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Since our last two videos have gone. pretty bad we decided we were going to. bring $100,000 to this video and we're. on sweeping hands at a start a 10 maybe. just like keep it yeah don't need to go. crazy right away I mean we have 100K we. don't need to spend it right away so. right let's just keep it we. usually. yeah all right damn this shit's alive. yeah this 12x though and these bananas. and then into pinks. no but now would have been beautiful. it's. good we don't play Sweet banza often. anymore be like I like it though yeah I. like that we bring in new slots yes. there was a time like a long time where. we would kind of just stick to the basic. 10 yeah there was actually a time in the. channel where we would go I think it was. like sweep andanza um. Gates original or like Crasher mins and. then a live game and then sweeping an.

Like it was the exact same schedule. every week you want to do another 10. yeah I guess you like seven yeah eight. seven or an eight yeah cuz they're. plummeting right now like we haven't had. any money the last two videos that's. obviously why we're bringing so much. here but we're still getting yep. it's like come on RTP eventually you got. to start kicking in yeah is uh Matthew's. law if you lose you're going to keep. losing cuz since it's like it is okay so. it it goes both ways oh so we're not. looking good at all then no I mean the. multis are okay and this 100. but I wonder how I wonder how quick. Matthew's law comes into effect if it. has to be two so like if you have to win. twice then does Matthew's law start. playing or if you win once can Matthew's. law start playing I don't know cuz like. if you're if you're already winning.

You're more likely to win but is that. enough for just one win does that set. like a train we could we could see we. can experiment once we profit on a bonus. SP here yeah I mean honestly you could. just rewatch like the last 10 videos and. you'd probably figure out the answer too. yeah well that was also wasn't a win why. not do a six if it's not going to pay I. guess like if you know it's not going to. pay why would you up it right. so we did seven seven and six right yep. all right but if we win this one if this. one profits then we do like a 15 I was. going to say a 20 okay would you be down. I'd be down oh boy cheese and rice uh. it's not looking like good though I. guess it only takes one spin on sweet. though yeah remember how addicted I was. to Triscuits and slamy back in the. house I forgot about that but yeah now.

You do now I remember yeah why is this G. Forest experience popping up do you see. that or is it just on my screen I think. it's just on your screen because I'm. only seeing the sweep andan of screen I. had a Snapchat memory pop into my thing. this morning of of it the salami and. Triscuits wow what flavor were the. Triscuits was it the Rosemary olive oil. ones oh regular no you guys like those. ones yeah another bad bonus if you lose. you're going to keep losing what are you. doing if you lose you're going to keep. losing we have to win one oh okay okay. that was the plan yeah Oh I thought it. was just go right into a 20K oh I I. might have not said that part of the. plan I was thinking like if we win no. worries then you know then we test out. the theory yeah I hear. that but man am I already getting tired. of this already ready to leave almost I.

Just want money that's all I need right. now. sweet we would stay here if you pay if. this. pays wow this is miserable yeah it is I. was in traffic yesterday for about an. hour and a half and that was like pretty. more enjoyable than this but this is. worse. yeah what was is like a busy time of day. you went out it honestly wasn't I. thought I was catching it before rush. hour I was out at like 3:30 well I was. gone all day cuz I was visi visiting my. parents down in Fort Meers for the day. but came back and it came back at like. 3:30 and that's when I hit traffic but. usually that doesn't start till. like five weird I know very weird really. pissed me off and you know the worst. part like like I got out of the traffic. and I was like oh a you know. breath of fresh air finally able. to drive my style again 90 and then I.

Hit more traffic like oh my God. like stand still traffic on the highway. yeah yeah it's the worst. yep okay this is a decent board if we. just keep it going yeah no nanners is it. close to profit though no it is now we. can do the 20 now we can do the 20 I. wish I could just immediately do. that math. yeah yeah I guess that was enough for us. to do a 20 we've seen some profit. yep all right let's just go for this 20. now see what happens I'm down it still. feels slow though it doesn't feel like. it's like awake and ready no it. doesn't we're kind of getting dicks. still we are were you uh touching your. mic at all no I'm rubbing my hands. together right now okay cuz I think that. might have been been cutting you out a. little bit through the Discord noise. suppression but when like uh I don't. know a couple seconds.

Ago well if it was only for a few. seconds like when you asked me about it. that's when I was rubbing my hands so it. wasn't it wasn't like prior to that I. yeah 6K is all right to. start R okay yeah I like that. needed all right please please please. what's that oh I thought it was for some. reason I thought it was like a lot more. money than that dude we're profiting. it's coming up. spins one off of Pinks oh yeah we got. nine spins still. yeah come on you can do it it's only one. more hit right but we need profit on the. whole video from this bonus bu we need. we need more. yeah this is supposed to be like The. Godfather of them all right now just to. pay it all back yeah Blues Blues was a. stretch I wanted to say it too yeah. SP are. dying you already know yeah another. one yep well we did win we did win. though so we should keep winning right.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah cuz we did just win. that is exactly what should happen let's. just hope it comes true help. so like I can't sit still right now just. like keep moving moving my hands and. everything bananas I'm not moving much. right now but I feel weird I guess I. don't feel like it's a a regular sweet. bananza video. no no definitely. not. hell sweet you're going to make. me blow down my house and the neighbors. Jesus this is ridiculous right now we. got to save no we cannot oh we can we. can that's 15K yeah holy cheese and rice. 24 okay all right okay 7K up yep still. trying to get back on the entire video. we're only 5K down now one more 20 yep. okay here we go jeez that was a surprise. yeah yeah um what do you got going on. the rest of the day busy day or no I had. a busy day and then Kyle canceled on me.

I was going to go to a podcast right. after this and then I was going to go. work out after that and then I have this. bonfire pit that's all rrig nice I have. this bonfire pit that got all up. in the rain that I was going to fix you. know at night time what are you doing uh. probably just going to go to the gym and. then work on titles and thumbnails that. is all maybe I'll play COD played Cod. yesterday I actually had fun you guys. played Cod yesterday yeah why cuz Tony. didn't hop on pal world yeah yeah we. were just on COD ranked. yep you should hop on sometime I don't. like it dude I don't like it only reason. why I didn't hop on pel world the other. night too I think that was last night uh. was just because bro I am I don't. know why but as I got older or maybe. it's just the amount of time that I. don't put into the game but I'm not good.

At video games just out of our prime or. out of your Prime I guess yeah my Prime. you guys are probably already level like. 34 on P world I'm only level. like 22 oh 22 how many more days you. guys played than me bro I'm level 13 I. think we haven't played Without You like. a whole night we haven't played Without. You okay got you got you so that's. Bonkers oh that's I thought it. was going to be good yeah and I get. pissed because I don't have any Pokemon. so there's no reason for me to play you. just got to go out on your own and catch. some just venture out I do that and I. die remember last time I died with the. whole bag yep never went back on after I. lost that bag yeah I am not playing oh. really good board plums yeah okay um. nothing else I don't think. no profiting yeah another profit okay. now we just now it's the the.

Continuation of profit you know every. bonus by has to plums and blues nice. plums yes please come on oh that board. wanted to I could tell it looked like it. was going to can you feel the change of. wins when we're profiting yeah I feel so. much happier right now I know retri. another retri that's like what retri. number three or four on this. buy. a that noise yeah it's a pretty good. noise you should do it again isn't it. you isn't it you that actually doesn't. like like it no it's not me oh you know. that noise though I know the noise yeah. it's a Tik toac noise someone doesn't. like it they just told me that in person. the other day I thought it was you. no I mean is that 10K no it's not 10K. okay I was I was way off there it's okay. uh another ret that's four that's like. this is broken that's four yeah okay oh.

My God what the oh my gosh we're. already pretty much doubled up we're in. profit on the video. now on don't waste it please please. gives us another it could no it's not. going to well all right what's what's. the balance right now 40 40K 116 do we. continue winning yeah yeah yeah we try. one more and if this doesn't work I. think it's a good time to go do the. little the one or two of the things oh. the things okay okay I'd like to do that. and then maybe go end with a different. slot or something yes. down yeah nothing there yeah what if we. win here then what we stay okay yeah or. maybe we leave anyway leave a heater all. right yeah just see what happens oh. greens no that's a that's a it's not bad. it's okay you know yeah better than. Gates could ever do yeah oh yeah. on him yeah I wonder if he can. hear us over here hopefully I hope he.

Hears it him yep your mom's a [ __ ]. I was going to go that far I. know. bananas oh I didn't see oh nice. plums whoa whoa whoa whoa bro we're way. over profit now this is like 35k no it's. more than that really oh wait no no. you're right 32. 32 45 that's even better than the last. one we have to stay now yeah we do we. definitely have to stay we have to do. another one s isting. I feel like this feels so great because. I I feel like we can't lose like all of. this profit right now like I feel we. definitely can it's possible I know we. know how we've done it you know but I. feel confident I I've been thinking for. the past like minute now I don't know if. Zeus has a. mom like I think that Zeus that's what. you're thinking about right now yeah. like in Greek mythology I think wasn't. Zeus and Hades and Poseidon they're all.

Oh no they probably do have one mom but. like I don't know I thought that they. were just kind of the Gods and then they. had their children right I haven't done. any sort of like I guess like research. on Greek besides watching the Percy. Jackson movies that's what I have to say. the Percy Jackson movies yeah yeah I. don't know either is this Prophet Josh. knows nice another Propet okay that's. like what four in a. row yeah dude like all on 20 case this. is actually really weird it is weird. let's do another yeah let just take. advantage of this while we can yeah I. feel like you just can't leave right. right now no is wait is um I don't know. if we should keep talking about this I. feel like it's been a long time now the. Zeus thing yeah what are you saying I. was going to say I think that the mom is. Athena could be but I can't tell you the.

Answer so I feel like it doesn't really. matter yeah people in the comments are. probably just listening to the one side. of it though. yeah R I didn't think pinks were going. you Googled it yeah Zeus's mother is. rehea apparently apparently I haven't. even heard her to her me. either oh blues easily easily two blues. and plums nice wow that was a lot more. than more Yep better 100x now please mty. grapes grapes grap wow it's going. forever there there we go there we go. there's profit again there's profit. God how bro it feels fake I feel like. I'm going to sim simulation I'm . that Truman Show yeah is everyone just. staring at me right now what's going on. this is going way better than it started. I'm actually very happy with how this is. going now what are we at jeez 23 you. just bang on the mic yeah yeah my dick.

Oh. nice rock hard. over 42 these bonuses are all paying. crazy are we on fun play no no we're on. real see there it is yep jeez dude you. have to do another there's no way we. can't I don't know what to even say I. guess either drop a like if you haven't. already let's try and get 3K likes for. uh this sweeping hands video I didn't. think we're going to be on sweeping. hands in the whole video either but here. we are no you literally can't leave at. moments like this no just have to take. advantage of the moment oh blues for. sure no got a 2X. instead okay milk it. yeah oh Jay I switched to 80% fat beef. oh nice yeah nice more vitamins in there. and stuff or no no I just did it for the. gains put on some more mass on these. bones get some more fat in there yeah. yep yep yep there you go yep oh I. know you should cook it with butter too.

And then you'll be no dude I tried that. bro and actually ruined my day I didn't. I didn't tell you about that yet I was. going to tell you yeah this is this is. crazy though this is like 50k 24 24 I. think no it's more than that now 46 46. 46 what is going on right now what is. going on 50K I want to get out of this. chair. oh that 50 that if that I thought the. board was that's 17 though for Just J I. can't even see. it my cord got stuck on the. wheel we're at 215k in the balance right. now I know by another all right oh how. many has it been six I don't know I. honestly can't tell you I really don't. know just keep it going though please. please don't don't. die. Plum. plums wow I didn't think we were going. to hit it yeah that was like a stretch. BL really really big stretch. yeah I think this almost makes up for.

Our last two days yeah like not not. entirely but like it's pretty close. yeah come on come on don't don't let it. fail one more spin to keep us going on. this profit 14k hit can't. happen all right well I do the T oh you. still want to do the thing I would love. to do the thing I'll do the thing okay. yeah let's go do the thing we're going. to end this video off with two Blackjack. hands and before we do that if you. haven't signed it for count on stake. when you do make sure you use code fork. and always gamble responsibly 10K right. yeah we've been liking Blackjack lately. so hopefully it's uh hopefully you guys. do. too okay that that happens but but we. can make a. recovery yeah we can I see a six in our. Horizon well okay six at the end of. there but yeah a four or a five Mr James. Bond. sir okay all right flip a six you.

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