30.04.2024 The Betting Strategy That Got Me BANNED For Winning Too Much

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This betting strategy is so good bet 365  restricted me from betting with them put  . simply I was winning far too much so in this  video I'm going to reveal the full strategy  . and share a 52page account statement with all  the bets that got me banned hopefully it'll put  . the naysayers concerns to bed anyone can use  this method on any sport when the numbers are  . right because it's mathematically sound I'll  show you with an example in just a second but  . before I dive into that the result for the Bet365  account that I previously used now these results  . are from a subject access request the template  for that is shared in the description down below  . so the details that I wanted from Bet365 here is  what information did they have on me who'd you  . shared it with and how this led to an account  restriction stopping me from placing Bets with.

Them in the future one thing to bear in mind  as we go through the numbers here is this is  . just one Bet365 betting account there was lots  of different accounts open and multiple tabs of  . different bookmakers who are placed in the same  bets effectively one after the other whilst doing  . this there's a statement on the screen here shows  you total deposits withdrawals and amounts staked  . and turned over with the account so if we deduct  the withdrawals from the deposits you'll soon see  . that with 667 pounds and 57 pence in profit on  this particular account getting to that total  . profit was a little bit up and down as you can  see on the individual results as we scroll through  . those here some bets were winners some bets were  the losers typically Stakes were anywhere from  . five pounds up to around about a hundred pounds  the vast majority of bets were struck on the.

Greyhound racing so previous comments that have  been on the channel where they say that that's  . just for mugs is not true sorry I was just trying  to help you guys out but amongst their response  . there was only one thing that Bet365 shared that  indicated that they had restricted the account  . they didn't actually share any other information  other than they had made a note on the account  . to say exchanges sharp now from memory that was  around about the time that the account started  . to experience stake restrictions for those of you  who don't understand what that is that means that  . they placed a limit on the amount and size of bets  that I can place with Bet365 which was gradually  . reduced further and further the more that I  continued to place bets with this particular  . account when asking Bet365 in the chat why this  was they would only tell me Traders decision which.

Is kind of like code for saying we don't want  your business anymore now there are no hidden  . motives or sponsorships in this video for obvious  reasons so if you guys wouldn't want to help me  . out by tapping the Subscribe button and liking  the video down below it's all I ask now these  . bets were placed back in 2016 when there was a  far higher tolerance for companies like Bet365  . to accept winning bets unfortunately you may  have seen on social media recently that it's  . far more common for people to be banned and  restricted a lot sooner so this is why people  . are now using multiple accounts in different  people's names just so they can get a bet on  . with these companies to advertise the chance to  win some money the companies don't want to admit  . it with their Traders decisions but I do know why  they restricted me in this instance and it's the.

Strategy that I was using so I'll now share that  with you on the screen here including an example  . that happened earlier on today the way it works  is extremely simple because we're not trying to  . predict the future here and pick the winning  team horse or Greyhound we're just looking for  . a mathematical situation where the price of  something happening is larger than its true  . probability if we then continually bet on that  larger price then it's true chance we will come  . out on top over the longer term there's no  question about this whatsoever for example  . if we've got an even money bet where there's 50  chance of something actually happening decimal  . loads should be 2.0 fraction loss should be  evens or if you're in American odds plus 100  . this means that for every hundred that we bet we  should get 100 back 50 of the time however if we.

Get a larger price that means we'll get back  more than 100 leaving ourselves on top overall  . variance will do its thing and play out over  a period of time but it's an undeniable fact  . that you will win over the longer term and this  is why bookmakers like to ban people or restrict  . their betting Stakes because what that does is  that limits the variance and doesn't allow it to  . play out meaning that you're only allowed to lose  it also means that you could have picked a very  . good bet and lost money on that something that a  lot of people struggle to get their head around  . that's why sometimes in some instances people have  losing betting accounts or haven't won much money  . at all and they find themselves getting State  restricted or banned by the Sportsbook it's not  . fair it shouldn't be allowed the government  actually allows this to happen and helps the.

Bookmakers do this in the UK but that's just the  way things are so let's take a look at an example  . specifically from today where this happened  and where you could have made a profit over  . the longer term if you were placed in this bet  so it's Friday the 12th of May and I'm looking  . at the Greyhounds markets on Bet365 mid morning  here and the 1146 at Harlow stands out to me now  . I've put on the screen there Betfair exchange on  the left for those of you that don't understand  . that we'll explain in a second and bet 365 over  on the right I'm using the exchange here as my  . guide to the true price because it is a large  Market it where many participants are involved  . and it's the closest thing we have to gauging the  true price of a bet now the reason for this is  . because betting exchanges are effectively the sum  total of The marketplace's View on pricing a bit.

So the wisdom of the crowd is a play here now the  prices move fast on the Greyhounds which is what  . makes it ideal for this type of situation to show  you a very clean example you can do it on other  . sports more on that in just a second if you like  football but the closer to the start that you're  . finding bets like this the better and the reason  for that is that is the point where the betting  . Market is where it's most well formed and the  prices on show are likely to be as accurate as  . possible the Betfair starting price is usually  the most accurate gauge to the true price of a  . bet now it doesn't mean that these situations  are going to appear in every single Greyhounds  . race or horse race or even football match but  they do appear regularly particularly on the  . Greyhounds so I want to draw your attention to  the bottom Runner here the sixth dog where the.

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