30.04.2024 The $1 TO $500 Stake Challenge (SUCCESS)

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Come on please for the video bit of a. longer video today but I don't want to. skip anything the full one dollar to 500. also if you want to get a free seven. dollars on steak stick around to the end. of the video enjoy what's up money. makers welcome back to another video. today I'm on stake out one dollar in the. balance as you can see I'm rich I'm rich. today we're hopping on mines we're gonna. go three minds and we're gonna try to. create this whole thing here three Minds. one all in here we go. four dollars. all right we go four here unlucky I. think I can go all the way down here. take that cash out what do we got six. dollars okay top left there Unlucky One. More Time. okay along the bottom here that's all. unfortunate we go back to three months. we opened two let's clear this six here. oh my God all right last time there we.

Go. kind of need to take it only to keep us. in the game we do oh good thing I did. that okay okay okay. Andy this would be muscle oh. seven dollars 56 cents I just knew what. I saw before it came and I'll tell you. what we got one dollar mines to five. months to do a bit. oh my God my five Minds there's five of. mine's gonna go here. I can indeed we'll go for a bit more of. a risky Win It okay. oh double mine action yeah we're going a. bit more risky we're going pen oh here. okay that's too risky we can't do that. all right we have seven dollars now what. we can do is go on here and set this at. 100x and 10 cents we'll go 10 times on. this. all right give me 100x once. a bit unlucky probably a terrible idea I. wouldn't recommend this at all ever do. one dollar balls on this 16x we come on. come on don't drop in the 0.5 at 1.1.

We'll go again. that sound for us a double point five. that's shocking okay it's time to step. in up down with medium risk we're just. gonna go 250 I feel like it's gonna hit. I feel like it's gonna hit we're risking. it but I don't care. okay it hits drops down to 4X massive. okay a 2x on that now we can drop it. down even more to a 150.. hit me with a 4X once medium 50 segments. change the fairness twice two dollars or. ask me once come on do it. oh. 3x on that huge thirteen dollars two. dollars not really making much money. here but we're making a bit cool but. we'll do four 50 Cent ones because I'm. feeling a loss coming but anyway yeah. okay. okay. one more time. okay we started all right twelve dollars. though 12 is not bad at all or one. dollar out of five x. so six dollars now this is how you make. money on Crash it's the only way to make.

Money on Crash it's just like me I'll. write 17 now stay away from Crash now. thank you because that was trying to. fill me to take my money we're gonna go. on Kino any sense we'll do low risks. fifteen dollars I call this up. it's not meant to be probably a terrible. idea but we're going five dollars on. blackjack. come on give me good cards at 10 a 13. Jesus Christ. oh my God stand up versus eight I have. to I have to stand yeah class glinko 25. cent pass high risk this is the one. right 15 just to be a bit weird dropping. the mileage. just under 10. 8X there 17. I'll go one. more time from Seventeen they're all. dropping down the middle. that was awful change the Spanish oh. medium risk 16 oh now here we go I have. 110x there another 10x no 10x again five. five a few fives. all right 14 14 will go Diamonds the.

Honest will go to get seven tries this. come on 17 though we're not passing get. up to 20 we play a bit of roulette. seven sevens. oh finally my heart was pounded there. for a second. 5X. all right we take the whole ten we go. Crush to a 25x we're going ten dollars. Build It Up from one to ten now here we. go now I'm gonna cash out at some point. because I do want to complete this job I. need to let it I need to let it ride for. a bit don't crash 3x 3.5. oh I take it I take it I take it oh that. was the best kind of shirt ever it's. cash out ever look at us now we have 38. and now I run a look Street at 200x. because I'm just feeling I'm feeling a. 200x coming up. we'll go down to thirty dollars on this. come on something massive. do it. do it do it. just before we get into the video if. you're new to stay click up the top.

Right make an account on use promo code. adrenaline for a 200 deposit bonus. that's not doubling your money that's. tripling your money along with. additional benefits too if you've. already signed up in the first 24 hours. you can go up to the top right go to. settings offers and then input the code. there in the first 24 hours to activate. the bonus but also seven dollars free. popup on stake all you have to do is. use that code and send me proof on. Discord all the information is down. below in the description on how to do it. and then I'll top up your account oh. another thirty dollars look. one dollar to a hundred just like that. now we have a hundred and thirty dollar. oh my God I knew it oh my God mission. complete now you know what to be risky. we're gonna go 25 we're gonna set this. to 40 seconds we go 25 on that.

Oh all right we got one more time all right we're back up go one more time uh which is not we're just losing money here but anyway okay one more oh there we go drop it down to 20. oh 225 look at this gold man 80 dollars on this because why not I don't even care boom 235 or a quarter way to okay all right 25 I'm gonna go one yeah I expected that that's three dollar balls right point six give me a 3X I'm not losing any money here unless I'm feeling a medium risk oh okay I tell you what fifty dollars on Blackjack Blackjack is rigged probably gonna lose but we'll go with it I will just hit yeah I should have double D I'll go 46 dollars now 46.50 which is Louisville but whatever we're playing with our women's I'm not too worried hit hit the eight and eleven boom hit give me a 10.

Just like that 300 wide. this could be a one dollar to one. thousand one ninety Three Dollar on. crash now could be a terrible idea cash. out early we'll see. I took it I took it I took it I took it. I took it I took it I took it we're at. 380 dollars now oh my God I couldn't let. this go to the Moon 380 from one dollar. nobody ever plays it but we'll go we'll. bet we'll just bet we'll do a few fives. and see if anything actually pays all. right yeah this is this is awful don't. ever play this to be honest I know we. can do some big hits right like 25. dollars four mines. oh I go here ah no way I'm going for it. I'm going for it I'm going for it 39 39. these two here could I take these two. if I bump this up to like eight minds. and I do like ten dollars this could be. massive to be honest. we'll go back down to five minds or a.

Better bit bigger thirty dollars in the. whole row across it all right I'm just a. little more I'm making I'm making silly. mistakes now I hate Dragon tarot with a. passion but we'll go with a five around. medium difficulty we got five. classic man world. 32. 50 50 on profits 10x. oh 70 gonna go all the way up. 120 I have to go for it I have to go for. it I have to go for it I have to go for. it oh is it a bad idea I have to 120 I. have to. come on please for the video. oh 180 all the way up no way that's my. first time I ever did that that's my. first time I ever did that 420 dollars. oh no okay four hundred dollars for. Plinko Iris change the fan is about a. hundred anything doing anything no it's. not at all. Jesus I went back to where 100 more just. one one July 26 x on something 4X is a. couple four X's two four X's.

Come on oh this is bouncing. 26 x 26x double 9x is 450 450 will take. that okay 150 gone like that 150 gone. like that 10x oh my God a 10x would have. dropped there. oh my God okay we're making money hit. that 10x there. that makes me 10x meters. one dollar to 500 wait if I can hit 500. I'll I'll take it it's all in one. Blackjack hand one Blackjack hand fifty. dollars one Blackjack hand and we can we. can hit we can turn one dollar into five. hundred dollars all right here we go. and twenty stand. oh. one dollar. five hundred dollars so I've completed. the challenge boom that's it that's it. for this video what a crazy video one. dollar to 500 I don't believe it if. you're new around here be sure to. subscribe because I'm coming with all. the stress to make you more money on. stake also check the Discord to join for.

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