30.04.2024 The best and worst casino game odds

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Any right now are planning summer. vacations whether you're heading to. Vegas taking a cruise or simply staying. home you may make a casino visit 5 on. your side troubleshooter Joe Peggy NACA. study the odds of winning he joins us. now live with which games to play and. which ones to pass on Joe well tomorrow. marks the one year anniversary of the. Horseshoe Casino opening right here in. downtown Cleveland poker craps blackjack. many great games to play now we're not. advocating gambling here but which games. give you the best chance of winning. let's go inside and find out there's. nothing quite like the thrill of winning. whether it's the slot machines. heavy hitters or the card tables I'm a. blackjack player Americans enjoy casino. games but you may not realize that some. games give you an edge. that could mean money in your pocket you.

Get the crowd interaction at the table. Jay beam is Caesars floor manager who. agreed to talk to us he says many people. don't realize that table games have much. better odds than slots his advice start. with blackjack it has the best odds of. winning with a house edge of just 1%. Plus you were playing against only the. dealer blackjack is you know one of our. easiest games to play you're you're just. looking for a number that beats the. dealer's number without going over 21 if. you're a novice Jay says you're best off. passing on the poker tables where the. competition can be tough so from the. blackjack table he suggests moving on to. craps the game with the second best odds. also nearly 50/50 the craps tables can. be one of the most intimidating games. for the novice but it's really not tough. and it has one of your best chances of.

Winning Jay says your next stop should. be the roulette wheel so you bet on your. favorite numbers the dealer spins and if. your number comes in you if you stick to. betting on just red or blacks you have. nearly a 50/50 chance of walking away a. winner if you want a chance to bring. home more money bet on a row or grid of. 12 numbers worst odds. Forbes magazine says two popular games. the wheel of fortune and the ever. popular slot machines have the lowest. odds of winning with a house edge of 10. percent or more even pros like Elvis. would have a hard time at the slots. bottom line professor of analytics. Michael Magazine. blackjack is the best way to go home. with money in your pockets you're. somewhere between 44 to 48 percent in. every single hand of winning but he's. not promoting gambling cautioning that.

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