30.04.2024 SWEET BONANZA WORLD RECORD BIGGEST WINS: Top 10 (Adin Ross, Ayezee, Xposed)

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Soon you will see a massive sweet. Bonanza Big Win right. here and beware for screaming so get. ready to take off your headphones. because of that please this is the one. this is the one keep going keep . going this is the one this is the one. going baby you're Mak to be rich baby. let's go let's go baby let's go let's. go. yes. yes. bam that's our first win and we're. starting with these smaller streamers. and we're going to get bigger and bigger. and bigger cuz these are the 10 biggest. wins ever on sweet bonansa oh keep going. oh oh my God keep going oh great X oh my. god oh guys guys the next one's going to. be huge the next B is going to. be. no bam. uh that's $18,000 and we're moving on so. as you can see here we've cut out a lot. of boring spins cuz there's so many dead. spins in sweet bananas I want to focus.

On like giving you a video with just the. best and juiciest parts of this game so. that's what we have done here so we're. moving on here this is the biggest win. ever in sweet bonansa by spin life and. it's coming. now I. think going to build it's going to build. oh my God look at that oh my God it's. going to build oh my God. huge and it's oh I just love when it. does this we keeps going and going and. going and. going AO sweet bansa is coming in and. we're moving on with the biggest win. ever by classy beef and something that's. really important that you know about. sweet Bonanza is that there are two. differents versions of this game one is. bad and one is good and if you're. playing the bad version you're going to. get less bonus features and less. multipliers the casino is basically. taking away your biggest wins and if you.

Want to learn more about this go to. Google and search sweet bonan click to and there's a video. that explains all about this now let's. look at Classy beef's biggest win ever. in sweet bonasa come. on 4K that was crazy tumble that was an. insane tumble I love the classic beef. crew there's so many of them and you. just keep switching it up they have. different. energy come on baby bananas bananas. Banas. loose yo this was B finally dude final. freaking Le bro 123k we're still down a. lot but finally this game does something. nice hey yo hey yo bananas hey yo. bananas bananas bananas that's going to. pay again oh finally s. ban finally finally D. 160k this this this is what we wanted to. this is this is what we wanted to see so. this is number seven on the list the. wins are just going to get bigger and.

Bigger and bigger from here this is the. first one we're under 100K over 100k. $164,000 that that so something that's. interesting like they paid over . 20x like going to get this one yeah this. is a good spin. keep. going yeah so something that's. interesting to know about these two. different versions i' spoken about this. in a lot of different videos now and you. guys have written a lot of comments. about it that this is actually the case. for most new slot games that is being. released have two or more versions of. them and the casinos can choose if they. want to give you the good version or a. bad version and in the bad version. you're going to win less so some casino. games have like five different versions. that you can play and if you're playing. the worst one you're basically never. going to win cuz casino's taken away so.

Much without you even seeing it so I'm. talking about this for two reasons one. is that I want you guys to know this. because the more you know the more you. can win the other is that this video is. a part of a pretty weird charity project. called where we partner up. with lots of different casinos and then. we give away all of our profits to buy. food medicine clean water and stuff like. that and really help out the world so if. you go to you're helping our. cost you're helping us to do this and. make the world a better place so these. videos are part of that this is a good. reason why we do this and why I'm going. to keep talking about the two different. versions it's important to you playing. and it's important to us and it's. important to the. world this was. $241,000 so far it's getting bigger and.

We're getting close to the biggest wins. like the biggest wins it's from I think. QC aen Ross and AC we'll see this is. toaster biggest win ever on sweet. Bonanza the same. and it comes out of nowhere how do. you walk away with a smile after this I. just it's how do you walk without a. smile please last. going my God 250k 250k no look at that. 281 oh my God niud yes what a. save yes dude oh my god wow wow. wow wow jeez dud that's our biggest. win okay this is the fourth biggest win. ever we're now at rosin playing sweet. Bonanza. nice nice nice. nice come. on give us something nice this is what I. mean there's a lot of dead and boring. spins and sweet bonana and then the BAM. fire comes and exciting things happens. once here we go here we go beautiful. sweet bonaz is doing good man come. on big hit beautiful. hit give us the 100x give us the 100 put.

The flag in the background there are. more 100 X's coming maybe not in this I. don't really remember but you will see. more 100x hits that's for sure nice. beautiful hit sweet bonan AB. beautiful o that's a nice one come on. G who's. oh holy. beautiful hit. $144,000 by rosin and we're moving on. with number three on the list this is. exposed and this is one of the most seen. Clips on Casino YouTube so if you. haven't seen this before this is YouTube. Casino legendary content that's for sure. let's go come on keep going come on. exposed biggest win ever on sweet. B here we go there we. go and they're going to. scream. come dude have you ever seen like this a. general screaming wning coming here cuz. it's going to get bigger let go Bud what. the hell is happening here. come on keep going yes yes yes else come. on oh.

Yeah bang we'll take it come on three. more let's go oh yeah greens 20s baby. big come. on let's. go nice another holy dude what is. happening here. sweet sweet come on more more more. more let's go holy dude what is. happening told you about the. screaming I told you about the. screaming ah you can't be too care. careful it's your eardrum in this job. here. boys Ah that's a half a million dollar. sweet Bonanza win we're moving on with. the biggest win ever on sweet Bonanza by. AZ pink and grapes bananas please. no okay I mean it's a good start it's. not completely dead how is that not. Blues mate come on. really really you actually kidding right. please just do it CH please do it CH. make up for that no come on that's. Shameless that was like 120x multi not. even one hit that's a really really. frustrating mate nice come on come on.

Come on yes Blues please please nice. continue apples yes if we can get greens. this will be insane nice man it is. insane even without greens it came back. good that's insane ah good [ __ ] I. love his. energy and it does or a few days so. we're moving on with the biggest win. ever by Aiden Ross playing sweet. Bonanza oh my God oh my. God oh my God I love you guys with all. my heart bro I love all you. guys guys everyone. rock rock in. please oh my. God. insane I love aen Ross please don't die. don't die keep going come on keep. going you come on. please please please basas God keep. going oh my oh my God bro wait a. Max win get bigger. yes I deserve it I deserve I swear to. God I do I deserve this bro Chad what's. the max win on this like the max. win is $21. million will it be a Max win it's. approximately six and a half holy.

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