30.04.2024 The Aviator game on Sportingbet

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How's the panthers welcome back to bsp. i'm over on sporting bed today they've. now got the aviator game. it's exactly the same as the aviator. game that you find on hollywood bets the. same one that you'll find over on lotto. star and i'm just giving it a couple. rounds today check it out we all know. the aviator game we all love the 88. again doesn't uh give you anything you. ever spotted it but it is a new place to. go and play there there are already. quite a few guys playing it it's pretty. cool to see it's nice to see all the. dudes playing it so everyone on sporting. bed let's catch this first box out the. game runs pretty smoothly on sporting. bed as well i haven't had any issues. with it let's catch that one out as well. we got it in time okay just in time. as i was saying no real issues so far. uh let's take a quick look at the.

History it's paying pretty well at the. moment it's not a great time for me to. to join but uh i'm more taking a look at. it and sporting bit than playing too. much. i'll cash this one out over here as well. and this one will yeah he's gonna fly. away. so yeah look at this so many pinks we've. got a 10 times 31 times 12 times 11. times so nothing major. but it is looking pretty. pretty good would have been a nice time. to join around here. i think that would have been a good time. would have picked up some wins over. there uh let's take a look at some of. the top biggest multis that they've had. i think the biggest one that you can get. is 2 million bucks over on sporting bets. which is pretty decent. let's take a look so the biggest. multipliers of the year there we go 6th. of april but they didn't have it on 6th.

April so we're going to go with the. biggest ones of the month. that would have been on women's day they. had a massive 48. is that 48 000 times multi yo that was. huge at three o'clock imagine that one. hey put a one round on that you can win. forty eight thousand well it's not. actually one round the minimum bet at. sporting bet for this. is two rand. so. uh it's not as cheap to play as you'll. find at places like uh or hollywood bets. where it's only one red but that's okay. i don't mind playing with the two rant. it's not that big a deal for me. i think there will be some smaller. punters who. will be complaining about that but it's. all right just make sure you put in a. couple of bucks more. so yeah we're not having much luck today. he has a bad time really joining in at a. bad time over here look at all these low.

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