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What's up gang and welcome back to. another episode. of favorite Caribbean boy x. Dave we got some sweet bananas versus. some sweet bananas of Christmas and I. think everything's just going to say. sweet banan and. Christmas know some of you were saying. like bro I love the . botles maybe like try to make the slots. a little bit more correlated and you. know my instinct was to just like like. swing I was like you know. what they're right low key I was just. picking two slots I really enjoyed. versus like say Dragon theme slots or. watermelon slots or grape slots or candy. slots. or like that you know come on. peaches so let's try this a little bit. of sweet banan vers sweet banan. Christmas and then we'll see what. happens man. what I'm saying is today is going to be. a bad day honestly guys if none. of these bonanas.

Hit I'm taking a short break off the. sweep honestly I've been I don't want I. don't want to S toxic but I've lowkey. been enjoying my break just what it as I. said what I said I know that may come. across ungrateful sweets but the thing. is I don't. care going make. excuse I do care no I do care I do care. sweets. for sweet Bonanza will sap the energy. out of you live on ESPN Big Man. bro this is $115,000. bro. okay let's run it back for a 17th time. this is the third shot on sweet Bonanza. let's see what it can do I'm not going. to R. depole well if you feel the same way. then I'll just Bey on my way sweets. great. B PRX bro prax little. bro dude honestly if sweet bananas is. doing this like this. peaches the sweet banan a Christ just. going to the bed maybe it's just. upset that the UI says sweet bananas are. Christmas bananas how are bananas not in.

There bro it's I would like nice. as nice as a bit of a stretch Peach is. for sure right surely. no bombs were good there tumble his. cheeks last spin. ow wow big man 31k gone on 45. span welcome to the Sweet Bonanza. experience. bro. wow I'm going to be mix it up between. like hunts. battles Saturday Tuesday you're just. going to get a lot of different. situations all the time you know what I. mean keep you on your. toes just remove. it remove. it maybe next I'll do a couple of dragon. slots. the thing is sweet I know that I meme. this game but sweet bananas of Christmas. can go bro like actually sweet banan at. Christmas personally tends to bring me. more bombs and less tumbles. personally the sound effect of the. tumbles in the game were not quite as. satisfying as grapes pinks pinks. surely that could have been a.

Situation so we basically start at 120. here I that was. in this could go Peaches into. grapes already better than sweet Bonanza. I said what I said maybe it's time we. start chilling with the cousin. bro they're both going to hate us at the. end we're literally losing we're losing. the battle doesn't matter 9 to5 rolled. up in some stilettos. right and now 95 is the new Wu so like. sweet banza who. all right my my bad my bad that was too. far that was too far that was too. far I took things too far there that was. on me that was on. me it's a lot of water M bro screen. could. go I mean it's honestly actually. like going to rip they're both honestly. actually going to. rip. 306x bro how is this so much cheeks. okay third time is a. charm breathe that copium in big. man come on just do something one time. the thing is on this B size like here it.

Can just bring us back bro it could just. drop one good tumble one good bomb and. we're. back which is the rush you get from like. the sweet bananza type games. SC go. nowhere out of the like ordinary. looking apples into. greens okay it already beats me banan. up see what I mean by the bombs. oh thank you that was actually a clutch. re spin I'll take that rri don't. be dead spin though don't. like it is so. dissatisfying you surely you must know. that as a game death right to give. someone a. retrig for enough. and Y all do that a lot bro like. actually like it's it's kind of Shame. Lucy how much swe ban series that's that. okay so all in all the winner today is. prag on all the winner today's prank. let's see how it. spins uh the win of today sweet banan a. Christmas bro. because sweet Bonanza is on. one and sweet ban a Christmas didn't exi.

Deliver it's not really the winner it's. just less of a. loser this is not spinning. thanks. come very nice tumble where's that. tumble in the game. bro I'm trying to see if maybe we can. spin a situation. in cuz I would prefer to avoid. the. drama of going harder from. here cuz both games feel. flat and on sessions like that thought I. was going to do some weird there a. screen looked weird peaches double. drop it's. bleeding I want I want to see if I can. give it the full hundred if it doesn't. just rip the whole. thing I know this the thing is I've. never really like hard spun through ban. a Christmas I hard SP sweet Bonanza and. tarnia not sweet Bonanza Christmas and. sweet. Bonanza bitting green too hard is an. enjoyer of the double the double chance. feature I don't know if sweet ban or. Christmas. is let me try.

This it's ripping the . bow let me see if it does a thing. here I did we did have a few baits. this game is horrendous bro this game is. so bad it's unbelievable this game has. done. better try to maintain some positive if. I see if the can come. back we're just above half B. currently at least one for the SWAT one. two one. one two. situation horrible that was horrible. spinning that was was horrible that was. that was bad bro damn let's do a race. try to this and see if we can actually. get the first good dub on a larger bad. size pretty ass so far I'm going to try. to keep the Vibes out of the. gutter yo how did that screen not. connect nice bombs peaches bro bring. it had seven peaches there I thought. peaches were in if peaches were in there. with the 50x that would have been a. situation for me cuz it would have.

Probably rolled into bananas and it. would have been like an actual. Banger. really sweet bananas that gu he. like fck man I know that I meme. hard and um. personally I don't have any beef any. provider I don't I meme I meme a lot. right I do have a beef with certain. games and. providers and this is one of them like. prag 21,000 X is I like you as. a provider I think you make great. games I really do you make some. really fun . games the colors The Vibes of your games. are great but like sweet Bonanza sweet. Bonanza Christmas gems Bonanza Mak that. bro. or bring up a version 1,000 of it. because this is not okay what you're. doing with these games is not. okay I'm going to keep saying. that because how the is this normal. bro this is a consistently losing. slot and the plus. side nice and the the problem the. problem is that's consistently losing.

Cuz there are a lot of slots that. consistently not your teeth out. problem is profit finally want to buy. the problem is the upside isn't what it. says that's where I get my in the. tizzy. watermelons okay bananas are in I don't. know if greens or pink it's fting that's. too much that's too much that's too much. a for that to hit but it feels alive so. thank. you my problem with these games is the. upside is not what it says it's not cuz. nobody in the world hits it like there's. a whole . planet. eaches y that screen is pink as . there's a whole planet I have 10 . 80 Max wins he has 280 Max. wins the whole planet's involved bro and. nobody can hit their shot that's. unlikely that's unlikely it's more. likely that it's just not represented. correctly that's where I have my. problem let's go back to sweep anend. if sweets I actually could Max.

Win and. um what do you why can't you let me just. play regular sweet bananza bro like why. why why damn bro czin just got jealous. as what was all. that if this hit 21,000 X which. which somebody would have hit by now cuz. this is like low the most played game on. the. planet I would be okay bro I'd be like. well the swings are a part of it right. like variance is here like let's take. the lows let's take the highs it is what. it is right like on 9 to 5 you guys see. me Max win all the time and then. there are times where I get my . teeth knocked out I don't know if you've. been on stream or you see me try to. start the video and I just get my teeth. knocked out but that's a part of the. swings right and if I not be a good. example cuz I lowy run like the sun. there. let's say run that's a better example. like run feels like until it until.

It switches and then it switches on the. switch and then before you know you got. full screen clones and you're. oiling you don't have that happen. sweeping answer. bro I just get like okay wins this is a. really good tumble holy this is a. good tumble but I've never had that. screen with 400x bombs and. hearts. nice very. nice you see like it gets you. conditioned Blues to the point where you. feel like you're just grateful bro like. sweet banan have mastered the art of. like yoinking your money to the point. where you're grateful. let's go s is. cooking that was a huge. save I feel like sweet actually spins. wellth slot. oh it's in no shot hit harson it's not. in nice okay this is a equivalent of a. $46,000. by sweet spins well as a slot like never. had a qual with that ever I don't think. ever complained about this slot spins I.

Love it thing is it doesn't guarantee. this is already going to be. goodbye this is already a. Pi up very nice comeback on the. video man. wowza but you see how we feel. emotionally we feel like like we're up. like suddenly we're F joing and. lean. back but it was it really that much of a. massive win like relative to the. situation no. but sweet is such a Savage that when she. shows any type of affection you lowkey. feel blessed don't you that's that's. what happens like it's an abusive slot. bro like. actually R TR. I mean Can We complain about that abso. Lely not. bro 18 minutes of sweets and we're. actually back we're. up take that off all day I'm going to. let sweets. spin I think like sweets is lowkey. flexing on us right now letting us know. like what we could have had if we had. have just stuck around a little bit you.

Know what we couldn't have a Max wi. sweets that was too far I just profited. I should have picked the spall right was. down I'm sorry sweet that was too far. you can you you can go ahead just dead. spend me like 10 more times just get out. your system. I enjoy spinning this. lot I think most of you enjoy watching. me spin it I know that a lot of your. spination but it's it's a satisfying. slot to. spin CAG honestly come on was sweet. Bonanza 1000 like you're missing your. shots there and I know you guys listen I. know for all the memes that you guys. saying roast us and and maybe like. don't you know got us over here. cheerless on these. streets guys listen you do cuz you. iterate when we talk I I I saw the. UI bro I saw the UI we've been knocking. your teeth up for a minute. there come up with sweet banana 1000.

It's a I think it would be the most. played game that you created. personally genuinely I think if you. created sweet bananas 1,000 and it. actually had the management. potential and and it had similar. mechanics but something a little bit. different just add a slight iteration. doesn't have to be like a copy paste. clone like how some of the 1000s are it. could just be a little bit different. just just a. difference or even if you just made it a. copy paste clone but you actually. increase the. one you actually increase the odds and. actually hit the Max wi oh like. I would camp that game bro I would camp. that. game because I want to know what that. would feel like to get a screen that has. 5 100x bombs actually in real. time like that would be imagine this. tumble holy that would be nuts bro. something as simple as adding.

Bombs in the base game bombs there you. go sweep to 1,000 bombs in the base game. and the potential is there Merry. Christmas I think what I'm going to do. here guys is I'm going. to come on I'm either going to spin one. in or I'm going to do a Max bet just to. have a little bit of satisfaction here. at the gamb by the end cuz we're Break. Even which is nuts considering how long. the video's been so it feels like maybe. it's. cooking let's give it us some active. tumbles if we end off on 150 like on the. dot it's a same that's a same bro that's. a sign to leave guys thank you so much. for have you s like. that I was about to low key leave bro. the video the video is done 22 minutes. in the crank y'all are Juiced up I'm. break even on on two of the most s games. ever. created yeah this is going to pay 100. Grand and then I'm going to be up and.

Then I'm going to say welcome to the. prir that's that's the road we're headed. on I don't have a problem I'm business. man I have. Solutions why didn't I just . leave bro what am I allergic to . money. really yo that's my bad I I should have. just left I should have just left for. real no memes I should have just left I. was Break Even bro like that was a sign. I should have stopped 22 minutes like. the like an extra minute we're. playing for the win. right I . lose and if it juice then. would have Justified. it gambling can be such a . nugget guys I'm going to spin down to. 100. manually and just see if I can maybe get. a little bonus here on the way out which. can happen. sometimes but I feel like I pushed my. luck there at the end which is a bit P I. don't usually do that I do that. sometimes I've been doing that more.

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