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All right man we are on Gates of Olympus. guys trying to get in on a 6K bonus. right now to be lovely and we're just. about to theend on Gates of Olympus. $1,000 Buy in on Gates of Olympus let's. see it hey y'all he about to he about to. pay us 50 bands right here connect up. Gates Blues yep there we go greens. purples Rings this off with a 2X eight. spins left we got blues 5x not bad okay. 7 X seven spins. NE right there hold on yellows yellows. is in okay we got the 2x in one one cup. we got cups is in can we get a blue one. Blue Blues is in holy keep going let's. see it nothing else after that $300. tumble nice here we got a 2X with blues. oh okay blues again loads of Blues $28. tumble right there oh $43 tumble keep. going $47 tumble that's $500 right there. a little bit more 650 bucks there we go. money back hey Gates profited $135.

Pretty shitty going do one more whenever. he takes we go up that's the game we. playing here whenever Gates takes we go. up X did not collect that 2x did not. collect that 6X he collects that with a. 25 oh crowns are in oh boom how much is. that 700 right 750 nice tumble. boom beautiful that was going to keep. tumbling or he's going to drop it if he. would have had a bigger multi bro on. like a 50x drop it in there Zeus let's. see it brother 11x right now with 11. spins okay might do something here oh 7x. right there seven 18x with 10 spins. that's a bit different and we got money. back already Blues are in purple no. purple 2x did not collect it how was. that not a connect. okay five spins and a dream oh man he. just went dry completely that's pretty. decent extra 400 $400 profit right there. okay didn't take so we just stay right.

Here profitting yes see what. happens oh yeah orx with the yellows. greens two off cups it's a nice tumble. though to start 12x to start wow didn't. realize that hold on this might be. one. Blues greens. Zeus 3x connected okay with the 12 now. we just need a decent tumble bro we get. a good tumble here and it's up I'm. telling you great tumble and it's. up okay $10 right there that's a lot of. multis on the board what the heck we're. at a 27x right now we got seven spins. with a 27x Zeus you got to do a crazy. tumble one time for us. brother this isn't normal right here. come on that's a start maybe cups. somehow yellows are in right whoa we got. a 30X with three spins have not got a. good tumble though maybe a. retre just. maybe okay okay this is a tumble right. here no retre that's a good tumble. though that's a rack we take that all.

Day great win we're up 700 in profit. right now no 2x but back to back 100x is. St beautiful pretty beautiful so we just. stay right here until you. Gates of Olympus one of the top games. man waiting to see it squirt Blues Reds. greens yellows. Blues cups Reds Rings one off Rings wow. now you want to Tumble up like this like. you couldn't just do this last game come. on man you hit us with the 2x scam oh. man I think we' seen this many times. before all right I think this is where. we go up hold on wait a second here one. ring you couldn't drop a ring what the. heck oh nice 2x some money. back okay you took right there you took. 500 we go up to a 16 see what happen. it's just lining up on the top or the. bottom start with the 3x that's nice but. we don't get no connect okay get. something shaking here 10 spins left.

This is it right no what the Ze. thank you uh oh guys oh uhoh uhoh oh boy. one off crowns seriously wow okay keep. tumbling somehow Reds and then blues and. cups Cups W one off crowns one off cups. that would have been crazy take it. though a little something there's a 50x. back to back 50 X's we go up again here. we go what the 28 do all right Zeus. spending a lot of money on you man we. trying to get a squirter oh you can't. start us off like that brother can't do. that no way no start us off like. that maybe I don't like this I don't. like the way it. started I don't think it's don't even. have a multi four spins look F was that. we just got robbed out it what that. doesn't even show up bro come on I hate. when they do like that that's like. just taking the money literally just. taking the money bro what is up.

Everyone if you like the gamble on. Fortune Jack Casino yourself hit the. link in the description it'll bring you. to the site sign up after you signed up. click the top right guy in the corner if. you would like to use code highkey it'll. give you 25 free non wagering spins and. VIP benefits I'm going to show you how. to get there after you click on the top. right guy in the corner click on bonuses. at the top of the screen you'll see use. bonus code and type in high key all. lowercase and it'll give you 25 free non. wagering spin VIP benefits to the site. like cash back appreciate you guys much. love and support hope you have a good. one now let's get back to the video. holy all. right here we are another 2800 by. Gates hey. yellows can we get a Zeus please can we. get a Zeus thank you keep going. there we go that's not.

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