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I don't know if we're actually going to. make a whole video here sweet ban has. been kind of giving me some trouble. lately first thing I want to do is this. we're going to do our classic raise the. BET after every single spin see if we. spin into a big bonus but my plan is. here after we do this I'm going to. spin I'm not going to spin I'm going to. buy one bonus if I don't like the bonus. I'm just going to hop to a different. slot and we're going to go buy a bonus. elsewhere I don't know where it's going. to take us but if sweep ban is paying. we're going to stay here if it's not I'm. out I'm out that's how it should always. be but it doesn't necessarily work with. the theme of the video to just hop over. to random slots all the time which is. why you see me stick into the same slot. A lot of the times for for one entire.

Video you know it's better it's better. to do it that way it's is a good tumble. give me one apple one green Green's. going to be in this is a great tumble a. shame we don't have any other scatters. you're not giving me the bonus just. don't even joke about it don't even joke. about it stop I'm not getting it I'm not. getting it it's why why you doing that. timy why you doing that why why are you. even putting three scatters out there. that was a great tble though I mean we. we made 1,400 I'm surprised it wasn't a. pay page I'm surprised it didn't say. nice $200 spin here dead spin $225 spin. dead spin $250 spin dead spin3 $100. spent okay we just lost all the money it. gave to me there. 375. 400. 450. 500. 625. 750. 875 that's what it took it took 875 to. get paid back. 350. Blues this is going to be redeposit guys. 1125 Max bat.

1250. okay we're going to see this balance out. now like I'm I know I'm going to have to. redeposit I'm just seeing if I can spin. into a bonus to make up for that. travesty that just happened. 375 lose give me hearts somehow no. that's okay 350. that was that was downright. awful the amount of dead spins that. occurred right. there just truly shocking seven. pinks ooh maybe maybe not. 375 just bait me at least give me a. bait okay this is our last bet here I'm. going to have to. redeposit man okay I redeposited 17 okay. we're up a ton today so you know. obviously I don't want to lose this but. we can we can afford to dabble we can. afford to T to dabble we had a . 90k win earlier in this session not this. session that you're watching but earlier. in the week go back and watch that if. you haven't done so already so what my.

Plan is right now I'm going to do. exactly what we were just doing but I'm. stopping after we uh hit the max bet and. we're we're going to go to buys I I'm. just hoping to get some payout back off. of these spins though that's the thing. this usually isn't that bad like you. you'll lose money but it's usually not. that bad I didn't. anticipate losing well I didn't want to. lose that much off of those spins this. is a crazy tumble. apples. $2,244 so let's go up to a. 350 apples maybe no oh apples could. still. go 375. I'm doing something big for. anyone that supports your boy okay I am. giving away $5,000 in the form of a. weekly wager race for anyone that plays. under code fencer g on gamdom not only. do you get activated for the $5,000 by. using my code players will also get a. daily surprise as well as instant daily.

Weekly and monthly rank back on all of. their bets and I'm not done there make. sure you guys go in the description and. join my Discord the link is always in. there because you can stay up to date. with all the leaderboard statistics but. additionally I'm going to be giving away. free spins in there tips all kinds of. bonuses you name it I'm going to be. doing it to give back to you guys so to. get activated for all this make sure you. go over to the rewards tab once you. register on gam click activate now and. enter code fencer GG I forgot on top of. all that you also get 15% rback for the. first s Days by activating thank you. guys so much for watching and enjoy the. rest of the video Dad spend. 400. 450 ooh get in yes. oh man. 630 these dead spins as soon as we start. doing these massive ones. 750. 875 oh my God $1,000.

Spin. 1125 dude Max bet. here M's going to be in not a good board. though it's going to be dead here I. got to do one more oh oh melons plums. plums I got to run it back I keep. getting 900 back and then a dead spin. okay so we just lost 7K. there that's brutal let's try let's try. $4,200 bonus by let's try that let's try. that dude Jesus man I got to stop doing. those big bats sweet banan is the only. game I'll do it like that on. 25x just because it's. usually get a decent amount back we'll. take a. retrigger but that was not a good. example of that uh that. theory oh. no we're just dead spinning every. spin you know I know I. said bombs I know I said at the. beginning of the video If it wasn't good. to us we'd be. leaving it didn't happen it didn't. happen I I'm addicted to sweep an answer. okay I need better bombs than this this.

Forx what am I going to do with the forx. here we're down we're down like. $20,000 and you give me a. 4X last spin oh my this is impressive. let's try a. 4,800 man sweep banza was just a. mistake I shouldn't have I shouldn't. have came. here come on do something do something. dead. spin oh. no this could go no it's a. 2X oh. God maybe a. retrigger this is a decent board but I. I need a retrigger. here yeah this is. not too. impressive melons got. him pinks would have been nice there. that's an on right hit I. guess it's an on right hit give me. another decent one though. melons Greens Greens. please that's not bad that isn't bad at. all that's almost a break even isn't it. yeah all. right let's go to a 5k now I think I'll. probably end up all ining after this. next. one I'm trying to trying to be I'm. trying to keep it humble here but I.

Don't know it's not it's not doing what. we needed to do maybe we need to force. its hand give me a retrigger here first. spin come on damn that was a decent. board though. 195 20x on the board this is this is. showing promise I'm liking these boards. they're not hitting but it's showing. it's showing some decency. nice need more bombs though pinks damn. pinks would have been really good there. how much did pinks pay 125 on. that come on five spins left ooh this is. a good board I like it I like it I need. better bombs though it's a. 2X where's the 100x at. banarnar okay got a 10x down there oh. greens and apples both one off good hit. hit come on come on three spins left. give me some. profit not bad apples would have been. good all right here we go last spin. nothing where we at 6,200 yeah we're. just going to drop the all in 6,000 come.

On just get me back up if it gets us. back up to 10K I'll be done with that. like I'll take it I'll take. it. retrigger come on no no just dropped. yes dropped the retrigger beautiful. $6,000 bonus getting a retrigger we'll. take. it baiting another this could do it we. have bad bombs just give me the r give. me the r we have good bombs now though. holy wow. 2,800 13 spins left too oh my God. greens hey this one is looking good. already got half our money back and we. have an entire bonus left to go cuz that. early. retrigger that was a good board dude. these boards that are dropping down look. so. good I feel like something Big's going. to happen on this one I'm doing. something big oh this is so good 12 x's. in give me more bombs 18x let's. go oh the retrigger bait come on get us. to 10K. get us to 10K they're baiting me they.

Know I'm going to all in again they know. I'll do. it oh they know I'll do it dude . we're just shy of the. 8K you know what let me let me go claim. my rake back I I feel like my rake back. will be enough oh 643 holy that was. just from this session too. $643 that's uh that's scary that is. scary my monthly and weekly are always. so bad on gameon because I'm up so much. money this month let me see if I can. tumble up to. nine really good tumble holy. 8,700 give me another one melons. plums. 90 that's a good one too melons could be. in. yep oh the three scatter I wasn't even. trying to get the bonus I'm trying to. Tumble up there let me turn off double. chance 140 I'm trying to get up to 9k. come on melons pinks. come on I could just dice it but I'd. rather do this 160 dead spin all right. 120 and then we're going to buy buy in.

For. 8K come on make it happen all in I I'm. actually done after this one unless we. barely make any money $88,000 buy let's. go what seven apples right there ooh. this is a really good board no bombs. come. on that's a good board though good. board come. on another good tumble only a 6X. though. ooh see these are these are good boards. but they just keep doing the oneoff. sequence where it's like it would be a. good board but you're oneof of the. symbol that you need to make it the good. board oh. man that's all she. damn $2500 let me crank a $500 Spin and. then uh I have an. idea let's do. this wait a. minute we're definitely not getting the. bonus but I'll take this. tle WOW 1,700 let's do. this watch me somehow get a bonus doing. this. 560 all right one more. spin okay we keep getting money back I. can't do one more spin I can't not do.

One more spin if we keep getting our. money back I mean look at. this. 680 all right this is the last spin if. it's. dead didn't get money back but it hit so. I got to do one more okay now we're. going to do the only other thing I can. think of. doing. unfortunately all landing on green and. hoping it hits God that was a big loss. in this video sweep banza man. sweep banza madebe me lose what 27k this. video well I I lost the money but we. didn't win so I blame sweep banza editor. go ahead and throw up how much we're. down on the deposit withdrawal for the. month it's looking great still but that. was certainly not not a good. session that's got a. chance no it's going to be oneof . one off wow if you guys enjoy the video. make sure you leave a like subscribe to. the channel if you haven't done so. already I upload every single day and uh.

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