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What's up everyone and welcome back to a. very crazy video we're going to Big Bang. what the pragmatic and what the. guys that have been uh ignore this. by the way that have been let's pretend. like this game's bad so yeah you guys. have been messaging me saying Z playing. the new Big Bass like who the . messages saying play the new Big Bass. I'm sorry but like. I don't know it's like David slept. request who wakes up and says. I think Z should play Big Bass today I'm. just kidding guys this game actually. seems really really sick I did some buys. want some money. discovering it yesterday. and uh yeah we we're going to head into. the Amazon extreme big bass here for. hopefully. um. some good stuff. we've already ripped 33k. can't believe I'm doing one and a half. thousand dollar spins paying 500 for an. extra chance at a bonus which hopefully.

Drops in now. stinks. imagine paying 500 extra per spin. doesn't even give you the bonus on the. first date. scammer. filthy scammer. okay I need to stop spins at like 150k. because we've burned through 50k with. literally nothing happening okay just. drop it in now please not even gonna. look just gonna hear. damn game. go for a 50 50k buy to start. I think you can get more than three. scatters on a buy realistically guys. this can be pretty decent. so yeah I was gonna explain that you. picked those things you get upgrades but. uh. it didn't even let me get there I. started clicking. and I was about to explain so yeah guys. you can get guaranteed fish like this we. got one you can get the minimum value. fish removed you can get extra fishermen. you can get like. extra fishermen being progressed by the. way so you so you have them lit up from.

The start extra spins but instead. we just got shafted today by the one and. only Amazon Extreme. right. hey man you know what at least there's a. real Kingdom backpack in there it looks. really cool pragmatic can you please. ship me one in person. please. all right. he's like uh. yeah here we go guys look at the sick. Graphics all right so we pick apart plus. two spoons okay better better. this is probably a boot but if not we're. lucky. okay Boop. okay. I was gonna say all right. that's uh it's a good setup I would say. plus two spins two not just plus one. plus we have a fisherman already. we guaranteed two fish plus the lowest. values are removed so the fish we. guaranteed are good. you imagine getting to 10 spoons 50x. multi. it's like the biggest cap in the world. from pragmatic. sweet Bonanza 21 000 X potential.

Right there and Spins 50x my ass good. luck getting to 10 spins 20x. good luck getting to 10 spins 2x at this. point bro you being serious. are you actually gonna do this first. when we get a cracked setup. okay we need a double fisherman on the. last spin just to progress. nice chat. guys this game is just amazing isn't it. it's just like I'm in love right. four scatters please. not even possible okay all right. that's a little bit unfortunate but. hopefully we get a good setup. okay that's really good. please give us uh. the boot. actually don't mind that I think that's. pretty pretty decent the 15 spins is. really good plus we've got one fisherman. already we should technically get to the. next stage easily. all right. also guys if you're wondering why I'm. going nuts with the starting balances. I'm basically traveling to go get some.

Tests done for my health to try to. figure what's been going on figure out. what's been going on and. yeah I'm prepping some videos in advance. I don't have enough time to do as many. as I want to so I'm trying to do the. best content I can before. the channel might be inactive for a few. days I don't think it will be trying my. best not to but yeah I'm just trying to. pump out the best content before I might. be gone for a while plus I've had some. good wins so I figured why not nice chat. mate all right. nice nice nice you might lose three. hundred thousand dollars playing big. best Bonanza extreme today isn't that. just beautiful. all right. guys if this ropes I will Top up the. balance just because it's a new game and. I want to do 100K buying a new game with. you plus I won a lot on it yesterday so. that's not bad but we're getting the.

Boot now for sure. let's remove lowest fish to me. so now we guaranteed. 2x betta fish than normal that's pretty. cool I didn't know that was possible I. thought that was just one upgrade that. you could get. yeah the fish values y'all sick man. if we can get to the next stage then. collect some fish this will be huge. yeah this is a Nutty setup if I think. about it because your average fish. values are really good so if you get to. the stage where there's Maltese. this can be stupid. but then at the same time it can also be. like this and just die after one. fisherman because. why give us anything decent. I'm sorry I didn't mean to say all of. that in such a rude way. okay really nice graphical upgrade here. at the top but how it moves you to the. next stages. please give us some fisherman yeah. please that would have been a really.

Good spin. any fisherman here is profit land. because it's 2x good value fish ah come. on. okay nice. those are the lowest value fish we could. get but at least it pays profit. I would love to see this go nuts even. though it's the smallest part of the. video did you see that 320k fish. flashing nice we took away with four. spins to go it's very doable plus this. is gonna allow us to do another 60k buy. which is great news please give us one. more hit please come on one more hit not. even for Progress just so we can do a. 70k buy come on come on just one more. hit. one more hits. please. please no okay that's not bad that shows. you the potential too. all right time to go for a 60k buy just. an allin challenge. nice so what that does guys is it gives. you a boot look at this it shows you. where boot is so we're gonna click right.

Next to it no way we get an early boot. right. I wonder how many yeah that's not like. I don't like this setup. because you've got three guaranteed fish. every spin. which is like. good but I feel like it Blocks Your. fisherman. I didn't know you could get okay that's. really cool I didn't know you could get. that when you have fish on the screen I. thought that was like the Bazooka that. it does when you don't have fish on the. screen that's a really really good spin. nice. nice we reached profit land now already. and we still got seven spins to go. oh just think of it maybe three. guaranteed fish with the remove lowest. fish is really good because you. guaranteed three decent fish every spin. this pays exactly 60k like we paid for. it it's gonna be the biggest meme. just don't do that please don't do that. fisherman nice okay profit Land one away.

From stage two if not we still can do an. 80k by now and we're progressing back to. starting balance land a fisherman. nice last reel I thought we were dead. then this is a 100K win plus level two. plus now we guarantee the 2x multi on. three fish that are not the lowest value. this is nuts he's just don't die here. any fisherman here is good it'll. probably be like 150k win nice very nice. that's 6 15 21 20 54k good 60k Max. is off doesn't matter alright very nice. we cutting it back now please hit this. please hit this please. 15K fish is beautiful. at 15K fish is almost as big as Baka. prize there guys. you don't know who he is probably better. for you oh. okay. can you. like I'm happy with this because we kind. of back but one more hit for break even. maybe no nice really really nice we can. do 100K buy without me topping up the.

Balance plus that was sick we saw some. potential I really don't know if I. should do 100K bike because we've had. two profitable ones in a row. so fish don't pay here as pay lines but. every time you get fish you have a. chance of them getting collected spun in. 1K bonus beautiful. be the shittiest setup in the world. interesting. tough. peace pay spotted bonuses on Big Bash. just had a taste don't they. I just don't trust this situation. like it's excited thing but do we trust. it. I don't. we almost break even with that plus like. its progress I think that's our hit. I don't want to be missed the negative. guys but it's a spun in big bass bonus. baby I'm wrong right. break even on the video. one away from next stage. good for us. come on dude run away from next stage. do it please lost spin lost spin. fisherman no.

Sick we back to break even. now we can do a 100K buy without. stressing about anything. and that's a miracle come back on the. video actually see I was saying every. time you get fish there's a random. chance of them getting collected and. multiplied by the fishermen top left but. they don't pay for lines interesting. this is a good spin we have three. chances. first chance was already gone Second. Chance gone third time's the charm. this game wins here on nonexistent oh. that was a bait of the bait interesting. this game wins you are actually. nonexistent wow okay here we go guys if. you've made it this far into the video. and you're enjoying yourself please. smash that like button drop us up means. the world to me. pick we just got a fourth scatter by. some miracle do we get a fifth. interesting never seen that should be a.

Good setup don't troll don't troll don't. you dare troll us nice. setup's cracked I was gonna say okay. the setup is actually cracked we two we. we have 12 spins and we two fishermen. away from the next stage. okay. as we don't get to the next stage this. is on our biggest part of the video. we don't get to the next stage with the. setup never playing this game again hit. it now. bro come on hit it early so we can get a. head start in the next stage hello. all right. that better not be our heads I hate the. fact that it's 25k please give us. another fisherman instantly so we have. 10 spins at 2x please. I don't like this guys. I don't know about you but I really. don't like nice. deep breath. all right we have 13 spins at 2x would. be super sick if this is the bite to pop. off. nice guys how sick would it be that's. actually Break Even good that's.

Bang on break even how sick would it be. if these extra fishermen that you get at. the start carry on to every level so you. go into every level with two fishermen. nice that's massive profit plus we two. away now and we've got. okay there's no way we turn this video. around this is sick what's up and. welcome to the premiere please get us to. 3x. this is already great but like 3x is. right there and I'm sure everyone. watching right now wants 3x hot flash. lost real too a double would have been. so sick okay. guys we've got five spins to land one. fisherman. there will be at 10 spins 3x. nice 3x for the first time in the video. on our first 100K buy right the last 1K. was spun in I think this is the first. Buy. okay we've got 14 spins or something. yeah 14 spins of 3x mate do it please. hit this please hit this such good money.

That's such good money please hit this. it's 90k. that's 70 that's so much money. please hit one of these. I'm gonna have a hot stack. nice very nice good not that's 105k. in one spin good then okay whoever. requested this game I love you. it's multi is so sick oh please hit this. please no. no if we can somehow get that it would. be beautiful oh man we can we can get. there that's another 60k good . we need two more in five spins landed. instantly please please land it. instantly please. come on four spins to go two fishermen. required come on land one now so we have. a chance please please. I don't think we're gonna get there guys. Auntie Jinx little empty Jinx little. antsy Jinx really good money one Spin To. Go. please do it that's. 120k in one Spin and we have the. opportunity to get to 10x. okay please. landed on the sloth spin do it do it do.

It do it yes 10x stage plus a sick win. guys that's 150k in one Spin and we've. got 10 spins at 10x this is the biggest. one I've ever had on this game yesterday. I got a 230k win or something but this. is insane. okay. he's just yes guys what is that what is. that that's that's 400. what is this. this is insane. it hit first spin too. normally like on the other big basket. like delays it there's no shop this is. happening right now there's no way we. get to the next stage but just keep just. hit one more time yes there it is one. more time that's another four no that's. another 500k. there's no way guys this is my biggest. win ever I think on a big best game on. my channel I think this is the biggest. big best win ever in the world. if we get one more we won off the 20x. stage oh hit this please hit this no. give us a chance of getting there at.

Least. do it please do it please do it all. right see it can't do it but nice guys. this is nuts. okay. there's no way. the way this video was going there's no. way it just turned around to to hit that. that's insane man that was not 500k in a. spin on big bass extreme Amazon . all right. I can't call him after he. delivered like that guys it's just. you know I just it's I'm sorry that was. toxic all right see this is what I was. telling you about this and now it gives. you a multi I think. thick multi made. okay I feel like I'm about to pass up. throat is dead. let me put some Auto spins on and have a. sip of water guys. that's insane that's actually nuts. that's ridiculous. thanks. is this one of these videos okay. doesn't matter. okay. that's a legit feel like I'm gonna pass. up so if I do I'll still upload the. video we'll just edit me passing out so.

I don't get a strike for selfharm. is disgusting man like what. 1.6 million dollars on big bass Amazon. Extreme. all right guys the next few days of. videos are going to be pretty good I've. got a flight to catch in a few hours for. the health stuff I was telling you about. so I'm gonna try to squeeze out as many. as I can that are crazy before then. and. yeah. all right. like what just happened I I yeah yeah. I was the full scatter one right yeah it. was a full scatter bonus. the scatters here mean something. whatever it's spun in all right. guys I'm gonna do one more 100K buy. depending on what that does I'm just. gonna sit. well no there's no way that just. happened. okay should set up but back to back. spawning bonuses it also spun right. after the last bonus. let's see what this has to offer. okay looking pretty bad.

Can you imagine getting to the 40x stage. or 30X stage any fish you hits is just. like GG. you have their lowest fish removal too. it's like double lowest fish removal I. love this game. this is actually a good remake of big. bass it's not one of these courage ones. okay just spinning another one. immediately right. right. that would have been stupid. here we go come on all scatters do that. thing. no. good setup I wonder if you can get a. straight boot. okay. that is almost a straight boot guys. all right. oh man. you see what you saw that. do you see that guys. I don't know if you saw that. I feel like none of us saw that let's. just pretend like um. no no one's no. no no no no no I'm not nitrous. somehow I feel like we're gonna get to. the next stage yeah because we've got 4K. win. we've got a 4K win right. interesting we don't have remove lowest.

Fish we don't have guaranteed. fish we don't have anything. just a raw big bass experience right now. oh. by the way there's also the hook feature. yeah guys so if you don't land a. fisherman it can always bring one up. started really strong just to die. not bad. it is a bylaw so. we've got a long way to go to break even. we could get there guys we have one spin. to get to 3x and then we could get to. 10x and you know what that means do it. no. I'm gonna say before I think of 10x. let's achieve 3x first wow this is nuts. guys. foreign. let's see what this means let me click. all around the boot. okay. okay. this is the boot for sure I've never. gotten more than six pigs. okay. we have 16 spins we already two away. from the next stage we've got two. guaranteed fish we just don't have to. remove lowest fish. give us early fishermen so we can.

Progress with excess spins come on. that's never happened on this game. fisherman now. come on man don't waste the excess Burns. we got all of them. stop. I'm on Sixth seven dead eight dead spins. no. ah mate. like. be up a lot it doesn't matter but like. if this setup doesn't deliver it's. pretty sad. nice. to do with 13 spins I like how it. upgrades you immediately too that's. always a really good really really good. sign very nice did not mean to stop spin. that I promise I'm sorry I was just. clicking to get out of that screen okay. nice. that's a good start. install one again. thought it landed because it flashed it. insta fisherman again. come on give us one so we two or for. like eight spins. thank you. if we can get to 3x with like six excess. spins I'll be sick all right we almost. break even we've got eight spins to get.

Two fishermen. one now so we run off. nice it's listening all right Land one. now so we go into the 3x stage with 16. spins. since you're listening to me please. do it now 15 extra spins that works. 14x for spins is a miracle everyone. would appreciate it thank you. this is giving me 1.6 million dollar. Vibes guys. imagine yesterday's video I was trying. to get four mil balance but instead I. get it from Big Bass. okay. come on man please. progress early early hits. yes. okay what's this gonna do imagine a. million dollar fish here. oh nice really bad values but I mean. it's like 68k or 72k. okay fisherman. come on give us a chance. it's already 250k guys. we need three and seven spins. was very achievable I just don't think. this is. I don't think this is it. nah. we need one every spin it's possible. this would be a good hit nah.

Nah this would be a good hit too yes. very nice okay. another 81k just because why not okay we. could still get there guys we just need. one every spin. do it imagine. no double in the last spin Maybe. no good guys good good [ __ ] all. right big balance of the video. just bonus no way. oh okay. this is stupid guys this is actual. Insanity all right. guys if this video isn't at 10 000 likes. in a few weeks after being released you. guys must hate me. okay. I mean we've got six spoons to get one. fisherman to get to the next stage there. it is good waterfall one million dollar. fish for the boys no okay. I mean that's not that that's not bad at. all like we've got 16 spins or something. at X2 15 spins 15. and. yeah. faulty case one in right after board. bonus like even if it doesn't hit. anything here it's still really good.

This is gonna land a fisherman new it. calculated all right that's another 50k. just like this we have another 100K free. buy. this is insane man. all right guys who whoever there were a. lot of you so I don't like I don't like. calling out names either because I don't. want to dox people but if you requested. this game shout out to you you're an. amazing person I probably wouldn't have. recorded this before traveling. okay. yes one more as we went off 3x stage. with five spins together we could get. into it with 14 spins so excess spins. and it's already 120k from a spin. I have a little bit extra going in. take us to at least come on. ah not gonna do it is it is it is it no. really good win though no. chance of getting to two more balance. that's. I always check that I'm recording so. many times throughout these videos.

All right guys to celebrate this video. I'm gonna do another ten thousand dollar. cash giveaway in the Discord I've been. running a lot of these giveaways in my. Discord lately I get involved forward slash AZ. and uh yeah let's get a good setup here. please. just get involved we'll announce it I. don't know what we're gonna do I'll. organize it but uh yeah it will just be. something you have to react to probably. 10 people 1K each maybe a little bit. more I'll see where we end the video at. and yeah thank you guys for all the. support as I wouldn't be here without. you. thank you. okay this is smelling like . yeah this is probably the crazy. thing is though there is the one million. dollar fish so we could always just hit. that one spoon for a quick little. thousand X but. not bad it's spun in. it's fine.

It's it's it's okay it's forgivable. guys I feel like I need to breathe. this has been nonstop action it's nuts. okay here we go five schedules. extra scatter no. can I click this no you can't click the. golden fish. that's a pretty good mix of of. everything all things considered. like. I don't I don't really. yeah like that's that's nice little Head. Start little goldfish flashing four. extra spins. a little extra fisherman. okay that may that makes up for a few. dead spins. damn guys this is. this is nuts. actually not. get it now we have 15 spins at the next. stage. goldfish goldfish goldfish goldfish no. really nice we almost break even we're. at the next stage we've got 16 spins. game is my new Love and Life Big Bamboo. who look at this guy we love him. I haven't had a stage here that's just. dead spins I could always get at least.

One fisherman so. let's see it should take us to profit. land. Imagine This Is It. oh no Legends us I think I Ying sauce. there it is okay we at like 30k profit. right now we need three more and seven. spins it doesn't feel like it's the kind. of bonus that's gonna get us there but. realistically if it wants to go it's. gonna go and just could hit two in one. Spin and everything changes. but yeah one more hit could take us to. two no balance that would have been it. ah that was our hit guys that one hit we. go okay. never mind it wasn't nice what is that. 35 70k good two more balance. this game is ridiculous right now. 200k on the dot too. okay guys I'm gonna do one more buy if. that rips it's me done I'm gonna record. probably a few more videos after this if. I can. and then. I'm just gonna cash out before. oh my god really really sick stuff okay.

Here we go. extra no give us this is gonna be a . setup I can feel it and I don't trust. this. it's not bad. not bad. I really like the the two extra to start. when you advance to X2 so quickly which. is where the money gets better. okay. I don't like that that could be our hit. we're not going to get one fisherman. and sucks. m is actually horrible. yeah this game sucks alright guys I'm. definitely gonna take profit that is 1.7. million dollars profit on this video I'm. gonna mention guys since there may be a. lot of new people here it's a crazy. video it's gonna get a lot of reach that. I am sponsored by Robert I've always. made it clear I get paid weekly to. promote the site I use that money to. deposit if I win like now I can cash out. it's all mine but I have to manage how. much I use and risk because yeah. sometimes I lose more than more than I.

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