two and. he's doing way more stuff than other two. were doing it too so is he walking oh. yeah I don't know why would I know run. he was riding he was riding a scooter. like 10 months and the diaper. just he's super he's super coordinated. man you can ride scooter and be. breastfed I want to stop about when do.

Kids eat normal food. too like they crawl they crawl they. crawl and then that first day they learn. to take a few steps there's no more. crawling crawling just over instant it's. like you w on the walk you and then once. they start walking like quit walking. crawl when they first start walking they. fall over so much that you're just like. you crawling still frankly how old is. your kid uh 16 months so is he walking. oh yeah he's walking he's walking yeah I. saw this video on Instagram where they. were like putting a baby on grass and. the baby was like scared of grass is. that like a thing no 15 months a ter you. know what I'm talking about right yeah. yeah like the. baby it's all chill yeah yeah what the. Dan going to give us some action so. 30k in the middle no diapers. over for both players baby down it. freaks out right away.

Like always been like but is it cuz the. other kid doing it or I think so it's. hard to say I mean that's seems like. that's why he's Advanced but I don't. know he's definitely got the most. coordination early on then I see yeah. that's how my little boy is he's a. little beast in baseball. 9,000 our thing lately so he really. likes trucks like when we like go. anywhere you see a truck he he just like. makes a sound it doesn't sound like. truck but I know he's trying to say. truck you know and he just like and. he'll make the sound like truck. like actually it's kind of taking after. his dad. terce now with the N flush draw to go. along with his top pair top kicker like. a truck you know so cute with there's. this truck we put on and there's like. country music that goes on and he start. dancing so cute it's crazy too like moms.

Have this innate way of deciphering what. they're saying I be like oh my. God and man just put it together. everything like I Kate one is exactly. the same like he'll say something I'm. like oh my God he said encyclopedia I'm. like no what and like oh my God he said. he said mountain lion. like oh he said I I'm I don't hear. anything that we're happening I don't. hear any of this it's true man he's. saying orange. ring. check does Dan turn his Deuces into a. bluff. here Terrace always gets very creative. with nut blockers more that's a yes yeah. setting the Trap here yes that is a that. is a yes that is a don't think he's. folding to any amount that Dan fires out. there and Dan's thinking over his. options might just check it back might. fire let's see also they're all they're. all reason going for. it pot siiz bed here 40 looks like.

40 grow up to be a doctor putting. terrorist. when you become an Uber driver I mean. this event that event this thing this. don't tell ter about. that this was a four bet pot. Prix I I for three boys no boy girl for. some reason I. miss makes the call I have a deuce last. call there from Terrace gets some back. as he approaches 200k in his stack and. the first Dent to the man in the eight. seat from Toronto yeah. terce had a big one against action Dan. earlier when when you have a girl gets a. lot of it back right there just treat. them differently like even so I don't. want if I had two girls and my boy. sold you. knows two. boys that was our third biggest part of. the day 127,000 biggest partt of the day. 214,000 but they're smart man they start. like learning how to and number 46. Terrace lost to Dan so got a bunch of it.

Back right. there we're uh we're on the way with our. second sh actually oh right now yeah oh. congrats buddy thank you yeah that's fun. yeah is another another boy oh you. already know yeah that's fun we're going. see how tonight goes before I. have have any more they're expensive how. long how long we're like like four or. five months away have you guys picked W. you have another child on the way wow. congrats thank you come on ter got get. to. work man I don't know if I can keep up. with Doug pul like's yeah I'm a baby. making machine he's a machine only. terrorist is respons to like I don't. know if I can keep up. with have you picked a name yet so yeah. airball airball poke it's not going to. be the middle name how. about uh first name Nick last name or. middle name air ball you know the the P. really from I think.

That's or just first name AR middle. nameall too family came from. May I think we're I think we're going to. go with. Knox yeah two pair for Action Dan here. we're still debating some middle names. but nothing finally yet but I think. we're going to go KN how about just just. makes the call here know what it means. I'm not naming my child after you why. not one reason that it's not a good idea. oh you should you should name your child. after him like you know like it it'll be. like you know like the child will be. able to show like his friends like hey. I'm named after this guy and then he can. like show the videos from the lodge and. from others that's a great childhood. it's like I'm named after this guy. like dialed back into the hand 30k up. for grbs God damn. it I'm surprised you didn't name your. your first child.

Ethereum 18 18,000 is the BET how about. one child Bitcoin the other one ethereum. how about that I think you could do. it getting ready for a career and then. the third child binance third child's. got to be named. Satoshi bance why not. binance it's like the number three coin. look Viper Viper's GNA make grabbing. Colin chips here. dangerous he's thinking. otherwise like if you Mar c time his. damn right now right lace it down. air ball saved you air Ball's got a look. in his eye see I'm telling you when. you're the third person is tough Viper. start to talk a little over to. Dan's way Dan's not interested he's got. the best hand once. again airball needs a. five had some chop outs didn't get there. check mark for. Dan table now silent. how much is Dan gonna request from one. Nicholas. airball still think I'm. good something like 40 seems.

Nice got to go for a smidge more closer. to 50 looks like. 48,000. 48 snap oh nope nope thought those chips. were going to flick in there leaning. call is airball can he get. away makes this call it's. $160,000. pot. now oh where're so close. to a. call couple inches. away makes the call. $161,000 Pot dead thank you airball for. being in the. hand Viper with the needle over the. airball that was nice you to let him. have a moment to breathe before you did. that you know you didn't just instantly. needle him you you let him have a ire. thank you collect his nerves instant. needle from Viper and look at action Dan. continuing to stack like he's been doing. since hand number one leaderboard over a. quarter million dollars action Dan up. 276 Viper and airball the only other. winners Big I everyone else in the red. trick time and.

Hook. losing over 125,000 and 130,000. respectively. 800 yeah. yeah wow action Dan is. just taking this stream over I don't. know Viper sticks out on hand number 65. no clue starting to feel himself a. little bit he's up about. 70k yeah 2 and half hours so it couldn't. have been couldn't be airball made that. call and Viper just put the needle into. airball a. instantly. instantly oh I'm glad you paid off that. 48,000 so I didn't have to thanks man. airball didn't care action Dan with the. tanks here I think he did kind of. care he took it like a professional but. nobody wants to hear that Pucket t for. the third or fourth time. today for Dan. three. players headed to a. turn same three from the previous hand. and there's the stare from. airball I'll take a nine one time oh. close and airball hits his Jack on the. river two.

Pair 16 Viper is gonna take a stab. airball going. nowhere deciding on whether the Rays or. flat to 16 and he goes for the Rays. wants to finish. off no good there airball there you I. see him thank you takes it down all. right no more Blu rest tonight that's. was it yeah that's what everyone says. that's it last one that's always that's. always it the last one one yeah really. curious what you had there actually. you'll see on I'm going to I'm going to. look back at this and what do you think. I this is you one guess if you get it. right he'll tell you yeah if you get it. right I'll tell. you um you had a Le stupid you guess the. hand what the you don't guess the. hand class at least you don't you had at. least Jack High Miss. but just so we're all clear we're going. to do auto post unless you say otherwise. but you missed an.

Orbit post me we. know set timer for 30 minutes I got to. go watch that air. ball okay I check rais me that's just. rude Dam put me on tilt is it a grand no. no. no okay 5200 watching right now we. appreciate everyone tuning in to weird. hand been going 3 hours we're going to. keep going for a while longer folks yeah. I understand you pass it to me I pass it. to him. fine I haven't heard you squeal in a. while. Rick one those so I'm gonna press a. button after this hand and I want you to. give it your best effort you know what. I'm talking about1 I don't actually you. will. know goofy versus. Terrace goofy connects it's his. King Che. God. 3,000 3000 snap call from goofy reick. talk to me about. this the LCS is here it is our Flagship. event and that is the main event there. it is $3,000 Buy in $2 million guarantee. last year Preston won.

$426,000 you're not going to want want. to miss it the LCS going strong started. off on. Wednesday 15 events 3.3 million in. guarantees we'll see you may the 8th or. before check out our website for the. tournament that works best for. you our Flagship. event of the. year you didn't know I was going there. huh caught you a little off guard caught. me a little off guard you delivered. though well done I try. really my favorite thing right now about. ter is stack is he has one 5K right here. for no reason okay there we go no. problem I like it I like this fixed it's. fixed the problem is fixed this is like. on the on the Bell par yeah it's really. good right now yeah this is like really. good a I think he's been studing his. chip is just I can't. even yeah. I got a big hand this. time probably ahead right now but we'll.

See that case I. check. five that helped the big hand I. think you got there you you can call. right there I understand it check oh. I'm checking I got to bet your. pocket a for. you no way. check I'm absolutely terrified so I just. G to show you. that action been a bigger Dan D. you guys yeah Aces yeah okay actually. hits the straight the Broadway there you. approve without on the river I was just. like trying to like imagine everybody's. ranges and stuff like that and I was. kind of. close like the both of their hands were. in the range that in the r that you that. I imagined yeah so all good that no that. that does make sense to I mean if. somebody had like four dues then I would. be like whoa what's happening there you. know but they didn't well so I was. correct the whole. time okay that's 800 it is two. hook Terrace in action Dan will see this.

Flop 20,000. 196 in the. middle the ace. Jack from Hook out in front but it's. over to action Dan. who's going to fire out. 8,000 hook and action Dan will see this. turn and it's over hook with the check. mark. hits his Ace on the. turn goes check check to the river we. go. 22,000 that's 22000. folks once again we'll be here. tomorrow between 8:00 p.m. and 830 p.m.. for day. two coming back after the dinner. break day two of the 500k guarantee. that's going on right now still time to. get involved in. that $400 Buy in. $500,000 guarantee the first. event yeah three more flights one. started at 5 there's a turbo tonight and. then a turbo tomorrow morning as well. stuff I was saying yeah just made up oh. my. godes 5000 I we would like we would like. like I would try to come up with. something before I went like it wasn't.

Just like on the moment it was like an. hour 30 minutes before I tried to figure. out what I'm going to say yeah it's. great it was fun. I was I was just want to know so there. was like a stretch at Hustler like a. couple months ago where I was playing. like I would go on the I go and just. like do like Seline reporting for fun oh. I think I. saw when you went out into like the uh. the other tables and stuff yeah yeah. yeah that was really fun though Brian. loved it the way it started is one day I. was playing like I was playing the floor. PLO game like 10240 poo and they had. like a stage game going or whatever and. Jeremy busted and and he busted came to. our table to play like he got he got J. yeah JBS he came to table so we like so. ry's like do an interview with. him he doesn't strike me as a good. interview after busting he actually he.

Actually was a good he's like he gets. very tilted but he's selfaware enough. that like it's it's okay. good I think the key with poker. interviews is to not make them really. stand. like how you feeling coming into the. final table no one's ever going to. answer that in an interesting way. ever you know it's going to be like oh I. feel good or I'm not too sure it's going. to be like. boring the question is like who do you. want to Stack the most yeah that yeah. that would be like yeah who you think's. the worst player at this table I don't. think nobody answer that though right. dep person for sure where do you play. poker in nationville you have to go all. the way to Cherokee to play I do play. there but uh we just have home. games sh North. right let me wake up with a big hand let. me wake up with a big hand one.

Time yeah Doug with Jack 10 suited. here facing the three bet from. Hook 15,000 and Doug is going to four. bet to 15,000. heads up hook and. Doug Doug flops the open. Ender back door flush possibilities for. hook 18 18,000. gets a. diamond good car to continue barreling. but he's going to see a free one. and the Jack 10 is good but neither. player believes in their Jack High. Showdown. so Doug's gonna have to turn his. mraw into a bluff after the turn goes. check check so bluffing with the best of. it there he goes. 22,000 22000 and a quick fold good turn. card I was happy on the Flop but really. I was just hoping you weren't. Terrace I could beat the I could beat. the ja I could beat. the uh I bet the. turn Doug raises probably call he still. and check check wins check check he wins. he had 86 of diamonds or something no he.

Had Jack high right I jack 10 what do. you have Jack high oh chop it up in no. no oh no oh I would win yeah yeah that's. what I oh my. Lord that's I saying. I nice volue bet dog you're the . best in the world. buddy so happy I didn't met to turn o CU. i' have been so brutal losing on River. there I'm definitely shutting down give. up Jack. High it be one for the clips I would. have liked. it like I can Le a nine. like. yeah it does suck when you don't bet a. river and you're like close and then. they should not like an nrow hand you're. just like damn it I just got. this. yeah I probably win if I turn when I. turn you. diamonds it's really frustrating if. you're willing to Bluff to dog a like. dog a spot like that like it's one thing. if you're like someone who just doesn't. like go for it you know if you're. willing to go for it and you just like.

Dog it for whatever reason it's so. frustrating and you turn a bunch. of equity and you're like now I'm. not even going to Bluff the. river you know you're call to flop just. to Barrel off you're ready to blast to. flop the barrel off the board doesn't. let you do it and then you just the. worst is when you have like a like a. pretty good draw and you're like what's. goofy GNA do here want to check and see. if I hit this but I know I need to bet. I'm going to go ahead check and action. Dan going to win another one idiot why. did I do this I hate that that's like. the worst feeling. that is the worst. feeling great there so many times the. draw you literally think to yourself. like man Tak a little break they raise. me here I go all in it's sucks. and they do. it it's. always you just bet your hand then it's. fine but the moment you ter he's.

Back yeah like one turn your own head. yeah. like how do they know that I didn't want. them to race they know man they. know action Dan's hitting everything so. he's gonna call. with eight deuce. and hits a deuce. here but the fours from goofy still out. in front fires out. 2,000 yeah hook gets out of the. way yeah that's. great to the river we go after check. check and there's the ace on the. river I think I think that Goofy's going. to take that one down for you I mean. we're like a more traditional style. family but I don't think there's. anything wrong with two working parents. or not or whatever who's your wife for. well not everyone's in that position. yeah she just like takes care of the. house and the family I mean. that's so much work like honestly I. don't know if I'm cut. out my wife does that and I I wouldn't.

Switch with her to for nothing never. it's a tough job. yeah plus we hes school so it's really. tough it's also really nice when you're. just in like a a well clean house and. like stuff's changing with the seasons. you know fall comes out there's like. little orange leaves around and I'm just. like you know I appreciate those little. things you. know I think it's really. cool you got napkins with rings on them. and stuff everything's nice my wife my. wife also has like a Etsy shop where she. sells Disney ears yeah I remember you. saying that she had some sort of small. business was working on right yeah yeah. I mean it's like it's like a Etsy shop. so like she just like people can order. ears I think you wore them before or. something I think I've seen you maybe. once but maybe a Disney or something not. not on the show cost of dollars went up.

You know 20 something she at least. should have a 20% raise to keep up with. inflation they're really nicely made I. mean I've seen like a lot of the ears on. the market knew Mickey Mouse earrings. were like an antiinflationary. investment it's like the dollar menu at. McDonald's kind of way you can either. put your money in Bitcoin or you can buy. the Micky Mouse. series people really love those years. though like the whole Disney culture. people are people are real in the mix on. Disney I'm assuming your wife likes. Disney then or something my wife loves. Disney I don't know it's not my thing. folks some of you saying the stream. paused cute I mean bringing kids can. exit out and come back into the stream. if that ever happens. any oh there's a. lad is that actually the. princess they have this thing called. breakfast with the princess you know I.

Mean it's in the castle and they all the. little princesses are around and you. have breakfast actually in the castle my. daughter went ape for that I know. whenever I see people out with like. multiple kids I just think that this is. a . headache they're like whining screaming. and they you have to carry like. 84,000 things for them and how you been. married I'm not saying you're wrong but. how your it's worth it same as me 27. definitely does she want to have kids. yeah it'll get worse as she. gets n does not want to have kids little. air Balls by the way I hear him talk he. does not want to have kids I mean I want. I like the idea of having kids. eventually but I just think like I don't. want kids right now I don't want you're. young how old you 27 yeah you're super. young that'll change yeah I believe that.

Yeah you're in a find place to to put it. off for a little bit or whatever hook. with the ladies here want give it some. parental advice to Nick. airball how old you 45 wow I would have. thought you younger. man a lot younger than that all Spades. here no uh hook does have the Queen of. Spades as you get older Viper hits his. Ace I got a lot of sleep whenever I have. no kids kids now no. sleep there's a flush for both hook and. Doug Ed straight flush draw going to be. hard to get on the high end because hook. has the. queen checks. around. 18 that's 18,000 lot of pressure here to. Doug's tennis. Spades Viper still behind. him Doug's thinking back he made. that set of Queen fold earlier and he. got the third nuts hated himself for. it n flush has the boards paired so all. boats possible. 10 high third nut. flush gonna lay it down good lay down.

Here and. Viper with his two pair also known as. three pair also known as no good snaps. it off I call if few I really thought. about it when you looked at his stack if. you raised after that I was going to. call. yeah I see thank. you didn't ra Queens leaderboard. 275 he snaps you off he folds oh then. yeah then trick time who's stuck 130. back in the building I like that could. have had that scenario it's happened. before could happen. again nice pot there for hook he needed. it still stuck 113 10 with the 10 of. Spades so like I walk FL so I'm like is. I supposed to raise this or not and I. was like maybe I should raise the some. in the time. then like you're behind and I don't know. I just I rather I don't know it was a. weird. spot seems. like got top two pair I'm. like we got really got a . Spade I don't believe anymore this game.

That's my problem yeah we're playing. post so but then the second one we say. out. okay don't you think he was missing some. money over there give me in. wa you have well I guess. okay all. right raises to 2000 I see you over. there H pouncing on the the post no I. got you that's. cool what post. Doug with the Jacks three bets how do I. have it. here oh my God it was perfect I was like. oh we got a big pot hand here after all. that I got least 10 I'm like oh no. God damn. it Doug can't get it into high gear. today he's itching for the big pot will. we see it by the end of the night I hope. so the recipe for a big pot was there. you know weird sh it's like I feel like. all the big pots in poker are when. something kind of weird happens I like a. card got exposed or like someone like. accidentally like swe someone else's.

Hand yes yes lots of those did you feel. uncomfortable right there the Wesley. hand yeah that was like the most. uncomfortable. ever because I don't want to give away. like this is going to be like a$3. million pot is that. Str rais to 1,000 1,000 I don't want to. give away anything any TOS I like how we. were talking about that automatically. goes off when I go into the yeah it's. Just sh to the right I like how we were. talking about that in that hand when you. had Kings and I had fives and then. immediately. like remember we were talking about that. and then you let Tesla sweat your hand. when you had Kings I had the fives and. immediately I was looking at him and. you're like no tells Tesla I was staring. him down I was like. tells yeah I mean open end for terce. people that they're going to like be. respectful yeah.

But the open Ender for Goofy he's like I. like this one yeah and then dwan's. tanking the river and I'm just like I'm. not thrilled that he said that you know. the I really like this one and I'm like. it's the harmless that's like that. like it it just. like cuz if I see your hand if I say. something it's 100% Balan I'm only ever. going to say something I would say no. matter what you know I'm never going to. be like o six or you know like like this. is a great one or something like you. know cuz then you can like breed into. it it's also when you sweat someone's. hand like I feel the responsibility too. you know what I'm saying I'm not I will. go to this with my grave with. this hand like I'm not you're not. getting one thing from me I am I'm going. to be a I got you you trusted me I'm. your man I got you but other people are.

Like oh well there's a flop oh you. missed like it's. like the best is like someone comes into. like like comes in you're playing or. whatever like like off stream and like. like they sweat a hand and like you call. like a three bet or four bet and the. Flop comes out and they just leave yeah. yeah just like bro I didn't know about. that so what are you talking what you. doing like you can't like so when I I'll. come in and like see my buddies AR and. they're like oh swe that hand and though. they have nothing I just stand there cuz. I'm like I know I can't leave but like. I've seen people do this so many the. thing is cuz I had with a buddy where I. did it to him on accident realizing and. so now like I try to balance it and like. you know you really all right see you. later take a. lap they pop top all right see you.

Tomorrow. oh that's. fun that's happened me a couple times. where like someone walked inide the hand. and and left and I it just like puts me. on tilt I just like. please with great power responsibility. exactly it is funny like sometimes I. flush draw for Nick airball continues. his conversation I got to go I can't. wait and wait for this whole thing. either way like just so you know. and what will airball do here he's just. going to Flat this threeways to this. turn card and there is the. nuts and 80% to a royal flush draw we. can't get the Queen of Clubs because Dan. has. it now Dan this could get spicy Dan with. the second. nuts second nut flush for Dan with the. queen he's going to fire out. 6,000 and airball is licking his. chops Doug also gets there with a. straight and here comes the boom. 30,000 raised to. 30,000 and action Dan can't get away.

From this canny. skull going to be difficult to get away. he really hasn't had that many tough. decisions tonight running very very. pure but this one a head scratcher tough. Queen. High these up heaps you know what's 30k. to. airball it's good for the game right. just paid it. off he makes this fold world class. now he's gonna make the call and Doug's. gonna get out of the way calling there I. mean queen High. flush airball was there on the turn gets. paid 73.6 for him Paul with a worse hand. then I'm just dead by everybody just. just making all the right reads you know. that's how you get the max. there we needed some money back for. these d. you fold it I might have made a really. like call such a good spot to. Bluff yeah you owe me. one okay. I'm like one of you would call for a. shirt especially Doug cuz Doug can never.

Have the nuts and so it's so tilting if. you're. done yeah he's like I got a five of Club. best hand I can ever have I call. I trap your ass. sometimes if you tra me there that would. be a really good spot to track CU I was. I would never have thought you could. have anything. good I'm honest I would never expect you. could have anything good there even now. I don't think you have anything good. there a let's show me find out. eventually one of these days I'll tra. you you're going to fall right in that. day is coming. trick time wants to get something going. here he's got big slick suited all clubs. though oh yeah keep trying Goofy with. the only Club in his hand he like like. he like. yeah I see if you're even around in 10. years yeah that's true probably not well. tell me if that wrong no he wasn't wrong. has you ever played this game here.

What's I I personally have said this. called. I just couldn't see myself playing poker. in a few years I just assume few years. yeah assume I'll be bored of it I'm. already like starting to burn out. sometimes like no no no we got to get. you back out next month no I'll come. back don't worry but I just really think. like I could totally see myself in two. three years just not poker really or. like maybe like only playing like once a. month when there's like something big so. i' I've heard a lot of poker players say. that but you have to realize is if. you're going to actually mean that you. have to really be trying to find. something to take your time because if. you don't if you don't actually put work. in to find the next thing you're going. to end up back because you want to have. something to do but that's what me and.

That's that's why I spend so much time. but that's literally why I spend so much. time talking toan like trying to figure. out what I want to do with my little. flush here for goofy he's going to take. it poker all the time like I just think. it's like not that great of like a. longterm hobby you know what I mean so. like I it is a long I don't I think. poker is a great longterm hobby but. you're playing 300 times a year that's. not a hobby okay my personality is. really not like a like a play casually a. month or do anything it's like I'm like. a when I'm into something I'm into it. like I'm going to watch a TV show I'm. going to finish the TV show I'm going to. that's just how I am but yeah but what. I'm saying like long term good to find. balance right now I think it's fun yeah. it's fun that only a poker coach get any.

Sort like you don't get airball life. coach else I feel at least for me. lessons with Doug airball pays for this. this is why he comes yeah more drenal in. poker for sure like I mean you're. telling me when you stuck in like. 400,000 against Alex with is how you. didn't have like your heart wasn't. beating before you put it on the river. well he called so fast but before you. put it in like you're getting ready to. put the money in like get you. get an adrenaline rush I don't know like. when I'm about to like run a huge buff. or play a huge call like I get I'm like. yeah let's go know you're talking. about you know we're about to put in a. million dollars and see what happens. like that's . fun don't know what Terrace's second. card is little mystery hand here also. like I think like the other thing I like. about poker is like the social stuff.

Like yeah yeah it's good it's I mean. it's a social game it's actually like a. really good social game especially high. stakes poker is social game I mean Poker. in general man like even smaller Stak. poker. like we know ter play really small. Stakes. here has a parir Queens yeah maybe it's. like maybe it's like a I feel like when. I like historically when I used to play. like 55 and 510 when I was like in. college and I come out to LA like it was. just miserable man it's so. boring I also agree with you like when. we like when me and terce go out after. the stream and play 13 or whatever two. it's so much fun like every time we done. that every time and every time. it's like even yesterday like I was like. after the stream someone's like oh play. one two with us and I was like well not. today cuz I got to go but I was like it.

Sounded fun like cuz everyone's like. happy and like it's not like they're. chitchatting showing each other their. hands and just like messing around like. fun a lot of it I think is also your. comfort level like people that play. bigger games you're you're just a lot. more comfortable being at a table right. you played a lot in your life you've. been there a lot see but when small. games lot of times they're like newer. they're not trying to make sure they're. not making doing like a dum. mistake yeah that's for sure true the. first time you play light poker I. remember so clearly it just it was. coming at me so fast and I was just. trying to keep up like oh my God like we. next hand already like it was just like. so fast it's weird cuz my background was. online but part you're out there and. you're. like is our high roller series May 6th.

Through the 12th like when I was in. college find out of the High Roller. events on our website the loder or go to Poker Atlas check out which. tournaments work best for you part of. the LCS series like just like I remember. Lodge championship. series I actually think a lot more. people would our Flagship event there. was an easier way just to learn how to. like buy from 2K to 10K no limit hold of. PL Max sit down like everyone's looking. at you like the first few times like I. don't feel it now but I remember that. distinctly being like they all were. staring at me like like I you free food. and no rake for on time entries how. about that so I went to college in China. yeah CH College in China you speak part. China are you in Shanghai okay. yeah is that your ethnicity yeah I mean. my parents are from India I was born.

Here so let me give you a little. ethnicity course here okay w w there. yeah he doesn't look Chinese so I he. looks chines amazing I like wait a. minute how the hell pretty sure he's. Korean pretty sure. amazing good that's China part of the if. you thought he was Chinese DN how hot is. he Chinese it is not a reasonable right. in the gut he's Irish not Chinese he's. Irish no matter how no matter what he's. not Chinese. so did you have an arranged marriage no. I married the you're Indian I mean. that's like no it's not reasonable. question like my uh my like uh 50%. chance my what's it called my aunt or. whatever and uncles like they've had. couple them had arranged marriages but. no I'm married to a white. girl do you guys know that last year. India surpassed China in total. population India is number one in the.

World now that's us yeah it was China. for a long time we're taking over baby. one child policy thing has is like a. little bit of a issue in afrina CU their. demographic is they don't have enough. young people. yeah if I didn't mean at the time it. kind of made sense cuz their population. was so much. 125,000 trick time has had a tough day. action Dan going for all of trick time's. remaining. chips I don't know about you but like I. have like a super LoveHate relationship. with poker. yeah inter saying yeah I've been there. for. sure like it's not always necessarily. with like my results over a given. stretch. like like nonsense or people or whatever. yeah like I also think I'm sure you have. this like you have a lot of interactions. where like you feel like someone's your. friend maybe and then in hindsight like.

They're not or whatever and like because. like they you know you have money or. whatever be like that kind of stuff like. I I get really I'm really sensitive. about stuff it bothers me well you. should be at there cheating you was that. right I I I've had a love ha with poker. but a very different way no one's ever. tried to get me to a game or something. so I've never had people sucking up do. my friends I've had people be like. you're not getting into this. game I've had a lot of that I kind of. moved on from that I see a little. different then my love ha with poker is. just I time really trying to bad at. think through here high level it was a. struggle for me to like learn it's okay. just you can make this call and I don't. have to be like perfect yeah you know. what I'm saying I guess like that's. personally how I feel too like like I.

Mean like I have like some impulse. control issues obviously and like I. don't mind like losing makes the F but I. feel like if I just onto the next hand. stupid for no reason then I get like. then I'm like very with myself but like. if I think my hand is fine the way I. played it and I lose a ton of money in. it I really don't mind. I actually you know how you say you. don't play once in a while I've actually. found that like now that I only play. like there cumulative winnings action. Dan up a quarter million Nick airball. 109,000 Viper the only other winner you. play a lot and you see yourself like. doing dumb trick top down 146,000. hooked down 122 in like like in January. when you guys came and I lost 100K and I. was just like yeah I mean it sucks but I. I know I'll play again in a month or two. whatever game was great it was fun time.

Did my thing. ra you do something a lot it's hard to. not be thinking about it constantly. that's that that like was frustrating or. I think I mean this is like no one's fa. on my own but like when I was playing. the stream every week twice a week like. Wednesday and Friday or whatever in the. hus stream a lot of the Wednesday games. were just too small for me and like. that's just it like it doesn't matter. how good they were they were just too. small like we're going to play 2550 like. it's just never going to work for me. like I can't do it well not with that. dude yeah either way and like I would. lose really big numbers in those games. relative to the stakes and then feel. really frustrated as myself for like. playing when I didn't want to play or. whatever you know that kind seven Duce. play he got the best of.

It till Viper turns his. 10 Viper Runner Runner to pair and the. check. mark we're going to play another game of. Doug does something wrong what what am I. gonna do wrong either either way I'm. gonna. be Doug makes the call and it's gonna. see the bad news either way you did. something wrong you did it. great sorry don't worry he's not still. rolling he can't beat the. nuts can't beat that. you know what would help me on the river. I'm just going to stop looking at it and. I'm just going to flip coins and I would. have been doing way better today you can. look at it f coins I'm going to be like. and then if I get raised I'll be like. all right let me check it. out and then I'll FP another coin I. don't know what happens then at some. point I had to do. something was not Great River I was. looking for Queen three and 1 half hours.

Into our stream no end in sight Queen. was the river of on this amazing. Saturday Night 200. 400 at our lodge Card Club in Austin. Texas. you live close to here well I'm I'm out. in the state ghost area oh L I don't. want to on the. stream that flush. draw for Action Dan good policy. I live at I just moved I moved down the. road toward the cave I live in Spanish. oh yeah yeah know that is huge shout out. to our great. moderators BW bug and the amazing Yoda. of chatville I see a lot of. friends in addition to some new folks in. chat welcome. everyone 5200 plus watching right now. from all over the worldish months 4ish. months like that yeah takes so long man. the permit. proc but. uh. hopeful going to make a sports bar. darnest to stay out of the way and. listen to a bunch of table talk tonight. what kind of. Cuisine next door this corner oh going.

Service the poker. room do you think we'll do a weekend in. miday probably right um so we need to do. you know the week of million dollar game. that that. weekend um ensus is in Austin the big. crypto conference like the biggest one. that the Bitcoin one okay so I think. we're going to do the weekend after cons. I mean that's a smart cuz there'll be. what would that be like what approximate. what dates what dates approximate I. think June like 1 and second okay. is we we can yeah I just wanted toxim I. think that that weekend is a really good. idea to do because there's a bunch of. people I know that would probably want. to play that works for me what's up I'm. flexible 35. yeah I've really so one of the first. weekends not the first time you came out. the second you had to cancel cuz you had. a bunch of yeah yeah yeah and then.

Um I felt bad about that I know you're. like I'm really sorry I'll come I'll. play whatever game I'll play it with. small game I'm like you're good I cancel. like the week up I put really bad you're. good but then since then like I can tell. that since then you've always come out. yeah apprciate that's not normal that. was I stay at Doug's house no for. Seasons yeah I doesn't want to slum. it the first time we came I let my buddy. book the hotel he booked put us in a. Motel I motherfucked him so hard and. then ever since then we I book it and we. stay the Four Seasons and he's he's like. it's the same thing it's the same. there's another good hotel by the way in. the domain called the Archer okay. something to think about okay I'll try. that one next time it's closer to I'm. happy to spend as much money as possible.

Cuz it tilt you Sean cuz he wants to. spend like $200 you should say the and I. want to spend as much as possible just. to tilt him cuz like I just pay for it. and I'm like you owe half like there's. nothing you can do about it like that's. what you owe he's Gonic gifting some. membership. we tarmac for like 20 30 minutes. when we got here and I was super til. with them we were in the back how many. hands did you get in none unfortunately. we we were in the back of a . Delta plane I was like why didn't you. just book first class he said it was 200. more a ticket oh my I almost strangled. him on the plane and we're letting him. into our high St. Skin So tilt bro which one is this guy. uh Brown Bala my. friend he doesn't actually care because. he'll like if I told him to buy the. first class he would do it but if you.

Just don't tell him he just okay he just. buys what you. doing how long is the flight here three. and a half hours you you like two and a. half when I flew to Vegas for High T. poker and I flew in spirit I got needled. like endlessly for that I was like guys. it was big. front Rob loved that big front's not. that bad Rob loved that not that bad. Terrace with the Jacks four bets to. 14,000 Hook is going. to go set mining here with the pocket. fives yeah like who cares what anything. costs going home like I book The Uber. home it's $1,000 happy I go to Vegas I. lose and I'm like booking the Uber home. it's like 700 bucks and I'm like what. the like I'm looking at like. Southwest flight I'm like can I save 100. bucks here like all of a sudden it hurts. why would you Uber just like cuz like I. leave in the middle of the night oh so.

Basically what I ever do when I go to. Vegas like I go for like a series of. games yeah and then the last day I play. till the game breaks and if it breaks. like 3: in the morning I just call an. understand why you don't charger a jet. to expensive money doesn't. matter to you airball no it. matters it. matters that's why I don't have kids it. money didn't matter money doesn't matter. until it does then it really matters. money doesn't matter when you're. upswinging put it that. way poker is funny like that whenever. you win a bunch you're like yeah. everything's free it's awesome yeah then. you lose like a bunch of money you're. like oh God I can't keep up with these. bills like when you're up swinging and. you go out to dinner with your buddies. you pay every time you're happy to pay. whatever like treat your boys right and.

Then you lose like six sessions in a row. and you go out they're waiting for you. to pay you're like are you . kidding me like what the. what you talking about bro this. dinner is all you. guys you know all that you that. saying like if you're not with me at my. worst you don't. deserve you know it's like that. basically Terrace reaching for a ton of. chips1 31,000 into. 47 that's why Sean's the. best and. hook a quick call here hook looking for. a five pot over aund 100,000 right. now table gets a little quiet you mean. in Vegas for summer Tre I'm going to go. for the main just the main yeah that's. the. plan there's still a lot of action like. locally during the summer people don't. leave it doesn't slow down I mean uh it. should be it should be fine should be. fine a little B La slows down a lot. where you at you here HED to HED there.

Are there are a lot more Pro poker. players in La than there are in here. that makes sense like it's still like. like newer poker is newer here compared. to. Vegas is just so close to La ghost check. check terce shows his Jackson going to. win. 109,000 for us. told I I'm I wasn't sure if I'm supposed. to bed there am I supposed to bed there. I honestly wasn't paying that close of. attention to the whole hand tell it's. really good Dr came in yeah came in. doesn't seem like it was bad to check I. honestly if I was paying attention I'd. give you my stop but I wasn't okay all I. just saw you bet the turn and or some I. know I did bet the turn. and I don't know. feel po poker's poker's alive and well. in Texas I'll tell you right now thank. you nck alive and. well I feel like there was like a big. migration like when like Texas started.

Getting carer it was like a lot of. people there was like a big Migra. migration of poker players to Texas when. Texas first started like opening card. rooms and stuff yeah right. yeah like I just remember like a bunch. of people I knew were just like yeah I'm. moving to Texas to play. poker I got you okay good I need it. brick. wall I like this. hand I'll probably misplay it because he. likes the bluff oh I got say so far. every time got Viper dominated here but. Viper freezing cold every other time my. God inan. 10 with sweatshirt in January and all. shorts because I was like I'm. going we get to the hotel like there's a. freeze going on I was like what are you. talking. about there's a freeze I was like it's. Texas bro there's no. freeze and go to football game Texas. there's not supposed to be any Freez. yeah it's just supposed to be hot always.

Hot and like right now it's still. like human Viper with the. boat he'll take it take it down. tomasu. Pali from Italy says best stream on. YouTube Tomaso thank you for that thank. you for watching sense I don't know. about out here but this is good weather. for Houston this is good weather for. Houston I hate the humidity this weather. is pretty good like I don't mind the dry. heat I don't like the. the wet I mean you're not going. to you're not going to beat Southern. California weather here you're not going. to be it I mean. it's 800 Texas has a lot of Pros but the. weather is not nearly as nice as. California now the state income taxes. are pretty. nice they are zero zero zero is a pretty. good number oh you didn't know it's zero. of course it's zero like why do you. think we're. here zero is a pretty good rate pretty.

Yeah Florida is another one with. zero South. Dakota okay I get 100% break because. they know I put the money back in the. economy this is the loosest call in the. history of my life there it. goes good luck hper calls on the button. with 56 off just say stuff without. feeling like I'm away well hey after I I. well let me think I'm just my God okay I. rais but I'm just trying to figure out. how much after you said that you didn't. even get through one person. the moment you said that Dan was like. okay 18,000 you you didn't even get. through one person after that let's make. I hope you have Aces for the. record that would. be that would be like the best Aces tra. ter three bets here with his pocket kns. loosest call ever with Aces huh that. would be pretty. sick I have that back. H thankk. you watch it. come no I I I might go back and check.

This hand just to see what the loosest call in history was we weren't I thought we're playing a seven dece game we not terce is but only Terrace yeah yeah can I get yeah of course buddy oh problem check 1 what do we find it out with over there ace9 ace9 hook saying should I make this call with ace high is Terrace just full of it beating some busted clubs the queen tens of the world but lays it down I think I think he was buffing I think he was buff folks if you're just watching for the first time we're doing our best not to stay get in the way here listen to a lot of table talk but if you are here for the first time we're on four times a week usually Wednesday through Saturday 300 p.m.

Central we mix it up between cash games. high stakes low. stakes mid Stakes on the cash games. you'll see a bunch of tournaments over. the next couple weeks well as we are in. the middle of our lodge championship. series mystery for now teris you're. killing me. man lost in the sands of time for 30. minutes what's the biggest game normally. goes out there um dayto day it's usually. just 13. oh the the pl is is much looks like if I. get buried today am I going have to come. grind two three. tomorrow 125 PL plays pretty big. sometimes too it would take a while they. told me that that people have like run. up 100K stocks in that game well that. has happened. once still happen it did happen was his. name Doug that done it no I don't. know it was was it like some lady they. said and she dusted back never really. didn't play a lot I think and then she.

Like dusted back most of bit or lost the. whole 100K back. yeah the blinds are one. two she was up 100 and lost it back it. matched the stack oh so as it got deeper. everyone just kept buying deeper did she. play like a 200k pot or or I think I. think it slowly happened happened real. quick yeah I think Alex said like she. like lost a few pots and then she lost. like a medium pot and then she just lost. every. pot you go quick and po cuz every hand. being all in except in one two. with okay you're trapping me you're. undefeated ver me today I feel like this. is my traing this you got I feel. like this is my time I'm in trouble I'm. terrified check okay this could be my. time might be it you bet $100 I probably. fold right. here God damn it I was trapping. you you're trapping me God damn it you. just trapping. you on the board you called I went r r.

You didn't hear it yeah it's good it's. good I wouldn't I wouldn't you learn. from the other hand on the. but this is the all time worst call of. all time like I ra what do we a. nine kind of like an. inside G the G wait. did you play when. basball play basketball your boys he. likes he likes baseball baseball yeah so. far I think that's like the most. appealing idea of having a kid would be. like sweating the sports gam fun it's a. lot of fun like that seems like it' be. really fun go get S sports games every. day. yeah my little boy had a game this. morning my wife FaceTime in watch he hit. the game went in. home yeah. he's good yeah he's really. good right well he he so he's not. hitting over the fence he's he's not. hitting it over the fence oh okay he's. hitting in air to the Outfield okay. gotta thank you Jim.

Bonx appreciate that comment you had a. ball home run 42 at that AG he's 42 mph. that's that's impressive hold on he. throws 42 mph at 6 years old that's. insane yeah he's a little pretty good. he's throwing the ball from short stop. the first and like twice it's hit the. kids right here are you luckily you know. what I'm saying they hit that bill with. their hat. kid you got you guys upgrading your. house for all the the money that's going. to be coming in for the MLB you know. just like on investment right now man. you's just got to have fun and love the. game yeah but also he loves the game do. something also throw 43 miles. train every single day yeah get some. Rotator crup stretches in there you got. to make sure that puff stays. loose it's a big thing that's a big. thing it's become bigger too lately ra. because they're so emphasizing speed now.

Because basically the stats show that. the faster you throw I mean it's kind of. no but the faster you throw the. harder you are to hit. yeah so all the pitching all the. pitching Styles the faster you thr the. harder you to hit yeah Queen 10 suited. versus queen 10 suited people used to. think it was way more based around like. finale and the pocket in the middle. three. ways still do that stuff I'm not saying. that's not but they they they looked at. the data and it's just like you throw. faster is better than being like really. accurate with bunch of pitches so now. most pctures are prioritizing. speeds well that's just like training I. guess right you just got to put the. hours and like working out and trying to. throw the ball harder. yeah I'd assume there's a lot of like. genetic with throwing the ball like.

If you just have like the right frame or. whatever like yeah but you won't realize. that Dan in position's going to take a. stab here hook with his two pair quickly. makes the. call he he he just hit my little girl. that was throwing ball outside he hit. her and blacked her eye oh. man yeah maybe don't throw him at at the. sister yeah not the greatest car to. continue double barrowing so Dan slows. down he beats him up all the time so I. he it was a targeted. attack Dan took his one shot on the Flop. then shut it down 21.1 for hook who's. still stuck on the afternoon now evening. here Lodge C Club Austin Texas how to. take him he's like you so right now no. he's one and a half but it's not that's. not what's it's not it almost cold9 it's. good there. yeah almost cold he showed the N of. hook and trick time no there was no F.

Thought in the red he couldn't have had. airall and action Dan the ones in the. green only hand he could have had was. nothing. yeah race nine yeah like nothing that. can beat you almost cold. he's he's a unicorn man he's the best. man I'd like to watch a show that's just. Terrace and jungle trying to live life. the first the first stream I came Advent. of ter and jungle first stream I came it. was terce and jungle and you you heard. how how tilted jungle about after you. hear about this that was the day where. ter you pushed the stack that day but. after the stream we kept playing. shorthanded it was me oh I think I. teris. andan and jungle like teris is just like. being himself not doing anything jungle. is just losing his mind he's slamming. chips breaking them like he's just so. steamed it was and terce just.

Didn't even ter like why are you upset. like he just didn't understand it well. the good thing about terce. is he legitimately never gets upset or. mad no matter what you can needle him he. could lose however much money he can. like it doesn't matter he he that I I. really admire that about Terrace. actually but he's also on another. planet trick time all over this one he's. a he's just a character man he's. definitely on another planet. even when Terrace is away from the table. I we find ourselves talking about terce. check mark for trick time who needs a. couple. pots action Dan GNA fight for every. single one of those pots this one's not. going to. work trick time a Texas Legend plays all. around the state. put restaurants you like to eat out that. way a lot of choic I don't eat out that. that much man yeah we do a lot of home.

Cooking try healthy that's good yeah I. go to the Canyon's Grill of Rough Hollow. in that subdivision you live in Austin. yeah nice nice. H approaching 100. hands so far. today why do you live in California you. just like paying those big. taxes no so my wife went there for. college and then um so like I've been. there a couple times I like the weather. and stuff and then just like I got a job. opportunity out there that I that's I. moved up there for that you still work. are you no retired 27 retired it's nice. 26 retired now 27 that's when you. retired last year yeah stopped working. at 26 yeah no was it 2 no it's was 25. actually when I stopped working how old. are you now I'm 27 good all right we got. year and a half of retirement's been. nice so good to know how old we are you. know guys retired at 25 huh yeah it's.

Good life. good working is. overrated greed my wife loves to work. though like what the what does she. like to do she's a nurse a hard ass job. too it she likes work that's what my. wife was my wife was a nurse anyone else. mom was a nurse she'll like come home. and complain about her and I'm just like. you could you could just not work when I. was. my mom made me promise to not ride a. motorcycle like every day like now when. you're older you're not going to ride a. motorcycle I'm like no Mom I'm not going. toide motorcycle okay promise me your. mom was a nurse yeah yeah my wife's like. that too she's like there's a couple. things that she's like just it's a no. it's a nonstarter the that she saw. on motorcycles I'm just like I'm I'm I'm. all. right you know the general counsil for. the lodge lost a leg in a motorcycle.

Accident oh. wow yeah no shot I'll ever get on. motorcycle who rides motorcycles. chat I let me not to me at all like in. LA tell me you survived the accident oh. like go between the Lanes on the freeway. that is so anxiety inducing to me. as the car driver like I anxious like. I'm like watching them go and I'm like. dude someone's just not going to pay. attention and going to kill you like my. heart dropped I pass B they're going. they're going so fast I'm like action. just has it again realize you're there. you die you don't okay but on the other. hand mayw for Viper. get there try. it yeah yeah 10,000 up for grabs Viper. seems way too scary going for Value. 6K didn't you go like skydiving like a. few weeks ago I didn't go I was there to. support the team but the the weather was. bad Oh I thought I saw I thought you.

Would left I don't think I would do that. either but did the team go skydiving or. no they tried but the weather was bad so. they couldn't go have you Skydive before. mm so when I was this is a fun story. when I was like in high school I really. I I wanted to go skydiving like I was. like I wanted try it once right but I. was too heavy at the time I was like the. same way I am now so my my wife who was. my girlfriend at the time we made the. deal that if I lost enough weight that I. could go we would go I lost pound we. went skydiving it was sick I would never. do it again oh you did it I did bet it. was sick but I would never ever do it. again yeah fun as I just can't do. it it was awesome fly airplanes I feel. like like I ran hot to survive the. one you them huh you actually fly. airplan yeah thank you well um yeah.

Let's just like filter through it so. that we don't the game doesn't end so. like a couple people that are the. hungriest can go get food and then we'll. just kind of like what what food did we. get nice that sounds who's the hungriest. not me definely not the all is anyone. hungry I'm hungry I'll you hungry no no. no I was like agreeing with him all. right I'm going to Plate my hand and. then I'm going to go get a plate just so. to get some someone going yeah the first. winner announces. himself a lot of people saying in chat. that riding the motorcycle pretty. dangerous I like doing dangerous. things hook three betting the. ace9 late position can't get unstuck. without putting chips in the middle he's. getting after it action. Dan going to get some. action makes the call to 10 nine off. here we go heads. up and he hits the.

10 both players with the same straight. draw but what a world for Action Dan. flies all day probably exhausted up. hundreds of thousands of dollars got his. blanket his legs. crossed he's building. pots check. check. right you from here too or no you uh I'm. from Philadelphia I live in Houston now. Houston well Woodlands it's right. outside of Houston you guys play a lot. together never first time I met. him I just moved to. Houston where were you at in. Dallas what's the best po room to play. in. Dallas I guess it would be TC talking. about publicly you know but couple of. private games that worth. seven. 10000 eight. calls checking out your food all right. got some chicken action D just big slick. no big. deal Doug with a meal topa Chico looks. down at two paint cards off suit on the. button I don't look Let's see we I'm.

Going go get me some food raise R ra. both of them eating all right I get some. of that chicken. looks like we're gearing up for the for. bat what will be the. size. 25 hands finished yep. all the new people in chat say hello. wave might give you guys a shout out as. we look at the. leaderboard that chicken and vegetables. always tastes so good when you're up a. 100. Grand remember last night what happened. after the food was served. Rick it was some interesting stuff. you're not sure where it came from no. one's quite sure where it came from. still if you people who watched the. stream last night know what we're. disgusting it's a. mystery might not be the obvious. choice it's that one guy wanted a little. humor right that was. complaining. yes two pair for hook. Slick Rick the best in the. business back in the. bunker top two for hook he's having a.

Tough day today down. heaps I just took a walk skull and I. know what you're going to say the lodge. it's packed it's packed but the 500k. guarantee is within like. 70 of making the guarantee already still. with still with two flights to go so. it's going to crush the guarantee that's. what I like to hear with a day two. bag let's build that. pot I mean it's not only two full. flights to go but half of. one still registration still open. so great shape. Che open ended here for Terrace. Viper is more interested in his food. hook middle. pair Terrace is going to go for one. third po playing all. night no I was playing downtown in the. RS was like a 12 four. game there's straight and the check. mark more or L yeah they kept playing as. I flew out too yeah cut in the last. minute. you got be tired. buddy surprisingly surprisingly okay.

Poker's too much. fun you hear from Dan he's not that. tired he's up quarter million dollars. you know it's a pretty good day when. Second Wind 250 it's also pretty damn. good when you just the. turn million days yeah R got me a day. cool wow hook a. nonbeliever to the river we. go the brickiest of all. bricks just the card the terrorist. wanted to see. he fades it all didn't need to fade. anything with the check mark on the turn. but he didn't know that now he. knows like something more on the smaller. side closer along the lines of half po. but terce might request all of it and he. does this would stack hook if he makes. this call hook doesn't have any clubs in. his hand does have a. heart beating busted. clubs beating a hand like Jack T that. might be turning this into a. bluff losing to all the queens of course.

The. sets and the straight the Jack n0 makes. the call wow he makes the call and hook. is. stacked. $330,000 doll pot and that is the. biggest pot of the day. yeah that was a hero call. too couldn't get away from the hero call. couldn't get away from the King 10. little disappointed in himself as hook. as terce is all the way back and then. some that's Fant. thanks you like the. board I like. last river is beautiful for you the. river was Stone Cold brick you like you. like action Dan up 226 Terrace up 205. Terrace has been tearing up our streams. lately Nick airball 98,000 Viper in the. green hook now down 350 thank you oh. sorry thank. you 10K in a yeah there just ship it. down there they have no choice. and hook just brought another 250,000. onto the. table God I want to play his hand so bad. just got a call pass theck give us 10K.

And then distribute that we'll see what. what happen this 2000 yes it's 2000 how. is this confusing give you two well is. it a raise or a time you yeah whatever. just he need total. I'm saying you them what time you till. last night I was. just H doesn't want anybody to leave he. says lock the doors we're playing all. night till I get my money. back I don't got anywhere to be you got. anywhere to be Rick not till tomorrow at. 8:00 P.M what does this poll say how. many are we each 1K determines extra. time. I want to see hook win the biggest pot. in stream. history it's possible when. you're as tilted as this just reloaded. for. 250 Doug takes it down with Ace 10 this. will be final table Kevin's Last Hand of. his shift his down left card this time. left card and we will say hello to the. pride of Ukraine see you later.

Kevin welcome in Anastasia Anastasia and. there's your V Pips is it like should. Terrace be dealt out while Ukraine's. dealing or yeah no that's really good I. said is it like you know they're both. from Ukraine hey you know what I know I. know how to say I love you Ukraine y to. let's go ahead and play a spot while. she's getting the cards ready how cool. would it be for you and your group to. star in your own perker show this unique. experience will be available to view for. forever via your own private YouTube. link the lodge Card Club is the largest. Poker Room in Texas home to the world. renowned Lodge live stream which boasts. 4.5 million monthly viewers you're a. amazing experience will include a. professional dealer an excellent. videographer a graphics technician a. world renowned. commentator and of course you.

The star along with your group of up to. nine players and up to two guest. commentators email Slick Rick atth. lodger. Stella only next time you do a. commercial can can I get like a cameo I. me you you in there Grand was it . you did that on the day didn't even. invite me you were in that spot all. clear no I don't think I was I'll check. makes total sense I promise you were in. there bet 400 God. damn flush draw for. goofy what else would I. link oh it's on me I'm sorry I was. thinking let's raise it up there we go. we that's what I want that's what I want. there we go I'm telling you I haven't. like the absolute he's not believing you. I don't believe. you well what ham could I limp with. there you oh there's a big. range the range is actually very narrow. and it's mostly. Aces there's a there's a. little a Tey little bit of.

Trash Tey little bit of TR but it's like. 99% the draw gets better for goofy a. happen. it's just not his afternoon doesn't get. there and he. surrenders you weren't afraid of terrist. there no. but oh sorry was that b. yeah home for the entire summer. it Dodge the Heat. he want a Stella a Stella. yeah Dan would like a Stella the beer. you have. it hin Cora hin or could I get a. blue maybe not even that much actually. in actual. Houston I mean Doug Doug said that blue. moon is the right beer to drink when I. drink beer I love I like the wheat beer. play a game. yeah. hey arst was trying to get me my parents. went to October like a few years ago and. they said it was awesome my mom. a lot Runners and stuff he just he enjo. my dad did my mom didn't in Munich went. for. the they're traveling and trying stuff. out okay my sister's like finally out of.

The. house have you been to Munich no it's. nice I've been to Munich yeah I've been. to that Castle the castle looks like. Disney World near you yeah. nice they said it was awesome I hav not. been to October Fest but I've been. really BMW's made the other you know. player. P I've been throughout a lot of Europe. yeah both players on a. draw been to Prague a few times. both players with the. Jack beautiful my parents have been. there but I've never. visited I'm to Russia Russia has good. food I. think action Dan now connects with the. two pair but it's no good Broadway mer. school so I mean uh for Doug and he's. trapping like for a lot of years and. then I went to uh I did a semester of. high school in Beijing and I like didn't. speak any English for a semester I went. to what year was that school that was in. Chinese 2008 I think tutored in Chinese.

It was you there for Olympics right. after the Olympics is when I went so. maybe 2009 then or something it was. right after but how did you learn it. originally yeah got tutor like someone. here comes the ray you were the tutor. ladies came and very likely a full. depending on the size High School became. like fluent and then haven't lost it. since so you can read it too and write. all the little used to be able to read. and write really well now I read and. write okay I give you. chances like uh so the way it works like. gameost Safi delivering more H bees that. Corona is going thought that was going. to terce action dad hopping on. board he wanted a Stella and got a. Corona it's not a bad alternative I like. Corona but not right no I can both you. can oh wow you've had one beer the last. six month my parents basically like they.

Decided like they had us like start. tutoring and they also started an. immersion school that my sister it was a. course light so she was actually the. youngest person ever to pass the hsk5. and she passed it with a perfect score. wow I passed by one. point insane though yeah yeah I mean. that's the best thing that ever happened. to your poker career but my parents are. like you're going to use Chinese you're. going you're going to use ton of Chinese. when you grow up in your work they were. right they were right they just they not. how they they see me. screaming on stream they're like yeah I. guess that's. funny crazy didn't use the Chinese at. all when I was like working an office. job never used it I tried to I tried to. find jobs where I might be likeo you use. it a lot I use a ton in. puzzle I bet that kind of flips people.

Out a little bit the first time like. what a little bit nowadays like a lot of. other people like already know I speak. it so it's not as crazy but yeah. hook and action Dan both with the 53 Dan. has the. clubs nobody with. NADA. 16 Dan's goingon to raise with the clubs. has position on Doug but not trick time. and hook but everybody's hands so. dusty but you have trick time and hook. so. thirsty as they are buried in this game. 101 hands in and now another one goes. Dan's way with five. high hard day to get the small bets to. work not really a small beted day it's a. big bet day I like a clip popped up from. like the last time we were here and. someone like tried to Bluff and got. called for the 80th time and Doug was. just like this is not a game anyone can. Bluff in like it's impossible to get a. been games here where I'm just like.

Someone runs a big Bluff and I'm like. you're that was that last game ST. impossible some of these some of these. games have just been. like unfortunately the person doing is. usually me 11 I'm a. now these are some real hands here. suited Broadway cards a rais in a three. bet are you. from never. mind man why did I ever think I was was. going to get a. deed well at least he had an Ace True. action Dan it's going. to make the call I don't think you were. trying. to but I still thought it. was and H how about that action Dan just. flops a boat that's not what you're. trying to. get when you when you run a big bluff. run runner Royal right it's possible. we've seen it before no. well when you run a big Bluff and then. just a flat call hoping that hook. catches up in some way and they just. call you Super yeah that that's that's.

Where it. sucks ther no kicker just actually Dan. praying for a diamond a good carard to. continue firing and hook is gearing. up that many times I need have . 16,000 does Dan want to raise now. or wait until the river he's just going. to Flat to 16 he's praying for a. diamond Al un fairness I've given that. speech too like you idiot tried. to Bluff me there's the diamond Hook is. just it's a tough day for. hook H now beating. hands oh my God like Ace King Ace Queen. Ace. 10 and it is the nut Diamond flush there. that's no good. flopped dead here comes the. boom Dan likely to request all of it and. put hook in the ultimate. blender table now. silent there's a place called Hudson on. the all. in and. hook can't believe believe. it he can't believe. it he makes this call it's the third. largest pot in live Lodge live stream.

History how much more. 250,000. total maybe. more can you get away here much the way. this hand played. out what are you do in chat let me know. in the. comments high stakes poker Lodge car. club we do this all the. time. oh yeah Nick actually also works part. time yeah it's a deal trust me I host. enough games or whatever you got to keep. track of people money Anastasia making. the count de and dealing the fire you. know we were paying with the bike and. the deal every time we get all in you. run it twice from where you're at the. dealer kept trying to run two full. boards regardless oh wow we got so. frustrated I literally de the rest of us. down there were some unhappy managers. out there yes there were I told him I. was like dude we can't have this guy. tucking up every. hand like no spare deers in the room. called before like we we don't have any.

Backups trying to get a read on Dan hard. man to read pretty. stoic when he has it when he doesn't. it's not just any flush it's the. flush it's hard to have Ace three Ace. six it's really Ace. Jack could be pocket. Jacks pocket 3es. maybe you need to put some on there just. in Cas no. patting on the wall I agree I agree Ping. On The. Wall take your time. sir. $115,000 real money real feelings real. pain oh my God. yep good bet good check in the. river. $493,500. pot in five hands. ouch that was. disgusting I could have folded I could. have. folded but it was very cool the way you. played it though youing flowes. it's pretty cool pretty cool flop pretty. cool no it's not about the Flop it's. like tough spot the way you played it. was good I like it appreciate it thanks. in five hands thanks terce for that hook. has lost to $330,000 pot and a.

$493,000. potable thought there's a chance maybe. like Jack T diamonds too action Dan. approaching half a million in. winning you're good F break yeah I got. you thanks for. right it's one of those spots where it's. like pretty easy to imagine that someone. could just have an Ace and be like you. know what it let's the thing is. though like Dan could have an Ace and. just say it I'm all it like some. people yeah or just a jack with a jack. of diamonds he definitely I don't think. when I bet so big for him to go over the. top there it would be a sick. Bluff cuz I look like I have Jack's race. Jack you did actually bet like perfect. amount that if I were to be bluffing I'd. still take it yeah yeah I thought so. yeah yeah you had enough behind that you. could definitely go for it you know. you're like yeah yeah that's why I bet.

That 170 behind like you you you can. Bluff someone for that amount. yeah it was. close over here like the perfect run out. yeah. diamond from River finally my hand you. guys want to flop full houses and win. monster pots High staks poker hit me up. skull Mike atth lodger I put. together all of these games and I'm. always looking for new players to battle. pot and Lodge history will it here at. lodge C Club is it yeah the river was. what 250 if it was if it was the biggest. I would have folded I think it it was. second yeah it was. noteven was it what's the biggest loss. in dog Lodge history 707 is the biggest. pot what's the biggest loss in one night. oh biggest loss in one night right. around. six 7 or 800 I. think hook trying to break the uh wrong. records I'm going set a record no matter. what I'm. staying walking in I'm loing.

In oh. it's never good when you're asking those. questions strike me as a guy who's who's. used to. swinging yeah there's been some nice. ones some of those hook stories. are crazy. what do you think RI lock the. doors Hook's about. to thing about action Dan he's post me. stepped into the lodge and has not. stopped. winning and we're going. on four and a half. hours what does what does hook do what. did you say he does. hook leaves the room Goofy's asking what. what does hook do. exactly is H. related to some other. players. say I've heard that but you also you can. just tell he plays big Hook is a boss. and he's damn good poker player big. swing's big massive massive games maybe. he can get unstuck tonight just. maybe I wouldn't count him. out. Chris and. just in one orbit. it the two biggest pots of the night in. one. orbit can't be snoozing 25 always got to.

Be on your toes I'm talking to the chat. I was just making sure it's not. like it's not targeting him or anything. I'm not targeting it's not personal it's. just. coincidence no I'm just. asking it's just asking if he raised or. notam that was was going to do. unbelievable oh my God you. just why teres why. man if you call Heath three bets I call. you call or I whatever maybe you get. knocked out who cares but I have a. chance at Le honest about his like who. gives a about. you basically that's. disrespect like yo like you know I don't. care about this guy at all. like can let me you actually one second. oh Brad owens's in the building no way I. just saw him walk. by uh let's make it uh. 13 trick time has been very quiet. tonight. 13,000 Viper is going to race here with. big. slick from 1300 to. 13,000 I have three options.

Here I mean that's how poker works. right okay I'll fold this one. you're. funny. thanks like based on your comments what. I'm feeling is you you don't you don't. want me to win do you want me to like it. looks like you don't care about me. winning like well that's part of the. game I feel like you're you like okay I. thought you wanted me to win a lot of. money but it seems like I am neutral on. everyone else in fo seems like you don't. want me to win a lot of money when other. people play vers each other I'm neutral. but if you're playing vers me I'm not. rooting for you I'm not I'm sorry terce. I think that's fair but even if I'm. playing against you you still no I'm. rooting for me yeah well you that's not. what you told me. before that's pretty scummy you. said yeah scumbag move you want me to be. well I mean that was at least it was you.

Didn't say it directly but oh God terce. has his. heartbroken Thug's not in his Corner how. can he continue on I definitely didn't. do. that it's like when your bus Buddy says. we're not actually friends I don't like. you saying I didn't do it I know. somebody wined that day we're just. acquaintances not really friends joking. around okay so there's no. misunderstanding weird how's he. been yeah good. did you fly in just to play on the. stream we did okay yeah they played. yesterday too oh nice. yeah it's nice when you have a group you. know yeah yeah it is yeah. 100% yeah just drive home night it's be. a little. lonely you back. my how far do you live from here like 3. hours 3 hours oh okay that's. Drive the hour is this like Dallas or. something Houston. Houston I mean Dallas it really could. have been either so it's they're both.

Like I know I had to defend if a nine. comes we're just going to shut it down. right or a Jack or a Jack yeah yeah. they're both three hours roughly I guess. it's like when it's too bloody or gory. they just blur it out shut it down most. recent. yeah yeah that hand and Houston oh yeah. flopped Full House and hook needed. running running diamonds did you drive. did you fly didn't really need it it was. just a. perfect storm for Dan FW both uh drove. yeah uh to one of them to one of them. one of them I drove to uh Houston the. other one you flew did you have a good. experience uh the other one I think yeah. something like that yeah but uh well I. mean this was a while ago did you have a. good time. tell us a little about it which city did. you prefer um probably. Houston I'm going I'm going to raise uh. 1,000 is it because it's my stradle.

Terrace is that's what going on here. well no no do well no not quick three. bet there from airball. with I was just going to say uh what I. found interent in Houston is like the. whole Space thing you know like the and. Aces oh my goodness hook finally what is. that he said 15 but he threw out. 75 I was like we play int it's not hard. line 75k don't lick your lips so. openly wow hook a little excited with. the aces. oh the airballs going to come along so. he said 15 so the bets 15 that was the. mistake on these verbal is binding to. the Flop we go yeah I I the UT color but. in retrospect should should not. different color forb bet from. Hook has all the aces the Kings the ace. Kings of the world so he's going to. seeed hoping that airball has a king. doesn't just par. attend or you just. live still makes the call.

Airball needing a 10 ball Corner Pocket. hook trying to get some of that money. back airball nonbeliever says maybe my. tens here are good and he's just. blasting not blasting has the goods has. the best hand Runner Runner Diamond. shuts down the action. I almost like dead honestly I almost. just told you pref flop by EA just cuz. I didn't want you thinking you're. totally fine 100% no one taught that. you're yeah totally good not even like. 1% no I know that but still it's just. like a weird I know you but hook like. you're like one of the most standed. people I know and so you're going to. like overly try and be I I know it. definitely cross the line to be like you. were totally good do not even remotely. sweat that yeah cuz that that happened. to people a bunch cuz these are twoo. similar color tones if I would he may it.

Sit there if you don't i' be like it's. binding Bing hard. line nothing wrong with what hook did. there table's totally cool with it all. good nice pot for him so straddle. straddle man. mhm Big B. beautiful all right let's see this maybe. this is going to be a huge hand no I'm. actually looked think I'm but. like I I'm actually glad it like stayed. that tame because I mean just cuz the. I get I know that I know that trust me. you're good know I know but saying it. you're good I know I I agree I I. understand that I know you genuinely. believe that but it's would still just. be it's not you're overthinking it it's. good you're good there's a ski resort in. those mountains I. think you want to sweat. sure check. trick time with the. ladies hadn't had much to work with. tonight gonna make it. 5600. much terce with the crabs.

Looks like he's going to come along and. see a turn here. okay my Platinum didn't. work plan didn't. work. nonstarter if you were still chewing. that gum on I would have been able to. made that. fold this is like Teddy kgv with the. Oreos yeah yeah. then he switched up with a beer I'm like. oh. the beer's tough too harder to fold. yeah just perfect beer gets cracked open. and the whole hand is played with beer. in hand you're. like and if if you make a big fold to. the guy holding a beer and then he's. like Bluff and you're just like the . am I doing like what am I doing. all. right I need an all in hand I'm bored. next hand you got it got the button just. I know I think so I have Ace anything. I'll do it all right that's binding. binding at the lodge okay never. minding nice. pocket oh I I would have had aces dude. you would have gotten aces in the.

Bathroom yep lucky you we we I'll be. dumb for the night if someone like went. went my phone's like you had aces when. you went to the bathroom I would have. been gone I would like I'm done ask me. to come back time to call. tonight oh man that's crazy you were. that. close. wow you tried talk me the go to B I. did like a dick yeah you know thought. Doug supposed to be your friend you lose. 600,000 you get Aces he tells you go to. the bathroom take a hand off. buddy hook starting to heat up with some. Holdings Goofy's trying to make a play. the thing is sometimes you can win and. hooks king queen kind of shrivels up. against a three bet and a four bet a lot. more a fold and a fold. terrorist man have you ever considered. writing a book of your. musings well I'm working on a book well. to the topic I'm joking I'm joking I'm.

Not actually working maybe I should. should. I okay the title is not your average. Joe terra's book title be not your. average. alien now you're aliens what what is an. average alien like is but you're not. it would you rather read a book that. Terrace wrote maybe tour his house in. like a cribs type fashion or maybe a. reality. show what happened to your which one you. pick I didn't have where were you last. hand I need you in there suited perfect. I go with his house I think terce 12,000. yeah great time for it would be hell of. an. Entertainer for a house party oh . terorist likes to party Ace King for. trick time pseud connector for goofy he. out of. there thank you buddy yeah that's fine. Goofy's trying to make some things. happen but he's already on his third. bullet I feel this hand right. here if I were to write a book like it.

Would have to like have some crazy title. that is kind of true in some cases for. example like kings are better than. Aces I definely I definely shoulder. kings are better than like imagine that. wow that's actually a pretty good title. for way better than run. twice yeah. yeah running it well running it once and. you're in The Game of Life on you goof. I'm running it. once running it twice reduces your. variance a lot less than you you'd. expect that's that's the the. int and then you give examples where. people run it twice when they run it. once well it's not about example it's. about like sta perfect you already. coming up with. stuff. yeah I don't feel bad taking money so. like if pH was an awardwinning author. you'd be like I'm disappointed in. you no not even a developer I don't want. him to be a developer like developers.

Are going to be out of work and five. years like ai ai ai man I I I think have. you heard of Devon Devon AI I'm. promoting this Devon thing there. thousands of people watching go on. YouTube look it up Devon. AI it's like a replace just make sure. that that side is clean. first it's completely clean it's. completely. want where where are you sending people. ter uh I mean everyone's talking about. it on on X not on Twitter on X I'm not. calling it X I'm sorry I'm not doing. well we we have like I I I also don't. like the name X I would call a Twitter. I'm going to call Twitter for forever I. don't think so Doug you're gonna have to. switch to X gonna have to start saying X. I am going to say Twitter oh sh I didn't. get scammed you're GNA call Twitter in. five years everyone will know what it. means H back in time to see his Ducks.

Wasing Redskins you know what I mean so. that's what I grew up with right yeah I. mean at some point it's. but I mean in five years I don't know. their real name so when you when you say. the word Twitter in five years they're. going to be like what what are you like. no they're going to I mean Twitter um. okay all right I actually kind of liked. when they were the Washington football. team Oh I thought that was actually. pretty good but the commanders is just. such a lame name Washington commanders. didn't even know the name is very. confident for a year or two they just. went by the Washington football team I. thought that was kind of. funny where the dog yeah we're the. football terrible terrible we're not in. the ocean. buddy that name the commanders terrible. terrible maybe I should start calling it. X Stephen Pratt has a few more months of.

His deployment and he'll be back there. for some good action we look forward to. it Stephen Pratt thank you Stephen thank. you we appreciate you. watching that January it's been about 4. hours since we did our last roll call. let us know where you're tuning in from. all over the world we'd love to hear it. who else was in that. one Charles Charles. yeah I lost I lost 400 right yeah 400. something you were almost you almost. lost a lot more well yeah thankfully for. me I only lost 400 yeah you're in good. only only. 400. happens it does happen does happen. what's your biggest stream off in any. stream yeah a million. million I've done a million I did a. million at the million dollar game which. isn't that impressive but I also have. done like 750 in 100 games our two. biggest losses in a day were in the same. day together right you never lost my.

Biggest loss but yeah you you've lost. more than a million multiple times yeah. wow okay never mind my biggest loss was. with Nick I was down almost 2 million in. the game last week I got a lot back. though thank. God Doug flops two pair. here Viper's going to be in trouble with. his Ace Queen game that we or like me. and some Chinese guys stream now no. no I've done I've done a million on. stream I've done 750 that one was the. one that hurt cuz it was 12200 game was. like. unreasonable I've done like 5 600 a. bunch yeah happens you play a lot on. stream you're sometimes you're going to. lose big. numbers the big big losses never bother. me it's like small game big loss. relative a game that really . trouble here for Viper. like wor I lose 100K and just like 3 I'm. just like what am I doing yep 100% And. he just gets away open folds the ace.

Queen what a lay down there from Viper. turn wasn't a queen my biggest that. would have been a not good turn your. bigger Viper dying to play Big pots with. Doug that was a good opportunity and he. gets away I could have lived pretty. impressive from him yeah would have been. not I see Phil proper in chat has to you. watching just had a new baby congrats. Phil family of. four hope miles is tuning in and. watching some check raises. over I would just hate if I was C5 right. now that would be awful you want to swap. actually you want to. swap I feel like that seat over. there it cost $520,000 to have yeah I. think you've taken all the bad. and for that py price she could be all. yours Pierre Turner watching from. Toronto you for 510 who what a gentleman. thank you VW Bug for all you. do all right let us. straddle they're just picking up a.

Packed Lodge card room is watching this. stream with just picking. on Big Time. interest out there main room shout out. to the Boys At Tito's house too probably. tuning in little barbecue stash cinnabun. if you guys are out there. Pier the local Legend play those. tournament this summer head up I got win. what I'm saying there goes that I always. people always in like it's just T it's. like M weekend right it's um same as the. heads up right and that was the only. reason I wasn't going to go play heads. up I didn't want to be in Vegas like. like end of May my son has a baseball. tournament June 2nd 3rd I think so then. you could come and then you go back you. could go for one day you play for one. day take a look I'm telling you you have. a good time my wife's definitely I don't. like okay look you like in the million.

Dollar game you're holding your own in. that 250k you're toast yeah oh. yeah for sure those those people they. studi that exact Str you're dead. without doubt IE so why're not come play. that game where you actually like you're. like going to be very competitive you. know how pretty is that hand with the. triple oh the 250 a very pretty. hand. mhm it's also a lot of fun to play on. that show specifically that's that's. like a what the million dollar game H. it's like the only one like basically. the only show each year I'm like I want. to play is like that show basically it's. not here pretty much but even like last. time I said I'm going to go out to Vegas. play this tourament that tour play some. cash games I went there played like one. day that was it then this is perfect you. go out to LA you buy in for a million.

Dollars some happens you go. home maybe you need to Reby for another. million but whatever that's I have. nothing to gain here for the record like. I own this room I'm like sending La. I wonder most people are just a million. no one's going to buy in De yeah and. people probably send two to three. million that's. it last time like people said you know. some amount not only Doug brought like 3. million out of everyone most people. brought like one to two yeah but I'm. just curious why do you like that. particular game so much it's. like I think it's very. iconic I think it's an iconic game it's. like the only million dollar cash game. and it has the most views of any show. we'll get all year and it's like kind of. becoming at least I hope like a sort of. staple of Poker in the way that high six. poker used to be I mean they still have.

A lot of great stuff for high six poker. now they've done a good job with it but. in my opinion million dollar game is. kind of now what highes poker the old. one kind of used to be a little bit. anyway they are revamping that so true. nowaday. but I don't know is it too nitty to F I. mean okay whatever I fold is it too. nitty I would have called you would have. called I'm in damn it imposs this. flop five was it that was it was yeah it. was it was it yeah my oh that's a. playable flop kind. of I had aces so that I had aces. heart give it a shot you know Factor on. the off chance she finds a. five okay it does work the right cards. like whatever doesn't matter we just. want to see a five I don't. know just wanted to see a flop and you. had to go in crazy you know. like you're good. yeah if they keep doing it it'll be.

Probably be pretty an iconic game of the. run that one we played last time it's. got to be like the most memorable ever. though so I don't see how it can ever be. topped Santos the one from last year it. was just like a $3 million pot $2. million pot like dude if if they run if. it runs every year I'm telling you. there's going to be a bunch of super. epic stuff that's going to. happen on that on those shows for. sure I'm not saying that it will Top I'm. just saying like Equity you know I hear. you're saying. yeah I also really like this before fman. and just all the. stuff Viper flops the set of. crabs hook with the gut shot. hook makes the call looking for a lady. would have money from last. year I'm one of the biggest losers in. the history of of Hustler not play like. what three sessions I more than. that iing oh my goodness the river was a.

Queen they they used the move against. that is sick yeah but that won't in. parness he asked for himself yeah oh you. use it against yourself yeah he's like. there's no way a queen comes and you can. see on his face that's him that's. sick yeah so usually you want to try and. other people as us. go that's not going to tilt me though. that was. good yeah you're hook un tiltable but. that pert there seeing that Queen on the. river would hit him right in the gut for. the. straight so there like no set time to. play till. tonight whenever whenever the game's. done it's done do they stop the stream. at 10 theing recing it's going to keep. streaming oh it is I just hope when I. don't get up when I get up the table. doesn't. break just play for like 30 minutes more. please yeah we we know we know we we'll. make sure you're on your way you're.

Going to be halfway to. H well maybe like an eighth of the way. yeah probably not half no there's no way. we're playing an hour and a half without. you yeah half was a little much yeah. yeah I went to that huster there's like. a 10 20 40 PLO game a public game that. runs so I went through a stretch where I. would go every day and just play and. like play horrible and just give them a. ton of action and have fun right and I. just try to play Big pots with these. guys and like they're Grinders and I run. it once and try to incinerate them for. fun right and I went and I lost like I. don't know three 400,000 in a month. realized it was maybe not the most fun. thing ever and uh I remember like one of. the last days I was playing I lost like. like 880,000 or whatever which is just. like way too much for the game I'm like.

All right GG guys I get up and I leave. and before I get to valet I just see. like four of them walking out. guys I couldn't breee I literally walked. back in just to go check and everyone. was gone the whole place was gone it. cleared out not good for like come on. all these stories where you play the. small Stakes games yeah I probably. wouldn't do it yeah I you SE I take that. time and like go for a. walk 10K. cap 10K cap when I get like 30 40K and. someone else has that much and we get it. all in and their favorite and they beg. me to run twice no better joy in the. world than one time in their. I they take all my chips every time but. it feels good when they're panicking. asking me for. tce but overall they're not panicking. that overall they're very satisfied with. the. situation yeah then you have like when.

It's real bad when you have like the. five five guys coming to the table too. like the whole bank roll and you're like. I'm so dead dude they shredded. me they shredded Me In fairness I played. horrible cuz I just wanted to gamble my. face off with them but they shredded me. yeah. yeah yeah I like their side in that one. yeah me. too do you have like a big inheritance. you just got then now you're just having. the greatest time your life I wish that. would make this way more fun it was a. small. inheritance inheritance is gone now I'm. trying to get it. back. eight. 2 terce with a suited Broadway cards. going to raise to 2000 I like pulled. like like the change out of my my. balance of the player account it was. like action Dan I was like I can never. comes along with 97 right oh and I was. in the game for like 150,000 that first.

Day I was like oh. fourways to this. flop the other funny thing was obviously. when I went like I made them all put a. ton of straddles on me I'm a Canadian so. the game is 1020 when I game is. technically 1020 sometimes 102040 when I. come it's Auto 204 they just. automatically kick it. the open Ender and the top pair for. Terra he's going to. continue making it. 4,000 there's a group chat there's a. group chat okay without you in it the no. no I'm in it the host the host will text. me Dan looking for the cut shot text me. if I say yes he'll be like Nick's coming. at 4 p.m. and the list is like 80 people. on like today game and there noat no one. shows up he just post an image and it's. just the bat. signal I was like oh God. got to get down there funny it is funny. how many times like I like oh I'm not. going to play today and then like I was.

Show like 11:00 p.m. after dinner and. there's like it's like sixhanded I show. up and then like 20 minutes later. there's three tables that's so why would. that happen I don't know either I was. like the nine gives terce now the open. Ender to go along with his top pair the. game it's so much fun. though this a Commerce no that hustler. hustler. okay so when Nick comes to town we're. going to drop the blinds. 1020 nothing no atie action will get out. of the. way strling no strling to make him you. have to just play 51 trick time with the. here till tomorrow open Ander we just. leave we want to leave and the. nines literally just come out here to. play a couple days on the stream yeah. yeah. Terrace is going to take down another. one I don't want to show anything can we. see it on the stream yeah you can. I've I to make.

Sure LCS were smack dab in the middle of. it April 24th through May 14th. includes 15 different tournaments 3.3. million in guarantees. and this one the main event $3,000 buyin. $2 million guarantee May 8th through the. 14th we hope to see you right here last. year Preston won. 400 $26,000. I. think 21. close to 6,200 people. watching we're usually on four times a. week next week and the week after. Special. schedule due to. LCS some of the Southern St along the. border of Mexico okay I'm really liking. that decision now you've been here a. long time right we share the lodge. posted the stream on my. Instagram that was smart. we'll be on next week Thursday Friday. and Sunday my my Instagram's private. anyway two cash games and a tournament. on Sunday and then the following week. brace yourself we've got a ton of. tournaments.

Great you mean people know you play big. games like the territory you know. when I first started playing high stakes. there's definitely some more worried. messages my parents figured out how to. check high stakes. TV lost a million to isor I get text. from my dad are you everything okay you. okay I'm just like it's okay Dad we're. good imagine me I'm playing on . stream he's watching an hour behind as I. torch it he sees the hand you played too. many hours from to watch he used to. watch my dad used to watch every. stream like there's too many. and stressful he said it's too stressful. like cuz he gets really stressed out. about it yeah my parents are my mom's. like. that mess you is everything okay you. lost have just said no no. response no I'm going. to wow that's the meanest thing you've. ever said what did he say he said when.

My dad texted me are you okay I should. said no and then not responded to. anything outoors. that's so that's actually really funny I. want to do that next time someone texts. me are you. okay and you know like like you read. that so they see the two check marks and. the next one you just you leave they're. like that's it better. days it's all. over you just you just GG I'll always. love. you you might get a call that. yeah imagine know like when you play a. lot of these streams it's like you get. bettered than someone's like man like. one of your friends or family like man. you really shouldn't have played that. hand that way oh yeah so like uh my my. dad plays poker like or he used to like. very like small and he's snug as. as bug you know I remember one time I. went off for a huge number and he was. like I think you need to change like.

Your strategy and I was like and I was. like not in the mood I was like what. what do you mean he's like I think you. should only play if you have Ace 10. suited or better or Jacks Are Better. everything else should fold and then he. he Dad I said thanks Dad I was he sent. you a preflop chart yeah or one time. like I bluffed off a ton and he was like. I think you need stop bluffing like. bluffing is just not a good idea like it. doesn't work he really doesn't like the. bluffing I hate bluffing my dad does not. think bluffing is a good idea wives hate. bluffing too oh yeah you didn't even. have anything yeah he like he's like why. would you do that why would you do it. with that hand like what are you doing. with. that that aceing L Kings last time I was. here yeah yeah yeah wife said she had a. pillow on her face she couldn't even.

Watch that was sick that was a sick wff. it was R Bulldog right yeah yeah you. wrecked bulldog in the hand that was a. beat down my dad I think the only. time I get noyed is when like when I. Bluff off I don't it's when I when I. call off like tonight yeah that's what. that's what annoys me more same but when. I Bluff off I never yeah you're giving. yourself a chance to win like . battling who cares yeah Cowboys for. Doug facing the three bet from trick. time two players with the same hand not. many aces or Jacks. available okay thank you and we're going. to be for betting here out of the small. blind. poker is just so much easier when you. can see all the. cards I agree four four bet to. 18,500 back to action Dan who's up. heaps said I don't watch many. streams I never watch when I'm playing I. never go back and look it I'm definitely.

Rewatch this one this one's definitely. not getting. rewatched you might run it up go. backtime you got to burn the tape. Rick trick time suited Ace in position. on dog 10.6 the call can't. win it. down you're going to get him next time. buddy maybe you win in the. rewatch if you get unstuck you should. rewatch the that's the kind of joke. that's like good like about 30 minutes. after you know an hour right now you. can't insta run that one back I don't. know is there any guys on the like. Hustler stream that take it like real. bad like frustrated yeah yeah people get. yeah I mean who no one likes losing yeah. of course not I have a lot of respect. for people that can take the big hits. and just still be normal you know like. that's that's a skill set for sure like. terce is an excellent loser oh uh. doesn't even change demeanor thanks I.

Guess I don't know one of the best in. the biz I don't know how true that is. but uh. Paul gave me a compliment so I should be. happy there's actually a lot of good. losers at this table this is this is. a well I don't mean losers like that but. you know like people who it doesn't. sound good when you say some is a flops. two pair okay well there's going to be a. crap little of losing so it's good to be. good at it I agree uh check I've been. I've been a good sport ever since the. Ryan Feast situation oh my God. was the Ryan Fe. situation we were playing heads up. online and he uh just absolutely Anni me. but he was in the chat just and we were. playing on ACR so didn't know it was him. Nick frame messed me later like that was. yeah and he's like he's like acting. super immature just like I find out. it was him I get his phone.

Number I. home and just like he just laid into him. laid into him and I he said it wasn't. him I mean it was him but it was him. because I woke up to messages from both. of you and I messages from Hook and I. didn't talk with hook that much he's. like yo you better tell your boy. he watch his mouth like all this. and I'm like you were like yeah. he's if he keeps doing that oh. someone's GNA do something about. you're just like going I kept on. I kept on saying I kept on saying dude. there's like you're from Philadelphia. you don't act like that like it's like. the he was saying was wild too you. were so mad like I've never seen I woke. up I had so many messages and I was just. home gigling on his computer yeah he. just knows he's steaming you up just. loves it the medi. all you're going be load and I'm trying.

To get transfers I can't I saw something. in the chat get more money can't find it. the chat the chat was pretty. brutal is how often do you talk to. someone online and then they . call. you worst scenario he's like oh I don't. know about that. there's the boat for. Doug terrorist with nine High completely. whiffs he just seems like the kind of. guy who could barely get e someone skin. the six's way better for Terrace's range. in the big though than it is for Doug no. not now. yeah might be thinking about. going tilted massive although all the. Ace King. more likely for. Doug goes for. 15 I played in this game the other night. and it's like not that big of a game you. can swing like a few 200k or whatever. Max and this guy like calls them all in. on the river with one pair and the other. person has a straight I'm in the chat.

You know you know they had a straight. right like you one I just harassed him. for like 45 minutes them still go yeah. yeah yeah I like harass this guy for 45. minutes then I get stacked in a 200k pot. and he immediately tpes in the chat Nick. you didn't have a straight I thought it. was the funniest ever. how much is Doug G to ask for because I. like I don't know why I don't get tilted. by other people saying stuff or doing. stuff I get super internally tilted out. myself for doing stupid for sure. for. sure so I just found this talking. like a free roll like you guys want to. talk like you might get steamed up. I. won't gearing up a. massive raise table now silent should be. a quick fold here from Terrace. okay well I guess you caught me Doug you. caught me well really set me off I. started chat with him I let him know.

That I can't find any more money tonight. it's over and he kept still going like. why are you. reloading ni that's pretty. funny I'll be curious to see what you. there you you're to find out he would. have he would have been a feral for me. if I kept one reloading 5Ks 1ks. I Was Defeated all being restacked. there's something that happens in heads. up if you if you're very familiar with. heads up momentum when someone is. actually better than you and I. experienced a lot coming up cuz like I. took some beatings on the way up. that's how I learned and I learned like. where I was leaking like some of my some. of the sessions I lost the most money. actually had some of the best lessons. like they were expensive but I always. try to challenge myself but when you're. better than someone heads up and you. start playing a bunch like eventually.

You're get into the Zone where you know. what they're doing and they're locked. into a box. and like both players just kind of know. one's losing and it's a very dark place. to get when you're there like with nanu. towards the end his interviews cuz he. was always really Brash and all the. interviews there was one towards the end. where like he was like well I think and. I could see like so he was being humble. about it because it was like he could. finally tell that he was losing and it's. to deal with that when you're playing. heads up is really is really tough yeah. because every hand it's like every. single hand it's the same person like. when you're losing you're losing you. know I had a couple guys I could just. never beat very very frustrating the. thing is like and usually it's because. they pick up stuff on you yeah they know.

They like they realize something that. you don't realize and they're using it. against you and it's like I mean it. with your head for sure yeah then. you start getting the meta part of it. where you're like once you do and you do. realize it now you're and then when you. do something it's like kind of erratic. you know what I'm saying it's not like. consistent it's not like yep he knows. that it's his fault it's really hard to. explain that to people that don't play. heads up but like or like in heads up. PLO I lost like a good chunk and I I had. some guys where like I could tell like. something play yeah just out that's the. thing with Fe I wouldn't if I knew it. was him I wouldn't there back then I. would play mostly anyone but if I knew. it was him I wouldn't have played him. yeah he's like one of the few guys back.

Then I for sure wouldn't played yeah he. was really good it was really good like. usernames weren't public or whatever. back then or no it was all Anonymous. like it was dude it was the wild west. back in the day there was like a million. sites everyone was on all the sides. people were it was I still tracked down. his phone number yeah you still figured. out who it was and got his . figure it out what do you do what what. he just Smiles that's funny figure it. out um well Nick frame told mess like. you shouldn't you shouldn't reload it's. uh it's Ryan Fe I'm like I can't reload. anyway dude it's a little too late and. uh and then I just thought about anyone. I know that would actually have his. number and give it to me did you did you. feel it all bad when you're were like. yeah the next day yeah I was like you.

Hit me up with the number right yeah. yeah I F I just thought it was. inappropriate that's all I know but it. was funny and r. respect and the next day you were like I. shouldn't have done that like Hook is a. monster. 65 I might have those M buff strong I. don't want him coming knocking on my. college former College athlete 11. 10 walk Facebook he's watch I have those. messages I was on a mission to get his. phone number yo tell your . boy. awesome I message Fe is hey probably. don't talk to hook. just just like I feel like it's in your. best interest just just chill out a. little bit maybe yeah that's. funny and the funniest part was when I. saw the messages I knew that Fe. did it and I knew he said some up. like I I I knew he was in the wrong. obviously I almost went showed at pre. flop. but well the other thing is like and.

This is sounds so cheesy but when fees. won the lapt or whatever he was just. like starting poker and he was from you. know from Philadelphia I was like I. didn't know him I read AR like excited. for and then he and then then that. happened you were a little steamed up. yeah it was like kind of a fanboy a. little bit and then I good pop. race Hook from the Philadelphia area so. has some respect for his from somewhere. fellow people from that area now he. lives in Texas where were you born. La okay so you're from La then I mean. that ter you solved it buddy yeah I. solved. it fig it out I figured it out. La anyone else got any problems I can. just solve them right the anyone else. have any issues the Terrace is. attention I would I would feel so fake. saying I'm from La when I live was five. from I'm from the streets of.

LA I guess. pass. 3,000 we can't nice all right here we. go I need a miracle flop guys let's. get team. poker if I get I'm going to check it too. open Ender for trick time gutter ball. for Viper two pair for. hook pot beginning to. build two players up heaps and two. players Stuck Big Time all involved in. this. hand Doug if I shoved all in in that. situation in the like the last like. would it work no here it comes DG right. here I I'm just. like maybe I should have shoved. there I think you've been in trouble you. would not be having as much fun as you. are right now put it that way your VAR. your variance would have gone up and. your fun would have gone down that's but. I would feel like a hero like I like I. made this SN called your. that would that would hurt how how do. you think that play goes versus a boat. what do you think I'm I.

Call how you feel maybe you'd fold the. bat how how you feel how you feeling. about it maybe you'd F I guess we would. have found out is there any. chance oh imagine how sick that would be. if you fold the boat and then I. with the check mark it's been a tough. one for him have aat I'm going to just. like forun trick time with just Queen. High we see what happens is going to. make the quick. fold you know I have the bat what do you. think going to happen Okay you say all. in and we'll just see go either way yeah. but like if you're doing that and and. then I know you have a boat and I'm. still shoing that means that there your. cumulative winnings that means that you. might still fold Dan from Toronto up. 465 terce having another great day 171. Nick airball up 38 hand heads up Doug's. now up 30 4,000 Viper up 27 everyone.

Else is losing R hook down 540,000 it's. like well why don't you you you could. just directly tell me like I have a boat. right now I know but it feels like IP. over your I don't want the fans to know. that we're doing that I just want to tap. you underneath the. table all right 400 right I'll just I'll. just limp like I have a special strategy. here special limping. strategy they learn from you know like. Crush life poker guy was his name Bart. hansome yeah I hung out with Bart Leck. oh seriously yeah oh man I want to meet. him or we can so I I learned a little. trick from from him let's find that well. okay I can't do the trick anymore but. yeah you you but like in some cases it. actually makes sense to live you were. right there for sure. Royal maybe again could we see it back. to back days no we. cannot open ended straight FL but now he.

Moved somewhere right very. briefly how about 2xp let's see the run. out. please we. got oh that would be a bad. turn. well I guess that's as good as it could. have G I guess get a beautiful flop. though. wow would have been the second Royal huh. second Royal yeah you're the first Royal. this team's ever had you know that. really I know that the 500 shows you're. the first Royal I'm. glad I don't have IDE don't worry I had. the four pair to pay you off yeah that. was real puny you pay the fourth pair no. that was second pair the worst call of. all time but it was like it was a. terrible it was terrible it was a dister. yeah it was a did you snap it off I was. hoping you know what's funny I actually. was thinking about shoving your on your. it look a little it look a little rais I. I was thinking about this the all time I.

Was like please Nick come on this would. be the all time worst radar detector I. promise you I was literally thinking. about like maybe I'll just jam into this. guy with a. royal even when you you turn over you. said Royal it feels weird to say right. it does yeah I stacked someone last year. with a royal and when they called I was. like and he's like I couldn't get it out. easily cuz you never say Royal and the. guy said I knew you couldn't pronounce. what you. had it's. like Royal not this is not going to be. good for. you if it's hard to. pronounce that's not good. news yeah but I think that like the. tricks from Crush life poker I don't. know if they work at these Stakes like. everyone's way too good. here I don't know about. meane insane the bar at high stakes is. lower than you'd think you got have the. money I'll just tell you that I've been.

In like 5 10 10 20 games that are way. tougher than than like this yeah I know. I wasn't joking like I'm serious like. are you listening to me or you just. talking we I thought you were just being. sarcastic no I'm not being sarcastic. okay yeah so like I've been in like some. tough 10 20 games. jeeez or like but here it's a very chill. here you're comfortable right like yeah. I'm pretty comfortable you know you you. know you have us over the barrel. huh you know it too you're just I got. these guys drawing dead no no no. no that check I feel comfortable I feel. com you feel you feel good about your. situation huh good enough. yeah it's could be worse could be worse. yeah for 100% right 100% could be worse. 100% you could say that about anything. true true but this one like the crabs. for. Viper going to be good he's going to.

Bluff with the best hand. here I could lose but the thing is like. those games that could. lose it's. not action Dan actually sniffs something. is the difference that's the difference. the maybe he. could come over the top. here and get this. pot I'm pot committ. her Viper doing a little extra talking. saying he's pot committed. there all right hold. oh God Christ dude can't take the. Jesus [ __ ] Christ what the. was that it was the best hand what. was that he was fcking no idea what that. was wait when he said he's B were you. lying at the poker table oh. man that was very good there is a ton of. money on the table we've got a chance. folks. oh there's a possibility to break the. Inc record for the largest pot ever one. on a one of our live streams the record. is. 77,000. one just a few months. ago I mean you look very surprised Alex.

Turned his set of. jacks continued his story but you just. said oh no not 77,000 went Alex's way a. liar that was a SI but I'm not a liar. but I do I thought you just had a St. that was just like I love that I you. don't see that committed that was that's. great that is I was kind. of call the check. dark I'm committed everything about that. was just wow that was that was that was. epic I mean that's actually a really. good way to Bluff on the river you bet. half oh let's say half pot on the river. and you say I'm pot committed. and then GNA be like really scared kind. of well until they watch this. stream and now and now people are like. oh I've seen this the old half pot at. the. lodge well you have't come up with like. a LOD. committed I think you just have to come. up with like new and creative ways of of. like lying I.

Guess it's easy you just don't tell the. truth. folks if you want to play on The Lodge. live stream get in touch with skull Mike. we're looking for people this summer and. and there's and later this spring as. well are contact them on Instagram or. Twitter at skull Mike poker or email. them directly SK Mike at the Loker. to let them know when you're. going to be in. town which streams you would be. interested in. playing and start the conversation one. thing though folks we could make you a. star got it all figured. out okay. F you should F. there oh it's too late now oh I'm scared. check it. Viper. nines eight are going to be good but. Hook's going to lead out and a quick. call from. Viper and he's going to take a. 30,000 pot. down that was really. cool coolest thing I've ever like or not. ever but like this is really cool what's.

Cool like the way he played the hand. that was really really F of. me serious I'm serious I'm dead serious. I was just watching it very. close no well uh you know most people. you know if they're a troll or not like. airball he's a troll okay I'm not. trolling I'm not trolling I think I'm. trolling I'm pretty sure he's serious. serious but if like when it's all said. and done in the final years I know terce. he's like just you know I was . with you that whole time. I did like you. were that actually makes sense oh no. absolutely yeah well towards the end. like on I hope in the last year you let. me know okay I just want I want to die. well at some point I want to die. peacefully I'll let you know Doug lean. in lean in. I was dead serious the whole. time he's. like dog was never. colling oh my god oh. man check. action dance big.

Slick is good. here let's see what goofy does Goofy's. going to fire out. 3800 and here comes the ray from action. Dan fluffin with the best. hand Dan's been pretty sharp. tonight running good playing. good nothing going Goofy's way trying to. make some plays but he just has King. five. suited and Dan has not had many missteps. at all today your box key Goofy's been. pretty quiet though so when he decides. to make his move he should get some. respect you know he's not calling here. with the King five so deciding on. whether the r raise or just lay it. down idiot over there. and he's going to lay it. down not bad for a man who's been up all. night played all night last night little. sleep travels across the. country and then and he's up a half. million it's a good bus. trip all. business and he like can I get the. backup and I was like look nor don't do.

That I give you the backup you have to. promise me that you're not going to lose. this you have to promise me and he's. like I promise I'm like okay you have to. bring this back and he's like I promise. I bring it back I give him the. key that's my fault right that was your. fault that your fault all right you you. know in hindsight still don't understand. hindsight why I didn't just leave the. chips with you I don't understand I. don't know well I had a migraine like I. was like I was seeing like I was just. but like I'm just thinking hindsight I. was think I was like Jack Norris thank. you for saying that it's our pleasure. the fate of his money his hands and sent. him back to LA and then he's on the. flight and R GM's like yo he's bringing. his key right and I'm like oh let me ask. and I hey bring your key right he's like.

Oh yeah yeah and I get a message a. little later like oh wait hold on I'm G. have to check my bags and I later like. it's I'm overnighting it we're getting. on the first flight out like what are. you. doing what are you doing oh so you did. get it unbelievable well apparently soon. it's supposed to be at the hotel right. now I don't. know airball versus dug haven't been. many heads up pots between these two. guys tonight both have a pair both going. set mining all right big pot. Brewing neither connects. does Doug want to turn the. Deuces into a bluff after airball checks. twice power of. position hard to play these nines out of. position on Jack queen. king and he's going to lay it down and. Doug steals one in the streets here we. go we're. good 136 hands and we're not tired yet. folks Slick Rick never. sleeps than maybe the.

Best you got to stop sending me memes at. like 400. a.m. what are you doing at 4:00 a.m. I. don't know sometimes I can't. sleep your phone doesn't go off you put. it on silent yeah you're right you see. it the next morning. big slick for Doug just stole one with. the Ducks now he's got another decent. holding trick time's got to be a little. frustrated he just has not had much to. work with. tonight how about a straight action Dan. not the first time he's flopped a. straight or a boat. tonight gonna have to put some money. into this pot at some. point Doug's Ace King could be good here. sometimes but this board all over the. big blinds range. duck will peel one. off horrible River card for Action. Dan the third. six is straight As shrived. up Doug has Showdown value here with Ace. King. interesting to see what he does.

Here could go big could go small could. check thinking over his. options reaching for chips going big. overb here 18 or 19 18 from. Doug spot on play here from Doug really. the only type of sizing that could get. the job done. maybe everything gets there too not only. does the boats get there but all the. clubs get. there and it's going to get through well. played Doug take it down sir well played. two hands in a row Doug has had the. worst. hand on at the river that one was nice. has won it that was well played. about. 18K had to go. big. Dan shaking his head out there I. was like that's the kind of that. can keep him going for another 24 hours. nice nice all right we got him be honest. we got him lock so the stream is. going for another 24 hours great. well I guess you 2K I guess we as to it. I called 2K with 84.

Hearts oh. nice I was like I can't I can't let this. guy get straight to show 800 and a call. so straddle and a. call okay let's make it. 3,000 I'm not sure if is that the right. amount I mean okay I think it's close. enough. close maybe should be like there like. too much check out there I was like I. can't check that P too and. whatever. what sorry you can lose a. couple Patrick O'Hara thank you for that. kind comment Jax for. Terrace wish you bet like 30k or. something You' take that. better oh know what are you. into I could hear what you said what are. you into what are you into. 3,000 I'll 18 Goofy with top pair here. is going to. raise make it. 7,000 back at you. terce terce going to keep him honest for. at least one street. here no assistance on the. turn Goofy's been very. patient it's hard to be patient in such.

An action game especially when you're. stuck heaps but finding a good spot here. putting out 10K on the. turn Terrace. who's if it's better cold I think I like. this been playing Well Jack gets away we. we have really hot you say it's hot in. here I wasn't sure start happen around. that pot when I lost the king queen so I. wasn't sure it was me or the pot oh I'm. perfectly. fine how want to be the one that said it. was hot in here you definitely don't. want to be the one to say it be cold. tell you you're hot absolute stud you're. an absolute stud why this year just a. stud oh thanks I appreciate that. yeah players are has a crush on hook. well I mean Hook is taking this like a. champ like a champ stuck heaps having a. good time. smiling chatting with the boys telling. some stories that's why Hook's the best. we got a legend Jamie K Jamie K how the.

Heck are you yeah bu your. time we will be coming to Vegas Jamie. hope to see you out. there. absolutely pair for both players. 1 1800's the number hook the best hand. and the check mark so if I take a break. I get posted once or forever if you're. taking a break we'll see you see you. saying if someone walks away we just. post I have four dud off suit sorry at. four dece offit well you should have. played I should have play hope you learn. your lesson I'm an idiot it was the. perfect time to play Four dece your. image is. perfect go look at the camera where's. that damn camera fast forward you'll see. four Deuce I like got such a shitty. little gotcha. hand four dece yeah it's definitely. they're not going to see it coming no. never yeah. mainly because it normally doesn't hit. anything oh when it does hit oh in a big.

Way just have such discipline. here it's good to be. disciplined I wish. to. not my. board just need 100 more of those 100. more man that's it that's what I said. was it the journey of 1,000 miles starts. with a single step always there you go. that was your first step that was my. first step no actually the AES was like. a healthy few miles yeah it was he say. was good God can you imagine how bad. that would have been if you were in the. bathroom that oh my. God in the com with an hooks not at the. table and he's got. Aces oh that would have been but no I. don't I don't think anyone would have. told you you would have found out later. you actually wouldn't have been that. till probably got a message from fees. know you AC fees logged on the ACR and. messaged you directly. Doug would have to reboot his Facebook. after that he is outside the country.

Right now so it'd be a safe time to do. it where do he he lives in New York. still don't tell he is he is all over. the place he travels a lot lot New York. lot of Miami little La a Lambo in every. city um no the lambo just goes to his. primary res like dog and then uh I think. he's he he's country wa so he still has. the DS Lambo or no uh he does it is. alive and well and it still says DS on. the back. D says what little something for. everybody here 11.2 in the middle when I. played Neu oh okay use the money to buy. the boat for. goofy Slick Rick taking a little. breather know that and we welcome in one. person who's been a little under the. weather today B the Lamborghini. probably just having some solids. crackers today yeah want Bradley Owen in. the booth Brad are we doing Brad doing. pretty well I had some uh stomach issues.

Yesterday so you didn't grow up. then couldn't even get through one joke. could you Mike I couldn't do it I. couldn't do it Brad couldn't keep it. together could go I hate. spot but we're happy to have you here. today back at the lodge somewhere says. thank you you're home away from home. yeah it's great to be here made right I. chat you got a question for Brad fire. away good job thank you just give me two. 140 hands into the. show action Dan to fill you in from the. eight seat running extremely pure up. about a half. million Brad's locked into the comments. guys I don't know. he did eat two burritos one of them. yesterday. looked a little r was a little we start. deal again started feeling it maybe. around 15 hands in I thought it was. going to be a long session but you hung. in there I did yeah for as long as I.

Could but I had to make a quick exites. anyone want to play like a n that. probably explains your call with the. eights you just weren't thinking. right yeah exactly well honestly I. wasn't thinking right cuz I just gotten. beaten in like two other where I made a. I turned a set and then the opponent hit. the back door flush on me so I lost an. all in there and then that eight hand. was shortly after and I was a little bit. rocked sometimes there just rumbles in. the jungle go for mhm no you like it. okay but good to be here good to see. everybody in the chat 49. offit lots of action so catch me up to. speed here a little bit Mike round 16. let's start with the round of eight. let's go well round eight okay Hook's. getting buried round eight I I saw him. maybe a half hour ago and he and he's. got a good attitude he went runner.

Runner for the not. flush but action Dan had flopped a boat. so that was Troublesome I know about. flushes yeah we were calling it The. Royal explosion actually mhm but uh we. didn't actually hear a flush after what. we heard so no word if that's still. lingering out. here in the club. know but yeah was down 40K I think at. the low Point uh close to yeah you're. yeah when right after that call and then. I got a lot back so I ended up losing. 13k good comeback I actually wanted to. play as long as I could because it was a. it was a good game did you uh have a. chance to go shopping today you know. clothes might be running a little low on. the trip well I just threw out some. clothes I I didn't get a chance to get. any new clothes some sometimes there's. no going back yeah yeah I could just. have AC incinerate them all it' be great.

You look like you lost like five pounds. since I saw you yesterday too thanks. Mike looking great ajack for everybody. we're all in here but the dream isg. sometimes you just have a little bit. more fun on the side like usually you're. rooting for like you know you're not. really sure this time it's roting for. Max action come on Doug put it in. there okay let me see let me see here. come on what's going out in the main. room fill me in on the main room Action. main room is packed we've got the $400. 500k guarantee going on one of the last. few flights we've already hit the. guarantee I believe and I'm playing an. uncapped 510 game and uh it's it's it's. really good oh is that the same game. that I walked by you were playing yeah. oh it's good to. see don't always see the 510 UNCA in the. main room yeah there's been a pretty.

Consistent 3K cap 510. game where there's only one stradle. that's allowed but this is the big 510. game that's running and when we have the. big tournament Series going on. it is one out of every. five is me saying something to him and. him repeating it back to me as a. question. yeah. because rest of the time so my brain. hasn't fully processed the whole thing I. he just fuing with you you know honestly. like I If if one day he told me yeah all. those years I was just with you. I'd be like I thank. God thank God it actually makes more. sense rough night for the in the one two. and three. seats all being Sports lots of good. stories from the boys respond too fast. before my brain fully processed the. whole thing like so that's why I'm like. I think you actually listen to me a. little and include what I'm saying in in.

Your question to me yeah but that me. it's kind of like you insired me 7 for. off suit says there's no proof it was. works but I think it's true what you're. saying like I I do like repeat com. there's some proof in the. pants I just said it ter there you. gole right. there Doug inspired me earlier at theat. undefeated remains undefeated what were. you thinking and To the victor go the. spoil yeah. exactly forgive me chat for speaking. over the tabl talk for two three hands. right back some more sometimes it's too. good I think you're. thinking they're definitely braiding. hook for the so you're going to be in. town for the main event are you leaving. before the main never seen a worst. player the book unfortunately the main. is over Mother's Day so I don't want to. miss the first Mother's Day with the. baby so I will be going back home uh May.

First but big hand going on here goofy. hocky Kings raised to 33. Doug with a playable hand three betable. hand eveny on other side unless it'ses. he just makes the call you know yeah. I've matured a lot your IM is also a. little. shot oh so they're really trying to get. me they're like your image is a little. shot they're actually leaving their. phone number on there they're like do it. dude text me call. me is it on me yeah it's on you me in. hey on stage Miracle flop here four ways. from me there we go so Doug three bets. you really ask would have been going. heads up would have been more noise from. goofy but instead we're four ways on. this Jack 88. flop tough for anyone to get into too. much trouble. here I'm glad I relooked at my hand. thought I had eight for a second. always good to make and a bunch of folds.

It's never too late to make sure you're. hand the right hand 6.2k in the live. chat Lodge live. stream do this four times a week couple. extra shows during Lodge championship. series ahead mainly some high roller. tournaments. probably the game don't break at. 10:5 I don't know it's probably close to. nine right that's 8:26. how about you I mean is there a set time. most people playing you're good you're. good whenever you got to go you want to. go you're good don't worry about. it. sorry I'm not sure hook wants to leave. or hook wants to stay all night I'm on. my flight what time is your flight 7 in. the morning so 4:00 how are you Mike are. you are you the type that when you get. stuck you want to play as long as you. can to get unstuck pocket ace is here. trick time raising it up. what. did yeah he's just trapping it looks.

Like yeah he just called. there short stack at the. table nose Hook is stuck as well. so getting a little bit sneaky here but. now it's time to build hook with nothing. depends on the game. Brad if the game is. good I stick. around always got to check in at home. see how the the wife is doing if she's. going to let me out. late but uh I don't like to dig myself. too too big of a hole if I. can keep it in. line Lodge cam I probably have the least. experience here on this looks like the. 400 500k guaranteed. tournament a lot right still a turbo. flight tomorrow morning folks used to at. that other place Texas oh yeah my I. played in here maybe eight or nine times. not the big game but the other games and. honestly like once you play a few times. it's yeah I know it's just like the same. environment you just have to remember.

There's a lot of people watching so. don't say stuff you might say in like. a there there's definitely moments. people are like can you can we not just. cut the guy's. M cut that guy's M yeah see yeah. right but they also are monitoring so. someone say something particularly. outrageous they yeah they're top they're. on top of it they should right we have. call 30 minute delay so and a race from. action D with the 43 off goofy looking. down at Ace Queen cou. times especially the way like things are. today you just say one out of position. against a very aggressive opponent who. has all the chips live because it just. takes one moment where you say something. but mhm or just super like taking out he. lays it down not willing to. paddle cancel cancel culture for sure. yeah I mean even the comments with the. Asian stuff earlier that that could like.

Get people pissed up pissed off probably. yeah people are super sensitive it's. also tough when you play in certain. games like some of the games I play have. a lot of Jewish players and they tell. mad Jew jokes all the time and then when. you're around it a lot you like you want. to almost be a part of like what they're. doing cuz like they're not like you know. what I'm saying then when you're on the. just Giggles I you're saying you're. saying Jewish people making fun of other. Jewish people yeah they all the. time been screwed at least some the in. what do you have Dan I had uh dir. diapers they just talk mad and. don't give a about what they say. three for off I'm assuming that's like. pink and those guys there like mind some. of those guys some of the Northeast guys. yeah. great picture of the. studio Brad can you give me your your.

Best under the. Lights Under The Lights that's the best. you got yeah I'm not very good at. it what what's what's your yours oh I've. been working okay I gotta I'll keep you. on your toes before you leave I'll give. you I can't give you it right now sure. you just asked me to do an impromptu. under the lights when I ask you to do. the same thing maybe on one of your. Vlogs you'll practice a little bit on. some Monday down the road two three. weeks from now you'll whip it out for us. yeah yeah yeah got some uh Vlog viewers. in the chat hi to. Christina Tin. Man couple of you guys asking some. questions uh maybe we get a chance to. get to some of them yeah live someone. asked how much sleep I'm getting with. the baby. and less people watch the whole I mean. this well when you got to change diapers. for your son and yourself that probably.

Keeps you up at night 80,000 right after. we end it it does yeah um usually you. know I take one shift with the baby and. then I will maybe surprise myself once. in the middle of the night like that. across like Clips Channel main Channel. we poting some social don't worry you'll. be. famous the next thing. we're kind of waking up twice at night. right. now you believe king. queen oh. man I liked it better when I was a guy. was known as and yeah dude you so many. people saw that I'm sure a lot of. people really popular talking about Hook. when you play with. hook that was about last year you had. one high session with uh with hook he. got you in a good one well he over yeah. he uh he bet 100,000 into like a $30,000. pot and I had. King necessary spot but was kind of. capped and he just like put him in the. blender for like yeah he like you.

I'm all in yeah another Royal draw here. I also thought that it was like he. wasn't going to reload and he didn't. want to go out like. that flop Broadway no action and then. Brad actually did think about it he just. felt like yeah he did he did. such a big what perfect timing little do. they know that one Brad Owens in the. booth time flopping the stones here with. the royal flush redraw on your last I. have reloads I'm all. in Dan has nothing but he looks to be. contemplating making a move I might have. been wrong with that onck times your. impression is that yeah yeah I think he. had like a bad session. short def someone is losing like going. after good cuz they're less likely to. make good choices you know blood in the. water blood in the water kind why I made. that Co king queen too though against. him that played into it a little bit.

Yeah yeah it's like sea monsters in the. closet blood in the water the real thing. in a poker. game there a little Chum in there you. know yeah where's the chum get the get. the Sharks going Dan zero Showdown value. high does he stuff it on him it's just. so much fun when someone's getting. beaten down and then you just like Bluff. them value bet them Bluff like you just. abuse. just going through hell fun is that. person well I mean having been that. person many times live pokker are so. much momentum I know dog used to now. he's now he believes it but they're. talking about momentum here and I think. action Dan might be kind of going with. his momentum just kind of running over. the table feels like he can get away. with anything feels like trick time. might be playing a little bit snug as a. small. stack 100% on brand here nothing's been.

Going trick times away up until hand. number 149 you're like oh close I don't. know what to do I don't trust myself to. make the decision I fall or what yeah. you value bet light when you momentum. and you're you think you beaten every. hand when you're don't have momentum. exactly yeah that was. fun I'm kind of with with Doug on this. one I I don't think there's such a thing. as momentum okay can I change. team you believe in momentum in the game. yeah definitely. poker I thought it over I would agree. yeah I I think I've often thought. about plant my f on on team terce you. get him terce explain why you got it. it's just part of your. imagination sure that's what it is I've. often felt like I should get credited. for a CIS you know where maybe you pull. a big Bluff on somebody and uh they're. flustered about it and then within a few.

Hands they tilted off make a bad call. yeah or or a bad shove and now but when. you were playing a lot and you're. upswinging and you're playing well and. whatever you don't think that like does. Chipotle get an assist for confidence. yest trusting yourself you know whatever. no they get credited with the win like a. starting pitcher or like a hockey goalie. where it really gets to me is I've lost. a lot in a row a lot of days and then. start to feel like okay I suck then for. sure but like in a session I never. really felt like. that yeah I mean I don't NE. like if I get to act I'm like all right. come right back you know yeah that's. fair all right fine but momentum is real. if if you know it's real to you like if. if you're like I'm winning I'm playing. good I'm confident like yeah I think. that maybe to a certain extent I I think.

For me it's definitely real like check I. think it's a good answer but also. Doug has a better ability than most to. block out that stuff where most people. aren't three time gold bracelet winners. and super high stakes players who who. are used to playing the in the highest. pressure and so I think also true people. tend to be a lot like the vast majority. of people tend to be very human and let. their emotions get the best of them when. they're getting consistently beaten do. think on stream in front of thousands. especially so trick time just want a big. one now both players have an Ace and. this spot's beginning to build. yourself. confidence more you play with confidence. in any better I think it kind of matters. on the person like if you're really cold. blooded I I don't think that is why is. check back there for trick time for some.

Pot control and now we're chopping when. Mahomes is like their team score two. touchdowns and he's like he need to. score a win I think whether he was down. or up or whatever I think he's just like. in this moment I'm getting a touchdown I. mean maybe part of it too though is. like your friend Christina in chat has. the the scoreboard someone's a bunch. like hook or whatever right today like. you maybe other people are liking to go. after him a little bit and like they. feel like oh yeah you want to go after. him after what he's done today you're. like oh yeah this guy he's going to make. big F I'm just going to so you know like. tiger when tiger played golf you know. the mental aspect of his momentum he a. lot of people are big bet here from. action Dan putting the pressure on. probably sensing that it's a chop and.

Trying to get trick time. to maybe a king pays this off too just. they weren going to like they were. playing for second all right. let me just clear this up so let's. imagine hang on here comes the answer. just well okay just imagine this there. is a momentum you're basically claiming. that if you're up money and you're this. just a tough call to make especially if. you're kind of hoping for a chop at best. I mean the flush draw did Miss money. you're we're in there makes the call. that's a good. call right is that what you guys are I. mean I mean that's how all right trick. time building up some of them that. momentum that we were talking about so. it's not momentum it's like fail he. needed that de fa then you're going to. like make terrible decisions true that. that that. happens but it's not like momentum as in.

I mean I'm not saying. you're moment Mark Smith asked if i' had. a Round Rock Donut yet oh yeah there's. always Round Rock Donuts kind of. floating around the poker. room I don't know if your stomach can. handle it after yesterday you probably. need a couple days off yeah eat a little. healthier there's you w that one for. sure maybe before the Trip's over though. we'll get you nice little glazed donut. sure I think. momentum's bring it into the. studio Under The Lights there it. is there it is you weren't expecting. it how was it it was yeah no I liked. it. 44 Jack 10 suited for. goofy okay let's just do that yeah King. for problem buddy that's a good idea. yeah seems like that's the way to. go two diamonds on board. here goofy hit a royal flush yesterday. or was five you know four Deuce play the. four. dece yeah that's good.

Point if you did not have an opportunity. to play the first 500k guarantee have no. fear another one starts May 1st this one. has a $600 Buy. in and I imagine that the prize pool is. going to be greater than that 500 k d. just like it did here on the first event. day two tomorrow we will be back. streaming in the evening hours hopefully. I'll be at the feature that means I'm. having a good day too time will. tell how many bigs do we have tomorrow. Mike I don't know what we're coming back. to honestly but I have about 330k about. average stack so prob probably going. back to 6K 12K or 5K 10K somewhere. around there yeah it sounds about. right Aces and then Kings back to back. so I'll find out when I get here show up. ready to go solid stack put you probably. in the middle upper part of the field. yeah I'm feeling good I have some.

Momentum as the boys will say so can't. see a friendly FL for $800 see if I. could spin it up well not when I have. this PR you have too much momentum right. you need to raise sure I I guess ah so. you do I actually don't have that much. momentum at the. moment Terrace deciding to raise the 54. Hearts sitting on 369. F loose. call just cuz it's you Terrace I want to. give you some action okay I'm terrified. of Doug though you guys are troll me. okay you're terrified of dog but. okay there we. go not the that tce wanted to see but. he's still reaching for chips telling. the story of a maid hand into multiple. opponents a bit. ambitious what demeanor that's the nice. way of saying he's a good loser I just. didn't hear the word both players are. coming along here so can't process if. terorist is not Daddy this is not a car.

To continue firing a story last time I. was here uh my little girl My Little. fouryear-old walked up to the TV and. see me on it she said Daddy and then. they took the screen off for me and dude. she started balling my wife's got it on. camera she starts balling and walks. away I'm coming back next week I don't. care what the stakes are on the stream. I'm coming back to redeem. myself and now. for coming back next week okay the the. stream has made a special exception it's. a 3K cap but hook can buy in for. whatever he wants like seven people on. 3K and hooks like I remember 300. hook first the. world Viper correctly going for Value. but I kind of think you got a piece of. this is what I get for limping in. play dumbass pots how much is. out there 30. something Doug doesn't want to let this. one gopp on T this is a light call right.

Here are you sure you don't probably. putting Viper on a missed for draw maybe. lower. draw Viper gets paid though Viper bought. in for 50k Brad and now all a sudden. sitting on. 154 he's crushing it diamonds diamonds. come local. businessman lives in our backyard. here as we're going to wave goodbye to. Anastasia and welcome in Damon the. tatted one leaderboard whatever big. number in both. directions so hard to fold for that. price three players now up six. figures I just don't be in a spot where. I look at dog and be like let's talk out. quick well I gotta get back to the 510. game but uh thanks for having me Mike I. I do have to tell the chat I had nothing. I didn't do that yesterday when I walked. into the booth they showed me that clip. what I did do that one I never that one. was me you're going to crop dust the.

Boot here as you leave oh my God BR yeah. well we had some fun we had some fun. with that so you did the second one but. not the first one the second one I. did more money and like everyone's like. I wonder if he has good credit or not. like we're going to find out that's. always what I'm there like I wonder if. he's going to give that. guy me dog really are there's the lodge. cam Lodge is packed tonight. the great Brad Owen. folks welcome back rank you guys. cracking me. up we had to get to the bottom of. something you know. yes suited a for Terrace. hook with top. pair. 3000 terce is gonna fire out here Liv. Austin. years I moved here three years ago from. Vegas right from Vegas. yeah now with the heart draw Terrace so. what's the difference picked up a ton of. outs for sure should make a better place. to raise a family 100 Choice that's some.

Good times in Vegas I think you can get. a bad R but you know as long as you're. not a. DJ fires out 11,000 into. 16,000 going nowhere with top pair and. the gut shot. guess you still got a place out there no. me please I. mean no heart but let's see if terce. continues his story in. position I've been here three and a half. years he's gonna check it and Hook's. gonna win a nice $38,000 pot good upgade. yeah so you live here now yeah. way too cold up there man way too. cold five months out of the year it's. the best place around but. there's yeah he say he's sitting now six. hours um we've been. going we're on our fourth dealer Damon. the tatted one the hot dog eating. Wonder takes over for Anastasia. Clayton was our first. dealer Final Table Kev made an. appearance and now we're on. Damon button's good got flop yeah flop.

It oh. good call so easy to sleep on that Yoda. wants us to make a short focused on no. no take off a stack yeah 4 what happened. yesterday I don't want you never know. very on playing when he gets back so to. M recently never been last time n. remember we are going to be back on. tomorrow if you like tournaments. tomorrow will be day two we'll come on. the break after the dinner break. somewhere around 8 8:30 tomorrow with. his par with his mother and his mother. was put put her her hands on his. shoulders and he would stare at Theo. with the 500k guarantee calm him down. pick the. right it's sick once we start we will. won't start until there's a winner go. wrong she be like it's okay it's okay. try hard go deep into the early Monday. morning. hours yeah. messed. up I figured out how to beat Black by. the way huh I figured out how to beat.

Back play it oh nice all you have to do. is you go don't tell do a subscrition a. subscription it's fine it's fine I'm. generous all you have to do is go find. the guy who can't win and bet against. that's it you just go find the guy who. just can't win it's always obvious and. you just bet you just ruthlessly bet. against them y like usually I feel bad. but I realized you have to be ruthless. you have to just walk in there and You'. be like you can't win I bet the office. 100% And it's free money airball. hand airball giving vakara. advice yeah River Ian Jack five was good. obviously not good. anymore you could have shoved the river. though as was a bluff hook would have. hit his Broadway me here later. yeah yeah could have could have called. customer service. Doug someone asked in the chat why we. call Damon the hot dog eating.

Wonder nice I think 2013 or 2012 Damon. appeared on the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating. Contest in Cony Island on July 4th. sounds like Doug double up all right. here you go did not do well did not win. he did well you have to do well if you. make it on stage is fair. so then you're pretty excited for the. million dollar game I'm. assuming going be a good. time nervous when is it coming up it's. in about a month you don't ever get. nervous do you I get nervous are you do. you get. nervous only for like extreme big games. like like like the million dollar game. last year or something like that I got. nervous like excited nervous like you're. about to compete excited yeah like I. would I guess I'm just like eager to get. started like I don't like I hate like. showing up and it's like we're going to. sit here for 45 minutes with like that's.

A nervousness that goes away in the. first 10 minutes I'm never nervous once. we start like that's like competition. nervous yeah like on the way to the. casino I'm like we're we're about to. do this like I get that you know. like my heart's beating like whatever. like first few hands like I'm like we're. playing you know that's. good but off stream like if we play. really big I don't get nervous cuz it's. kind of like more like we just show up. we start playing like handed whatever. game goes it's like whatever but the. stream it's like it's like some like you. know we show up we all chat like we get. the chair there's like all this process. to actually getting started that there's. like a little bit of time to be nervous. for. me I think like at least I don't know. like for me when I first started playing. on stream I really would I was thinking.

About like the fact that we're being. watch you I'm like oh people are. watching us play like that I don't know. my so much m. time when I would get nervous playing. big first Bluff that went wrong always. just relieved it down like once you like. realize like okay I bluffed off 100 and. I'm alive and I can Reby and keep. playing it's fine yeah I agree if it. it's like once you make a a mistake or. something you like okay like I made the. mistake I was worried I might make or I. had the bad outcome I was worried about. and yeah you're suppos to that shit's. for sure real hand number 158 tonight. like it cost me more money than in some. ways like it's almost better to loose a. pot early in those kind of spots because. it gets the nerves out of the. way I like winning those po. early I do too but I it's just like I.

But that is how I felt when I played. last time lost a huge one right out the. gate yeah and then you're like I'm okay. like I I'm just going to add on and I'm. going to keep playing poker and. like it's not like a nightmare right. like whereas in your head when you're. coming you're like hopefully I don't get. stuck a million in the first hour you I. mean no that's definitely R obviously. still not rooting for that but I mean. you just realized that you're going to. survive fold let me see a let me see a. flop most beautiful hand i' ever seen in. my entire I do I'm just curious hook. with big slick suited four bets to. 15,000 and gets Viper to fold oh I feel. like a genius you are a genius great. fold like acid look shows that's how she. goes how it goes about how it. goes yeah Hook when you have you when. you have a good hand you don't want to.

See the flop because then I know I. know I didn't ask for it that time. someone else I did I know. sorry menu this a strle. yeah it would went r or r or flush. though there's a club out there turn. club and yeah River King of Clubs i'. have got there somehow. that strle yes Viper with the tanks. here just makes the call on the. button an action Dan has the option. now he. straddled 800 and he's going to make it. 6800. Viper. gives Doug the cards to. sweat this is it heads up double up. right here this is freaking hand here it. comes are you going to ask for the. miracle fall. Miracle not the worst flop for pocket 10. gut shot for both players Viper way in. the Le with his. pair. okay you got your amle FL you got my. Miracle thank God there was no Ace or. something. crap thank. yeah the only time I can ever remember. being nervous playing big was like one.

Time when I was when I ran out of we. were playing time Banks and I ran out of. time banks in a big game and I was just. like like if I have a big decision. I'm going have 30 seconds to make it and. that was the only time I felt like I was. like a little bit nervous like if a big. pot spot comes up it's going to suck you. know can you get more time banks in that. situation yeah yeah we were playing like. we like every like 6 hours you reload. but like it was going to be like 3 or 4. hours before I got it just happened like. I ran out that day like or whatever that. was actually the first time I even like. used the time bank and I ran out like. that sounds familiar it was the button. the day I stacked button clicker in that. really big pot oh yeah yeah cuz I used. all my time banks on the hand I had the. nut flush and he backed to our boat oh.

Yeah yeah yeah remember that and I used. all my time Banks and fold it and then I. fed fped a straight versus a set and I. had 30 seconds to act 4 the way that you. played that for what he had was perfect. I had a feeling he had a set being the. top set right yeah I mean that was a. brutal cooler for him there. that was a. nice I enjoyed that hand ripped it and. he was like all right it probably. affected it too if you have an act so. fast cuz you normally probably wouldn't. you know I might not have just ripped it. there I just didn't know like I don't. know didn't have a lot of time and I. just decided it would it wouldn't have. matter you would have gotten it. all actually I might not the back door. flush came in on both boards oh really. oh I didn't know that the was a king. bringing the back door flush in I was.

Like it's actually kind of a card. Kings and stuff also like the way like. that there was like a weird dynamic. there where like it was just like and I. don't mean this like badly like I just. think he thought he was way smarter than. all of us and like we were just like. kind of idiots and like he's not totally. wrong it's true not that you say that. it's true but like there was some like. weird dynamic where I just terrist he. just thought like we had like over Pairs. and we blasting it off or whatever yeah. ter what is your IQ about 195 or so you. just it's even harder for you to talk. it's hard for you even talk to us. idiots that's true. though brutal day for him idiots. yeah that's definitely true it is hard. for him to talk to. us. 1000 did you know any of these guys. before you open this which guys like.

Terrace or ter ball um I didn't. know anyone. here other. hook I've don't H for a very long time. but other than that. yeah and obviously I didn't meet airball. through here how many years you been. playing poker fulltime full. time funny I mean I was still in college. but no I mean. yeah a long. time I will never do that as my living. but. yeah did you uh did you go College. there's easier ways go yeah yeah I went. to small division two School Gru you. study biology and then out of. SCH poker online poker and stuff hard to. become really successful Point what do. your what do your parents do if you. don't mind me asking uh like did they. care when you just like I always no my. mom just wanted me to finish school yeah. so like you finished school you're like. I'm do poker she's like okay you. finished school now you can do poker.

Yeah that's cool were you a math major. no who were you majoring a biology. biology player playing basketball who. became a poker player very. off and you got were you going to be. like Premed is that your plan yeah yeah. oh so that's why the doctor thing Hurt. No definit I might go back to get my. after tonight might go back to. school teris will sponsor your degree as. long as it's not to become a doctor. I bet you I bet you terce would pay for. your I don't know if anything anything. but doctor use come on terce you going. to put hook through med school yeah. buddy come. on well we'll talk about it after. the either way we we have a conversation. he. said I just started his son's bank roll. fir his son is a poker bank roll that's. a great living dance future sons do. too so like put it to the side and in 10. years he's like all right Phil come here.

This is from Uncle. hook he said don't become he said don't. become a doctor oh my God it's too much. no go like making in poker today like. from the bottom would be just impossible. I I think it's very tough I don't think. it's impossible because there's still. some kids that come up still happens but. it's you have to be really really good. timing was just so good for us we got so. lucky yeah I saw like a t of hearts or. something nine of diamonds. okay that was the closest my hand. reading was all. night hook you gotta love hook this. guy's locked. in all right got the amateurs coming in. with the sharks here we go let's see. what happens I'm swiming. around I don't really know being good at. poker as a prerequisite to like these. days I don't think it matters like you. just have to run so hot to get to high. stakes like you just doesn't matter if.

You're good or not yeah I mean both is. really were just think you have to be. like good enough and then you have to. just be very lucky and take chances yeah. and just be selfaware enough to what. what games they go playing and stuff. yeah yeah be like be smart yeah but. honestly like for me too it's like. coming up I was playing in the toughest. games in the world so it like might not. have been much profitable at times but. it got so much better quicker yeah yeah. it's valuable like the stars games like. if I would just like went right and. played live poker I probably would have. just sucked right because they. were. bad like the best players were playing. six Max and heads up on it's still like. that well it's GG poker now I think is. where they play mainly but. yeah is that a race it's 800 Str. your background matters too like if.

You're a young European kid you're. probably not gonna yeah it's probably. also just like pretty Stone Cold. impossible to run it up with correct. bankroll management I think I wouldn't. say Stone Cold impossible but you need. to run hot as SAU okay you I think i'. run super hot I mean if you're I mean. how do you run up a bank if you're. playing 510 and you want to play 500. like what you need to win like 300K or. something 200k to be responsibly playing. I don't know yeah yeah you have to win. some egregious amount and then okay you. finally win that now you go play 00 you. want to play 100 200 you need to win. like you need a million dollars or. something to play I don't I don't I. don't know what's reasonable if it's. your career you know you're playing. fulltime can happen hard to do I'm not. saying it's easy I'm I'm with you I.

Think it's very hard me and Doug were. coming up like if you just putt it off. your bank. roll there were spots you people could. you get staked easily from just from the. beginning you know remember like when I. like was in college and I come play in. LA like there were like some really. tough players you know like local regs. Ace is actually good here bet 7,000. with the best. l i see them playing 510. still. like but that that like especially when. we were playing like that didn't really. mean anything sometimes just people had. different risk tolerance like Tony be. there he was one of the best like and he. just never moved up there's guys that. didn't move up Stakes that's valid. too yeah yeah there's some people that. just can never take the risk which which. Tony's not one of them cuz he end up. playing bigger but.

I was cuz I had a job I was. just it's like for me like the only. reason I got to be able to pay high. stakes is because like I had a job you. had a bank roll well I mean I didn't. even NE have like that big of a big I. had a job and I was just like if I go. broke playing poker just go to the. office tomorrow and I make a living and. I don't have to worry about it like I'm. going get a nice check at the end of the. year and it's fine like life moves on so. I was like able to be like aggressive. and like you ran run hot in good spots. right like in the big spots you were. already playing for a while right yeah I. mean like so basically like out of. college I was like playing every night. also working cuz I just really liked. poker so I was like already really into. it at least they want I. guess ran badg a. king you probably would have got.

Incinerated by like drack Jack three. off yeah I won the PA so. pots you know yeah gets confident gets. your momentum going. yeah goofy is funny that's the first. step right there the pendulum is. swinging back it's like I just get. stacked next 10 set over set that's not. good for momentum hit the rail now the. momentum's going the other way yeah yeah. sued a here for both players Dan and. Viper two the players who are both up. 100K. plus what happened I don't know they. grabbed every you went for every. chipk I didn't know if I was going to. repop it I was just debating. like I messed out something good. there I also think like when I when you. play smaller like it's almost a little. Bas in my like the way I think about it. is like it was more fun when I was. playing smaller because like there was. these aspirations of getting to play big.

And like trying to get like I remember. like oh wow these guys are playing 10020. like they're willing to lose $20,000. like what the you know what I mean. and then like your goal is to get there. and like whereas once you're already. playing like all the biggest games it's. kind of like there's no Next Step it's. like okay I'm here I'm playing and it's. kind of a little little bit yeah it's. like even go back to like the original. high stakes episode you're like damn. they were playing pretty small yeah. that's actually you know what's funny. like I literally thought that the other. day like I saw some pod they were like. 320k pot and I was like whoes not that. big when you lost the the four house or. whatever was not that big holy why. you take that long the. call how big was that pot like 4 500k or. something I mean over second up yeah.

Yeah but back in the day just needed a. high to lose . 400 hey but in all you don't get a high. every hand you don't big hand. and and all when when Daniel took that. challenge I so much respect like he he's. definitely top three poker players of. all time like just even because he he. stood to test of time like he's still. how his own he did better than I would. have against. Doug I thought he did I mean I thought. he have to run it out. well we're not going to T I guess we. should play I guess we'll do it I mean. hook did say he wanted as little as. player as possible as little as. possible the work that would have to go. in to even do that would just. be yeah I mean I'm not I don't want to. no chance do you think Daniel improved a. lot throughout the match yeah of course. yeah big time time. yeah but a lot of it was like I mean.

He'd watch what I was doing and like oh. this is something I should be doing this. is something doing that's fair yeah no. you should do I'm not saying he was like. he's cop being like it's legitimately. like everything I was doing my oppon. comptition goes in general even in. sports you just see yeah yeah I mean. even pointer is a good example right. like 20 30 years ago no one was taking. threes yeah and all of a sudden it. became all anyone would do take top two. for hook and a set for Doug mid. conversation yeah like Brook Lopez yeah. I mean the guy just shoot shot no threes. and he got into the league and then all. of a sudden he's shooting threes left. right and Center got you got. adopt Dan also in there with middle. pair. hook he reached for the wrong chips. again all right this game is way too. small last time he had aces doing that.

He was pretty strong so hook does it. again those orange chips are. 25,000 he was. reaching wanted to throw in the $5,000. chips which are the pink ones those are. 25 well I saw what was. coming I don't think he's trying to. raise to 75. G guess I guess we're to find out St. everybody's got a. style hook now slows down Jack queens of. the world get. there the sets haven't beat although. it's pretty hard to have tens or nines. but fours are pretty possible. 24,000 is the. BET hook makes the call looking for a 10. or a. nine doesn't. come Bo pretty wet now. checked no Club in Doug's. hand Doug losing to a lot but still. going to go for some. value looks like 565. what a gross night for this man Charlie. hook on the Flop he's thinking finally. it's my. time and then the board just gets so bad. and ugly and he correctly lays down the.

Two. pair nice fold from Mr hook well played. Doug nice he's not betting King Jack. king queen on that River he's just. checking it. back pairs a big. hand when you I was like when he raised. 75 I was like I'm hoping that he meant. that he's just missing his big. okay should just snap called we last. time we play together I top two versus. your bottom set oh you top two. yeah quads when I hit that boat yeah. yeah check that's an amazing fold and. the board just ran out tragic plush got. there and. everything Bo save me yeah it's always. funny when you're like the. run out and then it's like oh thank God. what if I bet 2K any calls like I know. i' be. like all right pleasure playing. today see you everyone. later damn that's sick. yeah the 10 10 was a club it would have. been harder F you had a CL I had n 10. Spades 10 was a club a little bit harder.

For me Viper goes 13 into 48. yeah only with the. Jack puts this flush. draw into a situation but Goofy going. nowhere makes the call now it's trips. and the check mark Viper. imagine it's like oh yeah B boat still. results in a 400k pot Goofy whiffs and. uh does he want to try and represent. casino game I would have been held to. the very hand that Viper has or maybe. back door. Hearts you don't play a lot of private. games in the casino you play5 I I don't. play many games outside of where I play. now you know saying rely all the private. games same thing oh yeah yeah yeah I. mean this this is technically like. legally a private game there a private. place members players can do what they. want like it's we're good as long as the. house isn't taking a cut of the game. it's good a private game on YouTube I. literally never seen anyone be held to.

That oh people get held to that with. thousand watching we appreciate your. viewership have licenses they have to do. I'm think when we're playing like the. private game they never hold us did they. do that at Hustler we do what we want. it's intent sorry it's intent at Hustler. okay cool that's good that's good but. some some casinos it's hard Lin what. happens in the Hustler stream sometimes. someone just miss yeah yeah and but we. always you know you just do what you. want yeah always as long as there's no. action after the your decision it's not. really you also have to like look at the. situation right like if it's someone. where they're like like it's getting. questionable then you might be like we. might need to course I do a third time. tonight good some happy. you these these colors are too. similar we made a mistake we we should.

Fix that yeah I mean it's fine because. we can like the wrong chip but that. happens it's like you're not alone that. that's we wanted like UT Long Horn. color we thought' be cool but in. retrospect it doesn't fit with this I I. like both these chip. both yeah they need to be. separate right check should be. good yeah looking good I'm going. announce my bets for. now I think we'll get. there Doug Ace Jack suited gonna raise. here. three bets to. 15,000 action Dan making all the right. decisions gets out of the way with his. Ace three Doug will take it. down Dan's one of those guys every time. he's thinking like this motherfucker's. going to foret me it's like internally. I'm just like I'm holding back demons. like I can I can you ever like and you. can feel it I feel feel it yeah so Doug. can feel for but he doesn't believe in.

Momentum yeah just let me let my. life just clarifying buddy if not orange. what color would you make them I I think. like just something different like a. like a light blue could be good light. blue is that what the $1 chips are yeah. but what game would ever have both of. those valid oh I bet 25k I thought you. made the 5K Flags yeah yeah I I I really. like our 5K colors though but yeah but. you are right though it is just too too. close maybe like a lime green. 1400 that's like the. quarters and those are in the same game. how about Brown how about like a black. and gold like a gold gold with like a. little bit of black that. work maybe just like not mon a flag. would be cool but then you think it's a. 5k cuz flags. are maybe just like non kind of ugly. color just a non monotone just have it. be like two two colors I think the flag.

Is always good for the 5K I AG flags are. always good for 5Ks but I also do think. the Pink is pretty. the thing is too if we made the pink 25. Got 5 flag then people be B thinking. they're fiveever now they're used to it. yeah nothing beats just like Vegas chips. just like the best 5K flags are. good high value pink chips for some. reason I find it really visually. pleasing remember the old cranberries. are were they The bagio Cranberries. aren't they like pink yeah yeah the B 25. kiss oh like pink yeah they're pink yeah. I'm thinking Bata orang even now they're. like they're like a pinkish now they. Chang the color when that guy robbed it. oh well they're still pinkish like. they're the Ario cranberries are like. red yeah yeah the Aros are red yeah and. those are like Pinker robbed it you. heard about that the gunman someone like.

Came on a motorcycle right yeah a. judge's son in Vegas oh they caught him. yeah came on motorcycle and robbed a I. think a roulette table or was it a crabs. table like they robbed one of the p. games and then he played a bunch of. Poker yeah I play heard you played with. them play with him yeah I've heard about. was he trying to like sell chips at. discounts so I had the gold nugget heard. with my life and there's this guy on a. huge pile of chips and like he was. acting ridiculous and clearly on coke. mainly because he asked me do you want. to go to Coke and. I and he lost the pot and threw a beer. at the wall and they just let him keep. going and I'm like what's going on like. I just let anything go here and he's. like hey guys I got a bunch of 25k. cranberries uh I just don't want to head. to AIO I want to buy them for.

4K what everyone like oh my God this the. Bandit and I was like can't be and then. and then people were like well it. probably is the Bandit but if I buy it. for 4K can I unload it before they. change them so people were like making. all these EV talks you know and and at. that point you could just like walk in. as a high sticks where I can be like I. have I have 25 before a lot of the. changes came into place okay so it was. easier so you could have you could have. yeah I would have snap. bought like I'm taking these. nice hand I they got it through we'll. never. know I would have gone for it. but the rest of us were like probably. out of jail by now right you got like 10. years so it's been 10 years right BR. tell him seat open. SE are these doors. motorcycle I don't think that's a good. tell him seed open and if he has any.

Leftover cranberries I'll take him for. 5K you can tell him that. booked his dad was like a big judge or. something right yeah Jesus I just. remember reading an article his dad made. a comment too afterwards and it was like. he made a comment that was like justice. for. like he was a criminal he stole stole. the money you. know dude that would be the worst if. your kid did something like that the. worst yeah I know that's like anything. anything that's just that would be a. really hard one to get through I think. it really is when you're kids. just Aces for Nick three bets to. 4,000 Viper and Terrace with some decent. Holdings suited Broadway. cards you your parents. obviously and you're parent and you're. like oh I'm for this not both players. top pair so you got Aces versus two. players with Kings you want to be proud.

Of them you know the lady that um her. son was one of the Coline kids she did a. TED Talk she's psychiatrist. brutal brutal. yeah she was a psychiatrist terce the. worst of it decides to raise I wish. things look out for and wants to find. out right now where he's at and he's. going to get called in two spots in two. seconds what you got like set of some. check I have. quads three people on the hand let's. avoid I feel so bad about misclicking. now sorry just let's just. it's all in good fun okay heads up that. check your action I'll. check we put pretty loose here but no. it's good though it's right look at that. stare from airball all of a sudden super. serious. 35,000 last thing you want is a stream. fold full people just tanking and tight. asses about everything. I don't see either of these players. folding here yeah Terrace might be able.

To get. away be. like yeah MTI times. yeah guy. got. yeah that's also a rule production. Nick I think I have you but wow I'm. going to fold it viers going to get. away all right I fold my everybody gets. away standing lay downs from both. Terrace and. Viper I didn't think both of them would. fold neither did I I had the I had king. queen king queen okay I hading. jack but he won somehow I think I think. we both I think you were both. really yeah well let's set a timer for. 30 minutes from now go watch oh we'll. find out what do you have we'll find out. eventually Aces oh nice hand thank. you that's what I had I don't care. anyone can always ask me my hands I'm. happy to okay I believe you I. believe Stone Cold couldn't care less. either figured out I had aces race I. believe that you had aces I never gotten. like. you'll see on the stream bro we're on.

Stream I believe it I believe I. don't need to see it on the stream I. already believe him you'll see on the. stream I believe you man you're the man. want to got wait 27. minutes you're done 27 minutes no no I. mean possibly I don't know game's. breaking game's breaking in 40. please we we give you the gra I'm just. going to leave my chips here and pretend. that I didn't I got to go take a piss. guys. see how you guys are hold jokes on you. air ball the only player. with a heart on a three heart flop um we. a big pretty big pot airball alleges he. had aces and one he. had that's. me uh what else. happened check top two versus bomb set. oh yeah you missed top Tu vers bottom. the smallest pot of all time was played. with. top 40kt. 7 I mean the two guys had 250,000. effective and they played like a 100K. pot okay I think you play.

100K no I I had bottom set he had top. two all the Doug fans are going to be. like messing me like you're your your. your mispick should have St stood was it. going to be like just my. mom like you know when you see an old. buddy you haven't seen in a while you. dap him up. I little fist bump I just had hard two. guys now becoming best. friends you noticed that when I have big. wins on Clips viewership is like okay. but when I get wrecked they really pop. off so what he's saying is he hopes. you're the same so it's nice anytime I. get stacked I'm like well that'll do. well on. YouTube We'll add Revenue you know we'll. add Revenue Ryan has told me some more. stuff he's like you know he's like I. want you to win he's like when you lose. it's good for the. show thanks buddy it's good to know. you're up anti sweating me every.

Hand you just don't want the banner say. biggest loss in Lodge history what do I. have some pretty. bad what it is every thousand views you. make about five bucks think about what. athletes have to go through 100,000. views you're going to make like horrible. 500 buckss yeah so a million you make. about 5,000 I mean Doug was like there. people are so negative in poker. like chat stuff it's like insane like no. one will ever be like you know what he. this guy played great and it was fun to. watch and I enjoyed it it'll just be. like this guy's a assho when. it's a smaller stream it is actually. very positive like we found that here. when it's a smaller show it's a strle. right that g guy had a lot of fans right. like yeah he still does for sure my my. podcast with him it was like my best. podcast ever did like terms live.

Viewership and maybe even total. viewership does he play anymore my one. with Nick did really well too great too. that's the podcast where he called me a. what does he say he's like I'm a I'm a. Cutthroat businessman me Queens tens and. nines I think I think Garrett had some. good reads about some things but he also. had some bad reads about some. things like cut throw business man I. don't I don't I'm like I'm at home I'm. like high as bed watching this. thing and he's like that Nick he's a. Cutthroat businessman I'm like I woke up. at 600 p.m. today and I'm stoned. out of my mind at 6:15 I'm Cutthroat and. it's like a Tuesday it's the middle of. that you on his pocket about about you. on his pocket me and yeah there had a. like whatever was on there talking a. little bit about some stuff and Garrett. was on there talking about some stuff.

Separately and we're not the biggest. fans of each other Goofy with the tank. about M. bery that did not age. well oh I still think that was your. fault to come along and Doug. my I was doing fine I was losing at a. reasonable Pace well get rid of his. nines and it's going to be heads up. trick time and Goofy I'm just. kidding kidding he just a bad student no. I was definitely not a bad he gave the. old College I don't I don't mind that. I'm bad at poker but I definitely gave a. lot of effort there that's the only time. I ever given effort in poker in that. game that that happened no so uh my. relationship in that situation. was you know she was staked by the guy. the guy with the cowboy hat you knowum. you kind of vaguely honestly didn't pay. too much right yeah yeah so she was in. that game she was staked by another.

Player in the game he was like you know. maybe the whale what and I lent them a. bunch of chips before the game because. my read was their you know action and. they need La so I lent them chips and. then then Garrett like kind of accused. me of being involved in their cheating. stuff and that really upset were they. cheating well that's just wrong cuz. first of all there's not even proven. cheating they were I'm just saying but. then to say people that were yeah that's. that's what upset me with scare that's. what caused our real issues is just like. I was like I don't really mind people. calling me a dick or whatever like fine. yeah but I really don't want to be. accused of cheating like I'm like I'm a. gambler that's what I do like I. literally just go and play poker. everywhere right Nick was goal yeah for. sure yeah I was super stupid when I.

First started playing high stakes like I. L out so much money to people who zered. so strongly someone in the back was just. relaying to them somehow and she just. had a binary signal you're good the. person in the back we the person that no. longer works there is who and the person. yeah and then the person got stealing. table in the investigation just I'm like. too close doing them bias it's just I. don't know I think that it's very a. waste wasteful thing to even talk about. at this point that nobody knows right. just clear she so there's no discussion. really I mean. somehow all. in. people is like King High Bor I think in. his shoes it's very reasonable to feel. cheated very doesn't matter if he was I. mean I would feel cheated in his so. decide now's his time to make a move. trick time with the. Queens but. all like like you're saying.

That opinion. not trick times facing a decision for. his entire stack and he wants to talk. about Jack. four four five and he he got like kind. of dug into this position which is. probably right but the behavior should. have been done at this point I just. think I got to go ahead and head to. Houston you know what I'm saying might. be yeah I catch a ride this is perfect. two guys on the way back talking about. how bad they ran H want a ride back to. Houston with trick. time car. pool give me 500 I'll drive. you really cut down on the the rate you. know and half I mean I'm giving you the. money if I just I call I'm just give I. need it. I don't know if goofy should have. answered. that that might induce trick time to. make a call. here okay makes the call the Queens are. good TS in horrible. shape. 147.5 in the. middle you're P for the.

U w. w no oh man oh if a 10 comes your. P going to run it one. time and trick. time it's going to win $147,800. pot and. Goofy i n. he's on fumes now he's got about less. than 10,000 in his stack after. this thank you so much tell you what. while Damon is taking care of this let's. do our TKO jerky hand of the night let's. go back to hand number 97. I think hook and terce terce with the. turn straight you know pretty big. negative for like me like a lot of. people I'm close with you know puts hook. all in why is it negative for you I mean. hook with the PA of T here doesn't. believe terce makes the. call L. $330,000 Pot goes Terrace's way that is. the TKO jerky hand of the night TKO. jerky comes in Three Spice levels mild. hot and Lord have mercy go to TKO. use code Lodge. 15 for your 15% discount it's fantastic.

Jerky folks that actually is good yeah. and then it also did bring in a lot of. interest was that really the hand of the. night though Rick obviously it's a bad. look for poker ask me I'm saying. no which would you have picked I would. say overall how about that time when uh. action Dan flops a boat and then hook. goes Runner Runner players that were. part of. it for the I think it sucks for like. everyone who kind of involved on either. side I I don't but that's okay either. way the jerky's outstanding and I'm. going to order myself some TKO jerky. feel like there's something that nobody. has. considered Doug thought that there might. be no cheating you know like Daniel Neo. thinks there was no. cheating like you're like I don't. understand why like I mean I'm not. convinced there wases not no Che but. look so she so there's no proof so I'm.

Going to treat but how can you why I'm. going to treat her how can you be so. confident he's J Simpson you know oh but. how can you be so. confident I'm just telling you as a. person that's played a lot of Poker and. seen a lot of Poker and got cheated once. by someone that hacked my computer sure. they made a jack High call down when I. had a straight off and they had Jack. Jack deuce and just call me down okay. bye they didn't call you down on the. Flop Doug do you realize that I mean I. that it was it was I think was it on the. Flop when she made she made the call or. on the turn on the turn right yes turn. when turn right yeah there was still. another car to come um um there's two G. people in the world people that think. she's innocent and uh realistic human. beings uh I think it's not like that. fair there's other stuff let me let me.

Let me give my I'll give my I'm not. saying I don't think she cheated or she. cheated I'm not get op but there's other. things like that flask or whatever or. that glass that thing she had behind her. you know that a jock of coaching that. thing was full of wine she was drinking. from before she got there like cuz when. I went into the cage to give them chips. she was already like halfway through it. like Tipsy yeah there you go I've seen. her in other places where like she was. not sober and not drinking so like I. think there's not I don't think it's. like super black and white but I also. agree the hand is insane. the hand is a little strange but you. know like more than a little strange. okay but a lot of people do strange. stuff all the time yeah but you know. like dumb people like misre their. hands and and then they make up excuses.

About a POP. for how I mean how I mean it's just. isn't even that big she returned 135,000. to so what the she probably felt. embarrassed. she like played Dumb and like she won in. a dumb. way either way I mean the thing is like. look the fact Doug with the Cowboys yeah. it was here actually she I played a game. top set for Doug Doug's like 100%. cheated Robbie SE open this Thursday on. the live stream come check it out on the. thumbnail it's just a picture of her. Robbie I do want to say something. about but. guy I was in the middle of a pot. like did you just like he shoved on he's. an underpar he's like trying to figure. it out he's like. what I think it was on the. queen like imagine if she lost because. like there there were more cards to come. imagine if she lost whatever the card. came nobody would been like talking.

About this stand at. all seriously every like oh my God she's. so stupid like she called with ja High. yeah there's some there's no proof I. guess there is a small perent chance. that it was just happened but I've seen. a lot of in poker I've never seen. that except when I got cheated the one. time I have seen that when I got cheated. and then poker stars like oh you got. cheated you see the Jack High call it. was the same thing. I In fairness I think that Doug I think. you're you're like misremembering a. bunch of situations where people have. done like really dumb and they lost. you even remotely close to what that was. they just did like dumb against you. like that and then you just like oh okay. okay cool I want and then find me any. hand that's like that bet rais Jam call. with Jack four on 109 was it but like.

Have you have you ever had situations. where people misre their. hand like against you uh I'm sure that. has happened yeah yeah but they don't. bet raise and then when the person jams. I mean it's just too I've never seen. that but like people I've never seen. that I've never seen except except when. I got cheated I did see it when I got. cheated other than that I haven't seen. it yeah maybe that maybe that makes me. very biased because I'm like oh it's. like when I got cheated the guy Jack. dece I had a 10 ey straight. flustra I don't know just games. now I just think that you guys are way. too confident that you cheated I guess. the only thing I will say is I try to. separate my personal thoughts from like. like like a court case like what you. know guilty or innocent so like you're. not trying to have an opinion you're.

Trying to just give unbiased take yeah. like that in my well that is my opinion. but I don't think she should be held to. my opinion right it's like we have the. court system it's like OJ Simpson. right okay but uh yeah okay J. Simpson goofy Allin for his remaining. 11.4 than o. 114 10 11 the didn't fit's going to give. him action. goofy in great. shape good. luck I mean why why is Daniel M. defending her then well some people feel. like different opinions yeah I want get. other opinions I'm on I'm I'm on Daniel. the Gran side all the brightest minds. are I'm actually I feel a little better. what was ne's take on it not cheating. okay not cheating yeah I I mean I I mean. I'm. not maybe like 30% chance something like. that so you're live you're saying it's. live but we don't there's a straight. only a. chop opportunity for hook and it's not.

Going to come Goofy with the double Doug. is like. 99.99 or or what what high very very. high okay I mean also part of it's. probably like Doug was cheated and so he. has some bias towards coming down the. stretch folks unless we get a late push. found. out thought felt one way and then after. I realized I got the guy that cheated me. by the way he did this thing where he. would always like Min raise me on turns. cuz he knew he was good and so like he. Min raised me to keep me in and when I. looked back all the footage she' men. raised the turn all the turn rais they. were all men raises but were they all. because you know you're ahead and so you. you like basically like forced them to. continue with a worst hand or IND or. yeah and that was the exact same thing. this person did to me like when they get. see my cards they men.

And like River what Stakes were you. playing him at it was it was so started. 510 then he's like hey we put 250 and. put 2550 and I lost like 37,000. something like that. 35,000 but like another thing that I'm. thinking. is. uh if you were like if you have some. magical ability to cheat why would you. cheat in that spot yeah but this logic. is not bad in my opion like I mean yeah. the thinge when going to I mean I agree. here's the thing that CS that like I. don't think why not do it on the river. why not okay why not cheat on the why. not like like BL off on the river. whatever like why not do something on. the river when when all the cards are. out the point I think the kind of the. people criminals do stuff like the whole. time where they criminals aren't like. maybe that smart all the time you know. maybe they're kind of dumb yeah I think.

There's some aspect of like these people. they're never going to be like oh let's. commit this crime cuz the the detectors. aren't going to think I would be that. stupid to do it that way right like. think about like like basically she's. God moding right basically like she. knows when she's winning right like with. that other guy who did it on UB like he. did it in the most stupid way ever. barely win she like her Equity was like. 50 absolute hand strength it's like. you're ahead or you're behind like she. the theory is that she only knows if. she's ahead or behind once like so like. I 1,000 and then she men R like a bunch. of other hands where was exactly the. same ah Hadad men R she men R but also. like I mean people like to i't looked at. other but did you see any hands after. she played honestly I didn't look I.

Didn't look at anything I only know I. didn't any there no after those there's. no men men. raising I mean well when she played here. there was no men raising okay but like. maybe maybe Jo tells her no more men. racing money back but you think that. makes you look innocent like just like I. don't think I don't think that could. matter cuz I I could I could see people. that have done that where they were. innocent I know I think giving the money. back it looks worse I mean it definitely. looks a little worse but I I don't think. that could ever be there could see being. like you think I cheated here you go. take the money back you like I can. see that for sure no I don't I can't wa. see that I can't wa do that I can see. that back my money if I cheat I wouldn't. give the money back I'm not giving I've. seen some other some crazy where.

People give money just to prove a. point I se guys get mad he literally. just threw 200,000 say I don't care the. money you guys chop it up she didn't. give the money back like that she didn't. it back like what can I do to make this. right that's the exact quote I thought. the situ was I give you the money back. we go back to the game kind of well make. this right he said well you can give the. money back if I give the money back go. back to the game that's that's important. language yeah very important I mean Doug. made a good point too there was no more. men raising that's go check check the. tapes I'm sure I'm sure some students. can go back and check the tapes I agree. with that but also. like whatever fro joa just tells her. stop men raising she doesn't men. ra anymore okay there you go I don't. think was been raising the turn look at.

This here we have the great two pair and. the club draw Rick hand number 179. that's the that's the change we needed. here I his coach his [ __ ]. player is the best in the world he the. only one who can bet bet call Jack Jack. Jack ey Viper is not going to. chase you know what's funny about that. hook so that hand happened and then like. two weeks later I was playing on a. hustler game and a guy bet like 40K into. like 10K on the river and I had Jack. four high on like a double paired board. and I was like and I had the right suits. and I was like this is god. telling me to call so I called as like 4. x pot rays and he just showed me top. boat I was like I was like this has to. be gone telling me like Nick you have. the exact suits I had I had everything. perfect it only be God yeah that was. only I'm not even a god guy.

Just the. moment making the call. here n or 10 Spiritual Awakening like I. was like if I call here incorrect like. I'm going to get on my knees come know I. mean like still with two pair I wish you. would have been right and did you get in. your knees yeah but I had to get my. knees and beg for more money from. someone oh. okay one of those moments like got talk. outside for I was one of those like hey. buddy that's so brutal what that happens. you log in your mobile banking like you. show show them the crypto wallet like I. got it I swear. big bed incoming I hate having. looks like a big overbed here I hate it. yeah I really try to get rid of sort of. all chip stuff sort of before I play. 83,500 January like I'm like mid like yo. can I get and I'm like trying to like. figure out I'm like buried and I'm. like trying to help someone horrible me.

Like last trip we came here I literally. told Doug I'm like I need 1.5 million I. like I just don't want to have any. stress you know what I mean like I want. to have a a lot of chips in case like. things get crazy I just hate the stress. of like anything happening in the. moment I feel it affects how I play at. least like if I'm sitting there and I'm. like if I lose this pot now I got to ask. this guy can I get chipped and like it's. like awkward and annoying or whatever I. just don't. think terce in the blender. here it's nice being in the house. has this. advantous that's how I feel in. La hate to break it to you. but actually I'll you I still think I'm. the chip leader and I would bet on it. that's probably. true I mean unless you have a real good. relationship with the person and you. know for sure you should never put.

Someone in that spot. anyway the pained look kind of. ridiculous that you could just you know. so like of a man with two pair facing a. huge River bet at some point they get. credit like people who are like this. game but the only person I've done like. a lot of financial stuffs with a hook. like I a hook for years and years and. years and hook had to pay off some. massive balances who also want in that. cat yeah it the only people that could. get me in that spot are people that it. would literally floor me where I'd be. like it would like you would have to it. would be like I'd be like terrified like. super shocked that's so I used I used to. be super loose with it like that's why. why I got involved in that whole thing. like cuz I was just being too loose with. loaning and stuff and now like the list. is like three people and if any of them.

Did it like they could just get me for. all my money cuz I just trust him too. much that's the thing those those few. people can for everything like I mean. like my buddy Sean who comes to me like. I've left like multiple seven figures. with him like just because I it was just. convenient like I just left it with him. I just know it's safe you know and like. you could just easily just take. ter has got less than 30,000 invested. grinder. here and time does too someone 20 years. not one whis like a big thing like I've. done you for so long and I've done like. you're good all and we've done a bunch. of stuff too but it's like is it really. going to be like 20 years of. relationship building it's like I just I. can't it's it's like not like. just your relationship you never heard. Whispers do that you know that's that's.

You're like the kind of guy that's like. here's my shot you would have taken it. like 14 years ago wondering why would. somebody with me the nuts make such a. big b look bad right like right and I'm. like I'm like dude like this is like I'm. not a cheater you call me cheat it's. kind of like you know or the effec of. nuts here obviously the nuts would. be Jack King spread the Pod just want to. see how much they like it just like and. it's so like you shouldn't take it like. you shouldn't be embarrassed by he gets. everyone I mean he got he got got by I. don't. want everyone gets it dude the spot that. someone scam me for the most money they. paid me back to full balance over 10. years Dam yeah like I got for like. because you made it public or what did. you make it public or he said like I'm. going to make this right I'm going start.

Paying you every month St next month and. I was like. he every Mon and then the start getting. bigger Pay More DJ over's head and. misled. about he made he got like really all. right I fold good fold by. Terrace is that a bluff Bluff a bluff. diamonds in a minute anyway is that a BL. it's a. BL was in game money I give it to him. and I don't really know him but just no. that's that's super safe you what I'm. saying like there's. probably. find Dan did not. show look at this action Dan up. 464,000 Viper. air terce all winning trick time down. 52,000 goofy. 106,000 is down. 69,000 but on the other hand you'd be. surprised how many people just don't say. anything about oh what I was going to. sayen to me so this guy just like had a. bunch of balances he was like an. affiliate through like I I balanced a. bunch of sights and Stakes he managed.

All of it and he had access to all the. funds it's like affiliate system and one. day he just got totally wasted and he. just blitzed the entire balance and I. know the guys he lost it to he lost he. didn't steal any money just he just lost. the whole balance playing poker playing. poker and the next day he woke up and. he's like I'm going to make this right. like I I can't believe what I've done. like I've ruined my life I'm going to. make this right and then over 10 years. he paid me the whole thing. that's pretty cool though he lost like. $400,000 and the first the first the. first payments were like real tiny like. 500 8 like he but he just yeah he kept. paying he paid the full balance it's. very impressive actually that's pretty. sick I've never even met the guy it was. all online he pay back the whole 400 so.

Like he wasn't really scamming he was. just he made him he was like what you. said like we like sat down we like went. through what the amount was and we had a. little discrepancy like he thought he. thought it was like 380 and I thought it. was 410 and we ended up on like three. whatever whatever yeah and I was like. okay he PA it he paid it the whole thing. that's sick damn that's so sick I think. like those kind of people like so sick. they kind of deserve to be like praised. a little bit respect to die I respect it. yeah I mean I never I was like look if. you keep paying me like I I believe that. you made a mistake here I'm just going. to trust you and if you're paying me. consistently then I'm I'm never going to. public we're good. like that's crazy. though it like never happens you get PA. back and I got got by Brad nice hand.

Hook that's what I was talking about. that was so small I mean at the time it. was big for me but like 30 can you give. me can button I don't want to post. and then. um I got somewhere else. too cuz some sometimes like good people. have one moment where they really . up and that's the thing that's tough cuz. in poker most people that are scammers. they're like serial scammers like you. can't you know but there are. occasionally people that just had one. day where did something really really. stupid especially early on like the. younger guys that like when we were. younger and stuff making mistakes but I. can't. imagine yeah. raise ,000. Terrace folds this. one let's go ahead and hear one more. time from our stream. sponsor upswing poker what's up guys dog. P here with a quick message for you if. you're a beginner or intermediate player.

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The background there on the other side. of the wall those are all cash tables. going on right now on this sat Saturday. night about. 10:23. p.m. there you see the cumulative. winnings action Dan 466,000 Viper. closing in on 100,000 Doug having a. great day up 82,000 Nick airball Terrace. all winners trick time Goofy and. hook are losing. and getting. word that we're going to have a few more. hands and then we're going to call it a. night after we've been on for seven and. a half hours yeah he's we'll give you a. few more and then we'll be back tomorrow. night like about 8:30 p.m. except for. that thing we just talking. about what was he talking. about. teasing oh I didn't yeah so so you're. yeah okay. good I'll see you in Vegas next time. there all right let me well let me talk. you. quick should I get my stuff or I talk to.

You first let talk right here for one. second okay oh let me second. the it's like Nick airball gonna call it. a. night see him back here at the lodge in. a few weeks. open Ander for. hook Jim bonic thank you for that Super. Chat thanks for the Fantastic stream and. entertainment Lodge. Jim bonx you are. a great friend of the program go ahead. yeah jasbo thank you for that thank you. all for tuning in tonight we've got a. few more hands perfect thank you. budy that's. four looking good looking good. you want to clar up anything else or. it's. okay are you going to stick around for a. while like I'm going to go get dinner. and then we're going to go maybe go out. or something okay. boys pleasure. G guys I'll see you guys around pleasure. everyone game bro Nick it was nice. meeting you dude yeah pleasure. buddy hit me up this summer when you're.

I will. trick time we'll take that one down. we'll go to hand number. 184 believe we've got three hands. remaining well taus now that Nick's gone. you're going to have to make up for all. of his talking so bring it on it's gonna. be tough. though big shout out to our moderators. tonight VW Bug and Yoda also want to say. thanks to our amazing production crew as. long as you killed it once again all. right I'm I'm good I'm good with. it go with the. FL but mostly I want to thank everyone. who's watched. tonight we appreciate you tuning in. Doug with the Snowman Terrace with the. Ducks Doug's going to raise here. okay you got like 250. terce I'm pretty sure I have you cover. or do you have I have like 250s so okay. and. Terrace set of. ducks so it's roughly the same amount. right roughly the same. you'd think pretty great flop for pocket.

Eights so Doug fires out 7,000. right teris decides he wants to raise to. 177,000. there's the. call to the turn we go. sh. reaching for 25k. chips doing a little. inventory. check Terrace checks. over bet. here 990,000 into. 65,000 the. pot what's in this pot let me think. about. this spre the pot for here real quick. thank. you okay there's just no way you check. back a set there's no way there just no. way you'd go for the whole enchilada so. that you don't have that so you got. like. tens or 10 n. suited 10 are 10 n. suited I guess it could be a. 10 doesn't feel like a 10. though this is just this is just a whack. whack. situ you don't have Jack eight you don't. have 86. I'm a little worried about seven Deuce. because you love playing that ver me so. much he always play seven de for me to. try and win a big pot now I got the.

Seven Deuce out. there such a big ass bet. Terrace. wow what the hell. dude what the hell. what the do you. have jacket it's not six it's not a. nine got like tens or you got 109 suited. 10 n of clubs makes a lot of. sense 10 n of clubs makes a lot of. sense. terce Terrace. I think I'm probably going to pay you. off let think about this it's such a big. bet Terrace for sake. man it's . brutal I really feel like you're full of. man the game is about to break. too like you're full of I jacket I. give. six you have 10 nine of. clubs could you have like Ace 10 of. clubs that's what I'm worried. about I think you. could I think you could you have 10x of. clubs yeah that makes some. sense would you bet that big so big. sorry. guys 63 64 though so you about. like one and a half. X this hand is a really is a really nice. hand I could have I can have punch of.

Better hands. though what are you bluffing with. like there's no way you have a set you. would not check that back I don't. believe you checked that back you're. saying you have like a. 10 God damn it. Terrace just feel like you're . full of . here could you have like Jacks. though yeah you could maybe this is not. good oh I'm so torn. just have like. Jacks . bet now you yeah that could. be I don't know going to. do I might just flip think that probably. the way to do. this feel reasonable about flipping. here or is that. just nothing. Terrace all right I'm gonna flip D's. going to flip to theci side here's what. I got I got these so I'm going to do. is half the time I'm going to call. terce because you put me in the blender. and I don't know what I want to do so. it half the time I'm going to call. so one of. them is going to be a call and one of.

Them is going to be a fold. okay so if it's the eight of. spades I'm going to call and it's the. eight of clubs as a f it's a spade as a. call. and Club is a fold state is a call Club. is a fold you want to show your hand. sure all. right oh God okay I want the club I had. the set clubs are fold right you said. clubs are fold okay you want to pick let. the deal maybe the dealer can no no. don't get the dealer involved in. this okay or just just randomize it I. don't care you want to control your. destiny no no no no you you no no no I. don't want to control it I want you to. do it it's a $90,000 I want you to do it. just pick whatever you I feel I want. someone else wait so Spade is a call if. it's a spade you win. this okay if it's a spade I win. otherwise you fold then so this is yours. on a spade on a club okay just just.

Randomize it you want to pick goofy I'm. going pick a club all right I'm R for. club club club club yes yes goofy let's. go go. yes all right Doug was able to get away. through the. randomization yeah I know see like you. didn't think I would check back a set. huh uh I think there like one or two. more sorry guys that was just really. pretty exciting stuff. there that was that was a fun. handle good check ter dude ter that was. a. check but if I had like Aces or Kings. don't you want want to win all of it if. I have Aces or Kings was going to call. you down and you're going to I just felt. like I don't know I just felt like I had. to check there wow Something Told Me. from above it was great versus my hand. for. sure yeah I. mean my hand's such a nice hand to call. with because like like you had me. confused when you said 910 I thought I.

Thought you had aces are Kings I thought. I thought you were claiming that you. beat it just a 10 yeah that's what I. thought yeah well I was trying to decide. how thin would he go yeah yeah that's. cuz like he's not betting a 10 I don't. think so no uh I'm well not that big no. I my hand's a nice hand to call you. can't have the straight with the eight I. think you were spot on like Jack's. probably being the weakest he bets yeah. I think something like close to but. probably not even Jack. honestly thank. god oh man well in EV I won half you did. in EV but like in terms of you're not. going to get a new car with the. EV you well no not would he be but in. the long. run that could have paid for a so this. is it folks we're coming down to our. last hand of the night yeah hand number. 186 it's been so much fun today send all.

My all my if you like tournament poker. please join us tomorrow but like it's. such a big bet between 8 and 900 p.m.. central. Time for day two all the way to the. final table of our 500k guarantee you. just want to Stack me I have Aces or C. going to call you down versus Ace it was. an incredibly good play versus what I. had if you thought I was kind of weak. then it's an incredibly good I think you. lead the river anyway I would I'm saying. the turn check yeah yeah yeah yeah River. yeah we're talking about the turn check. Doug doesn't like it well maybe don't. you want to Stack me don't you want to. Stack me something you can tell your. grand. about but like talk about that. often and here's the stream it was a. warm day in Spring of 2024 and I want a. 500K pot where I stack Doug pul oh you. could tell your friends your family yeah.

You get it framed on the wall. thank you for getting me this card I. don't even have to think about. it. 4,000 thank you goofy yes sir. anytime. 16 Terrace four bets to 16,000 and hook. also with diamonds diamonds here would. be disaster for. hook there's the ace for terce. check mark now for. Terrace On Our Last Hand of the. night to the river we. go check. he five terce is going to win The Last. Hand of the night hand number 186 we. started seven hours and 30 minutes. ago and we finish up we're going to see. some final numbers. here. okay action Dan. 469,000 what a win from the man from. Toronto Terrace 110,000 Viper 95,000. Nick airball 75,000 Doug won 48,000. trick time lost. 41,000 goofy lost and then. hook also lost there's your V Pips. action Dan at. 53% Nick airball was at 18% everyone. else in between folks it has been my.

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