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I've got. $1,666 because I've divided $5,000 by. three we've got three attempts we're. going all in every single time the only. four steak Originals we can play in this. entire video are mines Plinko Dice and. limbo that means every other steak. original is banned right we've done a. video like this before it went pretty. well and I'm hoping that we can make. some profit today the goal is to make. $4,000. okay let's go guys we're going to start. out on mines we're going to uh do two. mines on the board so initially guys we. are we're going to take a risk we're. going to take a really big risk actually. I want to get this number up to a flat. 2,000 so let's lock that in that's done. let's go for three in the middle don't. forget we've got two mines on the board. so the multi is going to go up a lot. faster I'm looking to make a quick 400.

Get it to a flat 2,000 and then we move. on to dice one. three oh my goodness what was the delay. right right cash it out that should be. $2,000 fantastic start we're not done. just yet. 2,143 we are going for two clicks and. we're taking this to dice okay that's in. let's lock it in make it official 3 two. uh 1 okay guys if you want to check out. steak or steak us for yourself click on. this guy over here go down to settings. go over to offers and use the code quick. timing within the first 24 hours after. signing up that will get you in Stakes. VIP program which will give you money. back on every bet play we've got uh $. right now because I just claimed my. bonus okay enough of that it is time to. get those two clicks locked in I'm. thinking we go one here and one here we. just avoid the middle I feel like. there's going to be a mine in the middle.

Let's find out one. okay what is the delay there's so many. people playing on stage it is lit the. servers can't handle it we're going for. this one you ready guys let's go baby. come. on oh of course it's yo there's two. mines on the whole board I wanted two. clicks and I clicked the mine right well. that is uh that is 1.6k gone okay let's. take out the next 1.6 we are going to. stay away from mines for now let's go to. Plinko from what I remember Plinko. worked out really well in our previous. videos so I'm hoping uh that we can get. a great start here on Plinko today guys. 1,666 we're obviously down that already. with two bets all right so we're looking. for a 2X ideally obviously if we get the. 7.6k win we have uh completed the video. here we go let's go 1.6k is in all right. just don't go down the we're doing that.

Again all right all right man don't you. dare do it back we'll take it 916 again. I need that 2.1x to com in 1.1 we're. back to 1,000 I mean we're still down a. lot all right guys we're going again man. please be kind to me please oh my. goodness I thought that was it I thought. that was the Five Guys oh man I'll. happily take a 2.1x and with that being. said we're getting out I don't trust it. at all let's back out limbo yeah let's. go limbo let's go limbo right we're just. going to go for some 1.2 axes on limbo. nothing crazy okay we've got an 82.5%. win chance I'm feeling pretty confident. with that if we get this gu's. $423 profit which will you know make. 2.5k pretty much exactly okay here we go. just don't give me a 1x it's limbo right. surely not I've clicked it done please. nice 18x beautiful let's pull up the.

Stats minus 800 still we've got some. work to do I'm going to lower this a. little bit uh we got to be careful here. cuz I know 1 X's can happen or low. multis can happen we're going to do 1.12. $34 profit and let's do that in 3 2 1. lock. in okay sure that makes sense yeah right. well well then we're down. $3,000 in 4 minutes that might be a. record that might be in fact I think it. is guys we're taking out the final 1.6. if I lose that I'm done I'm done the. videos are wrap considering how well the. previous allin challenge went I am. quite surprised at how bad this one has. gone so far we are potentially going to. lose 5 grand recording this video and uh. yeah not great let's go to mines let's. do h two mines the thing with one M you. just can't get good multi so we're going. to do two mines we're starting out with.

Well an all in 16 100 let's go lock it. in done it's in right I want to make. this is ambitious I want to make $900 I. want to get back to 2.5 then I'm. thinking we go dice or we go Plinko. again 1.6 right we're going to start. down here this area let's start with the. middle one yeah that's in 126 let's go. up bro I I can't deal with the anxiety. how like bro it's stressing me out it. takes so long let's go to the left just. just one more ah no we need a bit more. one more here okay that's in 476 you. know we're we're doing pretty good here. this will get us to 2 Grand but let's. just not forget we are down 3.3 I'm. thinking we go one here and then we. start to work our way up on the right. side let's go please okay it took so. long again. $690 which means we just need one more. click and this should be a nice 900.

Let's go got it got it cash it out man. where's the mine it's so far away good. 2.6 back out we leave mines for now we. might come back later we're going to. Plinko again and uh we're going to lock. in of course and all in up we go 400. 800600. $2,600 low risk eight rows the most that. we can lose is 1.3k and that's a lot of. money to lose I'm hoping we get this 2.1. if we get this. 2.1 guys we're going to be we're going. to be in profit yeah that is a fact. which point I may just call the video. $264 Plinko ball let's go in 3 2 1 done. right come on Plinko how you ah okay. I'll take it I'll take it I'll take it. could be worse we're going to do it. again 2x 2x it I mean I'll take it. profit is profit I don't know if I. should do this anymore man H. let's let's do one more 2.8 clicked it. yeah 3.1 we're making a bit of M here.

I'm going to back out for now let's go. to the only Stak original we haven't. been to uh dice okay guys we've got to. be very careful with dice we saw what. limbo can do dice could do the exact. same thing up we go. 3.1k we're down 1.8 right now which is. not too bad we have recovered quite a. bit so far however we're we're certainly. not done with the video so we are going. for an 85er. $519 profit it if we get it let's go. that's in. please what that was so close man we got. it though we're good for now okay now. I'm going to do it again I'm not going. to do any 5% we're going to adjust this. a bit okay I just need to feel a bit. more confident in this one we're going. to go down to. exactly let's do a little bit more okay. this right here this 367 that way guys. we're going to have 4,000 in the balance. if we get it okay let's go 3 2 1 done.

Done and we got it 25 4,000 is official. let's pull up the stats . 962 slow but steady right we're making. progress baby we've pulled back around 2. something k at this point 2.2 2.3k we're. going to back out once again I don't I. don't want to stick around for too long. on dice let's go to I'm thinking we go. Plinko again Plinko has been really good. to us so far I know that we're taking a. huge huge risk doing this um but the way. I'm looking at it if we do get that Five. Guys I can still drop another Plinko. ball and if that also gives us another. 0.5 we can just go all in on mines. that's how I'm looking at it if we get a. 5.6x 20 grand is ours essentially all. right let's go okay 3 2 1 4K blinker. ball is dropped done please be kind left. left 1 x I'll tell that I'll tell that. I'm going to do one more done click it.

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