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Foreign. of the crazy time God strategy I've been. taken your guys advice I've been taking. your guys recommendations I've been. trying out your strategies so and they. suck so I'm gonna show you guys. how to print on crazy times okay I'm. over two on taking strategies tonight. from you guys let me break down my. strategy for you all you're gonna do is. you're gonna take whatever amount of. money you're working with okay this is. applicable to any size bets and you are. going to put one unit on each bonus two. units on Ten and five and four units on. two. why why you might be asking okay so the. whole goal of crazy time is to utilize. the top spot the top spots what we got. spinning right now right here okay and. how you utilize the top slot is you got. to play for as long as possible Right. the longer you're playing theoretically.

The more top slots you're gonna hit. because you're playing more right so. what we're doing is we're betting on as. much as we can and the only spot we're. gonna lose on is one which one has about. a 38 chance of heading and it's. statistically not good to bet something. that's gonna pay you out one to one with. a 38 chance to hit so we have like a 62. chance to hit the board here we're. getting our money back on two we're. getting our money back on five ten we're. making just a little bit of profit 200. in this regard you basically make like. 70 of your bet back on ten almost almost. like a hundred. um and then on the break even for the. bonuses you're gonna be needing a 12x. minimum okay which is pretty easy for. most bonuses so this is completely. focused on getting top slots and. printing money with the top spot I'm a.

Huge proponent proponent I'm sorry of. this betting strategy because it just. makes the most most mathematical sense I. can't talk to save my life today. dude but that's a little bit of profit. on the 10 250 to be exact and we're. already in profit here okay the. strategies I had you guys give me were. not making. okay. right now we're just gonna relax we're. just gonna kick back let the god. strategy do its thing Snipes and tops. thoughts Snipes and bonuses and make. some profit the good way okay I missed. some big hits earlier I was playing this. horrible strategy which you'll see the. video it got posted probably two days. ago from when this uploads or like maybe. three days ago. um and it was it was just way too. volatile of a strategy I was betting on. every single bonus in five and ten and. it hit nothing but once the whole.

Strategy first loss there we got it one. obviously not good to see the one but I. was just losing money left and right. guys it was not a good time by the time. this video is out I'm not sure what I. try to do is I usually try to upload a. crazy time video and then have like a. slot video or something else and then. I'll upload like uh Monopoly or another. crazy Time video I try to go you know. Hopscotch bounce in and out of the live. game videos because I know so many of. you guys love the live games give me. this too that's 500 right there let's go. try to give you guys as much live game. content as possible while also giving uh. the slot viewers some content as well. because a lot of people on my channel. like slots not as many as the live games. but hey I like slots a lot right now. I've been getting all my biggest wins on.

Slots lately so you know I'm still gonna. get you guys some crazy Time videos I. just gotta gotta do the slots thing. right now too man I gotta do the slots. so we're off to a great start here man. I'm hoping we can get some nice little. profits some nice little top slots. um it's been a while it's been a while. since crazy time has got me a good hit. to be honest I had a really good. Pachinko about a month back give me this. too. nice okay we've only hit a one on this. session which is really good really. healthy and I'm gonna start trying to. upload way more crazy Time videos so. like I I have this um I didn't even know. how to describe it I I had this thing in. my head where I was like I don't want to. upload this session unless it has like a. really good hook to it like I hit a. really good top spot but I was facing.

This problem of I had like 40 50 videos. that I didn't upload because they just. weren't that good of wins in my opinion. or they were just straight up losses but. I'm just gonna start mixing it all. together because not every video can be. something insane and I feel like that's. a lot more realistic too because uh a. lot of people see my channel and they. see all the wins and they're like dude. like you're clearly like playing. like rigged versions of the game or. something like that because all you do. is win and realistically I'm just. uploading the highlights like I've so. many losses way more losses than I have. wins but I upload the highlights so. that's it that's why it is the way it is. before we get back into the video if you. want to sub support me when you sign up. on Dual bits make sure you go to the.

Promo and referrals button on the side. and enter code fencer GG in all. lowercase this gives you instant access. up to 50 rakeback and I also tip people. out randomly that play on my code I've. given away over twenty thousand dollars. to people that play on my code so it's. worth a shot using my code is the best. way to support me so use promo code. fencer GG and all lowercase and enjoy. the video. but uh the other great thing about this. strategy guys um so obviously I play on. Dual bits they have the best brakeback. system and the best level up system of. any site. um and it's just incredible. because for someone like me that plays a. ton of crazy time and I wager so much. when I'm playing crazy times if you've. seen the top right I level up I level up. every like I I just slowly level up my. account and I get higher rake back.

Higher rewards daily reloads monthly. weekly reloads you get instant reloads. all that good stuff all that all that. good instant rate back you get the level. up bonuses and you're gonna work towards. that when you're wagering with this dude. it's incredible and I love it. because like right now I have I want to. say I have like like a thousand waiting. for me just to claim right now I would. pull it up but I think it I think it. up my uh I think it would like. back me out at crazy time which I just. can't be having that dude I can't be. having that maybe I'll get a screenshot. for this video. but man the the level up is just really. come in clutch the level UPS coming. clutch here. I don't know so far we're doing really. well we did hit another one which sucks. but as long as we're sticking it out for. these uh top slots man.

As long as we're sticking it out for the. top spots Instagram Snapchat maybe a. coin flip. like oh no see and the important thing. to remember about this okay so even if I. don't get any big hits here I'm still. gonna upload this video either way. because look I I've made so many videos. on the crazy time God strategy and I've. I've like messed with it I've made a. couple variants of it but I still get. questions and my channel has been. growing a lot lately and I still get. questions like what's the best strategy. this is hands down the safest strategy. it's the smartest strategy it's not like. crazy volatile but in my opinion it's. it's definitely the best way to like. stretch a dollar if that makes sense. like you're gonna be playing for a long. time with this strategy. um the only thing that can kill you on.

This is getting a shitload of ones which. I've had a session that had I think 32. once in a row I actually didn't even. think that was statistically possible. but uh it happened and we're on a. pachico it's 25 let's go man let's go. let's go. nice this is a really good board man. really really good three doubles holy. this is the highest one. holy . wow we're above two of them there's no. good multipliers over here but if we can. drop a couple of doubles and then. somehow make like a heroic bounce right. dude this is sinking it on the doubles. here no no the bomb blah blah. okay we'll take a 20x I was gonna say. the bounce right and then I went a. little crazy there we'll take a 20 XMen. it gets us back up to uh basically. breaking even so like I said stacking. these level UPS so it's like you know. who cares who cares a lot of people see.

These videos and they they see the big. wins and they go and try some like. stupid High rolling that they can't. afford and I want to stress to you guys. this is applicable to any bet size Okay. the reason I refer to the vets as units. because look one unit on bonuses two. units ten five four units on two so you. can take ten cents 10 cents on the. bonuses 20 cents on ten five 40 cents on. two and that brings your total bet up to. uh I wanna say it's a dollar twenty I. think I think it's a dollar twenty and. you can even go smaller than that if you. uh if you have like five cent bets. denominations which some sites do two to. three x would be decent here. um you know you could take it even. smaller than that man it's completely. based off of any strategy where like you. got some douchebag telling you. like oh you have to High Roll on this.

Right wow that's a one in between a two. top slot and a crazy time like some. guap ghetta ass dude [ __ ]. saying you got a high roll on this or. you know dude there's so many like. scumbags and that are saying like. you have to play a certain way dude any. strategy like this is just it's not a. when I see strategy I'm not guaranteeing. you're gonna profit this is just the. best way to play in my opinion this is. definitely the best way to play but. specifically for crazy time I'm not. saying you're gonna make a bunch of. money with this I'm saying this is the. most optimal win at play in my opinion. five with the 7x is insane here it's. headed right towards it and you I need I. need brakes though I need brakes oh it's. looking like a one I'd love for it to. get to that Pachinko hold on a second. yeah we'll take a two that would have.

Been a really good hit on the five there. but yeah this you know it's not uh it's. not guaranteed profit it's just the. safest way to play It's the smartest way. to play You're Gonna Go for those top. slots you're gonna get some . amazing hits on them I've had like. literally all my big hits ever on crazy. time other than one I was playing bonus. only on one of them but all of them were. on this strategy because this is just. certainly the best way to play I haven't. pulled I've been dusted off the demon. strategy in a minute yo slow this down. no it's not there that's um. I even dusted off the demon strategy in. a minute man. maybe a coin flip I will take it you. know that's the one thing coin flip or. uh this strategy has really made me. hate coin flip. um because the bonus is so and you. need a 12x to break even on this betting.

Strategy but coin flip is such a bad. bonus you rarely get 12 exes. wow 25x would be really good here. nice okay we'll take it we'll take it. man look at that congratulations to all. of you we are coasting right along here. 650 in the balance man 5125 total. we'll take it dude we'll take it um okay. so I mean it's pretty dead session but. we're just gonna call it a day here I'm. gonna do a couple big bets. um we'll go until we hit two ones in a. row okay let's do a couple big bets just. so you know if you're watching this. video hoping to see a big win you know. it might not happen this video unless we. get something in these uh next couple of. spins. but it's it's just important to me to. get this video out of the way because. there's a lot of people that uh we're. headed right at a crazy time with fifty. dollars by the way.

No way. it's a one dude I thought we had 50. on crazy time that would have been such. an insane lucky hit Dude 10.75 down or. maybe a little bit of profit if we get. some kind of top slot coming up the. Chinko 3x headed right towards that I. don't know if it has enough gas not. looking like it does but if we can make. it to the five or the two we're in the. money all right well we'll keep going. until we hit another one. and look at that dude that's that's 600. wagered right there that that counts. towards my VIP level it's 600 wagered. and I get my money back it's incredible. obviously there's better ways to do that. like roulette but it's just so so. crazy to me that I can do this and like. it's all good in the hood you know it's. all good in the hood all right we need a. crazy timer a Pachinko give me give me.

Something good here dude. give me something good. definitely not getting that I would have. loved it kind of headed towards crazy. time again I feel like we have a better. shot than last time but it could be a. replica of last time as well yep it is. wait maybe the two nice all right we'll. take it too 10x would be insane dude. but like I said this is just a perfect. example it is this is literally the. perfect example of how you play the. strategy we're barely losing money. obviously we haven't had a ton of ones. but this. personifies what makes this strategy. good okay we're just hunting for these. top slots man it's the top slot hunting. gunsling and gun totes cool because of. this penis smoking okay that was you. know that was neither here nor there uh. God strategy dude. are you guys hungry I am absolutely. famished I would love a large slice of.

Pachinkaroni pizza fifty dollars here we. go dude come on this is it I mean. of course I say smoking penises and then. we just immediately hit a Pachinko so. like I can't cut that out right. hello Maltese that's a lot of sevens oh. the board is abysmal dude we get a. thousand dollars if we hit a 20x here. ah we need a hard bounce right. if we hit this 20x I'm putting a. thousand dollar bet down. come on come on. come on get over go. ah 10x. we lose money on that. we lose 50 on that . oh 3087 20x would have been nice we'll. keep going until we hit a one. we'll see what happens I'm getting Level. UPS here I'm damn near getting a percent. per spin which is nice man 103x yeah. that's better than three you can you can. see in the top right I think it's. literally one percent per spin. I'm not gonna lie this board was um.

Maybe even the most not too hot too hot. let's use the word interesting it's. either a two or a five. yeah it's looking like a two we'll take. it we'll take it we'll take it. uh my rake I even had to Crazy Dance. okay two of the 4X here would be perfect. uh definitely not dude that might be a. one even oh no no. no coin flip hours ago that would. have been 1600 plus the 200 bets it. would have been 18. come on we need. another good multiplier please dude it's. been so long since I've had like a great. coin flip. looks like it's even longer. I think we're gonna end it on this one. guys just absolutely horrendous dude. look at that. okay so we lost a thousand dollars but. we perfectly displayed what the crazy. time God strategy is all about is about. looking for those top slots and uh you. know for for those of you that are gonna.

Comment on this video saying like oh you. didn't even make any money like I said. it's not guaranteed you're gonna make. profit this is just the smartest way to. play the game right I have tons of. examples of this strategy working if you. just look through all my YouTube videos. Shameless selfpromotion there that's. that's really what this was all about is. segwaying you guys to go to my other. videos. you know I'm playing but if you guys. enjoyed the video please do me a favor. and leave a like this is a crazy time. and I'm not on it oh it's a one wait no. that's a crazy time oh oh dude I'm not. even on that okay if you guys enjoyed. the video please do me a favor and leave. a like drop us up if you haven't already. if you want to watch me over on Twitch. go to Wednesday through Sunday. 5 p.m Eastern Standard Time I hope to.

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