30.04.2024 The Gambler Who Beat Roulette

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Roulette isn't quite as random as most. people think it's possible to get a good. idea of which section the ball is going. to stop in by measuring the speed of the. ball and the rotor and you can win a. fortune the people making fortunes. aren't physicists or psychics though. they're members of a secret community of. roulette predictors and they've been. using their skills against casinos for. decades. probably the world's most successful. player is a Croatian called nicotosa if. you haven't heard of him you aren't. alone he's never given an interview or. appeared in any book magazine or. newspaper until now in 2004 tosa and two. companions achieved The Impossible they. walked into a London casino with a. couple of thousand pounds in their. pockets and over the course of hundreds. of games of roulette they turned it into.

1.3 million. over the years casinos have got wires to. the trick and they've had to redesign. their equipment to encourage the ball to. skid and bounce around enough to confuse. the predictors if you walk into any. casino anywhere in the world today take. a close look at the shape of the. roulette wheel and you can see how it's. been influenced by nicotosa and players. like him check out the shape of the. pockets which had to be redesigned to be. smoother and shallower than before. foreign. avirus pandemic online gambling is the. industry's biggest growth area but the. arms race between predictive players and. their opponents is still going on. gamblers can use software to track the. ball and rotor automatically and. calculate where it's going to land. companies defend their profits using. Wheels with inbuilt lasers and.

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